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  • Settle an Argument: Who Should Do the Dishes?!

    By Zoe Sternberg

    Rachel, 55, and Harry, 58, from Scarsdale, NY, have been married for 30 years. They have two older children and one 15 year-old daughter, Lennie. Rachel complains that she constantly finds dirty dishes that her husband leaves in the sink instead of the dishwasher. Harry argues that he is usually in a rush to take their daughter to school and that the dishwasher is always full of clean dishes.

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    She says: My husband has a way of using several pots, dishes, cups, mugs, etc. every morning, but he never manages to get any of them into the dishwasher, leaving me with the task. Often times the pots and dishes have oatmeal or soup stuck to them and it's very hard to clean. It is almost a guarantee that every time I walk into the kitchen, a sink full of dirty dishes awaits me. Ugh!

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    He says: Her version is a gross exaggeration. Most of the time there are

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  • 6 Ways to Skinny Up Your Day in Seconds

    by Jessica Smith, REDBOOK

    Too busy to count calories but want to drop a few pounds? Do it in seconds with these 6 simple tips:

    1) Skip the vanilla latte and sprinkle the top of your skim latte with vanilla powder at Starbucks. Calories Saved: 70

    2) Ditch the OJ during your morning meeting, and stay full longer by eating an orange instead. Calories Saved: 100*

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    3) Have a regular hamburger (with everything on it) during your drive thru lunch at McDonald's instead of the Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken. Calories Saved: 80

    4) Have a cup of blueberries instead of a bag of plain M&Ms for your afternoon sweet snack. Calories Saved: 130

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    5) Swap out your post workout protein bar (50g) for a 8 oz. glass of chocolate skim milk. Calories Saved: 110*

    6) Ditch the skin on your 3 oz. chicken breast at dinner. Calories Saved: 62
    *exact calorie counts may vary depending on food product

    Total Potential Daily

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  • Great Mom Debate: Do You Hide Your Junk Food From Your Kids?

    by Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    "Mommy, what are you doing?!" The little voice behind me sounded so shocked and outraged - as much as a 4-year-old really can - that I almost dropped my fork. Into the tub of ice cream I was eating out of. While standing inside the still-open freezer door. What was I doing, indeed.

    Every night after my husband and I finish the Bedtime Gauntlet, we each retreat to have a few moments of peace and quiet before the whole rigmarole starts again in the morning. And sometimes for me that means eating the treats I won't let my kids see me eat during the day. It's awfully hard to maintain any moral authority, telling them they have to finish their dinner before having cookies, if I'm eating some while cooking it. Lucy Cooke, a psychologist at the University of London who studies children's eating habits, says of her research, "Parental consumption was the strongest predictor of children's consumption. Parents really need to be aware that they

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  • 8 Stay-Close Secrets for a Stronger Relationship

    College sweethearts Ashley and Aron Bruhn not only live together; the twosome also maintains Hither and Tither, a blog of their lives and adventures, as a pair. The couple knows what it takes to a build a solid relationship, and they're here to fill you in.

    1. Treat your partner as you would any best friend.

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    2. Don't romanticize drama. Your partner is someone you want to see happy, not hurt. So when you do fight, fight clean. You know their soft spots: Guard them rather than exploit them, and apologize when you're wrong.

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    3. Talk to each other. A lot. We go on plenty of walks together, which means quality conversation while we're not multi-tasking on the internet or catching up between commercials. It's a time to share dreams alongside mundane details of the day, a bit of juicy gossip, or maybe a joke.

    4. It never hurts to hug or kiss when one of

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  • 4 Secrets to a Spectacular Marriage

    Peek into the lives of happy couples and find out how these four love moves will bring the two of you closer than ever.

    What do couples who describe their marriages as spectacular do differently than those who describe their marriages as simply so-so? The differences are quite small, actually. "When we look at happy couples, we see that great marriages are not the result of hours of hard work," says relationship researcher Terri L. Orbuch, Ph.D., who followed 373 couples for over 22 years as part of a marriage study funded by the National Institutes of Health. "It's small changes in behavior and attitude that can transform your relationship." In her new book, 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great, Orbuch shares the steps you can take to marital greatness.

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    Understand Each Other's Needs

    "The main reason marriages break up is not conflict, communication problems, or sexual incompatibility," Orbuch says. "It's

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  • 5 Secrets to Low-Stress Families

    What did researchers see when they spied on every living, breathing moment of 32 families for four days straight? Fights, bribes, hugs, eye rolls, and some amazing truths about how we can all live more happily together.

    Thirty-two California families opened their doors (their front doors, bedroom doors, even bathroom doors) to researchers from UCLA who wanted to find out how they manage the demands of work and family life. With a three-person crew, researchers occupied families' homes for four days from morning until bedtime, recording every minute spent folding laundry, every homework panic, every dinner table dispute about the yuckiness of vegetables. The researchers conducted interviews with each of the family members and measured their stress levels throughout the day. The families were studied between 2002 and 2005; each had two working parents, two or more children, and a mortgage - a profile that looks like many American households.

    But among stressful moments, researchers

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  • by Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    My son attends a fabulous Special-Ed preschool. He isn't autistic nor does he have Down's Syndrome nor does he even have a learning or behavior disorder - so how did he end up in the special education program? It all started with getting kicked out of preschool. As his teacher ("at the mean school" as my son calls it) explained to me one day in the hallway as my eyes filled with tears, "He doesn't learn like the other kids. He doesn't want to sit down and listen, he just wants to run around and play. I'm afraid he's too immature for this class and he's distracting the other kids so we need to ask you to take him out." As I turned to leave she added, "He doesn't even write his own name yet. There's no way he'll be ready for kindergarten on time." Did I mention he was three at the time?

    With preschools getting ever more rigorous - you may recall the recent case where parents sued a California preschool for the return of their $19,000 tuition because

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  • How to Put an End to Fights

    Decisions, decisions. For Cheryl and Wally Jablow, coming to an agreement is virtually impossible. Our love expert shows this California couple how to stop fighting and find their common ground.

    By Brenda Della Casa
    When Cheryl and Wally Jablow started dating in 2001, living in different cities - she in Chicago and he in Oakland, CA - meant that many "date nights" were spent on the phone, talking about their hopes and dreams for the future. But nine years later, the clear lines of communication that once brought them so close have now become filled with static; it's practically impossible for the Palmdale, CA, couple to make even small decisions together. And their inability to discuss life's touchier topics - such as whether to move closer to a major city or how and when to start a family - has brought their marriage to a standstill. "When we start to talk about some of the bigger issues, our conversations become overwhelming and unproductive," says Wally, 44, a commercial pilot.
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  • Dear Whys Guy: "Are Guys Really Okay with Sex Toys?"

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    Are men really okay with sex toys?

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    Most men are totally cool with sex toys, most of the time. Using them implies that you're as committed to getting off as we are, which is sexy. Also, sex toys still seem appealingly exotic to a lot of guys. But if you're always busting out the same old sex toy, I can see how it might get vaguely insulting, like you're in it to win it quickly and reliably and you're not interested in experimenting with your partner. Every so often, put down the toy and see what else turns you on. As long as you mix things up, the use of a battery-powered love machine shouldn't bruise the ego of your non-battery-powered love machine.

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    Need help decoding odd male behavior? Redbook columnist Aaron Traister, who lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two kids, is

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  • Real Guys Confess: "I Married Up!"

    That's what President Obama has said about snagging Michelle, and it turns out that plenty of other husbands feel the same way. Here, 7 real guys reveal what it is about their wives that makes them feel so superlucky.

    She's Got Game
    By Steve Rushin

    My wife is an Olympic gold medalist, WNBA All-Star, Jeopardy! champion, and Rhodes Scholarship finalist who was sung to by President Clinton, sung about by Ludacris, and serenaded on Sesame Street by a chorus of Muppets. But it wasn't until I saw her basketball jersey in the Smithsonian - opposite Dorothy's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz - that it finally hit me: I, without a doubt, married up.

    My wife's name, Rebecca Lobo, is on sandwiches and street signs in New England. It adorns the arena rafters at the University of Connecticut, where she first became a basketball star. Her high school in Massachusetts is on Rebecca Lobo Way, a nice trump card to play at reunions. So people naturally assume that I took her name when we tied the

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