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  • by Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    Mother's Day 2011 is officially over-mine was lovely, thanks for asking- and we are now into the lesser-known, but equally momentous Day After Mother's Day. This day is marked by the cry of mothers everywhere: "What do I do with all this stuff??"

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    The stuff I am referring to of course is the beautiful, precious, thoughtful, often homemade gifts given to us by our beautiful, precious, thoughtful children. Candles, cards, tissue-paper flowers, bookmarks and anything and everything that can hold a wee hand print are scattered across the house and while I was sincere when I expressed my adoration of each tiny treasure (truly, children if you are reading this 10 years down the road, I really really do love them) after a few years and a few children the amount of crafts becomes overwhelming. Short of opening my own MoMA (Museum of Mother Art) or ending up on Hoarders, I realized I need a

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  • Dear Whys Guy: "Why Is He Obsessed With Our Age Difference?"

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK

    DEAR WHYS GUY: Why does an older man trying to date a younger girl constantly bring up the age difference? Is it because he's uncomfortable, or because he's nervous?

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    You forgot insecure. Totally insecure. I don't even bother fantasizing about bedding some 22-year-old co-ed anymore because even in my imagination the prospect is too terrifying. I can't stop myself from hearing the conversation that would take place:

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    Her: "Our relationship reminds me of the first season of The Hills."
    Me: "What hills? Where?"
    Her: "IM me later, and we'll go back to my place and listen to the Arcade Fire."
    Me: "Of course you are you, now and forever, that's one of the reasons I like you so much. I didn't realize you live so close to an arcade, but, regardless, I don't think I could sit idly by and listen to all those

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  • Do You Need Anti-Aging Makeup?

    In a world where new beauty products pop up daily and every peel, serum, and night cream promises to erase wrinkles, the makeup counter can be a daunting place. With anti-aging makeup as the latest craze, we wonder how much skincare is too much. Is adding anti-aging makeup to our skincare regimen really necessary?

    No, says New York City dermatologist Heidi Weldorf, M.D. "It's a bonus. It can improve skin, but not like straight anti-aging treatments, which have higher concentrations of active ingredients and really get rubbed in." Still, every bit of wrinkle-fighting helps - unless you're using a retinoid at night, in which case, avoid makeup that contains retinol or any exfoliant.

    Want to try it out for yourself? We like Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Makeup, SPF 15, $42.
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  • Dear Whys Guy: "My Fiance Has a Fantasy Involving My Friend"

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK

    DEAR WHYS GUY: My fiance and I are getting married in 16 days, and also starting a family. All of a sudden, he has this fantasy involving me and one of my friends that he used to not like. I asked him why he'd want to risk our relationship, and he said this would help him overcome his insecurities and boost his self-confidence. Why would he want to risk everything we have for, as he put it, one last night of "single fun?"

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    Uh-oh. I didn't find this in my inbox until well after the expiration date on the 16 days occurred. But I feel like this deserves a response. Impending marriage makes guys do bizarre things, for instance: suggesting a three-way with his fiancee and ONE OF HER FRIENDS. That's the kind of poorly conceived plan that smacks of pre-wedding crazy. I'm trying to imagine what would have happened if I asked Karel for a menage a trios WITH ONE OF HER FRIENDS two

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  • What Did You Give Up After Getting Married?

    Of course he's worth it, but...let's just say, life is different after tying the knot. We asked real women what they sacrificed to be married to the loves of their lives.

    "I lost my 1 a.m. shopping sprees. I used to go to the 24-hour Walmart in the middle of the night."

    "I lost sleep! My husband tosses and turns all night. Well, truthfully, I lost sleep for a fun reason too, but I'm not complaining about that!"

    "My closet! He has three times the clothes I do."

    "My skinny jeans. My husband's cooking is too good!"

    "I lost my dream of the perfect man. I married an imperfect one, and it's a blessing! What I thought I wanted in a man was unrealistic. What I actually got was a friend and partner."

    I gave up smoking for my hubby - and, despite the occasional cravings,

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  • The Slacker Mom Dictionary

    Here, your words for the shortcuts that make modern motherhood possible. June Cleaver is rolling; we're laughing!

    Dunch: (noun) When you give your kids lunch so late, it might as well be dinner.

    meTunes: (noun) Listening to whatever you want as loud as you want because it's your damn car. (So what if your son can sing along to that wildly inappropriate new Eminem song?)

    Cupfakes: (noun) Buying store-bought treats for your kid's class birthday, then roughing up the icing so they look homemade.

    Wardrobe momfunction: (noun) When you drive your kid to school in your pajamas, wearing no bra, and the perfect skinny-jeaned PTA mom (aka: a "mompetitor") leans in to chat about the bake sale.

    Swathing: (verb) Considering your kids' dip in a swimming pool as their bath for the day.

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  • It's Complicated Advice Q&A: "I Want My Friend Back"

    In high school there was a girl I became best friends with, and we remained close all through school and after graduation. Then, in 1999, she and her husband were involved in a horrible vehicle accident, which left her paralyzed, with limited use of her arms and hands. I was devastated but never stopped being her friend. I visited her in the hospital as much as possible, and we talked on the phone a lot. But she'd never come to my house, and we never went out to do things. I always had to go to her house to visit, and with my young kids, that was sometimes hard. Eventually, we drifted apart. I feel guilty for letting our friendship die, but it can't just be one-sided. We haven't seen or spoken to each other in about four years, and I miss her. Is there hope for finding that friendship again?
    A.Z., 35, Ossian, IA

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    You won't know unless you try. It sounds as if you were good friends, and as if you really did make an effort. After her accident, I'm

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  • Dear Whys Guy: "Can I Still Sleep With Him While We're on a Break?"

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    My boyfriend and I are taking a break. My question is, should I have make out with my boyfriend or have sex with him even though we are not exactly official, or should I give him the space he wants?

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    The guy in me wants to say yes. The decent person in me says no, no, no. If you keep giving it up with no expectation of commitment, then he won't feel obligated to ever be committed to you again, and it will be very hard to reestablish those boundaries. You're basically turning yourself and the relationship into a booty call thing. However, if you know the relationship is going south and you're just kinda horny, then, by all means, go for it. In short, don't try to win him back with sex, but if you want to have sex with the man for purely physical reasons and you don't really care about rebuilding, then go for it.

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  • It's Complicated Advice Q&A: My In-Laws Are Taking Over Our Lives

    I have a wonderful husband of 14 years - along with wonderful in-laws. But over the last couple of years, a problem has developed: My in-laws show up unannounced on weekends and stay for hours, oblivious to whatever activity we may be in the middle of or have planned. They don't even wait for us to answer the door! Early one Saturday, my mother-in-law came in and almost caught me in the kitchen in my underwear. If we aren't home, they'll often go sit on our patio until we come back. Even better, one weekend my husband and I left to run some errands. When we came home, my sister-in-law was in the kitchen reading a magazine! She has a spare key for emergencies, but I was shocked and extremely irritated! I love that people feel comfortable in our home, but this is getting ridiculous. How should I handle it? - E.S., 40, Wenatchee, WA

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    Just because you genuinely like your in-laws doesn't make your house the 24-hour drop-in center. On the other hand, just

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  • Top 10 Things to Never Say to a Mom of Boys

    by Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    Girls and boys are different - you might have heard? After having three boys and then a girl - I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't totally thrilled - I am amazed at how truly different they are. But I'm also amazed at some of the ways people point out these differences and try to use them to put down my boys.Just as it has become socially acceptable to make fun of men in ways that would never be tolerated if they were targeted toward women, it seems that some people think it's okay to attribute bad quirks to my boys' gender. I tried hard - honest I did! - to keep this post light and funny like my usual Top Ten lists are but I found as I typed this out that it struck a deep chord with me. Here's my list of Top Ten Things to Never Say to a Mom of Boys:

    1. "This is my daughter Ryan." Taylor, Jordan, Charlie, Sam, Jo - stop taking all the boys names and making them into girls names! While it is cute and precocious to have a Myka (Micah)

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