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  • Patti Davis Poses Nude at 58: Baring Her Body and Soul

    Former Playboy centerfold proves that age is nothing more than a number.
    -Evette Brown,

    At 58, most women are slowing down in their lives and dreaming about retiring to a warm, tropical location where their greatest worry will be where to eat brunch with their golden girls. This isn't the case for author Patti Davis. With a body that would turn most women of any age green with envy, Davis is baring it all - again - in More magazine to promote health and beauty at any age.

    As Davis shares in the More article, after spending her teens and twenties fighting a losing battle to drugs, the stunning beauty nearly lost her life. She conquered her addiction and then decided to engage in a battle with father time. At 58, it appears as if Davis is winning. Most will remember Davis as one of the oldest and most stunning women to grace the cover of popular men's magazine Playboy. She faced criticism when she made the decision to pose nude for Playboy at the age of 42,

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  • 5 Hot Nail Polish Shades for Summer

    From palest pale, to bold hues, these nail lacquers will match your outfit and your mood.
    -Beata Cherepakhina,

    Break out the shades! This summer, nail polish is all about color, color, color! We've rounded up amazing polishes that will compliment any outfit, any mood. Break out the manicure kit or head on over to the nearest salon and dress your nails with one of these fabulous shades.

    Read on for our rainbow array.

    1. Subdued nudes

    No one can stay neutral towards these neutrals when topped off with a summer glow.

    Essie Sand Tropez ($8,

    sand tropezsand tropez

    Deborah Lippmann Naked ($16,

    deborah lippmann nakeddeborah lippmann naked

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    2. Brilliant blues

    From baby blue to turquoise and everything in between, there's no shade of blue that won't dazzle this summer. FYI: make your nails pop by pairing them with an outfit in a contrasting color like orange.

    OPI Nicole by OPI nail lacquer, Baby Blue ($7.99,

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  • 10 Flirty and Fun Summer Hats

    Beat the heat in these fun and stylish summer hats.
    -Faye Brennan,

    Hats off to Naomi Watts! She and other celebs know that a cool hat is an essential summer accessory. They can add sass to an otherwise plain outfit, and protect your scalp, hair, and face from harmful UV rays while you're lounging on the beach.

    Whether you prefer funky fedoras or big, floppy sun hats, there's a style here for every hat lover:

    1. Michael Stars Safari Fedora ($34,

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    2. Kirra High Street Fedora ($14.50,

    3. Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez Junior's Straw Cowgirl Hat with Beaded Band ($8,

    4. Brixton Alana Hat ($68,

    5. Calypso St. Barth for Target White Floppy Hat ($14.99,

    More on the next page...

    6. Floppy Striped Straw Hat ($34.95,

    7. Women's Floppy Canvas Sun Hat

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  • Candace Bushnell: A Woman Still in Love With Manhattan, Girl Friends, and Sex and the City

    'Sex and the City' author Candace Bushnell proves she's the real-life Carrie Bradshaw as she talks about her new novel, 'Summer and the City.'
    -Faye Brennan,

    At the age of 34, Candace Bushnell created the four girls we've come to know and love: Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York of Sex and the City. What started out as a sex column in the New York Observer, blossomed into a book deal, a TV series, and two box office hit movies that have transformed the way women talk about and view sex, martinis and Manolos.

    Now, almost twenty years later, Bushnell's impact is still largely significant. Not only can one tune in to E! every weeknight for a healthy dose of SATC reruns, but a newly released study proves that the series has actually made couples more open to talking about sex and STDs.

    Guys, groan all you want, but Bushnell's genius creation isn't going away anytime soon.

    In fact, Bushnell, 52, has just

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  • CMT Music Awards 2011 Red Carpet Fashion Fabulosity and Cringes

    The CMT annual event garnered stars from country, Hollywood and Broadway for a glittery evening.
    -PJ Gach,

    Nicole Kidman Sheryl Crow Hayley WilliamsNicole Kidman Sheryl Crow Hayley Williams

    Is there any award show that doesn't have Justin Bieber as a winner? Yup, he and Rascal Flatts won the Collaborative Video award for their song, That Should Be Me at the CMT Music Awards in Nashville last night. At the start of the show, Kid Rock attempted to sing (wearing an old school tracksuit) "Bawitdaba," before getting kicked off the stage by Wynona Judd (with a BAD dye job). She looked at him and said,"This is CMT, son." Mary Steenbergen (where has she been?) introduced a band. Ludacris and Jason Aldean sang a rap duet. Many bands had dancers who would have been equally comfortable dancing for Britney Spears, since they were doing the same moves. The night was one mashup piled upon another mashup.

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    With a show like that, what do you think the style was like? If you said, "all over the road," ding, ding, ding,

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  • Best Summer Bags for Your Body Type

    Designer Patricia Nash gives you the lowdown on cute bags for sunny summer days and nights.

    -Patricia Nash,

    blake kim k olsen taylor swiftblake kim k olsen taylor swift

    When it comes to updating your wardrobe for summer, figure-flattering pieces are an absolute essential. Don't stop at clothes. This summer, take dressing for your body-type to the next level by choosing the best bags to complement your build as well. Blake Lively, the Olsen sisters, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian know the secret of dressing to accentuate.

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    Read on for my advice on how to pick your favorite summer bag.

    Slender body type

    taylor swifttaylor swift

    While cross-body bags may seem like the least feminine option, when worn diagonally the strap actually creates the illusion of curves by drawing the eye from shoulder to hip. See how the bag works for Taylor Swift.

    Three to try:

    Mulberry Alexa leather bag ($1200,

    mulberry alexamulberry alexa

    Patricia Nash Scooter

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  • Would You Accept a First Date Invite Via Text?

    Is a phone call too much to ask for these days, or is being asked out via text the new (unromantic) norm?
    -Faye Brennan,

    Romance really is dead. I came to this unfortunate realization a few days ago when I received a two-message text that went something like this: "Hi Faye, it's Jake [not his real name], we met last weekend. Hope you had a great week! Mine was good but work was really busy… I'm going out of town this weekend, but I'd love to get together for a drink next week - would Tues or Weds work for you?"

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    How can a girl resist that offer?

    Pretty easily, actually. Jake seemed like a nice guy when I met him, and I would've went out with him... if he hadn't blown it with this first date invite text. For starters, why didn't he just use his phone for what it was originally intended for, CALL ME and use his words to ask me out for the first time? He obviously had a lot to say - a two-message text

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  • 24 Hot, Fun and Sexy Honeysuckle Items

    From flirty hats, sassy jeans, cute sandals and personality-riffic iPhone cases, we've got your hot pink right here.

    -Brittany Roshelle Davis,

    honeysuckle accessories, clothes and makeuphoneysuckle accessories, clothes and makeup

    Labeled as the hottest color of 2011, pantone honeysuckle is incredibly trendy and it looks good on everyone! We've rounded items that range from shoes to dresses to hats to makeup and everything in between.

    Wander through our list, you'll find everything that'll leave you pretty in pink.

    1. Guess Shally one-shoulder dress in Vintage Red ($138,

    guess shally dressguess shally dress

    2. Kendra Scott Maude pink agate necklace ($70,

    kendra scott maude necklacekendra scott maude necklace

    3. FE New York by Fantas-Eyes Oasis sunglasses in pink ($25.45,

    FE New York sunniesFE New York sunnies

    4. Bikini Thief Sayulita bikini ($112,

    bikini thief sayulita bikinibikini thief sayulita bikini

    5. Lodis Spring Minx Amber tri-fold wallet ($49.

    lodis spring minxlodis spring minx

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    6. Make Up Forever Aqua Cream multi-purpose cosmetic in Fresh Pink ($22,

    makeup forever aqua cream fresh pinkmakeup forever aqua cream fresh pink

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  • Diet Snacks: What to Eat to Feel Full

    Munch on these goodies to fight hunger while sticking to your weight loss goals.
    -Melanie Kozlan,

    Trying to diet but all you can think of is food? Instead of depriving yourself, fill up on cheap, nutritious and healthy snacks that your body can't get enough of. Try munching on:

    Unsalted nuts:
    High in fiber, antioxidants, protein and the 'good fats' your body needs, nuts are also carb-free!

    Dates, raisins and other dried fruit:
    Dried fruit is the perfect snack if you're on the go. It tastes like candy but is full of vitamins and fiber.

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    Berries & fresh fruit:
    Goji berries contain more vitamin C than oranges, and blueberries are said to fight cellulite. Apples are great appetite depressants because of their high level of acidity. Fill up on fruit but never confuse fruit with "fruit juice." Juice is mostly sugar and contains a disturbing amount of calories.

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  • Sexpert Julie: Why Being Sexually Versatile Can Help Your Relationship

    Our Sexpert Julie discusses why it's so important to explore your sexual desires with your partner.
    -Julie Elledge, Ph.D.,

    Your man sends you a text asking you to pick up a set of handcuffs and a feather on your way home. He plans to use both on you tonight and clothes are not an option - sexy or creepy?

    Sexual versatility describes the ability of a couple to accommodate to each other's desires and indulge in a variety of sexual scenarios, both intimate and erotic. Couples who have developed a high level of sexual versatility have deeply rooted trust in each other. Playing with power in the bedroom and allowing one person to dominate during an erotic scenario isn't threatening because letting go and giving up control to your man for an erotic scenario is not going to end up with you being hurt (there is never room for coercion in intimacy).

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    On the other hand, your man trusts that you

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