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  • 10 Legen—Wait for It—dary Love Quotes from How I Met Your Mother

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    How I Met Your Mother takes its final bow tonight. At it's funniest, it was full of slap bets, interventions, and the Playbook--but that's not the reason we kept watching. For nine seasons, we waited to see how hopeless romantic Ted Mosby met the woman of his dreams. Along the way, Ted and his friends taught us some poignant and true lessons about life, love, and what it means to meet the love of your life. We may not be hanging out with them at McLaren's every Monday night after today, but we'll always have these sweet sentiments.

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  • “His CrossFit Obsession is Killing Our Marriage”

    Sure, this woman's husband is hot, but his devotion to a so-called healthy lifestyle is taking a serious toll on their marriage. Anonymous, as told to Anna Davies, REDBOOK.

    My husband, Grant*, has a six-pack, a chest that would make Channing Tatum jealous, and the type of biceps where you can see a muscle outline through his sweater. He's hot and he's ripped--the type of guy who everyone assumes is a trainer when he's just working out on his own at the gym. His body is his temple, but I am not a happy worshiper.

    Sure, I love the way Grant looks, and even the fact that other women find him attractive. But I'm the only one who sees the work that goes into his body--the endless hours at the CrossFit gym, the restrictive Paleo diet, the supplements and muscle magazines, and moments where he stands naked in front of the mirror, wondering out loud whether he looks bigger or if his muscles are more defined. We haven't eaten pizza together in five years. We can't split a bottle of red

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  • 10 Foods that Fight Fat

    Sure, a little spice might speed up your metabolism a notch, but these eats help get your whole body into balance for weight loss that lasts. By Ava Feuer, REDBOOK.

    "If you've been eating the standard American diet, you have an overgrowth of the gut bacteria that trigger cravings, and you'll keep eating the same way," says Robynne Chutkan, M.D., author of Gutbliss. Fermented foods like kefir are naturally prebiotic, meaning they encourage the growth of good bacteria and help your body break down food more efficiently. Not a fan of the drinkable yogurt? Sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickled veggies work the same way.

    Wild salmon has more brain-, heart-, joint-, and gut-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than any other food, plus it's low-glycemic, meaning it prevents insulin spikes and fat storage around the middle. "The key to staying lean is the balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids," says William Sears, M.D., author of The Omega-3 Effect. "And the fats in salmon are

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  • 4 Secret Ways to Make Every Meal More Filling

    By Lisa Lillien, REDBOOK.

    Who wouldn't want to lose weight while eating huge servings of delicious foods? It's the Hungry Girl way! And while I've met thousands of fans over the years who've shed pounds with my recipes, I'm always asked, "When will you come out with a specific diet plan that takes the guesswork out of weight loss?" The answer is now, with my new book, The Hungry Girl Diet. One great way: Try one of my food-expanders. These are low-calorie foods that'll pump up your portion sizes. Here are my four favorites from the book.

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    Portabellas and other mushrooms
    Mushrooms, especially portabellas, have major meaty potential. Each large mushroom cap (or 2 cups chopped) has about 35 calories, 2 g fiber, and 3 g protein. Add chopped mushrooms to extra-lean ground beef (4 percent fat or less) when you make taco meat for a slimmed-down swap. This trick works with burgers and meatloaf, too.

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  • By Anna Davies, REDBOOK.

    Gwyneth Paltrow's recent announcement that she and husband Chris Martin are "consciously uncoupling" sparked a lot of scrutiny--and even more confusion. What does that phrase even mean? Are they really over? And isn't it just a nice way to say "divorce?" The answer is yes--and no. Although many family therapists and divorce mediators are unfamiliar with the term "conscious uncoupling," they agree that the concept is one that more couples are adopting as they try to untangle their lives together, and that it can be the best way to approach a looming divorce. Here, the five things you need to know about the phrase.

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    1. Technically, it's a "good divorce"… and they do exist. Constance Ahrons, Ph.D., professor emirita at the University of Southern California and author of The Good Divorce, who coined the term in 1990, says that in the 25 years since she's written her book, she's seen an increasing number of

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  • Here's the Ultimate Proof that Chic Comes in Every Size

    Impossibly cool designer Isabel Toledo has a gorgeous new plus-size line for Lane Bryant--and some ingenious tips we can all use.

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  • Exactly How to Save $2,255

    Trying just one of these smart tricks will net you a good chunk of change. But if you do them all, you'll keep thousands in your pocket this year. By Melody Warnick, REDBOOK.

    Get on auto-pay already.
    "I used to procrastinate on paying bills and kept getting socked with late fees. Finally, I set up every bill for automatic payment, and I'm saving a ton. Plus, when I put my monthly student loan payments on auto-pay, my loan company dropped my interest rate half a percentage point, which boosts my savings into triple digits every year." -Jenna Rose Robbins, Playa del Rey, CA. Yearly savings: $300

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    Sell old gadgets. "Last summer, when my family did a household cleanup, we were surprised to realize how many devices--an old tablet, some phones--we had lying around the house. So we sold them on You get an online quote, ship your stuff with a prepaid mailer, and get paid by PayPal, check, or Amazon gift card. Even a

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  • The Top 10 Complaints from Unhappy Husbands

    And how you can attack the issues together. By Cathy Garrard, REDBOOK.

    1. "I wish she'd appreciate me a little more, like by being affectionate when I come home instead of greeting me with the list of stuff I didn't take care of and the things I didn't do right. I know it's tough for her dealing with the house and kids, but there's never an acknowledgement that I just spent all day working and took a crowded train home." - Jim Jim B., 46, married 21 years

    The expert says: Whether you work in an office, run a household, or some combination of the two, you're both likely frustrated with your heaping plates of responsibility. And although it's a natural reaction, piling on more the second your partner steps through the door is not the best way to get him to hear or help you. "Instead of leading with a list, understand that he may need a few minutes to unwind," says Kara Thompson, a licensed family and marriage therapist in Lenexa, KS. You'll both listen better when you've

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  • Why Kourtney Kardashian Practices Attachment Parenting

    By Lisa Arcella, REDBOOK.

    Things just keep getting busier for this reality TV star and mom of two. In addition to filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians and running after Mason, 4, and Penelope, 19 months, Kourtney's joining her sisters to launch a Kardashian Kids line, available exclusively at Babies "R" Us. We sat down with Kourtney to discuss parenting, the biggest lesson her mom taught her, and what's next for the Kardashian klan.

    The clothes are adorable. Why did you decide to do the line?

    I've always loved children's clothes---my grandmother actually owned a children's boutique in La Jolla, CA, for 30 years. I grew up visiting her and working in her store, and then my mom and I had a children's boutique together for five or six years. I did all the buying for the store, and I really miss it. I stopped before I even had kids.

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    I remember when I first found out I was having a boy, I became

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  • The Makeup Routine that Wakes Up Tired Eyes

    "Every woman wants big, beautiful eyes that make her look younger and more rested," says makeup artist Mally Roncal. Her easy tips get you there, even in the morning rush. REDBOOK.

    1. Start with a neutral, gleamy eyeshadow
    Brush a sheer champagne shadow (which works on any skin tone) across your eyelids and at the inner corners, then sweep a little right under your lower lashes. You don't even need a mirror for this step.

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    2. Line your upper lids

    I like to use navy liner--it makes the whites of your eyes look brighter. Work the pencil tip into your lash line, then sketch it back and forth just along the outer lashes. Penciling the entire length of your lid can actually make eyes look smaller.

    3. ...And a bit underneath

    Line the lower lids from the outside corner to about halfway across. Again, penciling all the way in--or inside the lower lid--can keep eyes from looking their biggest. Smudge both lines with a Q-tip.


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