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  • Genius Parenting Trick: Why I Let My Husband Play Bad Cop

    By Britt Reints, REDBOOK

    On June 1, 2011, my family of four-myself, my husband, my 11-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter-moved out of our home in the Orlando suburbs and into a 24-foot RV. Our plan is to travel around the United States for a year, living on a small bit of savings and my income as a freelance writer and professional blogger. We decided to take this trip for many reasons. We wanted to spend more time together and learn more about what really matters to us as a family and as individuals. Most importantly, we wanted our children to have a broad understanding of what it means to be American. There are a lot of people from a lot of different places who use the term American to describe themselves, and I think it will make our children better citizens to be able to see that diversity and shared patriotism firsthand.

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    My family pulled into Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and was instantly mesmerized by the billboards and flashing

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  • Caylee AnthonyCaylee Anthony

    By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    It's not the defense team's job to prove innocence. Nor is it the job of the accused to come up with a believable alternate story. I wasn't in the jury yesterday that found Casey Anthony not guilty of killing her 3-year-old daughter Caylee and so I didn't hear all the evidence. I know all this and yet ever since yesterday I've been holding all my kids a little bit tighter.

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    A baby died. In an apparently horrific manner. And nobody knows how or why. (Or if they do know they're not saying until they get that million dollar advance for their "memoirs".) Sometimes not knowing how a child died is worse than knowing her mother killed her.

    Every time a child is killed and especially when the cases are as high profile as this one has been, my level of fear and mother paranoia goes up another couple of notches. (Which is saying a lot since I'm already at the high end of the anxiety

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  • 5 Ways to Find Happiness

    By Nicole Yorio, REDBOOK

    Here are five easy steps to boost your mood and be at your happiest.

    1. Short-circuit the negative. Every time you think a negative thought, replace it with a positive one. Instead of fuming if a car cuts you off, think, This is a reminder for me to drive safely. You can also stave off dark thoughts by inserting sunny ones into your daily routine: Recite a mantra like "Life is good" whenever something goes right.

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    2. Do a joy inventory. Each night, jot down or make a mental list of three things, big or small, that brought a smile to your face that day (you got a seat on the bus; your boss loved your proposal). This happy list will keep your optimism soaring. The more you look out for life's little joys, the more of them you'll find.

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    3. Inspire others to smile. Compliment the checkout clerk at the grocery store or help a sick friend. Making someone else feel good has a boomerang

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  • 4 Easy Ways to Live Healthy in July


    Get healthy this month by eating more eggs, reassessing portion sizes in your cookbooks, and more!

    1. Embrace the egg. Eggs have gotten a bum health rap over the years, but they're not as rotten as you think. The American Dietetic Association says that healthy folks can have them every day without raising their cholesterol levels-and researchers in Canada believe that eating eggs might help reduce high blood pressure. How? They've found that proteins called peptides-which exist in all eggs but are most plentiful in hard-boiled and fried eggs-seem to work the way some blood-pressure drugs do. So get cracking with this delicious deviled-egg recipe.

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    2. Say bye-bye to UTIs. As the mercury rises, so do hemlines, gas prices-and your chances of getting a urinary tract infection. UTIs become up to 17 percent more common for every 10-degree increase in temperature, a recent Oregon State University study shows. Beat the odds by drinking four

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  • 4 tips to help you launch your business

    By Nell Casey, REDBOOK

    Starting your own business can be a little intimidating-to say the least. Here are some tips to make sure your entrepreneurial debut is a success.

    1. Get to know your market:
    Surf the Web to research competitors and find out what they charge for their products or services. "Talk to your ideal core audience," suggests Ellen Parlapiano, cofounder of "Find out if they're interested in your product and what they'd pay for it."

    2. Plan for your success: "To get financing from investors or a bank, you'll need to write a business plan-or at the very least, come up with a mission statement and objectives," Parlapiano says. For guidance on writing a business plan and more check out

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    3. Play by the rules: Investigate whether or not you'll need special certification or permits for your venture. If you're dealing with cosmetics, for example, Parlapiano says, you'll need a Board of

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  • Dear Whys Guy: "Why Does My Guy Never Seem to Listen to Me?"

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    Why do men never appear to be listening to you, but then when you ask them what you just said, they can repeat back a whole bunch of stuff verbatim?

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    Have you ever seen The Wire? In order to listen in on the drug dealers' conversations, the cops have a little box on the phone-tap marked "pertinent." If it's not pertinent, they don't listen in, and it can't be recorded or used later in the prosecution of the case. I have a little box like that in my head. Karel has a lot of stuff that she thinks is important, but that little box in my head lets me know when it's time to pay attention and record information that may be needed later and when it's time to tune out. But just like the cops on The Wire, I don't want to tip my hand and let Karel (who is like the drug dealers in this scenario) know what is being listened to or recorded for later use, so I keep the same

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  • By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    What's your take on the maxi dress trend sweeping the country? Hot or not?

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    I had no idea what these things were, so I asked Karel. According to Karel, a maxi dress is the type of long patterned dress that she wears (and she is quick to point out that she's been wearing them for several years-I can back up that claim). I've been calling them Mrs. Roper dresses. Actually, I love Karel's Mrs. Roper dresses-they're casual and form fitting, and, along with gas prices, crumbling infrastructure and high unemployment, they make me feel like I'm back in the '70s, which I firmly believe is the decade I was supposed to live in.

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    So my take on "maxi dresses" is a positive one (fine: hot). Karel can slip one on and sashay around the house while I wear my throwback Eagles t-shirt, questionably tight Levis and drink Yuengling from a can while we

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  • 10 Ways to Manage Traveling with Toddlers

    By Heather Cocks, REDBOOK

    The best moment of any trip with the boys is that first night when they are passed out at the hotel and my husband and I crawl into bed and say, "WE MADE IT!" It's how I imagine a football team feels: You game-plan all week, you finally take the field, you scale obstacles to eke out a victory, and then you revel in it while icing your creaky joints. Traveling with one toddler is hardly a picnic; with two, and all the associated baggage, it's like our faces freeze into those famous comedy-tragedy masks. Here are 10 ways to manage:

    1. Wheels: The boys would always rather walk, but because their two-second attention spans make it impossible to get anywhere fast-much less in a crowd-turning the airport into a fun ride is the only option. These gizmos strap to your car seat so you can roll your toddler through the airport. Plus, everyone looks at you like you're some kind of genius, which is fun for the ego.

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    2. New

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  • 6 Tricks for Living a Longer, Happier Life

    By Nancy Rones, REDBOOK

    Yeah, yeah, you know that exercising and eating right should be at the top of your daily to-do list. But let's face it: Some days there's barely enough time to sprint from the car to the pizza parlor to grab a pie to go. We're in no way suggesting you abandon those bigger long-term health goals, but we would like to help you by giving you these six simple, science-backed steps that you can take today-and every day-to live a longer, healthier, happier life. And don't let the small nature of these lifestyle tweaks fool you: They're proven to have a major impact on your health.

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    1. Buy a bouquet: Looking at flowers can put you in a brighter mood, research from Rutgers suggests. In three different studies, receiving flowers was shown to have both immediate and long-term positive effects on emotional outlook.

    2. Turn off the tube during dinner: You already know that watching television at mealtime can lead to mindless eating

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  • 3 Tips to Speed Up Your Money Saving

    By Beth Kobliner, REDBOOK

    When I wanted to lose five pounds, a looming high school reunion motivated the weight right off me. Having a saving goal-something meaningful you're socking away money for-works the same way. Here are three ideas:

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    1. Use a money-management app or site: Mint Goals, a new tool on the free money-management site, calculates how much you'll need to set aside for a specific dream (such as a home down payment). It tracks your progress with each deposit (yay!) and registers the negative impact of each splurge.

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    2. The proven no-tech method: Divide the cost of the item by the realistic number of months you'll need to save for it. Then open a new bank account strictly dedicated to reaching that goal, and have money automatically deposited from your paycheck each month.

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    3. Request an offline account: No more withdrawing on a whim; in order to

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