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  • More Than $4,065 Worth of Expert Weight-Loss Advice

    Can't take a five-day time-out from your busy life to focus solely on shedding pounds? The pros from Canyon Ranch, a famous wellness center, share their tips for making nutritious eating and exercise changes stick. By Holly Corbett, REBDOOK.

    Led by the former Surgeon General of the U.S. and offering over 40 fitness classes each day as part of a plan that integrates Western and Eastern medicine, Canyon Ranch has one of the country's most comprehensive and forward-thinking programs in the U.S. Set in the beauty of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, the new weeklong Jumpstart to a Healthier Life Program offers the perfect environment in which to take stock of your health and finally reach your goals. This is what they have to teach you (minus the $4,000-plus price tag). 

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    Make just one change to start

    If you try to say, eliminate all sugar from your diet cold turkey, you'll likely become overwhelmed, give up all together,

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  • 11 Mindfulness Tricks to Get Eating Under Control

    When you're staring at say, a plate full of cookies, walking away sounds good in theory, but in practice feels like just about the hardest thing ever. No more, thanks to these science-driven, expert-proven strategies for munching in moderation. By Jane Bianchi, REDBOOK.

    Stop multitasking
    Quit eating while standing next to the refrigerator, driving, working at your desk, or watching TV, and instead sit down at a table each time you chow down, says Deborah Beck Busis, LSW, diet program coordinator for the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Bala Cynwyd, PA. When you focus solely on what you're chewing and savor each bite, you're less likely to overeat.

    Try positive reinforcement
    "Reward yourself for good behavior, not pounds lost," says Brian Wansink, PhD, founder of Mindless Eating and the author of the upcoming book, Slim By Design. First, create two healthy habits-like swapping a high-calorie processed snack for a fruit or vegetable, or not using plates larger than

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  • A few things no one - except the very honest Aaron Traister - will tell Prince William, Kanye, and every other new dad who wonders, What did I get myself into? REDBOOK.

    This summer, the Fraternal Order of Fathers, or FOF (can you tell I just made that up?), welcomes two high-profile new members: pop star and internationally recognized award-show interrupter Kanye West, and the future king of what's left of the British empire, Prince William. I thought I'd let them in on a few things they can look forward to once the buns are out of the ovens.

    1. Sleep is not one of those things.

    2. "You look great" is a necessary lie.

    Your beautiful wife or girlfriend just saw a watermelon-size human come out of her body. She has suffered indignities that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, and there are more to come. Your cover girl is going to look a little gray for a month or two; she's going to get weird dark bags under her eyes; she's going to peer at old photos the paparazzi took of her and

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  • Get Perfect Brows Every Time

    Perfectly shaped brows are the key to eyes that look bright and wide open, says Mally Roncal. "Even my client Beyoncé, who has gorgeously thick brows, fills them in. We all need a little eyebrow help." Here's yours. REDBOOK.

    The finished lookStep 1
    First, comb your brows into shape with a spooley brush, then use a pencil to make light, feathery strokes throughout (not just in the thin spots!). Go one shade lighter than your natural brow color; if you're blonde or gray, use a taupe color.

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    Step 2
    Next, switch to powder (either one for brows or a matte eyeshadow). Using both is key: Pencil alone is too harsh, but powder by itself is too wimpy. Gently sweep the powder (in the same color as your pencil) over your brows with a stiff, angled brush.

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    Step 3
    Finish by going over the whole shebang with a spooley brush. This blends the pencil and powder together for a soft, believable look.

    Final look
    Perfection! Her brows

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  • Need a Vacation? Check Out These 10 Up-and-Coming Spots

    Before your spend the money you worked so hard to save traveling to the same place you-and everyone else-has gone before, consider a trip to one of these under-the-radar destinations. After all, you deserve a truly special getaway. By Rachel Mosely, REDBOOK.

    Palm SpringsInstead of Las Vegas, visit Palm Springs, CA
    When it comes to a desert oasis heavy on glitz and glamour-with a healthy dose of old-fashioned kitsch thrown in-Sin City has a competitor in Palm Springs, where pools, palm trees, and mid-century mansions converge. The city's cool factor jumps each April as scenesters from around the globe descend on nearby Indio for the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival. And while it's tough to compete with Vegas when it comes to gambling, Palm Springs is no slouch, with six casinos in the relatively small region. Stay at one of the serene monochromatic rooms at Alcazar, a 34-room property that's part of a burgeoning Palm Springs institution run by Tara Lazar, who also owns chic eatery Birba

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  • North West Already Has a Busier Social Schedule Than Most Adults, but Why?

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    My brother and his wife recently had their first child. Since he emerged into the world (two weeks early), he had a big family party, went to the pediatrician a few times, accompanied his parents to their favorite sushi place, traveled to JFK to pick up his grandfather, attended his first Mandarin class, and on Thursday, he'll sit for his first portrait session. He's an eight-day-old baby with a busier schedule than most adults I know, and it seems like he's not alone in his hustle.

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    According to Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West not only took their new daughter, North, to a Fourth of July party, she's also got a packed social agenda. "Kim has taken North on a few playdates, but she can't do it with lots of people since she's still so small," a source told the magazine. Yes, it would be hard to play with blocks if you're sleeping all the time, what with just having been born and all that.

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  • How to Avoid the Vacation Fights You Always Seem to Get In

    The whole point of traveling is to get away from it all, so don't let these little arguments drag you down. Here's how to stop squabbles before they even happen. By Anna Davies, REDBOOK.

    "Are you seriously on your phone now?"
    From Facebook to Twitter to work email that automatically routes to your smartphone, it feels like you and your husband have talked more to your coworkers and followers than you have to each other. Eventually, instead of Instagrammig a cute couple shot, you and he end up angrily snapping at each other. "Before you go, decide how much technology you want to use on the trip," suggests Vinita Mehta, PhD, a clinical psychologist. "It may be unrealistic to have a week that's completely unplugged, but deciding to only deal with work e-mail or social networking before breakfast and after lunch sets expectations." Since you both know you'll have access to the Internet, you're less likely to get antsy or mindlessly check your news feed while lounging by the pool.


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  • The Top 10 Beach Reads of 2013

    Whether you're a historical fiction fanatic or a chick-lit devotee, our list of awesomely addictive new books will keep you turning pages through Labor Day. Kick back and get carried away. By Tiffany Blackstone and Hannah Hickok, REDBOOK.

    Blue Plate Special
    "Often, when I come up against anything painful or difficult, my mind escapes to food," writes bestselling author Kate Christensen. No wonder for much of her life she has been obsessed with two things: Finding the happiness that was missing from her childhood, and what she was going to eat/cook/serve next. Recipes of dishes that have nurtured her soul as much as her body dot this memoir like rich pats of butter. Fans of The Glass Castle will devour the book in one sitting.

    The Bone Season

    Even if Shannon weren't a mere 22-years-old and this, the first in a seven-part series, weren't snapped up for six figures and the movie rights already bought, you'd be hearing a lot about this magical dystopic tale. It's 2059, ghosts exist, and

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  • Don't have space for sprawling greenery? Designer Ghada Dergham shares her simple tips for creating one of these compact displays. REBDOOK.

    Step 1
    Gather your supplies. You'll need:
    • One sheet of pressure-treated (PT) wood, cut to the desired size of your garden
    • Two-by-four plywood used to make the frame
    • Lattice, cut to the desired size of your garden
    • Vapor cloth, at least one-foot larger than size of the box
    • Burlap, at least one-foot larger than size of the box
    • Fasteners and wood screws (about one screw and fastener for every six inches of garden)
    • Staple gun, used to affix the vapor cloth and burlap to the box

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    Step 2
    "Vertical gardens are beautiful pieces of living art," Dergham says. To create your own, start by measuring out a space for your garden and gathering your supplies. Build the boxes as shown using the two-by-four pieces of plywood and the PT wood.

    Step 3
    Place the vapor cloth inside of the box and

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  • Avoid These Top Summer Skin Disasters

    It's the season when we bare the most flesh, but the sun, heat, and other seasonal pitfalls can almost make you want to cover up. That's why we asked top derms how to keep your face and body blemish-free and beautiful. By Cathy Garrard, REDBOOK.

    Bikini line bumps
    Whether you shave or wax, this sensitive area-possibly neglected during the cooler months-is easily inflamed when bacteria gets into hair follicles, causing irritation, ingrown hairs, and angry welts. "Plus, whenever you shave, you take off layers of skin, which makes the area more sun sensitive," says New York City dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, author of Skin Rules. "Don't shave the night before you go out into the sun, do it a day or so before. And while most people shave against the grain of the hair, it's easier on the skin to shave with the grain." Never dry-shave; make sure the area is hydrated with water and a shave gel before you put a razor anywhere near it. And if you do get red bumps, treat them with an

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