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  • Settle an Argument: Oversharing About Sex Life

    By Lauren Le Vine, REDBOOK

    Abby, 26, and Ted, 32, have been dating for two years and engaged for one. They met online, and Abby has no problem telling people this. However, Ted likes to share that they slept together the first time they met in person, which Abby doesn't think anyone else needs to know. Who's right?

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    She says: "A lot of people meet online these days; I have no problem with anyone asking how Ted and I met knowing that. We messaged each other for months before exchanging phone numbers, and then we would talk for hours like teenagers in high school with a crush on each other. When we finally met in person for the first time, I felt like I'd known Ted for years. We didn't have to go through any of the usual first date stuff-you know, stock questions, nervousness etc.-and we ended up going home together. We've been together ever since and are getting married in October, but when we tell people the story of 'how we met,' I

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  • Healthy Snacks for Travelling

    By Aarti Sanan, REDBOOK

    My recent trip to India made me realize how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling. I did try to stick to my healthy eating plan and avoid carbs, but more often than not the non-carb dishes were more unhealthy than the ones with carbohydrates. I needed to create some sort of survival travel pack that would fend off the lure of fried food and stale airport croissants. I turned to super nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg for some tips.

    1. Snack Mixes: These mixes travel well, but be warned: They can have a surprisingly high caloric value. Unless you're planning to scale energy, consider an option from The Good Bean or Sheffa Foods. Both use chickpeas as a key ingredient, which means nonperishable proteins without all the carbs.

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    2. Protein Bars: I lived on these in India, which is why I probably ran out in two days. Maybe you shouldn't follow my lead and eat five protein bars a day,

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  • Does My Partner Notice Small Weight Gains?

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    "Does my guy notice if I've gained five or ten pounds?"

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    You ladies are much more focused on your weight than your guys are. I hear stories every now and then about a dude who gives gives his wife static when she gains weight, but those guys are what normal guys call "jerks," and they are in the minority. The truth is, I don't notice when Karel gains weight (she wears it very well) nor do I notice when she drops weight, which occasionally lands me in hot water.

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    Bottom line: Looking healthy (vitally important) is hot, so if your average weight is healthy, and you feel good about yourself, five or ten pounds doesn't make a bit of difference.


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  • My Husband Can't Dress the Kids Right

    By Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


    "Why can't my husband dress my kids in cute outfits? When he's in charge in the morning, our little girls always end up looking like they dressed themselves-in the dark, in a wind storm."

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    Karel gives me static about this as well. She gets especially irritated when I dress Josie in her brother's hand-me-downs. I'll tell you why we can't dress kids in cute outfits. There are two major reasons:

    It's totally impractical. I'm not taking Josie for a date at the Russian Tea Room or an audience with the Queen, we're going to look at toads. There is a good chance she is going to fall into the pond, end even if she manages to avoid getting soaked from head to toe, she will be covered in mud, and if the mud dries by the time we leave the pond then she'll be covered in a fresh layer of dirt after she plays trucks with her friends at the park. Josie is

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  • Rereading My Childhood Favorites to My Children

    By Amy Shearn, REDBOOK

    When I found out I was going to have my first child, I did what any responsible, expecting mother does: I started to compile a reading list. After all, what is procreating but an excuse to revisit favorite childhood books? Since my daughter is only two, we haven't exactly made it through all my favorites yet (Anne of Green Gables, The Wizard of Oz, and Remembrance of Things Past, to name a few); however, there are a few beloved picture books I've managed to sneak in.

    1. Oh What A Busy Day by Gyo Fujikawa

    I didn't even remember that this was a childhood favorite of mine until I randomly came across it at our local library. Just seeing the colorful illustrations made my mind zing with reptile-brain-level recognition. There is a particular way that pictures look to you when you poured over them with the focused attention only a very young child with lots of time to spend staring can muster. I can remember which of the adorable-and incidentally,

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  • 5 Winter-to-Spring Wardrobe Essentials

    By Hannah Hickok, REDBOOK


    Here's how to get the most mileage out of items you may already own while transitioning between seasons.

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    1. Booties

    Cowboy-style, heeled or chunky: booties (ankle or calf-high) are some of the most versatile shoes out there. Keep your toes warm in winter by wearing them with jeans and tights, but come spring bare your legs and pair boots with shorts and dresses for a fun tomboy look.

    Rachel Bilson is a master of the bare-legged bootie. Just add tights and a scarf, and this ensemble's winterized.

    2. Cropped Pants

    Dressy cropped trousers are ideal for funky in-between weather. Wear them to work with heels and a sweater to fend off chill, then switch to sandals and a lightweight blouse when temps hit 70°.

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    3. Bright Blazer

    Another year-round staple, blazers help bridge the seasonal gap by being an easy add-on to any outfit. While black and

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  • How the "R" Word Crushed a Girl's Spirit

    By Joslyn Gray, REDBOOK

    When I was growing up, the word "retard" was thrown around a lot. The most common use was "that's retarded," meaning something was stupid. "That's totally retarded" probably came out of my mouth on a daily basis in the 1980s. I would have also said something was "wicked retarded," since it was, after all, New England.

    I have a cousin with Down Syndrome, and her siblings used the word "retarded" as slang, too. We would never have called my cousin "a retard," though. But we saw nothing wrong with describing something as retarded. It was slang, just like when we said "that's so gay" to mean something was weird. Excuse me while I smack myself upside the head for being such a jackass.

    Because as time marches on, we learn. We know more. We understand more. We are better. Words that were once the social norm become unacceptable. Racial epithets that I grew up hearing my grandparents say are now more shocking than the f-bomb. And yet the word "retard"

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  • Unschooling: No Lessons, Textbooks, or Classes

    By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

    A veteran of the homeschool-vs-public school-vs-charter/private school wars, I thought I'd heard it all when it came to ways to educate a child. That is until this weekend when a friend told me about her decision to "unschool" her child. She gave me an article from Newsweek and told me to read it before I called her crazy. (Alas, I couldn't find the Newsweek piece online.) I don't think she's crazy for wanting to do what's best for her son. He's had a really rough go of it in the traditional school system and so I'm not surprised that she's exploring alternative methods. However, I'm also really confused. I get what it isn't-no classrooms, tests, textbooks or formal lessons-but then what is it, exactly?

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    Earl Stevens on The Natural Child Project explains, "Our son has never had an academic lesson, has never been told to read or to learn mathematics, science, or history. Nobody has told

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  • 4 "Healthy" Egg Labels Explained

    By Christine Richmond, REDBOOK

    There's no such thing as a plain old egg anymore. Every carton seems to blare healthy- and important-sounding differences like "cage-free" or "enriched with omega-3s." But what do those things mean? And what should you buy? Registered dietitian Bonnie Taub-Dix, author of Read It Before You Eat It, clears things up.

    1. THE LABEL: Omega-3 enriched

    WHAT IT MEANS: These eggs haven't been injected with fish oil or anything, it's just that the chickens that laid them were fed omega-3-rich foods like flaxseed, so their eggs have seven times more of the heart-healthy fats than regular eggs. "It's an easy way to bolster your diet," says Taub-Dix, "but you also need direct sources of omegas, like fish and walnuts."

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    2. THE LABEL: Vegetarian

    WHAT IT MEANS: Unlike chickens on large factory farms--which may be fed cow, pig, and even chicken parts--these birds don't eat meat, aside from the occasional insect

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  • 5 Healthy Foods Under $1

    By Elaine Magee, REDBOOK


    While food prices may be rising, you can still make healthy food choices. Here is our list of the top healthy foods you can find for under a dollar.

    Prices may vary based on the store, location, and time of year.

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    1. Apples

    Great for: Snacks, green salads, main dish salads, and fruit salads.

    What's a serving? 1 large apple.

    Price per serving: About $1. Apples sell for about $1.99 per pound, and an extra large crisp apple weighs about 1/2 pound.

    Nutrition Info per serving:117 calories, 5 grams fiber, 17% Daily Value for vitamin C, and 7% Daily Value for potassium.

    2. Bananas

    Great for: Snacks and fruit salads, yogurt parfaits, and smoothies.

    What's a serving? 1 banana.

    Price per serving: About 45 cents. Bananas sell for about $0.89 per pound, and a large banana weighs about 1/2 pound.

    Nutrition Info per serving: 121 calories, 3.5 grams fiber, 14% Daily Value for

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