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  • 25 Hot Celebrity Dads

  • Please Don't Wish Me a "Happy Father's Day"

    By Alicia Harper, REDBOOK

    Aiden and me.On Father's Day, my Facebook newsfeed will undoubtedly fill up with well wishes to "all the good dads out there" (emphasis on "good") and "all the single moms who have to play the part of both 'father' and 'mother.'" Every year, these status updates appear in my newsfeed, and every year I cringe a little while reading them.

    Then, there are the folks who wish me a "Happy Father's Day." I guess they see me as the single mom who has to play both roles. In the past, I never really knew how to respond to those remarks because, quite frankly, it made me a bit uncomfortable. This year, however, I fully intend on dishing out a response along the lines of "Thanks, but I'm not Aiden's father." (In a polite way, of course.)

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    I know that these folks have good intentions and that these kind words are coming from a good place. Often times, single mothers have to do twice as much as their paired-up

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  • 6 Ways to Get a Little Happier...ASAP

    By Lynne Freeman, REDBOOK

    Happiness.Eat Something Spicy

    You might feel uplifted after sprinkling red pepper flakes on top of your pasta or biting into a hot pepper. Capsaicin (the stuff that adds that flavorful kick) triggers pain receptors in your mouth, say researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and that signals your brain to release endorphins, which give you a light, happy feeling.

    Make the Bed Tomorrow

    Tucking those sheets into hospital corners may seem trivial, but "it allows you to start the day with a feeling of accomplishment," says Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and the upcoming Happier at Home. Experts agree with her that bed-making, counter-wiping, and other basic acts of orderliness have a positive effect on your mental state.

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    Spread a Little Sunshine

    Nope, you don't have to write a nightly list of everything you're grateful for--though that is a proven pick-me-up. The mere act of

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  • Are School Nurses Really Necessary?

    By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    "Mom?" The little voice was shaky over the phone. "Can you come get me right now? I don't feel good." Unfortunately, I couldn't. As my son handed the phone back to the school nurse, I explained that I was in the middle of conducting an interview in the next county. "I'll get there as soon as I can," I promised, listening to the sad sniffles behind her. "It's okay," she reassured me. "I'll take care of him until you get here." It was an immense relief to know that he was in good hands. (At least until I got him home and discovered he was faking it because he didn't "feel like math today.") But I may have to go back to worrying as this little Leave it to Beaver moment may be a thing of the past, thanks to budget cuts in many school districts around the country.

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    The Wall Street Journal reports that school nurses are being pink-slipped "from Philadelphia to San Diego, as public schools struggle to provide basic

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  • How Good Are Your Mommy Instincts?

    By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    A recent letter to Slate's "Dear Prudence" advice column ignited a mommy firestorm when the letter writer described a situation in which a friend of her parents had taken an interest in her 5-year-old daughter, bringing her small gifts and playing with her when the tot visited her grandparents. While all visits and gift-giving occurred in the presence of the girl's grandparents and the man's wife, the mother writes, "It feels like he is grooming her to trust him, and my mommy-warning sirens are screaming." Even though she adds, "I have no proof or even a suspicion of impropriety on this man's part" she wants to know how to tell her parents she doesn't want her kids to be around Grandpa's friend.

    Prudence advises her, "I would never say any parent should ignore a gut feeling about her child's safety. But from your description of this situation, my gut feeling is that you have overactive mommy bowels. If you see every friendly man as a potential

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  • Girlfriend Therapy: Get to Know Our New Columnist, Soleil Moon Frye!

    By Soleil Moon Frye, REDBOOK

    Soleil Moon FryeSoleil Moon Frye

    "When I became a mom to my two beautiful daughters, Poet, 6, and Jagger, 4, I saw other women who looked like they really had this grown-up thing down. All around me, they would open their strollers with a flick of the wrist, not a hint of spit-up on their clothes or baby vomit in their hair. I stared at them in complete awe, wondering if there was a secret manual I had somehow missed. That's when I turned to Twitter and Facebook, and found a whole group of people who felt just as clueless as I did--and the more I talked, the more they opened up about their own messy moments.I found comfort in documenting the "happy chaos" on my website,, where I post about the worry, uncertainty, joy, and excitement of everyday life for thousands of women who, in turn, share what they know with me. I'm excited to pass on some collective wisdom. Got a problem? Let's work it out--together."

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  • 25 Iconic Celebrity Swimsuits

    Get poolside style inspiration from some of our favorite swimsuits of all time. By Julia Malacoff, REDBOOK

  • The Father's Day Guide to Man Food

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK

    Here's what the wings-'n-ribs-loving man in your life wants on his special day.

  • Jessica Simpson's Secret Fashion Formula

    Jessica Simpson's billion-dollar fashion empire reflects her own low-key but foxy style. Her secret: Use upscale touches to elevate everyday looks.

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    Permissions: Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.

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  • Should Children Be Kicked Off Airplanes?

    By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    One family's Memorial Day vacation ended before it even started when Mark Yanchuk and his 3-year-old son were kicked off an Alaskan Airlines flight. Now before I tell you what the tot did to deserve public humiliation and ejection from the plane, I want you to think about all the things that warrant getting kicked off a plane. I know underwear bombs definitely do, but beyond that it gets a bit dicey in my mind. Too heavy to fit in one seat? Crying too loudly or long? Loud arguing? Public intoxication? Probable sex act? Repeated vomiting? Because I've seen adults do every one of these things on a flight and not get thrown off the plane because of their "unruliness."

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    This little boy's crime? Lying sideways in his seat so that the seatbelt wasn't properly situated. That's right. He wasn't screaming or throwing food or kicking the seat in front of him. Granted, I'm sure he was being obnoxious but given all

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