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  • Dear Whys Guy: "Why Don't Guys Know When Other Guys Are Attractive?"

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    Why don't guys know when other guys are attractive? Whenever my husband and I watch a movie or TV show together, he asks, "Is he good-looking?" We're talking Bradley Cooper in The Hangover II, Idris Elba in Thor, Curtis Stone on Top Chef Masters-no-brainers. And I swear, he isn't playing dumb.

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    You know who is a handsome man? Michael Caine. Go back and watch his stuff from the 60s and 70s, The Ipcress File, Get Carter, Slueth, even The Holcroft Covenant in the 80s-that is one good-looking dude. Even in old age, Michael Caine has retained his hotness; have you seen Harry Brown? Actually, if you're going to rent Harry Brown, you should also rent The Limey starring Terrance Stamp and have a double feature. Terrance Stamp is a hot old British guy, too.

    So as you can see, I can, in fact, recognize attractiveness in guys. I fully appreciate hotties like Michael Caine and

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  • 4 Things You Should Never Do With Your Credit Cards

    By Erika Rasmusson Janes, REDBOOK

    Here, Susan McCarthy, a financial adviser in Oklahoma City and author of The Value of Money, lists her top four credit card don'ts:

    1. Don't make only the minimum payments: This stretches out your payment and, thanks to the interest, significantly increases your overall cost.

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    2. Don't carry too many cards: Multiple cards make it easier to rack up debt because it's harder to keep track of your spending. Having lots of cards isn't necessarily bad for your credit, but misusing them is. So limit your plastic to two national cards (store cards often carry higher interest rates) that you manage carefully.

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    3. Don't miss payment due dates: Not only will you be hit with a late fee-as high as $39 on some cards-but your interest rate could also jump. Sign up for online banking or pay over the phone if you're up against the deadline. (You may pay a processing fee,

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  • 5 Tricks to Get More Done in a Day

    By Anna Davies, REDBOOK

    Accomplish more in a single day with these tips and tricks:

    1. Time it right:
    Are you an early bird, or do you do your best work after lunch? "Paying attention to when you're most productive can help you manage your schedule better," Shigley explains. Use that period of the day to focus on complicated tasks; during the times you feel less alert, file, catch up on e-mail, or do other tasks that require less brainpower.

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    2. Minimize interruptions: Do you find yourself drifting over to the watercooler whenever you see colleagues gathering? "Everyone has interruptions that can chip away at productivity," Shigley says. Brainstorm ways to minimize them, such as confabbing with colleagues only at lunch. You'll stay on task and get projects done.

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    3. Take the time to organize: A few seconds used to file away an e-mail in a folder could mean saving an hour of frantic

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  • By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    How can I get my husband to lose weight without being a nag? I am married to a wonderful, handsome man whom I love very much. But through the course of our marriage he has put on about 40 lbs, and I want him to lose it for two reasons: his health and (admittedly) his looks. We have small children, and I've noticed he is more lethargic with them-and he's still in his thirties.

    His doctor has told him it wouldn't hurt to lose some weight. We still have sex several times a week, but he's become more, I don't know...sluggish. He just isn't in very good shape. I would definitely be more lusty for him if he were fitter. I am not expecting him to look like some six-packed, vampire-playing actor-even if he's still ten pounds or so overweight, I am fine with that. And I know what you might be thinking. You're right, I'm not a swimsuit model. But I've had kids and worked hard to get back to my pre-pregnancy size 2 self. I make my appearance a

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  • Do Any Diet Pills Actually Work? Experts Weigh In

    by Jessica Smith, REDBOOK

    You see ads for them constantly-all touting the alluring promise of rapid weight loss in a pill. But do over the counter (OTC) diet pills really work? And is it safe to take them? We asked experts to weigh in on the reality of those pill promises.

    Do they work?

    "Diet pills do offer support for many people trying to lose weight. However, most of my clients who report benefits (from taking diet pills) have them only short-term, and the regain more weight than they have lost with in a few weeks following cessation of the medication," says Lisa Cohn, a registered dietitian, and president of Park Avenue Nutrition in New York City. "And while some pills may help suppress appetite, they don't do anything to promote long-term weight loss. Without nutrition education, dietary changes, and skills for self-management-the pill approach is sure to fail once it is stopped. The business of losing weight includes selling pills, not addressing the basis of

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  • By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    Underwear. Toilets. Rotten sippy cups full of milk ticking like a stink bomb under your couch. Some chores are non-negotiable. But there are others that while it would be nice if the little tray the silverware sits in was impervious to crumbs, aren't the end of the world if they don't get done. And let's face it: With kids, things are always a little crazy. When it comes down to spending that extra summer daylight outside kicking down dandelions and catching frogs or housecleaning, you can guess which one I pick. At my house, it's changing the sheets that slides to the bottom of the priority list. Do they really need to be changed every week? Really?? As you can see from this list, we all have something we let go:

    "We skip bath time a lot. There's always an excuse. In the winter: "It's too cold to make them take a bath." In the summer: "They were just swimming, so they got a good rinse." We haven't done a daily bath since our son was

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  • 4 Ways to Maximize Weekend Family Time


    As much as we look forward to the weekend, it can fly by faster than there is time to read the Sunday paper. Try these tips to make the most of days off with your family.

    1. Don't ignore the warm body next to you:
    "The best gift you can give your kids is a strong marriage," says relationship therapist Laura Berman, Ph.D., host of the OWN show In the Bedroom With Dr. Laura Berman. "So why not set the alarm clock for 20 minutes of alone time?" If you're thinking, Um, I'd rather be sleeping, at least "cuddle in bed for five minutes before starting your day," Berman says.

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    2. Put "hang out" on the calendar-in Sharpie: "Research links family leisure time with emotional bonding," says Eli Karam, Ph.D., president-elect of the Kentucky Association for Marriage & Family Therapy. "Blocking out three hours together even one Saturday a month can keep you in sync."

    3. Ditch the cruise-director act:
    You've had breakfast - now what?

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  • By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    The weather's warmer and the parks are full of birds chirping, flowers blooming, and kids running and laughing. And moms on iPhones. Wait, what? Yesterday when I took my kids a nearby playground, I did a quick count of all the parents using their phones. With each kid I've birthed I've lost IQ points but I'm fairly confident in my math this time: 100%. Whether those moms and dads were just checking the weather to see if those ominous green clouds meant a tornado or if they were tweeting about the RHONJ I'll never know but I do understand the allure of having e-mail, texting, blogging and Angry Birds right at your finger tips. While we often fret about how much time our wee ones are spending glued to screens big and small, we don't talk about how much us moms do it. Especially when we're with our kids.

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    It's a fine line to walk. On one hand being with small children for extended periods of time

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  • 6 Websites That Save You Money

    By Beth Kobliner, REDBOOK

    You can't even begin to negotiate on an item until you know its lowest possible going rate. Why pay $200 for a microwave when a quick online search can tell you it's available elsewhere for $89? These comparison-shopping sites can help you get the best deal possible.

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    is the granddaddy of the comparison-shopping sites: It searches millions of products-groceries, computer software, you name it-from hundreds of vendors to get you the best price.

    2. charts price changes for popular items over time to help you determine if now is a good time to buy that new flat-screen TV. With one click you can check eBay or Craigslist as well as online retailers.

    3. offers up the best prices from tons of retailers-plus, it offers a rewards program that gives a percentage of cash back when you link through their site to online stores, such as Macy's and Office Depot,

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  • 7 Contradictory Things I’d like To Do On Father’s Day

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK

    I think celebrating Father's Day is sort of silly, but my wife Karel is totally into it, so who am I to pass up a holiday where I'm the focus of the attention? Every year, Karel asks me what special thing I want or need to recharge my patriarchal batteries for the next 364 days. And every year, I find myself wanting diametrically opposed things. These contradictions illustrate the choices that dads make every day-between careless, youthful fun and responsible behavior that makes your life easier and better in the long term. For example:

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    1a. I want to sleep late and catch up on some desperately needed shut-eye.
    1b. I want to wake up early and pack as much into the day as possible. I could get up before the sun and drive out to the country to paint and still be home in time to have the rest of my day (okay, maybe just an hour or two of sunlight) in front of me. I never get a chance to do that anymore.

    2a. I want to

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