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  • Sexy, Sassy Shorts for Your Body Type

    Shorts are summer's best friend, and they can be yours too!
    By PJ Gach,

    kim kardashian pippa middleton reese witherspoonkim kardashian pippa middleton reese witherspoon

    It doesn't matter if you're as tall as Pippa Middleton, petite as Reese Witherspoon or blessed like Kim Kardashian, there are fabulous shorts for your body type. We've been seeing shorts on the red carpet. Take a cue and wear a pair on your next date -- you can dress them up with a cropped jacket, heels and dressy accessories. Unless you're working in a creative field, shorts are still not work appropriate for an office.

    Take a look at our picks. We even found Pippa's shorts!

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    Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon never lets shorts overwhelm her. Stick with shorts that are, well, short. They'll create the illusion of a longer leg. Keep in mind that if you wear a long short, it will make you appear more petite than you are. If you want to add a little height, look for wedges; they'll add an inch or two, but will keep with the relaxed

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  • How Safe Is Your Sunscreen?

    After years of studies, the FDA has cracked down on false promises and passed new regulations for sunscreen products.
    By PJ Gach,

    applying sunscreenapplying sunscreen

    After years of companies claiming their products are the best on the planet, the FDA finally stepped in with new regulations and rulings on the products. For a sunscreen to call itself a "broad spectrum" sunscreen, it must, according to the FDA, protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Both cause cancer, but UVA rays can cause wrinkling (yikes), while UVB rays cause burns (double yikes!).

    If a sunscreen has an SPF of 15 or less and isn't a broad spectrum sunscreen, starting next year it will have to carry a warning label: "This product has been shown only to help prevent sunburn, not skin cancer or early skin aging."

    Other new rules concerning sunscreens include: companies will have to phase out their four-star system to rate UVA protection. The FDA is prohibiting marketing claims of "waterproof" and "sweatproof"

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  • 5 Celeb Dads Who Deserve Father's Day Awards

    All dads deserve praise on June 19th, but here are some in Hollywood who really impress us with their fathering skills.
    By Faye Brennan ,

    Will smith and kidsWill smith and kids

    This Father's Day, we want to give out a few awards to the famous dads who are living it up in Hollywood and doing a great job raising thier little youngsters. Why? Because we can, and because celebs love receiving awards... duh!

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    But these famous fellas don't need to stuff themselves into a penguin suit to attend this award's ceremony. They simply need to be proud of the new titles we're giving them and continue to be the great dads that they are.

    Here are the winners:

    Hottest Multitasking Dad: Hugh Jackman

    Hugh Jackman and familyHugh Jackman and family

    Is there anything Hugh Jackman can't do? The 42-year-old looks just as comfortable playing Wolverine in X-Men as he is on stage hosting the Oscars or playing in Manhattan with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, and their two

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  • Pippa Middleton Loves Floral Dresses!

    Kate's little sister Pippa Middleton has been spotted wearing one of this summer's hottest trends.
    By PJ Gach,

    pippa middletonpippa middleton

    Pippa Middleton has been spotted wearing one of summer's biggest trends ... flowers! She doesn't let floral prints overwhelm her. Whether it's a small or big print, Pippa tames the trend by making sure her waist is emphasized: either by a belt or a set-in waistband. The emphasized waist breaks up the patttern and instead of looking like a slipcover, the dress looks chic and sexy. We hunted down what she's been wearing and found a few more we think you'll like.

    Check out our picks.

    1. Maje cream dress (149€ or $210.57, Pippa wore this dress to a party with her parents at the Goring Hotel in London.

    maje dressmaje dress

    2. Dress with frills ($59.90. Out and about on a weekend, Pippa wore this cool and comfortable Zara dress.

    zara dresszara dress

    3. Talias Tale dress ($108, Caught by the paps shopping in London,

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  • Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Guides

    No matter what type of dad you've got, we found a present for him. Sunday's the big day -- don't just give your dad a "Happy Father's Day" card 'cause you had a hectic week.

    -PJ Gach,

    In case you forgot, this Sunday, June 19th is Father's Day. Don't panic, we've found gifts that will get there on time (some with discounts) or at your favorite store.

    Can't figure out what to do on the big day? Check out these suggestions from Eight O'Clock Coffee: Say good morning to your hubby with a fresh pot of coffee and maybe give him breakfast in bed. Got an outdoors dad? Pack a lunch and go on a hike -- or better yet, go golfing and be his caddy. More of a lounge lizard? Grab a bunch of his favorite movies and throw a movie marathon (see Tech Dad below for a suggestion!). Take him to a ballgame (check the Sporty Dad guide). Give him a day off, do his chores or host a barbecue (See the Chef Dad gift guide).

    And .. check out all our last minute gift guides to find the Read More »from Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Guides
  • David Goldman: "My Son Was Kidnapped"

    What would you do if your child was swept away to a foreign country?
    -Brittany Roshelle Davis,

    You'd think the term Parent would be universal. When it comes to parents that are native to different countries, it isn't the case. David Goldman's son was abducted by his wife and taken to Brazil, her native country, when their son was just four-years-old. David Goldman was almost certain he would never see son again. In fact, it would be another 5 agonizing years later before his son was returned home to him. David's here to spread the word on international child abduction for parents everywhere and share his story.

    What was it like holding your infant son, Sean, on the day he was born?

    It was truly the most beautiful experience I ever had. Creating life with someone who I deeply loved made it that much more special. I was the luckiest guy in the world. I loved every moment.

    You had it all: a loving wife and a beautiful son. But then, your life changed

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  • Mood-Boosting Foods: Healthy Foods That Make You Happier

    These foods have essential nutrients that you need to get through the day with a smile.
    -Melanie Kozlan,

    Finding yourself inexplicably gloomy or a little depressed for some reason? Feeling down might be an indicator that you're missing out on essential mood-boosting nutrients. Here's a list of healthy foods proven to make you feel instantly happier:

    Tryptophan-Rich Foods:

    Tryptophan is one of the ten essential amino acids and helps our brains produce serotonin, which makes us feel relaxed and in control. Food that has tryptophan can help fight depression, insomnia and anxiety. Foods containing tryptophan include:

    -Milk (Vegan? Drink hemp milk- hemp seeds contain all ten essential amino acids!)
    -Sunflower Seeds
    -Pumpkin Seeds

    For the full effect of tryptophan, it is best to eat these items uncooked.

    Fruits rich in Antioxidants & Vitamin C:

    Fruit like blueberries and oranges are known to

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  • 5 Tips For a Hot Summer Romance

    'Tis the season for a summer fling! Plus: the number ONE sex move you need to learn this summer.
    -Amber Madison,

    Bust out the mini skirts ladies, because the heat is on! You've worked hard this year, and honey, you deserve a hot summer fling. Not sure how to get yours? Read on.

    1. Come Out of Hibernation.
    The sun is shining, patios are open, and the guys are out in force. Summer means even the biggest of homebodies is out and about-so if you're looking to meet a new guy, 'tis the season. Go for that after-work drink with your co-workers, grab tickets to a baseball game, join that kickball league, volleyball team, Frisbee club, or hit up some summer concerts.

    The hardest thing about dating is meeting people you like. But the more guys you, er, expose yourself to, the more likely you will find one who's worth your while. So what are you waiting for? Get out there!

    2. Be Bold.
    Drowning yourself in a sea of men is going to do no good if

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  • Justin Timberlake "Absolutely” Still Smokes Pot

    "Some people are just better high." Playboy talks to Justin Timberlake about filming 'Friends With Benefits,' dating, and his choice method of relaxation.
    By Kenneth Thapoung,

    Justin Timberlake Mila KunisJustin Timberlake Mila Kunis

    Justin Timberlake, the youngest stud of the former 'N Sync, talks dirty with Playboy about his upcoming film, Friends With Benefits, co-starring Mila Kunis. Amidst the awkwardness of faux sex with Mila and past relationships, JT discusses boy band days and his use of weed to "shut off" his mind. Why not just take a nap? Plenty of women would kill to be your bedside partner, JT!

    Check out titillating tidbits from the interview:

    On filming the sex scenes: "I'd be lying if I said it wasn't completely awkward. I couldn't tell you the number of people in the crew watching me and my bare ass, but it was a lot."

    On dating hot celebrities: "You probably gravitate toward people who understand your scenario. At the end of the day you just want someone who gets you, who can be a

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  • Sexpert Julie: Sexual Fantasies, To Share or Not to Share?

    Sexpert Julie explains the concept behind intimate and erotic fantasies, and how to effectively share them with your partner.
    By Julie Elledge, Ph.D.,

    couple in bedcouple in bed

    Do you harbor secret dreams of being a maiden in distress who is rescued by a knight in shining armor on a white horse? Or, are your dreams a little more naughty, maybe having a forbidden tryst in the copier room with your co-worker, or two?

    All people fantasize. Masters and Johnson famously said that ninety-five percent of people say they fantasize and the other five percent are lying. Fantasy is a healthy source of sexual arousal and interestingly enough, occurs most often in people who show the fewest sexual problems and the least sexual dissatisfaction (Leitenberg, 1995).

    Fantasy is the use of sexual images to create arousal. Is it any surprise that men's fantasies tend to be more visually explicit, whereas women's lean toward romantic and emotional themes (Zurbriggen & Yost, 2004)? It matches

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