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  • Mirabella Beauty's New Glosses Drench Your Lips in Vitamin E

    Colour Luxe Lip Glosses by Mirabella Beauty have gorgeous shimmer and shine.

    -Pj Gach,

    colour luxe glosscolour luxe gloss

    Get sexy, three dimensional shine with Mirabella Beauty's new Colour Luxe lip glosses ($26, Each of the six glosses: Beam, Blaze, Fire, Flicker, Spark and Wink has a combination of pearlescent and iridescent pearls, which in turn gives your lips an incredibly sexy pout.

    The glosses contain Vitamins C and E, anti-aging agents, antioxidant protection, peptides, Jojoba oil and Monoi de Tahiti to keep your lips moisturized, soft and protected against anything.


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  • From Mia to Buttercup: 10 Great Fictional Princesses for National Princess Week

    In honor of National Princess Week, we've rounded up our favorite fictional princesses and the fabulous women who played them. Get that tiara ready!

    -Lucia Peters,

    Fictional PrincessesFictional Princesses

    Guess what, Bettys? It's National Princess Week! Not only that, it's the first annual National Princess Week, so break out your tiaras and get ready for a celebration!

    Okay, back up: Let's deal with the cynical side of things for a moment. It's true that National Princess Week was created by Disney and Target and is therefore largely a marketing ploy to get all of us credit card-happy consumers to buy llots of princess-themed things. I also suspect that it's not an accident that National Princess Week coincides with the week leading up to William and Kate's first wedding anniversary (by the way, happy anniversary, you two! We'll have a feature for you later in the week). Weird? A little.

    But all that aside-and even putting aside for a moment some of the problems we're seeing with princess

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  • Mean Betty: Why on Earth Does the Bling Ring Need to Know Emma Watson's Salary?

    What good will knowing Emma Watson's salary on Sofia Coppola's Bling Ring movie do the Burglar Bunch's defense? Mean Betty isn't entirely sure...

    -Mean Betty,

    Emma Watson bling ringEmma Watson bling ring

    Kittens, have you seen those photographs of former Harry Potter star Emma Watson that have recently begun making the rounds through this glorious invention we call the Internet? Heavens! It looks like Little Miss Emma-at 22, no longer quite so little!-has shed completely the good-girl image of the brainy Hermione Granger in favor of talking a walk on the proverbial (and perhaps literal) wild side! Clad only in a leather jacket, short shorts, a bra, and sky-high heels, the images feature Emma lounging languidly in the sun. How shocking!

    Emma Watson bling ring 2Emma Watson bling ring 2

    Though perhaps not as shocking as at first it might seem; Emma, you see, is working. These photos were snapped on the set of Emma's new movie, The Bling Ring. Does that phrase sound familiar to you, kittens? Perhaps in conjunction with a certain Miss Paris

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  • 14 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products to Use All Year Long

    Revitalize your beauty and skin care routine 365 days a year.

    -PJ Gach,

    eco beautyEco Beauty

    Most of us felt very virtuous purging unhealthy things from our home and diet on Earth Day. Did you think about your beauty products? Yes, Earth Day is over, but taking care of your skin with gentle products that are good for you never goes out of style.


    korres sleeping facialkorres sleeping facial

    1. Korres Wild Rose and Vitamin C Advanced Brightening facial ($48, Now, this is a time-saver! Before you go to sleep, smooth it on your face (you only need a small amount of it), wake up and your skin is smoother, and more even toned and feels soft. Korres has a long-standing reputation of only using eco-friendly ingredients and containers.

    marie veronique organicsmarie veronique organics

    2. Marie Veronique Organics exfoliating cleanser ($35, Made without toxic preservatives, sudsing agents, anti-microbials, fragrances, alcohol, or detergents, this gentle exfoliating cleanser does contain alpha-hydroxy (lactic) acid and beta hydroxy

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  • 5 Yummy Organic Cocktails for Spring

    Who says a cocktail can't be good for you?

    -PJ Gach,

    kanon organic vodka drinkkanon organic vodka drink

    Earth Day just passed and you may be thinking about eating and drinking healthier for the rest of the year. If you're not, but you're bored with your "go to" cocktails, take a look at these yummy cocktails made with organic ingredients.

    Camarena Rosemary Lemonaderosemary lemonaderosemary lemonade


    1 1/2 ounces Camarena Reposado Tequila

    4 ounce organic lemonade

    3 to 4 organic rosemary Infused Ice Cubes*


    Place rosemary ice in highball glass. Add tequila. Top with lemonade. Stir. Garnish with rosemary sprig and lemon wheel.

    * Rosemary Infused Ice


    3 cups water

    6 organic rosemary sprigs


    Pinch 12 to 15 tips from rosemary sprigs. Set aside. Bring water to simmer. Add remaining rosemary sprigs to heated water. Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Strain into heatproof container. Allow to cool. After rosemary water has cooled, pour rosemary water into

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  • Carey Mulligan Got Married!

    Actress Carey Mulligan and musician Marcus Mumford tied the knot this weekend in Britain. Congratulations!

    -Lucia Peters,

    Carey Mulligan Marcus MumfordCarey Mulligan Marcus Mumford

    Who else is glad that Carey Mullian ended up with someone other than Shia LaBeouf? Don't get me wrong, I used to be a big Shia fan-for a while there, he looked like a nice young man who had some pretty good acting chops-but then he started to get really weird, and although he and Carey dated for over a year after shooting Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps together, I was really relieved when they broke up. Why? Because I really thought Carey, who is by all accounts a delightful person as well as an astonishing actress, could do much, much better than the increasingly eccentric former Disney star.

    And hey, guess what? She did! According to the UK Daily Mail, Carey tied the knot with boyfriend Marcus Mumford, lead singer of the band Mumford & Sons, in a rustic-themed ceremony in the English countryside over the weekend. Congratulations

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  • Get Kristen Stewart's Sexy, Lacey Look for Less

    You can look just as 'wowza' as Kristen for your next special date or event.

    -Pj Gach,

    kristen stewartkristen stewart

    Kristen Stewart looked spectacular at the Kid's Choice awards. She smiled (oh so rare!) and we all fell in love with her sexy, bright blue lace dress by Stella McCartney and her matching bright blue pumps by Barbara Bui.

    We love her look, but it's pricey! So we found the perfect "style twin" that would just as amazing on you!

    kristen stewart look for lesskristen stewart look for less

    1. Blue lace dress by Dalia MacPhee, style 9008-V($268,

    2. AMI Clubwear blue faux suede platform heels ($31.99,

    3. Guy & Eva Sonya ring, style 40105 ($22,

    4. Essie Lollipop nail polish ($8,


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  • Celebrities React to Dick Clark's Death on Twitter

    After news of Dick Clark's death hit yesterday, celebrities took to Twitter to react.

    -Lucia Peters,

    Dick ClarkDick Clark

    When news of Dick Clark's passing at the age of 82 hit yesterday, it hit hard. Known affectionately as "the World's Oldest Teenager," the entertainment legend suffered a massive heart attack following an outpatient procedure at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica.From American Bandstand to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, there can be no denying the impact he had on the music industry in particular, as well as the entertainment industry at large; even though he had been in poor health since his stroke in 2004, it never stopped him from continuing to host his New Year's Eve festivities in Times Square every year (even if it meant having to enlist the help of Ryan Seacrest to do it).

    Dick Clark 1957Dick Clark 1957

    Dick Clark in 1957.

    As celebrities took to the Twittersphere yesterday to express their love of the man and their grief at his passing, they honored his

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  • Claire Danes Chats with Capitol File About Her Role as a Bipolar CIA Agent

    The 'Homeland' actress opens up about playing a character who harbors a mental illness and dishes about her on-screen partner!

    -Diana Denza,

    claire danes cover of capitol fileclaire danes cover of capitol file

    Claire Danes looks every bit the blonde bombshell on the cover of the May/June issue of Capitol File magazine. The Emmy-award winning star of Showtime's Homeland chatted with the mag about playing a kickass female CIA officer.

    Her character also struggles to keep her bipolar disorder under wraps. Talk about a complicated role!

    "I've been in therapy forever-I'm an armchair therapist at the very least," Danes told Capitol File. "Acting and psychology are not unrelated. They're both examinations of the human spirits…I'm really curious as to how people work, particularly people with certain conditions that make them different to the rest of us."

    Danes also called co-star Mandy Patinkin, "just dreamy; I'm in constant awe of what he can do. And if I'm nervous about a scene or I think it's particularly tricky, I

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  • Love it or Hate It? Jon Hamm's Super Scruffy Beard

    Jon Hamm stepped out on Tuesday sporting one heck of a beard. Love it or hate it?

    -Lucia Peters,

    Bearded Jon HammBearded Jon Hamm

    We've gotten used to seeing Mad Men star Jon Hamm as Don Draper: Polished, well-groomed, and impecably clean-shaven. Everyone needs a change every once and a while, though, and Jon is no exception. But that still didn't stop us from being surprised by the actor's new look!

    On Tuesday, Jon was spotted at the Food Bank for New York City's Can-Do Awards Gala with girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt at his side-and a big, bushy beard on his face. His hair also looks a little longer than usual, although it's possible that it's just more touseled than Don Draper's slick Mad Men look. So Bettys: Love it or hate it? For comparison purposes, here's Jon, fresh-faced and beard-free (as if we could ever forget what he looks like, but hey, just in case):

    Jon HammJon Hamm

    Is it for a role? We don't know, so alas, we shall have to judge it without that aspect of appearance in mind.

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