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  • OMG We LOVE These! 'Cellfolios' by Jamie James

    Have you ever wished for a magical device that would organize your IDs, credit cards, and smartphone for you? Jamie James' Cellfolios can do just that! Meet the designer here!
    -Lucia Peters,

    The Madison Cellfolio in plum and silver. Sexy! Want it? Get it here!

    Bettys, if you're anything like us, you're constantly on the go-and as a result, you're usually trying to juggle your cell phone, your wallet, your purse, your Metrocard, and a zillion other things, all at the same time. Quelle nightmare!

    But that's where Jamie James comes in. Jamie knows where you're coming from-and we have to tell you, when we discovered her line of unique wallet/smartphone case hybrids, we were all over them! Dubbed "Cellfolios," these super stylish and amazingly functional creations are perfect for the girl (or guy) on the go. Check out the entire Jamie James Collection inBettyConfidential Shop's exclusive flash sale!

    So how exactly did a busy mom and lawyer end

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  • Capturing Elegance: The Stunning, Shimmering Jewelry of Suz Somersall

    Suz Somersall's KiraKira Jewelry shimmers and shines with the elegance of a life lived to its fullest. Meet the designer in our exclusive interview!
    -Lucia Peters,

    A New Yorker by way of New Orleans with a few stops in Italy and Japan along the way,KiraKira Jewelry designer Suz Somersall finds inspiration everywhere she goes-and looking at her beautiful jewelry, you can definitely tell. We fell in love with these gorgeous pieces the second we saw them! Of course we couldn't WAIT to share them with you in one of our fabu BettyConfidential Shop flash sales, going on right now!

    Suz sat down to chat with us about her New Orleans roots, where she finds her inspiration, and more. Read on for all the deets!

    BettyConfidential: How did you become a designer?

    Suz Somersall: My junior year at Brown University, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and wanted to take fashion design classes. Unfortunately they were all full, so I took an interior design

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  • Jimmyjane's Ethan Imboden: What Men REALLY Think About Women and Sex

    Ethan Imboden, founder of, gives BettyConfidential the inside scoop!
    -The Betty Editors,

    Ethan Imboden is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Jimmyjane - "where naughty is nice, sexy is smart, and the pleasure's in the details." The super chic, super sexy online boutique carries everything from diamond encrusted vibrators to romantic massage candles - their motto is "life is better with a sexy twist." Who better to give us the low-down on all those mysteries about what men REALLY think about women and the big S-E-X?

    We've also got a whole bunch of sexy Jimmyjane goodies right now in BettyConfidential Shop, so be sure to check out our exclusive sale!

    BettyConfidential: What do men really find sexy in a woman - and don't say "a great personality!"

    Ethan Imboden: Self-confidence is sexy, particularly as it impacts so many facets of how we come across - from our posture, to the way we speak, to the way we touch.


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  • You Deserve It! Pamper Yourself with Australian Scent's Delish Organic Skin Care

    Australian Scent's husband and wife team, Megan and Eddie Enriquez, make the ultimate in skin-pampering body products. Check them out today at BettyConfidential Shop!
    -Lucia Peters,

    It's a match made in heaven: She's Australian; he's American; and together, husband and wife team Megan and Eddie Enriquez are the masterminds behind Australian Scent, an organic skin care company which has, incidentally, become our new favorite thing here at BettyConfidential. Be sure to snag some of these fantastic products for yourself over atBettyConfidential Shop!

    Designed with the most sensitive skin types in mind, Australian Scents' soaps, washes, body products, and hair treatments are chemical-, paraben-, and animal cruelty-free. Great skin; great hair; no worries. What more could a gal ask for?

    Megan sat down with us to chat about the story behind Australian Scent, what one product she and Eddie would each want to have if they were stranded on a desert island, and

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  • Marie Bruns: "Real Jewelry for Real Women"

    Marie Bruns is a finalist in the "Texas' Next Top Designer' competition. Looking over her collection, you'll see why she's a winner!
    -PJ Gach,

    Shop a curacted collection of Marie Bruns' jewelry in BettyConfidential Shop's exclusive flash sale!

    What is it about shiny baubles that just call to a woman? They stir her imagination and her heart.Marie Bruns, an Australian transplanted in Texas completely understands how women feel about jewelry. She told us one of the reasons why she became a jewelry designer was, "I just loved [jewelry] so much, I figured I had better learn how to make it if I wanted to afford some nice things."

    It's her love that shines through in every piece she creates: whether it's a pair of earrings, stackable rings, or bangles that you want to create an arm party with, her items shine with attention to detail and delight the eye.

    We got a chance to e-chat with her recently. We found out what it's like to see your work in

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  • The Best of NYFW Spring '13 Beauty and Expert Tips on How to Wear it Now!

    Get ready for nude lips, pink eyes (not, not that kind of pinkeye), sexy braids and more fab spring beauty trends that you can definitely rock now!
    -Courtney Leiva,

    When it comes to the latest beauty trends, one thing we've definitely learned is that preparation is king! While the hottest fall beauty trends are starting to sink in now, it's never too early to start thinking spring. The latest looks at Mercedes Benzk Fashion Week definitely are a great head start into the realm of spring beauty. Luckily for you we've recapped the hottest looks from the shows we can't stop talking about!

    Pink eyes

    No, we aren't talking that gross eye infection you had way back in elementary school. This new eye trend extends an electric pop of color to the eyelids using pink shadows and liner to create a unique bold look. Seen at Donna Karan, this look is best paired with an offsetting neutral palette (nude lips, soft cheeks) on the face for a well-balanced

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  • Finding Your Zen Center: Q&A with Kaitlyn Lockman of Zen Society Skincare

    Zen Society Skincare believes beauty comes from simplicity. Meet Master Herbalist Kaitlyn Lockman and get your zen on!
    -Lucia Peters,

    Take a deep breathe, Bettys. Breathe in… hold it for a few seconds… and breathe out. Aaaaaah! Don't you feel better just taking a second to breathe properly, even on a hectic Monday morning?

    And that, Bettys, is the philosophy behind Zen Society Skincare. Founded by Master HerbalistKaitlyn Lockman, Zen Society believes that beauty comes from simplicity. Through the company's 100 percent natural, organic, and preservative free, Kaitlyn hopes to foster a world free of chemicals and toxins and to promote overall well-being. Doesn't that sound like a lovely place in which to live? We think so! Even the most sensitive of skin will positively eat up these fabulous skincare products, so be sure to head on over to BettyConfidential Shop and give them a try in our exclusive flash sale!

    Kaitlyn sat down to chat with us about Zen

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  • Mean Betty Applauds Courtney Stodden's New Makeup Choices!

    Gasp! Can it be? Is this really makeup-addicted teen bride Courtney Stodden? Meanie can hardly believe it!
    -Mean Betty,

    Kittens, do you know from whom we haven't heard in quite some time? No, it's not Lindsay Lohan (she got arrested again last week); and no, it's not Amanda Bynes, either (same deal); then who? That's right: Courtney Stodden, teen bride and, so it would seem, budding porn star.

    Courtney, by the way, turned 18 last month; and while this finally makes her legal instead of jailbait, Meanie isn't entirely sure it makes her feel any better about the fact that the girl is married to a 52-year-old. But that-and all of the adult film offers dear Courtney allegedly garnered when she came of age-aside, Meanie is happy to report something POSITIVE about Courtney for once: She is no longer doing her makeup in such a way as to make her look several decades older than she actually is!

    Look no further than the picture above for proof; though if

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  • Lindsay Long Creates Eco-Friendly Salmon Skin Pieces You'll Adore!

    What's effortlessly versatile, eco-chic, and made to order? Lindsay Long's salmon skin bracelets and belts, of course!
    -Diana Denza,

    Looking for a few sleek accessories to go with your cold weather wardrobe? The search ends with Lindsay Long's painstakingly crafted salmon skin pieces. Eco-friendly and made to order, you can wear her bracelets and belts with anything - literally! Since salmon skin acts as a neutral, these staples will work with the ensembles you already own. Snag one (or two, or five) now in BettyConfidential Shop's exclusive flash sale!

    We chatted with Long about her pretty pieces, the importance of being eco-friendly, and how her accessories stand apart from what's on the market today.

    Betty Confidential: What are your design inspirations?

    Lindsay Long: I try not to pin down one specific area, because I find inspiration often comes from unexpected places. But it can range anywhere from the tiniest of things found in nature to an

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  • How to Create Emily VanCamp's, Sofia's, and Hayden's Emmys 'Dos at Home

    Adore Kat Dennings' luscious waves? Want to have Zooey Deschanel's princess style? We've got Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Sarah Hyland's hairstyles step-by-step for you!
    -PJ Gach,

    After first oohing and ahhing at Emmy gowns, every eye then turned to take a look at the hairstyles of the stars wearing them. After all, you can wear the most gorgeous creation on earth, but if your hairstyle isn't fab, the effect just isn't the same.

    The celebs kept talking about how hideous the heat was under the tents. Some claimed it was almost 100 degrees, yet not a hair went out of place, nor dared to frizz. The secret: Hairspray!

    If you've been dying to change up your look for a night out or just because, we've got step-by-step directions on how to do these award-winning looks at home. And you know what? The styles are surprisingly easy to re-create!

    Kat Dennings: Sexy loose waves

    The 2 Broke Girls star looked ravishing in her J. Mendel gown. Who wouldn't want to

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