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  • 10 Fall Beauty Fast-Passes to Total Babedom

    The newest fall makeup and beauty products will keep you looking fresh as the temperature cools. REDBOOK.

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  • The 13 Most Romantic Date Destinations in America

    Got a long-weekend and a few thousand airline points to use up? These charming cities around the country are well-known, but fly under-the-radar in the romance department. By Holly Corbett, REDBOOK.

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  • How Do You Explain Death to a 3-Year-Old?

    Life lessons from Lollipop the caterpillar. By Amy Shearn, REDBOOK.

    Harper and Lollipop in happier times.Harper and Lollipop in happier times.Joining a CSA [Community Supported Agriculture] has always been up there on my list of "Things That Ideal Me Does," along with writing actual letters and taking long bike rides with baguettes and bunches of peonies stuck in the basket. This summer, I finally decided to take action and sign up, and now every other week I head to the community garden to pick up loads of mysterious veggies from a local farm. Like most city-dwellers who join CSAs, I have been mystified by my findings: mutant-limbed carrots, leafy greens layered with dirt, and, most recently, a caterpillar in the wildflowers.

    My daughter Harper was the one who found the caterpillar as she was arranging some flowers - by which I mean crushing them into a dolly cup. "What's this?" she said. "Part of the flower?" I didn't look up from the bale of cilantro I was trying to deal with. "Mm-hmm."

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    "Part of the flower that

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  • Proving Those Single Mother Studies Wrong

    By Alicia Harper, REDBOOK.

    It seems as though a "study" that talks about the difficulty of single motherhood surfaces every few months and immediately shoots around the web. I don't have a problem with that. I'm a single mother, and I can tell you this: It's no easy feat.

    My main gripe with these studies is that sometimes they are too black and white, simplistic, or misleading. This is particularly the case with a study from Princeton sociologist Sara S. McLanahan - an authority on single motherhood and its impact on children - that shows how conditions like poverty and instability increase the chances that the children of this single mother household will experience alcoholism, mental illness, and academic failure, amongst other things.

    In a recent New York Times article, Katie Roiphe offers a rebuttal to studies like McLanahan's, and upon reading the article, I gave it two thumbs way up. To quote the article's thesis, "Married parents, even happily married parents, raise screwed-up

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  • Live Your Dream: Gena Perdue

    Do I have the know-how? Time? Money? Confidence? These are just some of the questions Gena Perdue grappled with as she transformed a beloved pastime into a career. Check out her story, and discover where your talents can take you. By Caterina Rando, REDBOOK.

    Gena PerdueI met Gena Perdue one evening two years ago while speaking to a group of entrepreneurs about how to grow their businesses. I complimented her on her bright cloth purse and learned about her dream - which was to sell her handbags in top stores, like Barneys and Gump's.

    Gena was just 5 years old when she developed her love for sewing - a passion that she shared with her mother and grandmother. Through the years, she made everything from dresses to hats to baby blankets. Gena and her husband, Jason, both 38, even turned their bedroom into a sewing studio, while they sleep in a smaller room! Though she'd been running her own business - providing facials and skin-care regimens for clients - this Santa Rosa, CA, mom yearned to

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  • 3 Model Moms Talk Beauty and Giving Back

    Who says beauty is skin deep? Donna Karan's latest fragrance, Donna Karan Woman, has launched an inspiring ad campaign featuring models with two things in common: They have kids and support women's causes. We sat down with Karolina Kurkova, Liya Kebede and Christy Turlington Burns to talk family, charities, and makeup tips. By Victoria Kirby, REDBOOK.

    Donna Karan likes women to feel gorgeous and empowered, and she's poured that philosophy into her latest fragrance, Woman. Nearly everyone involved in its creation, from perfumer to bottle designer, is a mother, and the fragrance--a sensual blend of orange flower, vetiver, and sandalwood--launches this month with a hot-mom ad campaign featuring Karolina Kurkova, Liya Kebede, and Christy Turlington Burns. Karan chose the supermodels, who are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, respectively, because they all have kids and support women- and family-oriented causes: Christy and Liya are working to reduce maternal mortality in developing

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  • 10 Foods that Take Away 10 Years

    Step away from the drugstore aisle of anti-aging beauty products and nutritional supplements. Now, open wide, and eat your way to optimal health and youthful good looks. By Ava Feuer, REDBOOK.

    BroccoliGet glowy again with broccoli - really
    When sleepless nights leave you feeling - or looking - a little blah, reach for this crunchy green. A half-cup serving contains more than two-thirds of your recommended intake of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the immune system. It's also high in sulforaphane, which promotes liver detoxification. "Over 80 percent of toxins are neutralized through the liver, and a buildup of toxins in our bodies can cause dull and dry skin, hair and nails," says beauty nutritionist Paula Simpson.

    Sip cocoa for your heart
    Another reason to enjoy this tasty treat: It helps to maintain healthy blood vessels, which support healthy circulation and a healthy heart. Opt for antioxidant-rich cocoa beans, which contain twice the amount dark chocolate does

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  • Your Step-by-Step Mummy-Tummy Shrink-Down Plan

    You've had a kid - maybe two - and now the idea of mom jeans is starting to seem less laugh-at-funny and more, dare we say it, practical. Before you start "hiking up" of any kind, hold it right there. These easy-to-instill practices will get you smiling at your skinnies again. Additional reporting by Ava Feuer, REDBOOK.

    Log your meals, snacks, and drinks
    First and foremost, stop feeling bad about those extra five pounds. They represent your role as a mom - and that's a good thing - but if you're feeling unhealthy, start by writing down what you eat. It will give you a baseline for what you're consuming, and hold you accountable to the most important person of all - yourself. You can use a notebook, your calendar, or - it's free to join, and their calorie counter comes in handy revealing for the truth about your food intake. (You can also use their tools to find out how many total calories your body needs.)

    Start packing in protein
    Eat it with every meal

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  • 10 New Ways to Live Rich on Less

    Sneak money back into your wallet this month. By Rosa Heyman, REDBOOK.

    1. Get value from gift cards
    "If you find partially used or completely unused gift cards sitting in your wallet or desk drawer, it's time to sell them and get cash back for it instead of letting the balance expire," says consumer savings guru Andrea Woroch. will purchase 92 percent of the value of unused gift cards!

    2. Clip coupons the high-tech way
    The Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupon App (free) uses GPS to give you digital coupons based on your location. "Just present the coupon on your phone to the cashier at check-out and you will receive instant savings," explains Woroch. "The app also offers grocery coupons that load directly from your phone to your loyalty card so you never have to waste time clipping or searching for coupons."

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    3. Comparison shop

    You want to get the best price, but who has time to run from store to store weighing the options?

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  • 8 Sneaky Things that Hurt Your Sex Drive

    If you don't feel like getting it on, you're not alone: "I see at least five or six patients a day who complain about decreased libido - it's a huge problem," says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Yale School of Medicine. "Many women are embarrassed to talk about it, but having a low sex drive is a legitimate issue that can be fixed." Often, it's a symptom of other issues you're working through in your relationship. However, these sneaky sex drive zappers can also be to blame. By Holly Corbett, REDBOOK.

    Anti-Aphrodisiac: The Pill
    "Testosterone has been linked with increased libido, and women with normal, natural menstrual cycles experience a small surge of testosterone right around ovulation when they're most fertile," says Dr. Minkin. Both types of birth control pills contain hormones - combination estrogen-progestin and progestin-only - which affect ovarian function, and can thus lower sex drive. If you're considering going off of the

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