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  • How To Save Money on Gas

    With the average price of gas at more than $4 a gallon -- and not likely to stop rising any time soon -- "it's time for people to modify the way they drive," says Christie Hyde, a spokesperson for the American Automobile Association (AAA). The biggest impact on your wallet will come from cutting down your car time -- walk, use public transportation, and work from home when you can -- but when your wheels are the only option, little tweaks can go a long way. Here, experts and real women share some tips to beat the squeeze at the gas pump:

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  • 3 Over-Looked Money Saving Tips

    Photo Credit: George Doyle/iStockPhoto Credit: George Doyle/iStockHere are some easy things you can do to save extra cash.

    1. Dial S for Savings!

    If you can stomach the voice-activated menu hassle, a few simple calls to your cable, phone, and insurance providers might save you hundreds a year. Call the cable company and trim the channels you don't watch, or at least see if you can negotiate a lower rate. When it comes to car and home insurance, shop around, then call your current insurer and ask if they can match competing rates.

    2. Follow These Coupon Clipping Tips

    • Remember, "Coupons can be automatically sent to your phone, loaded onto your supermarket club card, or printed off the Internet," Gault advises. Also, try sites like and Is there a new product
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  • 10 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Quick

    Changing your life doesn't have to happen in one giant leap. You can take small steps to becoming a new, healthier you. Check out these 10 tips below, then click here for 25 more quick and easy ways to get healthy in an instant.

    1. Turn off the noise.
    Watching TV caused women in one study to eat 14 percent more calories than those who ate in silence. Eating mindfully with no distractions enhances enjoyment, plus you'll stop eating when you're full - not when the show's over.

    2. Reorganize your pantry
    Stash easy-to-grab treats and sweets (cookies, chips, crackers) up high. If a snack requires a step stool, you'll think twice about eating it. Store nutritious snacks (nuts, dried fruits, applesauce) at eye level.

    3. Add fish to your menu.
    Replace a meat-based meal with fish twice a week. You'll likely save on calories, plus fish is high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Not a fish fan? Try tilapia or grouper, two milder fish.

    4. Order first at restaurants.
    Eating out with friends

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  • Get a Flat Belly Fast! Beat Bloat With These 6 Tricks

    It's Saturday night, and you slip on your sexiest pair of jeans. One problem: Your stomach's so swollen that those jeans barely zip shut. Sound familiar? Bloating's a common but annoying symptom with many causes, says Patricia Raymond, M.D., a gastroenterologist in Chesapeake, VA. "You could be retaining fluids - especially right before that time of the month - or have excess gas because of something you ate, or you could be constipated," Raymond notes. Luckily, there are just as many ways to banish bloat. Try one of these tricks to keep your denim looking slimming.

    Pick Potassium-Rich Foods

    This mineral helps regulate the fluid balance in your body, keeping bloat at bay. High-potassium foods include bananas, cantaloupe, mangoes, spinach, tomatoes, nuts, and asparagus - which contains an amino acid called asparagine that (bonus!) acts as a diuretic to flush excess liquid out of your system.

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    Prep for PMS
    If you tend to swell up before (or during)

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  • Six Ways to Pamper Yourself - at Home!

    Did you know: 90% of illnesses are stress related.

    "Under stress, circulation decreases, digestion slows, and immune function is compromised." A good massage (heck, even a so-so one) promotes deep relaxation and stress reduction, but studies suggest it can also soothe migraines, boost immunity, calm PMS, and more. So next time you're feeling under the weather, head to a spa for some natural healing or follow these at-home remedies below:

    Add a few drops of stimulating peppermint oil to a hot towel and place it over the belly. "The heat allows the oil to penetrate more deeply," says Childs of Four Hands Massage. Try The Body Shop Peppermint Essential Oil, $12.
    Rather go to the spa? Click here to find out what service will do the trick.

    Spray your pillows and sheets with a calming lavender, chamomile, or vanilla spritz. Find them in Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Collection Pillow Mist, $10.


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  • A Surprising At-Home Practice That Can Help Your Child in School

    Books? Check.
    Backpack? Check.
    Pens, pencils, paper, markers, binders, etc.? Check.
    Check. Check. Check.
    Feng Shui? Checcccccc.......What?

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    That's right. Your back-to-school list isn't complete until you've added Fortune and Luck to the mix. All children are affected by their environment, so a room arranged with feng shui (here's how to feng shui your love life while you're at it) in mind will certainly help contribute to a positive and well-adjusted kid. And isn't that exactly what we wish for when the proverbial bell is about to ring in a new school year?

    The following are some ideas that can and will impact your children's study habits (here's what teachers need from you), their feelings of fitting in, and their sense of security. Raise their GPA and their "chi" at the same time!

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    One of the best ways to help them assimilate into a brand-new environment (and life stage) is to create a scent-ual reminder of home

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  • Did You Change Your Name When You Got Married?

    Here's one of those questions that comes up periodically, to be debated on blogs and over watercoolers: changing your name after marriage. I just came across a blog post by a man who explains that he'd be offended if his wife didn't take his last name. (His last name: Woodsmall.)

    Why? Here's what he says:

    If you're going to nag us about wearing our band during pick-up games and not leaving it by the bathroom sink after we wash our hands, then please remember to take our surname with you on your girls' night out.

    Ladies, I beg of you, allow us this. For if you are asking for our devotion in sickness and in health, pride will allow it to prevail. If we feel like a man, we'll act like one. And stripping of us the honor of bestowing on you our surname is one surefire way of knocking off a chunk from that pride. [read more here. . ]

    Oh-kay. While I get his reasoning, does this sound juvenile to you? Personally, I'm pretty clear that I'm never going to take my husband's

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  • Stop an Affair Before It Starts

    These days, stories of cheating are dime-a-dozen. And it's not only Oscar winners and athletes whose lives are being ripped apart by infidelity. You hear the same heartbroken refrain: "I didn't see it coming." Is it any wonder that even those of us in happy marriages are scared? Related: 5 Rules Happy Couples Break

    Marriage and sex therapist Dr. Jane Greer says that our fears are not unfounded. "I'm seeing more and more couples - good, nice couples - who are struggling to put the pieces together after an affair," she says. During 20 years of counseling, Greer has identified signs that a relationship may be slipping toward infidelity, what she terms "the Cheating Zone...that place where one partner isn't getting what they want from their relationship," which helps that person to justify getting it elsewhere. Make no mistake: Cheating is never the fault of the person who is cheated on. Still, most cheaters are made, not born. "They're acting out of deprivation and neediness," Greer says.

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  • 5 Things Your Kid's Teacher Needs from You

    Sneakers are tied, cowlicks are tamed, and a morning snack is tucked safely inside the backpack. Your smiling, well-scrubbed child seems happy, poised, and ready to meet his teacher. The question is, are you? Should you mention that patch of poison ivy creeping up his elbow? What about those medical forms - admit that you lost them? And what if your boss calls while you're powwowing - should you take the call? It's no wonder you're nervous: Your kid's teacher is the one person who spends almost as much time with your child as you do, so you want to make a positive connection. Apples, shmapples - there are five core values that will make or break your bond with your kid's teacher. Here's how to understand and maximize them.

    1. Engagement
    It may sound obvious, but participating in your kid's education, even minimally, can do wonders. "Children whose parents are involved with their education generally tend to be less disruptive in class," says Reg Weaver, president of the National

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  • How to Stand Up to a Bully's Mom

    You've got a great kid, but the bully who lives down the street doesn't agree. He's always picking on your child -- shoving him, swiping his scooter, calling him a loser -- even though your son has asked him to stop. You know you need to talk to this little stinker's mom, but you worry: What if you aren't able to speak coherently (you're that angry), or she's as unnervingly nasty as her kid? Here's how to make yourself heard.

    Step 1: Don't judge her.
    Maybe you have a pet theory as to how this woman has managed to raise that big bully of hers ("I bet she's one of those really irresponsible types, and lets him watch a ton of violent TV!"). Forget all that. "If you go into the conversation with a negative opinion of her -- and the attitude that you're a better parent than she is -- she'll smell it and won't want to help you," cautions Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads: Dealing With the Difficult Parents in Your Child's Life. The truth is, you don't know a thing

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