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  • Kate Middleton and Prince William Spend the Day at the Epsom Derby

    The entire royal family (and their hats) turned out to root for the Queen's horse.

    -PJ Gach,

    prince harry, kate middleton, prince williamprince harry, kate middleton, prince william

    Oh, don't you wish you were in England and had an excuse to wear incredible hats? Saturday, newlyweds Kate Middleton, her husband Prince William, Prince Harry and the royal family were at the Epsom Derby rooting on Queen Elizabeth II's horse, Colton House. The colt came in third, but everyone seemed to have a good time anyway!

    Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry

    kate middleton and prince william prince harrykate middleton and prince william prince harry

    Prince William and Prince Harry look positively dapper. Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, wore the Nessie tweed jacket by Joseph (£460, selfridges,com), peacock dress and nude patent pumps from Riess (sorry, both sold out!), the Natalie clutch by L.K. Bennett (also sold out), nude tights and a hat by her favorite designer, Issa.

    Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice

    princess eugenie princess beatriceprincess eugenie princess beatrice

    Princesses Eugenie and Beatice decided to leave hats that look like aliens at home. For

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  • MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Style: The Good and the Eye-Crossingly Bad

    What was good was good on the red carpet. What was bad was boring. Guess the usual suspects stayed home!

    -PJ Gach,

    brooklyn reese, jessica kristenbrooklyn reese, jessica kristen

    Okay, MTV had the lamest ever red carpet coverage for their MTV Movie Awards in the history of red carpet coverage. It was sandwiched in between the Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crews show and commercials. We did see three big trends: animal prints, lace and metallics.

    Read on to find out where Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Szohr, Brooklyn Decker, Jessica Szhor and Kristen Stewart fell in the "thrilled us" or "made our eyes cross with ennui" lists.


    Reese Witherspoon

    reese witherspoonreese witherspoon

    This year, Reese Witherspoon walked away with the MTV Movie Awards Generation Award. And she's only 34! When Reese walked onstage in her in green and brown leopard print dress and silver Ferragamo sandals, she was all smiles. Her speech, however, came out of left field and appeared to slam half of Hollywood!

    "I just want

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  • Aww! Adorable Rings That Will Make You Smile

    12 cute rings that will brighten your day. Guaranteed!
    -Faye Brennan,

    Two weeks ago I fell in love with a tiny rhinestone bow ring while out shopping in NYC. It was small and simple, but as soon as I put it on, I felt instantly happy. I made a beeline for the register, and have been wearing it ever since.

    It's amazing to me how a piece of jewelry can transform my whole mood. I could be having an awful day, but when I look down at my hand and see that little bow sparkling back up at me, I get a break from the negative thoughts. It was the best four dollars I ever spent.

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    Hopefully, one of these following 12 adorable rings will have the same effect on you (not to mention, they're a great conversation piece!):

    1. Betsey Johnson Critter Boost Bull Dog Stretch Ring ($45, How can you say no to that face?

    2. Gold Squirrel Rhinestone Ring ($12.50, All the squirrels you

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  • Dating 911 With Matt: Send In Your Relationship Questions!

    We're proud to introduce our new column, "Dating 911 With Matt," where relationship expert Matt Titus will answer your pressing questions.
    -The Betty Editors,

    Do you have a relationship problem that's really bothering you? Are you tired of asking your friends and family for advice, only to feel dissatisfied with what they have to say? Then, dear Betty, we'd like to introduce Matt Titus, your new go-to person for love, dating and sex advice.

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    "Dating 911 With Matt" is our brand new column, where relationship expert Matt will answer your pressing and urgent questions. Matt knows a thing or two about love, as he's a nationally recognized dating coach and matchmaker. He's the author of two books: Why Hasn't He Called? How Guys Really Think And How To Get The Right One Interested In You and Why Hasn't He Proposed? Go From The First Date To Setting The Date. His advice has appeared in OK!

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  • Which Celeb's Beach Style Do You Have?

    Is your beach style sweet like Selena Gomez's, playful like Audrina Patridge's, or sporty like Jessica Biel's?
    -Faye Brennan,

    You may not realize it, but what you wear to the beach or the pool says a lot about you and your personality. True, you may just be wearing a bathing suit, but it's the style of the bathing suit and how you wear it that speaks volumes.

    If you are curious about what your beachwear preferences say about you, compare your style with the following sun-lovin' celebrities'. Are you sweet like Selena or sexy like a VS model? Here is your chance to find out:

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    Although she was photographed in this bikini while having a PDA session with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez's look is sweet and innocent overall. The bow in her hot pink bikini top adds a cute factor, and her only accessories are sunglasses and hoop earrings. Sweet, indeed!


    In a playful look like

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  • 20 Crazy Expensive Swimsuits

    Tiny scraps of fabric, sewn into bikinis and one piece swimsuits can cost as much as a mortgage payment!

    -PJ Gach,


    Personally, I could never understand how a bathing suit; be it a bikini or a once piece, could cost so much money. After all, the fabric used is less than a yard. A yard of lycra can't cost more than $10 on a good day, right? That's always been my thinking. Every year, I'd struggle with the idea of buying a new suit. Other than the fact I loathe swimsuit weather, I'm a miser when it comes to spending money.

    When I found out that there are swimsuits that cost $1000, I knew I had to share the insanity. I doubt that any of the bikinis or one pieces on this list will ever meet chlorine or the sea.

    One Piece

    1. Norma Kamali Jorge embellished cutout swimsuit ($950,

    norma kamalinorma kamali

    2. Emilio Pucci one-piece suit ($625,


    3. Zahra Swimsuit ($790,


    4. Eres swimwear,

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  • Mistresses Who Blab: Aren’t They Embarrassed?

    As with Tiger Woods, Arnold's many women are starting to come out of the woodwork. But ... why?
    -April Daniels Hussar,

    Maria Shriver Arnold SchwarzeneggerMaria Shriver Arnold Schwarzenegger

    So, though I'm right sick of celebrity infidelity scandals, and I keep telling myself to stop clicking on Arnold Schwarzenegger news, I still have a strange compulsion every now and then to follow up on some lurid headline. The other morning , Extra reeled me in with this: "Extra Exclusive: Arnold's Alleged Mistress #2 Breaks Her Silence!"

    It's not that I'm in the least bit surprised that there's another "other woman" -- I mean, is anyone really shocked that Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn't kept his wedding vows? But what, for some reason, never fails to amaze me is how willing these women are to expose themselves to the media -- from Rielle Hunter (John Edwards) to Joslyn James (Tiger Woods). To put it simply (and, apparently, naively) ... AREN'T THEY EMBARRASSED?

    Extra reports, "In an exclusive new television interview airing tonight

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  • Schwarzenegger to Sheen: What’s Up With Unfortunate Mistress Hair?

    Recent history's most famous mistresses have proven to be hurt-looking hussies.
    -Jackie Cascarano,

    bad mistress hairbad mistress hair

    None of us at Lock & Mane have ever seen the Mistressing Handbook, but we have made the conjecture, after viewing recent photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress and baby mama, Mildred Baena, that one of the requirements to be a mistress/baby mama/homewrecking hussy, is to have horribly, bad, awful, no good hair.

    Mildren Baena Maria ShriverMildren Baena Maria Shriver

    It's certainly hard not to draw comparisons between the frizz and the dishwater blonde hue in this glamour shot (not to mention the low-cut blouse and the endless cleavage) and Arnold's class act of a wife, Maria Shriver (who has always dazzled us with her wonderful locks).

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    Loredana Jolie and Jaimee GrubbsLoredana Jolie and Jaimee Grubbs
    Loredana Jolie and Jaimee Grubbs

    This is obviously not the first time a public figure such as Arnold has had a dalliance with a woman whose appearance pales in comparison to that of his long suffering wife. In

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  • A Lost Child, a Mission to Save Others

    Frankie MilleyFrankie MilleyFrankie Milley's son died a horrible, sudden death from meningitis. And now she's working to protect other families from the same tragedy.

    -April Daniels Hussar,"When you come out of the shock of burying your child, you have one of two choices. You can either crawl in the grave and go with them, just die with them, just allow yourself to die -- which is what you really want to do -- or you can make a choice to get busy and try to prevent it from happening to other kids and other families."
    -Frankie Milley, Founder, Meningitis Angels

    Frankie Milley is a woman with a mission -- to prevent other parents from losing their children to meningitis, the devastating disease that took the life of her only son, Ryan, when he was only 18 years old. As the founder of Meningitis Angels, Frankie has worked tirelessly to both educate the public about meningococcal disease and to help the children and families whose lives are profoundly, horribly affected by it. When she

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  • Pick Kim Kardashian's Wedding Gown

    Will Kim K's wedding gown be as over the top as her engagement ring?

    -PJ Gach,

    kim kardashian in a white gownkim kardashian in a white gown

    Kim Kardashian and her fiancé, Kris Humphries are somewhere, as we speak, planning their upcoming wedding. Should we say it's really Kim and her mom, Kris Jenner making up lists and looking at venues? No matter, a wedding the likes we've never seen is coming our way! When you're wearing a 2 million dollar engagement ring, you have to have an amazing gown.

    We pretended we were Kim's personal shopper. We shopped around the net and found gowns that Kim might wear on her big day. We created two lists: slinky and princess. Kim loves to show off her bod, so will she wear a dress that highlights her figure?

    LA wedding planner Beth Helmstetter told E! online, "As Hollywood royalty, Kim definitely can take a different spin on her day and truly show off her personality while still being regal and classic." So, the second wedding gown list is all about Kim looking

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