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  • By Sarah Smith, REDBOOK.

    I just love it when Mayim Bialik surfaces with something new to say about breastfeeding, like she did recently when she talked about breastfeeding in public during an interview about her new vegan cookbook and her role on The Big Bang Theory. (BTW, I'm pretty sure she could get the Nobel Prize for her work as a neuroscientist 30 years from now and still have to talk about the years she breastfed her kids.) She can absolutely be counted on to separate the merely opinionated from the vitriolic do-it-my-way-or-you-are-a-terrible-gross-person types. She also provides a grand opportunity for a little refresher course on breastfeeding. Here are three things breastfeeding is not:

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    1. Breastfeeding is not like going to the bathroom.
    There's always someone, like one of the commenters on the HuffPo piece, who is clearly so pleased with him- or herself for thinking of this to say: "Excreting your waste is a

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  • Could Jared Leto's Hair Lead to the End of Gender Stereotypes?

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    Now, stay with us here. As people tasked with watching many red carpets (okay fine, we love every second of them), one of our favorite trends that's emerged this season involves actresses calling out correspondents for objectifying females more than males. As the camera did a slowwww pan up from her feet on the SAG Awards red carpet, Cate Blanchett asked Giulianna Rancic if they "do this to men." Touché, Cate. Even if Ryan Seacrest asks an actor "who he's wearing," it's in a joking "I'm treating you like a girl heh heh heh" kind of way.

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    That's why we're choosing to see this People article as a ray of hope that someday the silly gendering that goes on regarding hair and fashion might disappear. The post is called "Jared Leto's Hairstylist: 'He Has Amazing Hair, So It's Kind of Inevitable' That He Ends Up On 'Best Hair' Lists." That's right, it's an entire article on how Best Supporting Actor frontrunner

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  • 12 Celebs with Majorly Inspiring Post-Baby Body Confidence

    Six months after giving birth to her son, Axl, Fergie revealed a very sexy, shapely body for Calvin Klein's newest social media campaign. In her honor, check out inspiring words from these smart ladies. By Nicole Saporita, REDBOOK.

    Kristen Bell
    "It's like, by the way, don't you want to look like you've had a baby? I'm sitting here with you, I'm crunched over, I have a huge muffin top--who cares?!" (Via E! Online)

    Jennifer Lopez
    "I remember right after the twins were born having that weird jiggly belly--and kind of loving that, too. Because I earned that jiggly belly." (Via The Telegraph)

    Jenna Fischer
    Who cares if our boobs are hanging low and we have a little more junk in the trunk? We created a human being, everybody. Let's celebrate!" (Via Celebuzz)

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    Kate Winslet

    "We have one life. I don't want to spend my time thinking about the size of my arse. I want to be as healthy as I can be, and I want to have as

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  • 9 Sneaky Things Everyone Leaves Out of Their Budget

    You'll stave of credit card debt by the end of the year if you account for these often-forgotten expenses. By Sarah Kaufman, REBDOOK.

    Wedding, baby shower, graduation, birthday, and holiday presents simply aren't part of your daily or weekly spending, but if you don't plan for them, they begin to chip away at the money you've saved for long-term stuff, like retirement or buying a home. And while the odd spa gift card isn't going to make a difference, a year when you go to five or six weddings will, says Sarah Chang, editor-in-chief of personal finance website GoGirl Finance. Check your bank and credit card statements to see how much you've coughed up for gifts in past years, then average out those numbers to arrive at a reasonable amount to sock away, says Clare Levison, author of Frugal Isn't Cheap: Spend Less, Save More, and Live Better. To do it, put money into an "unexpected" category in your budget or savings account. "You can't plan for every single detail, but you can

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  • 15 Everyday Foods that Supercharge Your Metabolism

    Bonus: They may already be in your fridge. Double-bonus: We've got the info, short and sweet. By Annie Daly, REDBOOK.

    Hemp seeds
    You don't have to be a Grateful Dead fan to get on board with these seeds. They're a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, both of which improve blood flow to your muscles, revving up your metabolism. Plus, they reduce inflammation.


    Yup, that's just a fancy word for green tea. It not only packs a bit of caffeine, which speeds up your heart rate and thus your metabolism, but it also has norepinephrine-stimulating EGCG, a nutrient that helps boost your metabolic rate.

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    Almond butter
    The nutty spread is a low-glycemic food, meaning it helps keep your blood sugar level stable. That's crucial because regular blood sugar spikes and drops slow down your metabolism.


    The pink fish contains tons of fatty acids, which actually help your body burn fat. Other fatty

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  • 6 Relationship Moves that Are Huge Mistakes

    They're not NBD, and they can put a real dent in your marriage. By Anna Davies, REDBOOK.

    Getting mired down in details
    Couscous or quinoa for dinner? House of Cards or True Detective? Relationships are all about negotiation, but hashing out every tiny decision can leave little room in your lives for conversations that count, warns Gilda Carle, Ph.D., a relationship expert and author of Don't Bet On the Prince. An idea: Use a couples app like Avocado, which lets you keep running lists, chats, and calendars that each of you can check during downtime, so you don't feel like you have to make a million decisions the second you finally reconnect in person.

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    Putting the kids first
    Every so often, a public figure sparks a major outcry when she admits to prioritizing her spouse above her kids, but that's usually because people are confused as to what exactly doing so entails. "It doesn't mean that your kids are second-class

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  • 3 Experts Tricks for Shrinking Pores

    Yes, there are things you can do. By Krista Bennett DeMaio, REDBOOK.

    The dermatologist says: "You might feel like your pores are getting bigger as you get older, but that's not exactly true. What happens is that skin loses elasticity over time and becomes lax, so they just look larger. Also, if you don't take off your makeup every night and exfoliate regularly, pores can become chronically clogged and get stretched out--permanently. To help keep them clear, use a cleanser that contains a mild exfoliant, like salicylic acid or willow bark." Neutrogena Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser, $6.99, has salicylic acid. In the morning, slather on a moisturizer or sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher to protect against the damage that leads to slack skin. "Then, add a peptide or retinol treatment to your night regimen. Both ingredients stimulate collagen production, which helps keep skin firm and, over time, can make pores appear smaller." For a faster--if temporary--fix, a

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  • 6 Magic Hair Oils for Every Styling Need

    They're nourishing yet lightweight, can go on wet or dry hair, and create instant luster. We tested dozens--in the tropics! in the cold! on curls! on thin strands!--to find your perfect match. By Marissa Oliva, REDBOOK.

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  • Alison Sweeney's Ultimate Flat-Belly Tricks

    Cutout dresses don't scare The Biggest Loser host, because she's studied up on what tones that tough midsection. Learn from a master. By Ali Sweeney, REDBOOK.

    I used to have a really strong, flat stomach that I took for granted. Then one day, I looked in the mirror and thought, I remember when I could wear midriff shirts and not have a problem. What's happening? Well, for one, pregnancy happened--twice. It takes time to strengthen muscles that have gotten all stretched out. But then I picked up some tricks from the pros on The Biggest Loser. Their advice, plus my own trial and error, can help any woman who wants a flatter belly.

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    Your cheat sheet for a slimmer, sexier stomach:

    1. Mix up your ab exercises

    A lot of us think of the stomach as one muscle, but it's not. That's why traditional sit-ups--which only work the front, middle part of your stomach--aren't the most effective way to tone up. One of my favorite ab moves is simply

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  • The Rise of "Breast-flixing" -- and 11 Shows Made for It

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK.

    Per, "Most babies need to be breastfed at least eight times every 24 hours," and the average length of each feeding is 20 to 40 minutes total. Translation? Once moms get the hang of things--whether breast- or bottle-feeding--they have a lot of time on their hands while nursing, feeding, and pumping. And, as one mom admits, "Everyone says breast-feeding is so magical and such wonderful bonding time, but when the baby is tiny, it can also be kind of boring."

    Enter the growing trend we affectionately call "breast-flixing." Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and the ability to watch your favorite shows on phones and tablets, it's become a no-brainer for many moms to do some quality binge-watching while feeding their babies. Some women even use the TV as a nursing resource. "For late-night feedings, I watched QVC. It has a timer on the bottom of the screen to let you know they're moving on to the next product; I used this as

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