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  • 5 Easy Steps to Perfect Mascara

    Makeup guru Mally Roncal says "great lashes are the secret to all good things in the universe," but she sees most women struggling with them. Use her tips for how to apply mascara and look fantastic. REDBOOK.

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  • The 10 Cutest New Short Hairstyles - and How to Pull Them Off

    When Charlize Theron walked the Oscar red carpet with a barely-there pixie cut, we knew the crop's moment had officially arrived. Ready for hair liberation? Here's how to wear the style of the season. By Jennifer Conrad, REDBOOK.

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  • How to Banish Morning Puffy Eyes for Good

    If you always wake up with this problem, good news: there are remedies that really work. By Krista Bennett DeMaio, REDBOOK.

    The facialist says:
    "At the spa, we calm puffy eyes with a treatment that uses tea, which is a great anti-inflammatory--and you can do the same at home. First, steep two chamomile or marigold tea bags, then let them cool to room temperature. Next, lie back with your head propped up on pillows. Place a tea bag over each eye for 10 minutes, then rinse your face with cool water." Follow with this five-second massage: Holding two fingers together, pat a dot of eye cream under each eye, working from the inner corner out. With each pat, gently push the skin toward your temple, "which helps move the excess fluid out from under your eyes. Repeat this before bed and you'll be golden the next morning!"
    - Robin Berger, lead therapist at Cornelia Spa at the Surrey Hotel in New York City

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    The dermatologist says:
    "There can be a few

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  • 13 Ways to Feel Younger Now

    An early morning here (thank you, science fair) and a late night there (thank you, Scandal) and you might feel a few decades beyond your actual age. Sound about right? Try one of these tips and bounce back in no time. By Anna Davies, REDBOOK.

    See red - on your plate
    Red foods, like watermelon, berries, and tomatoes, are superfoods in the fight against aging, says Morgan Hill, CA, nutritionist Robin Kaye. "Tomatoes and watermelon contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties." Berries are also antioxidant-rich anti-inflammatories, meaning the sweet fruits can help keep your brain healthy by fighting against age-related mental decline.

    Take a YouTube break
    Whether you dig SNL skits or prefer watching baby sloths scamper around, dozens of studies prove that laughter reduces stress, which makes you feel light-years younger in the moment - even if you'll be back to squinting at spreadsheets in a few minutes.

    That pout certain starlets produce on

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  • 8 Tricks for Staying Slim when You Eat Out a Lot

    Making healthy choices at home is hard enough, but dining at restaurants adds a whole other set of challenges. Attack them head on with this no-stress guide. By Ava Feuer, REDBOOK.

    1. Focus on the people you're with
    When you're following a new healthy eating plan, it can be easier to avoid situations that may trigger you to want to overindulge - namely restaurants. But just like life wouldn't be fun if you never went outside, it doesn't make much sense to avoid something as enjoyable as socializing with friends at restaurants forever. "Learning how to eat out and enjoy yourself while sticking to your new plan is all part of the process," explains nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg. It can be easier said than done - especially when you're friends have decided to group-order the signature queso fondito at your favorite Mexican place and now it's calling your name. But try to remember the reason your here - to catch up with said cheese-loving friends. "Shift your focus to the

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  • 6 Ways Your Body Gets Better with Age

    While you're busy stressing over that one gray hair, you may miss some of the subtle shifts that make getting older a good thing. It's time to celebrate! By Kim Tranell, REDBOOK.

    Fewer pesky illnesses
    You know how the flu often hits the youngest and oldest people the hardest? Your immune system will eventually weaken, but experts say you experience a sweet spot for fighting off infections in your thirties and forties. "Over time, we store more and more different kinds of antibodies in what I like to call our 'antibody libraries,'" says Roxanne Sukol, M.D., staff physician at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. "Years later, when we are once again exposed to that virus or a similar one, our antibodies become a powerful tool to prevent re-infection, either entirely or partially."

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    Better stamina
    If you're thinking about signing up for a race, do it! Many of the world's top female marathoners have secured big wins during their

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  • Newsflash: There May Be $5,800 Hiding in Your House

    Experts say there's money in hills of clothes, junk, and paperwork at home. We'll help you find it. By Melody Warnick, REDBOOK.

    How many Saturdays have you looked at an overstuffed closet or a piled-high mail table and thought, I've got to get that under control? Here's an incentive: Your mess may be hiding anything from lucrative missed opportunities to actual cash. We got experts to tell us how much may be stashed in the average home--and how you can cash in.

    STRAY LOOSE CHANGE: $90 for the average household

    All those nickels left in couch cushions and pennies in car cup-holders add up. "Approximately $10 billion in coins is just sitting in U.S. households," says Martha Belden, spokeswoman for the coin-counting company Coinstar.

    Clutter buster: Buy a piggy bank. Seriously. "Get an electronic one that automatically counts your change, or a giant bottle, whatever," says Regina Leeds, author of Eight-Minute Organizer and One Year to an Organized Life. "I suggest that my clients keep

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  • Make Over One Meal to Lose Weight Faster

    One change can make a whopper of a difference, prove these women. Follow their lead to get healthier and feel more satisfied. REDBOOK.

    Before: Early riser Lindsay Michalcik ate two breakfasts: at 6:30 a.m., Cocoa Pebbles and coffee; at 9 a.m., a croissant and iced coffee with cream. The advice from dietitian Stephanie Middleberg: "Avoid refined carbs and sugar, which make you hungrier later. And swap the second breakfast for a mid-morning snack--under 150 calories."

    Now: Lindsay eats breakfast at 6:30 a.m.: Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with a banana and coffee; and a snack, grapes, at 9 a.m.

    The next step: "Whole-grain cereal and fruit are healthy choices," Middleberg says. (The payoff: Lindsay's lost 15 pounds!) "But she could pair the grapes (keep it to about 15) with ½ oz nuts (12 almonds). The protein will help carry her till lunch."

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    Busy mom Talayia Rooks was choosing lunch based on convenience:

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  • The 50 Best Dates in America

    From outdoor adventures to cozy bed and breakfasts, and north to south, and east to west, these not-to-be-missed attractions demand a romantic tour of the US of A. REDBOOK.

    Tanque Ranch, ArizonaAlabama
    3…2…1…lift-off to the cutest nerd-date on the planet. Sign up for a tour at Space Camp in Huntsville and geek out on the largest collection of rockets and other space memorabilia in the U.S. Astronaut ice cream not optional.

    Venture to the far reaches of these here United States in one of the Northern Alaska Tour Company's seaplanes to Barrow, the northernmost city in the U.S. and the ninth northernmost city in the world. Make sure to dip your toe in the Arctic Ocean - but not for too long!

    You'll be singing "Cowboy Take Me Away" with a visit to the all-inclusive Tanque Ranch just outside Tuscon. The working dude ranch is set in the heart of the Sonoran desert and was the real-life setting for Nickelodeon's quirky teen show, Hey Dude. (We knew you'd like that.)

    The Buckstaff Bath

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  • 13 Celebrity Hair Switch-Ups to Try Now

    While you can't actually make warmer weather arrive any sooner, you can totally coax out spring fever with a new hairstyle. Get inspired by these fresh celeb 'dos. By Alyson Penn, REDBOOK.

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