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  • 8 Phrases that Get His Attention Every Time

    These words will bring wandering minds right back to you. By Anna Davies, REDBOOK.

    "I'm really proud of you."
    A man wants to make you proud, says Jason Weberman, a dating and relationship coach and founder of North Star Coaching. But he won't necessarily come straight out and say how psyched he is about his accomplishments. That's where you come in, especially since letting your husband know you're impressed when he comes home from, say, a big-deal day at work makes it clear you're paying attention to the details of his life.

    "I'm having a flashback to 10 p.m. last Saturday."
    It's flirtatious, playful, and a perfect statement to try out when you're both elbow-deep in diaper duty. Sex is an important part of your marriage--even when it's not the first thing on your mind--and by bringing it up out of context, you're reminding him of that. It's good for your bond, and makes it more likely an encore performance will occur ASAP.

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  • The Spring Skin Regimen Everyone Needs Right Now

    What better way to drive away the winter blues than to polish off that old, dull complexion to reveal the new, fresh one hidden underneath? Here's how to do it. By Marissa Oliva, REDBOOK.

    The science behind good skin
    A surface layer of dead skin prevents light from reflecting off your pretty face (think of a dirty window vs. one scrubbed clean of gunk). That's why regular exfoliation is key. It also keeps your pores clean and enables moisturizing and antiaging ingredients to absorb better. Just don't overdo it. "Scrubbing too hard or too often and rinsing with water that's too hot can damage and irritate skin," cautions Dr. Ava Shamban, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the UCLA-Geffen School of Medicine.

    If your skin is dry or sensitive
    Use a gentle, creamy scrub with soft beads, like Clinique 7-Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula ($19.50), just once or twice a week. And even though this won't strip your skin of all its natural oils, be sure to moisturize

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  • 9 Things a Man Secretly Wants in Your Bedroom

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK.


    Ron Burgundy in his stately, manly home.You know me, I'm always looking for new ways to prove my masculinity. I never miss an opportunity to show off my manhood. So when it came time to tear up the floors and redesign the second floor of my house, which includes our bedroom, I did what any hot-blooded man's man would do, I went looking for decorating ideas on Pinterest.

    I was crushing a vintage décor board when I noticed something I liked had been pinned with a tag that read "masculine bedroom." I was, to quote my favorite rap song from the late nineties, "like whoa." Then, I discovered that lots of people had used the tag "masculine bedroom." All this time, and I had never thought of my bedroom as masculine or feminine. Really, it was just a place to throw dirty laundry on the floor and drool on my pillow and/or wife. How could I have been so careless with a chance to display my Y chromosome? I don't need a lot in life, but I definitely need a masculine bedroom.

    So I embarked on a journey of

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  • Christina Hendricks's Best Beauty Tips

    She dishes on the routine that keeps her looking polished, even when she's pulling up to the Mad Men set at 5 a.m. Plus, the fragrance that helps Christina get her Joan on. By Kate Sullivan, REDBOOK.

    You once said you'd never wear sweatpants in front of your husband [actor Geoffrey Arend]. Do you ever let him see you completely makeup-free?

    By now, Geoffrey's seen most of the tricks of the trade. [Laughs] But I always have on blush, even when I'm not wearing anything else--it makes me look alive. It's the first thing I put on when I wake up, and he just thinks I have naturally flushed cheeks! I like Make Up For Ever cream blush; it blends into my skin really nicely.

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    Tell us your other makeup essentials, please.

    I have a drawer full of lipsticks. I try everything, though reds and corals are my favorite colors. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Pop Life, which is an orangey red, is a nice mix of both.

    Do you pump it up

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  • Ali Sweeny's 10-Minute Body Slimmer

    The queen of fitting in fitness anytime, anywhere, shows you the speedy workout she does in her dressing room. By Alison Sweeney, REDBOOK.

    It's so tempting to say, "I didn't get to do a full workout or make it to the gym; I guess I just won't exercise today." But the fact is, you can still challenge your muscles and stick to your fitness goals. My secret? A resistance band--basically a long piece of stretchy latex that allows you to perform strength-training exercises without weights. You can hide one next to your sofa and, when you're watching TV, bust out a few moves during commercial breaks. I keep the bands in my dressing room on Days of our Lives and on set on The Biggest Loser, and I stuff one in my bag when I travel so I can do some toning in my hotel room. Just a 10-minute routine in the morning leaves me energized. And when I'm done, I feel like I've earned my shower.

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    Ali's intro to workout bands:
    1. Adjust the

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  • 9 Things Never to Say to a Woman Who Doesn’t Want Kids

    I hear them over and over (and over)--and here's how I respond. By Lauren Oster, REDBOOK.

    We're not all like the neighbors from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.1. "That's so sad!"

    The end of Where the Red Fern Grows--now THAT'S sad. My happiness with my life just as it is, on the other hand, is pretty great; no violins needed, thanks!

    2. "How does your husband feel about that?"
    Oh, dear. I knew there was someone I'd forgotten to tell.

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    3. "Don't you like kids?"
    Very much, actually; I was a camp counselor for years, and I'm stockpiling storybooks for the kids my sisters plan to have. The fact that I'm not interested in having my own son or daughter means I can lavish my time, resources, and valuable life lessons on my friends' and family's offspring. That's quite it-takes-a-village and pro-kid, really.

    4. "But you'd be such a good mom!"
    I also could have been a good doctor, maybe, and I'd definitely be a good doorstop, but neither of those are things I want to be; aptitude isn't the same thing as

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  • Is This Juice Diet Really a Good Idea?

    By Ava Feuer, REDBOOK.

    They're among the biggest--and most controversial--diet trends out there with the medical community claiming the newest liquid diets are but a short-term fix and advocates touting their supposed myriad benefits. Jason Vale's 5lbs in 5 Days promises that on his juicing program, you'll drop weight like that, but we're a little skeptical.

    Vale, a Brit who owns a chain of juice bars and has written a series of bestselling books, credits juicing for his own health turnaround--he believes it's what's behind his weight loss, giving up smoking and drinking, resetting his addictions to junk foods, and curing skin conditions like psoriasis and excema. Sure, his D.I.Y. program is a departure from the packaged cleanses on the market, but despite his success coaching celebs and athletes, we weren't sold, so we asked Vale to elaborate.

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    Can you sum up the plan for us? What makes it different than all the others

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  • Coming Soon: A Barbie with Normal Proportions

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    Barbie's mythical proportions have been called into question for awhile now, and Pittsburgh-based artist Nickolay Lamm is finally taking action to do something about it. This past summer, Lamm created a doll he called "Normal Barbie," and his creation soon went viral. Lamm's doll received so much support that he's now launched a campaign to fund production of Lammily.

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    Lamm created Lammily by molding the CDC's measurements for an average 19-year-old female to a 3-D model of a Barbie doll. He hopes his doll, who wears very light makeup and is dressed with "striking simplicity," promotes a healthy lifestyle and realistic beauty standards. It remains to be seen if kids will take to a version of Barbie with such realistic proportions, but as someone who despised the fact that Barbie couldn't stand on her own due to her feet molded into the shape of high heels and top-heaviness, the Lammily doll would

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  • Are "Detox Diets" the New South Beach?

    By Ava Feuer, REDBOOK.

    The aughts were all about cutting carbs--Atkins says no grains, no problem, South Beach eliminates them in its first phase--and those wanting to lose weight fast came in droves, with some success. But that moment has passed, and now, if there's one thing experts agree on, it's the importance of eating real food-the stuff that doesn't come in packages and in which you can easily name all the ingredients. However, that doesn't mean the body-fixing quest has gone anywhere.

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    Enter juice cleanses. These three-, five-, or seven-day regimens during which you drink nothing but cold-pressed, veggie- and fruit-packed concoctions went from Hollywood to the mainstream, and it's difficult to find someone who hasn't at least thought of temporarily ditching solid food. It's a marketing trend as much as a diet one, but despite what advocates claim, the scientific community is skeptical that a liquid diet has the power

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  • 5 Diets Top Nutritionists Recommend

    They're healthy and well-balanced, and they help keep those stubborn pounds off for good. Bottom line? Tried and true is the new black. By Cathy Garrard, REDBOOK.

    Weight Watchers

    This 50-year-old weight-loss juggernaut tops every nutritionist's list. Although the plan's been tweaked in recent years, the basic concept remains. Because you count points instead of calories, the math is simple, and no food is strictly off-limits. "Weight Watchers is based on sound nutrition science and a balanced diet," says registered dietitian Janet Bond Brill, Ph.D. The point formula relies on ratios of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber in foods, so empty-calorie junk racks up more points than super-nutritious fare, training you to make smarter, more filling choices. Plus, access to supportive communities, simple recipes, and a mobile app makes the program easy to follow. "Those of my patients who've been on Weight Watchers have very good foundations--they know the principles of healthy weight loss,

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