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  • 10 Almost X-Rated Sexy Swimsuits

    You've got the bod, but do you got the guts to wear these?
    -Beata Cherepakhina,

    swimsuit collageswimsuit collage

    Beach season is finally upon us and there's nothing better than lounging on a beach chair and sipping a cool drink, while looking gorgeous in your sexy swimsuit.

    So if you've hit the gym hard to achieve that perfect bikini bod or you're just feeling extra brave, give one of these 10 super sexy swimsuits a try. We're sure you'll turn a few heads!


    1. ASOS gold foil animal cut out suit ($60.34,


    2. Nina Swimwear, Patito bikini in black ($171,

    lisa mareelisa maree

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    3. Lisa Maree crochet one piece ($148,


    4. Ujena Mala Mala double strap bikini ($82,

    very sexy bikinivery sexy bikini

    5. Very Sexy strappy bandeau top and strappy Brazilian bottom (Top $40, Bottom $38,

    flirt one pieceflirt one piece

    6. Three ring one piece suit ($59.50,

    venus bikinivenus bikini

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  • 6 Ways To Make Your Back Sexier Looking

    There are treatments and products to make your skin look sexy all summer (and winter) long.

    -PJ Gach,

    Summer's here and that means you'll be showing off your back in bathing suits or sexy dresses like Vanessa Hudgens, Reese Witherspoon and Blake Lively. If you've been working out like a fiend, your back is toned and ready to be shown off. However, if you're like the rest of us, you may want to do something to make sure you look flawless. As Mike Sendogan, Clinical Director of LaserTouch Aesthetics in New York City says, "If you plan on wearing a backless dress, your back should be smooth and unblemished.

    Here's a list of his suggestions on how to have a sexy, touchable back.

    1. Self-tan

    A self tanner will instantly make your back look toned and sexy.

    2. Back facials

    Just as you would get a facial for your face, there are spas and at-home products that will give you the same results for your back.

    3. Laser hair removal

    If you've got

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  • What Real Guys Think Is Sexy

    We asked real guys to dish on what clothing they think looks hot on a woman.

    -By Beata Cherapakhina,

    Finding a perfect outfit that is sexy enough to impress a guy and doesn't cross the line into x-rated land is hard work! I for one have spent countless hours rummaging through my closet trying to find something that's just the right amount of sexy, but finding this delicate balance has sent me into a minor panic attack more than once. Should I go dressy sexy and wear my little black dress and favorite stilettos? Or should I go casual sexy and throw on my favorite pair of jeans? What look actually embodies "sexy?"

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been whipped into a frenzy trying to figure out which look men find sexiest, so I've asked real guys on what outfits they find sexiest on a woman.

    "For me, it's a tie between two looks: jeans with tears in them and a form fitting shirt (could be a t-shirt or even a button-down) or a form-fitting skirt (not

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  • 10 Fabulous T-Straps

    Fall in love with these must-have heels!

    -Brittany Roshelle Davis,

    Summer is the best time to bust out your hottest heels. It's also the perfect way to introduce a pop of color into any outfit. In particular, T-strap heels make everyone's feet look downright beautiful. Get ready to look even more fabulous this summer. Make a fashion statement with this list of bold T-strap heels.

    1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Fulton T-strap in Natural Leopard ($68.75, Get ready to pounce.

    2. Dollhouse Pedalz sandal in red ($39.95, Red-hot siren.

    3. Steve Madden Haylow in floral multi ($69, Simply stunning.

    4. Two Lips cut-out platform sandal in silver ($59.99, Stand out of the crowd.

    5. Prada satin T-strap platform sandal in Peonia ($720, Flash your inner diva.

    6. Calvin Klein Pretty T-strap pumps in chocolate
    ($87.45, Bling it up!

    7. Joan and David Carino T-strap sandal in purple multi

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  • 10 Celebrity Couples That Prove Love Is Ageless

    Some loves can withstand the trials of time!
    -Kenneth Thapoung,

    tom cruise katie holmes harrison ford calista flockharttom cruise katie holmes harrison ford calista flockhart

    When celebrity couples like Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris pollute popular media with news of breaking up or divorcing, marry or even dating someone WAY outside your age box can seem like an impossible and lack-luster task. But don't let the playboy and his former bunny discourage you from finding love with someone who's a tiny bit older or younger than you! Take some inspiration from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart.

    Here's a list of 10 Hollywood couples like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Nick Cannon andMariah Carey and others that have managed to stay together despite their age gaps:

    1. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

    michael douglas and catherine zeta-jonesmichael douglas and catherine zeta-jones

    The attraction between Michael Douglas, 66, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, 41, was anything but fatal when they tied the knot in 2000. Back in January, Michael announced on the Today Showhe had beaten his stage four cancer

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  • 25 Things You May Not Know About Justin Timberlake

    The things we would do to this boy...
    -Carolyn Gregoire,

    Justin TImberlakeJustin Timberlake

    From singing and dancing in the Mickey Mouse Club to making boy band history as a member of *NSYNC, to becoming a major Hollywood mogul with a thriving solo music career, starring roles in upcoming films Friends with Benefits and Bad Teacher, his own clothing line, restaurants, and, yes, even his own brand of tequila, listing Justin Timberlake's many accolades is a seemingly endless task. Seriously-we're not even going to try. But here are 25 fun facts you may not know about the curly-haired southern boy who brought sexy back and took Hollywood by storm.

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    1. He does a full-on dry-humping scene with ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz for his role in Bad Teacher. (Can you say awkward?) And according to Diaz, he not only did an awesome job but also made her feel totally comfortable. JT gets a gold star in our book for pulling that off with grace.

    Justin Timberlake and momJustin Timberlake and mom

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  • 4th of July Fashion We Love

    4th of July fashions you WANT to be seen in!

    -PJ Gach,

    4th of july collage4th of july collage

    Lo! The 4th of July is nigh upon us! Why am I writing like this? Maybe prolonged exposure to re-reading the Declaration of Independence? Anyway, we've rounded up super cute accessories and clothing so you can celebrate in style. Take a look at what we found in red, white, blue and the colors mixed all together!


    unique vintage bathingsuitunique vintage bathingsuit

    1. Vintage inspired swimsuit, 50s style red polka dot bikini ($75, Practice your best pinup pose in this dotted two-piece.

    motel emilia dressmotel emilia dress

    2. Motel Emilia red and white striped dress ($100, Who doesn't love long vertical stripes? They make you appear taller and leaner. Hooray!

    kipling totekipling tote

    3. Kipling Kirby tote ($148, This water-resistant red printed tote is perfect to carry all your important items for the holiday: sunscreen, wet wipes, your camera and more.

    jellypop shoesjellypop choes

    4. Jellypop Daydream wedges ($25, If you look closely,

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  • The Best and Safest Insect Repellents

    outdoor partyoutdoor party

    SHOO FLY! Don't bother me! -Harley Helms,

    Okay, all my Barbecue Barbies! You know I'm just like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind! I'm just a Southern Belle, born and raised in North Carolina. This past weekend I was attending a lovely outside function, when all of the sudden it seemed like I was on the menu! I was totally exhausted from swatting mosquitoes and God knows what else that decided the "Harvey Buffet" was now open for business. To make matter worse, I was sitting by a man who said, "You have to be careful Harvey. You may get the West Nile Virus or the St. Louis Encephalitis. With a tick bite, you may get Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever!" Of course, I had a big gay anti-bug fit!

    If I was being eaten with possible consequences, I knew that some of my delicious beauties out there must be experiencing the same insect torture! And since bug netting didn't make this summer's fashion trend list, I knew I must find a good answer So

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  • Celebrities Love their Glam Friendship Bracelets!

    Nothing says friendship like a fashionable bracelet!
    -Bethany Bassler,

    nicole richie mily cyrus leighton meesternicole richie miley cyrus leighton meester

    Celebrities ranging from Leighton Meester to Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie to Christina Aguilera have all been spotted glamming up their wrists with this summer's hottest trend - friendship bracelets. However, not just any colored strings woven together will make the cut, they must sparkle and shine. The mixture of vintage rhinestones with earthy friendship bracelets can be appreciated by girls of all ages. We found the couture ones that the celebrities are wearing and a few more that you will love too.

    Check out our picks.

    sunset braceletsunset bracelet

    1. Sunset at Main Beach ($178, Christina Aguilera wears a one of a kind Frieda style bracelet.

    michelle roymichelle roy

    2. Michelle Roy Crown friendship bracelet ($40, Lauren Conrad's been seen piling tons of bracelets together.

    links of londonlinks of london

    3. Links of London black and gold friendship bracelet ($225, Running

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  • Is It an Eating Disorder Or Are You Just a Healthy Eater?

    18 signs your "healthy" diet is something serious.
    -Julia Austin,

    woman eating healthywoman eating healthy

    We are a culture obsessed with knowing exactly what a person eats, how they exercise, and their overall regimen for getting them that amazing figure. If you look at magazines like Peopleand Star, we are always on the look out for 5 pounds gained there or 15 lost there. Why are we so concerned with knowing every detail about a person's fitness plan (or lack thereof)? It isn't just because we want their body.

    Each time we ask, "How does she have that body?", we are also asking (silently), "Is she happy?" The answer is something that can make us, the "civilians," feel better. Yes, a certain star has an impeccable body, an elegant protruding collar bone and arms that never jiggle. But we often discover she also gets up at 4 a.m. to begin her two-hour workout. She hasn't eaten a cookie in over five years. And she rarely drinks alcohol. And we get our answer.

    She probably isn't happy. Our

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