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  • Hot or Not: Hugh Jackman with a GIANT Bushy Beard!

    At the Laughing Man Tea and Coffee launch at Harvey Nichols, Hugh Jackman's beard might've scared the crowds.

    -PJ Gach,

    hugh jackman and laughin man coffeehugh jackman and laughin man coffee

    Hugh Jackman is a very busy and normally a very sexy looking man! Whilst he's in the middle of filming Les Miserables, he's also working on his brand of ethically made teas and coffees.Laughing Man is a company he launched back in 2011.100 percent of profits to benefit those in need around the world.

    Well...the smart (he has a degree in journalism), talented (need we say more) and normally hawt (ack, that beard!) was in London to promote his company at the venerable and oh, so chic Harvey Nichols.

    Now we love us some Hugh Jackman. We do. But the beard. Oh, that beard. If you're counting the days until you can see his chin again, raise your hand!

    Tell us: Hugh Jackman: Bearded wonder or "someone get him a razor!" fright?


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    25 Things About Lily Collins
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  • David Beckham Has Regrets, and They Are Fashion-Related

    What's David Beckham's biggest regret? Hint: It has to do with an unfortunate wardrobe choice.

    -Lucia Peters,

    David BeckhamDavid Beckham

    Wait, what? David Beckham has regrets? Given the overwhelming success of his life and career, it seems difficult to believe, doesn't it? But yes, ladies, it's true: David Beckham has regrets. And the biggest one is fashion-related.

    Do you remember that one time he and wife Posh-sorry, Victoria-stepped out together in head-to-toe black leather? In case you need to jog your memory, maybe this will help:

    David and Victoria BeckhamDavid and Victoria Beckham

    Yeah. That time. "Me and Victoria wore matching black leather outfits once," the football/soccer/whatever star recently told H&M Life according to People. "That's one where I look back, like, 'What were we thinking?' We laugh about that one." Ah well-everyone makes mistakes, especially in the prime of their youth!

    That said, though, he seems to have moved on quite nicely; in addition to, y'know, that awesome athletic career and

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  • Happy Hunger Games! 15 Inspired Products to Buy Now!

    We've found items for your closet, beauty bag, and home that'll make you fit for a trip to the Capitol with Katniss!

    -Diana Denza,

    hunger games movie posterhunger games movie poster

    The Hunger Games are on and the young adult world is in total pandemonium. And while tweens and teens are spending their allowance money on every last sticker, pin, and tee, we're planning to celebrate the Games a bit more subtly.

    From Katniss-inspired frocks to Boy With the Bread scented candles, here are 15 items you need to get the odds in your favor.


    lauren moffatt fondue fete dresslauren moffatt fondue fete dress

    Lauren Moffatt Fondue Fete dress ($384.99, If looks could kill, you'd be a star tribute in this arrow adorned dress.

    Fire cinch topFire cinch top

    Fire cinch waist women's top ($17.97, Girl on Fire gown at the movies: not practical. Flame-inspired blouse: hotter than the mines in District 12!

    gold sequin minigold sequin mini

    Gold sequin mini skirt ($59.90, Nod to Cinna's famed gold eyeliner with this sparkling mini.


    tribal bird earringstribal bird earrings

    Tribal bird

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  • 9 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

    The quality of your relationship can affect the rest of your life. Don't you want both to be the best they can be?

    -PJ Gach,

    happy couplehappy couple

    Tod Patkin, author of the Finding Happiness: One Man's Quest to Beat Depression and Anxiety and-Finally-Let the Sunshine In (StepWise Press) thinks that, "…Because couples allow their relationships to run on autopilot, but still expect them to stay healthy and exciting…But the truth is, like everything else in life, relationships don't work that way. We must learn to put as much-no, even more-effort into our marriages as we do in trying to succeed professionally or keeping our gardens, houses, or cars looking top shelf."

    Tod believes that a happy relationship and a happy marriage is really what can make or break you. As he says, "If a marriage isn't good, you're going to have trouble feeling fulfilled in other areas as well.

    "I know from experience that if you get it right here, it's easier to get it right in all of the

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  • 5 Tips on How to Make Your Hands Look Smooth and Healthy

    Keep hands smooth and soft straight into spring with our tips from leading Bliss esthetician Yelena Royzen.

    -Heather Taylor,

    womens handswomens hands

    As we wind up on the remaining winter weeks, getting hands back to where they were pre-winter's dryness and redness is a tough task. Luckily, we have lead esthetician of Bliss Spa Soho, Yelena Royzen on hand (no pun intended) for recommendations on how to bring your hands back to hydrated health in five simple steps!

    1. Apply nightly

    "When you sleep, 80 percent of the skin's energy is devoted to repair. I recommend wearing a pair of skin softening gloves overnight. The gel lining inside of the gloves works to force feed cream and moisture into your skin that immediately softens hands, leaving them feeling smooth and hydrated, even on the coldest winter days."


    Bliss glamour glovesBliss glamour gloves

    Bliss glamour gloves ($48,

    2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

    During the winter months, it's easy to let hands take a

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  • 25 Things About 'Mirror Mirror's' Snow White, Lily Collins

    To celebrate the release of the hotly anticipated Snow White movie 'Mirror Mirror,' we've got a crash course of everything you need to know about its star, the delightful Lily Collins!

    -Lucia Peters,

    Lily CollinsLily Collins

    2012 is certainly shaping up to be the Year of Snow White; and hey, guess what? The first of the two high-profile Snow White films comes out on Friday! Thanks to the popularity of Twilight, you probably already know a good deal about Snow White and the Huntsman's Kristen Stewart; but what about Lily Collins, the rising star of Mirror Mirror, out in cinemas this Friday? When we realized that we knew next to nothing about her, we decided to do a little digging, and believe you me, we found a veritable wealth of fascinating tidbits about this up-and-coming actress, model, and journalist. Ready to go on a fairytale journey with us? Once upon a time…

    1. Lily Jane Collins (SUCH a British name!) was born on March 18, 1989. That means she just turned 23. Happy

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  • Josie Maran and Friends Launch the 'Model Citizen' Campaign

    Nourish and tighten your skin with a bottle of Josie Maran's Argan Oil. Part of the proceeds goes to charity!

    -Diana Denza,

    model citizen campaignmodel citizen campaign

    What do supermodels Josie Maran, Petra Nemcova and Angela Lindvall have in common (besides being gorgeous)? Well, the three have collaborated on a project that will leave you feeling nourished and refreshed.

    The activist trio has created a set of three limited edition bottles of 100 percent Pure Argan Oil. This is the oil of Moroccan legend, said to protect the skin from damage, reduce fine lines, and clear complexions.

    Each of them designed her own bottle. Best of all, 10 percent of the purchase price of the bottle you choose will support a charity.

    Proceeds from Maran's bottle will go to Women for Women International, which aids women who have survived war and conflict. Meanwhile, monies from the sale of Nemcova's bottle will go toHappy Hearts Fund. As founder of this fund, Nemcova has helped victims of natural

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  • Get Fit 'Hunger Games'-Style: "Train like a Tribute” at the New York Sports Club

    Become the tribute they're betting on by learning how to shoot an arrow, climb a tree, and lift weights during the New York Sports Club's "Train Like a Tribute" class. Watch out, Katniss!

    - Diana Denza,

    Career TributesCareer Tributes

    Hunger Games fans, you may have devoured one too many tubs of popcorn at the film's opening weekend. But don't throw your bow and arrows in just yet! There's a way to get the odds back in your favor: New York Sports Club trainer Eric Salvador has devised a Hunger Games workout that will whip you into shape before you head back into the arena. Get ready, because you're about to "Train Like a Tribute!"

    Nicole Lyn Pesce of the New York Daily News was one of the first tributes to try out the routine. She explained that each participant must "claim a spot in the studio to be our home base, or pedestal. We are shown the four exercises we'll have to do at our stations (from jumping jacks to modified crunches) before sprinting around the room. Finishing all

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  • Would You Pay $12 a Minute to Talk to Octomom?

    Dial-A-Star's betting that you'd fork over your hard earned cash to talk to Octomom, Dina Lohan, Jeremy London and Lindsay Lohan's dad!

    -Mean Betty,

    dina lohan octomom michael lohandina lohan octomom michael lohan

    There are just some people who refuse to get out of the limelight, even when their 15 minutes of fame are up. For all those reality TV participants (Meanie just can't use the word "star" in conjunction with the word "reality"), there is finally a place where they can literally cash in on their fame, as it were. Dial -A-Star offers "celebrities" you can chat directly to -- starting at $5 a minute for Donald Farmer from VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire and going up to $25 a minute to shoot the you-know-what with Linday's Lohan's mom Dina. For a mere $18 a minute, you can chat with Michael Lohan, Lindsay's dad. Poor Lindsay.

    Oh and the Octomom, her rate's only $12 a minute. There are actually 41 D-Listers with whom you can book some time and ask them anything you want. Whether or not they'll answer the

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  • Moving to the UK? Buy David and Victoria Beckham's House!

    That's right: David and Victoria Beckham are finally selling their home in the UK. Raise your hand if you want to live in Beckinham Palace!

    -Lucia Peters,

    David and Victoria BeckhamDavid and Victoria Beckham

    That's right, Bettys: Five years after relocating to the United States, David and Victoria Beckham are finally selling their UK home. Got £18 million (or roughly $28 million) to burn? Because if you do, you could become the new owner of the mansion affectionately known as Beckingham Palace!

    According to People, Posh and Becks bought the 24-acre Hertfordshire estate back in 1999 for $4 million, just after they tied the knot. Originally a seven-bedroom home, the couple is said to have spent millions in renovations to add such things as a 52-ft. garden pavilion with a marble floor, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a recording studio, and a gym. When David signed with Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, he, Victoria, and sons Brookyln, Romeo, andCruz headed out to LA, where they settled in an

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