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  • The Real Reasons You're Cheating on Your Diet

    Odds are one of these emotional triggers, not hunger, is to blame. Let these psychological experts help you dig down to and target the root cause. By Jane Bianchi, REDBOOK.

    Why sweets sound so delicious
    If you're on a diet and suddenly crave a brownie, what's behind that impulse? "When you're stressed, your instinct may be to reach for a food that will bring you immediate pleasure and comfort," says Venus Nicolino, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist currently working with Green Giant's Giant Difference Campaign. If you're chomping on a handful of broccoli florets, that's not such a bad thing, but more often than not our emotional eating choices are salty, fat-filled, high-sugar foods. Once you come to understand the mental, not physical, impulses behind your choices, you'll be better equipped to battle them out next time you find yourself staring down a bag of chips.

    How to Burn 900 Calories in Just One Hour

    You're quietly mad at someone you love
    Good at venting your

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  • "The 'Am I Pretty?' YouTube Trend Makes Me Physically Nauseous"

    By Amy Shearn, REDBOOK.

    The "Am I Pretty?" video trend makes me physically nauseous, but it took me a while to put my finger on why exactly. For one thing, these girls talk about wanting to know if they are pretty as if asking whether or not they have something in their teeth. "Here are some photos," one says. "Can you tell me in the comments if I'm pretty or not?" She doesn't ask, "Do you think I'm pretty?" which is an equally pointless but altogether different question. No, she asks, "Am I pretty?" the same matter-of-fact way in which you might ask, "Is it snowing?"--as if it were a question with an objective answer.

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    How does this happen? Has it never occurred to these girls that this might be a subjective question, that there is in fact no authority on the matter-not the popular kids at school, and certainly not some stranger on YouTube. Or even that beauty isn't really all that matters?

    On the Huffington

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  • 8 Things You Do when You're Hangry

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    Inspired by this HuffPo piece called "10 Things Hangry People Do," here are eight more things we're not proud of, but have definitely been known to do when an irrational, hunger-induced rage sets in.

    1. Hate everyone in sight. You love your friends dearly, but why does Jill have to ask a question about every single item on the menu? No, the endive salad isn't made with butter. The beef comes in a red wine reduction. Don't ask him to repeat the specials! Why are you doing this to me? I thought we were friends!

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    2. Hate everything in sight. You waited way too long to get lunch, and now that you're finally on the elevator back up to your desk--food in hand--it's stopping on every. single. floor. Curse the Otis Elevator Company and their decision that 10 seconds should be the standard amount of time for the doors to stay open! Note to self: Look up "close door button placebo or real" after you've eaten.


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  • Why Don't More Dads Take Leave?

    By Sarah Smith, REDBOOK.

    Josh Levs is a dad of three, taking time off work to take care of his newest baby girl. So nice, right? Yes, and he's getting into a big fight with his company over it.

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    His company has a paid-leave policy: You can take 10 weeks off to care for a new baby and still get your salary. That is, if you're a mom, not a dad. Because the moms have to recover physically, you say? Not exactly: Newly adoptive parents (of either gender) can get the 10 weeks paid, too. So why not biological dads? That's what Levs is asking in his EEOC complaint against Time Warner, and it seems like a really good question to me. Why do people think that dads aren't real caregivers?

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    After my baby was born, I took 12 weeks off, and then we planned for my husband to take 12 weeks off, thanks to the Family Medical Leave Act, which allows workers to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid time to

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  • The Stages of Partying, Post-30

    By Meghann Foye, REDBOOK.

    Ain't no party like a sweatpants party 'cause a sweatpants party ends in nap time.Inspired by Cosmopolitan hitting the hangover on the head with "The Stages of Partying, By Age," please put on your finest loungewear, cue up those DVR'ed Property Brothers, and get ready to rage--30-something style.

    30: Act like it's still technically the last year of your 20s... by trying to fly under the radar at dive bars and feeling sorry for your friends who are pregnant and can't drink.

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    31: Had enough of dive bars: Move on to charity events where drinking is no longer the main focus; it's complaining about your husband.

    32: Attend a true "dinner party" where everyone is finally partnered, fine scotch is poured for the first time, and more bottles of wine are drunk than there are people, but not by much.

    33: Learn the fine art of mocktails so as not to let on that after years of pitying the pregnant ladies, you're one of them now.

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    34: "Parties"

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  • 7 Fiery Dates for Cold Nights

    We know that the winter doldrums can leave you lacking the spirit and inspiration needed to come up with steamy Saturday night plans, so we did it for you. Happy (early) holidays! By Rosa Heyman, REDBOOK.

    Wine and paint dateTake a sexy cooking class
    You've finally passed dinner duty on to the babysitter, so the suggestion that you go out and turn on the stove may sound a little crazy. But ChefFed's Sex on the Table sessions don't feel the same as pulling together taco night. These classes focus on combining ingredients that seduce all five of your senses, not just your palate, meaning you'll leave with a newfound knowledge of aphrodisiacs, full from a delicious meal with effects that might just carry late into the night.

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    Enroll in Beer 101
    Wine tasting is fail-safe, but suggesting you and your husband hit a local beer school will make his eyes light up like a kid's on Christmas morning. You can choose from a variety of courses-from

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  • Is Work-Life Balance a Moot Point If You're Happy at Work?

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    European workplaces, with their paid maternity leave, month-long summer vacations, and 35-hour work weeks, have always held a sort of "grass is much greener" allure to Americans. You'd think those laissez faire companies on the Continent would have the most committed employees in the world, but a new Gallup Survey shows that they don't. In fact, it's the U.S. that has the most engaged employees, with 30 percent of Americans saying they feel "emotionally invested in and focused on creating value for their organizations every day."

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    Although we have the most engaged workforce in the world (the international average hovers around 13 percent), 72 percent of Americans in a Glassdoor Survey rated having time off as one of the key components to their happiness at work. The thing is: We're not taking these allotted days off, we just seem to like knowing that they're there.

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  • 10 Pretty Ways to Wear Braids This Winter

    When the temperature drops, a sleek braid, like the ones these celebs are sporting, can add some much-needed oomph to your look. By Jennifer Conrad, REBDOOK.

    More from REDBOOK:

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  • True Story: We're Still Fighting About Breastfeeding Rights

    By Sarah Smith, REDBOOK.

    I can't believe we're still fighting about breastfeeding. Memo: It's not gross or indecent or weird, end of story. The ACLU had to bring a case against a factory in Pennsylvania on behalf of a new mom, Bobbi Bockoras, because she was harassed at work when she tried to find a place to pump. Men yelled and pounded on the door of the room she was using, then she had to move to a room that was so dirty there were bugs on the floor. Oh, and someone took away the only chair in there, so she had to sit on that gross floor to pump. The men at her workplace did so many outrageous, offensive things, it made me look back on my own pumping days fondly (not something I do often).

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    I cried the day my stupid plastic storage bags leaked on the way home and I ended up with a cooler--and purse--full of unusable milk. But at least nobody where I work covered the doorknob to the pumping room with grease and

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  • By Sunny Sea Gold, REDBOOK.

    The other day, I was surfing around Us Weekly's site on my phone during a lull in my day and couldn't believe my eyes: Four out of the 10 headlines on the mobile site's tiny homepage had the words "post-baby body" in them. Four, as in almost half. As Seth and Amy used to say on Saturday Night Live, "Really?" I love pop culture and celebrity gossip as much as any other woman (okay, maybe more), but can someone please tell me what's up with the tabloid media's--and maybe our whole culture's--obsession with insta-skinny moms? This whole mom-weight thing even made poor Kim Kardashian (a phrase I never thought I'd utter) do something as nutty as sending the whole world a sext of her in a white bathing suit to prove she's already slimmed down.

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    It takes the average woman at least nine months to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight, and most of our bodies will look exactly like they did pre-kids. When I was pregnant,

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