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  • Dress To Seduce Him In And Out Of The Bedroom

    Lusty lingerie is just the half of your big night.

    -Erin Donnelly,

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kissingBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kissing

    "Toniiiiiiiight's the niiiiiiight," you're probably singing that to yourself. You've washed the sheets, subjected yourself to one seriously brutal Brazilian wax and downloaded a honeymoon's worth of Sade. Now comes the big question: what to wear? We all know that you're a lady (wink, wink), but tonight calls for something sexier-way sexier. Channel your inner porn star with these racy get-ups, which we've paired with red-hot lingerie options that will make him hyperventilate just like Brad does over Angelina. Let's just hope he makes it to the bedroom in time!

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    Read on for our five fave looks.

    Look 1: Greased Lighting

    Ginnifer GoodwinGinnifer Goodwin

    The Outfit:
    Ditch the sweet Sandra Dee look and embrace your bad girl side with this sleek all-black ensemble, like Ginnifer Goodwin's. Whitney Eve's black bustier top ($127, hugs

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  • Your 8 Dating Worries and How To Fix Them

    Quick fixes to calm your nerves and boost your dating ego.

    -Carrie Seim,

    Dating insecuritiesDating insecurities

    This week on AskMen, relationship writer Andrea Madison lays out eight dating insecurities women sometimes suffer. Before you get all up in arms about women being confident, strong, sexually secure beings and why would anyone dare suggest otherwise?!, let's acknowledge that it's normal for women and men to have stressy thoughts when it comes to the emotional complexities of relationships. If you didn't, you'd be a robot. Or Ryan Seacrest.

    Instead of blaming ladies for being dating weaklings, Andrea givesguys eight simple steps to reassure women and boost their dating confidence. (Yaytime!) Because that should be the point of every relationship, right? To make your partner feel happy and secure so that happiness and security will be reflected back upon you? Can we get a copy of this article sent to every man in America?

    In case that mailing's not in this year's

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  • Exclusive Q&A With Jane Lynch

    The 'I Do & I Don't' star gets personal with BettyConfidential.

    -Sarah Polonsky,

    Jane LynchJane Lynch

    The infamous Glee star, Jane Lynch has a new DVD lighting up televisions across the world. She is funny, bawdy and all around thrilling to watch. In I Do & I Don't Jane plays an alcoholic woman who has signed up with her husband (Matt Servitto) to provide pre-marital counseling to a young couple about to take their walk down the aisle. With Jane's nonstop sexual advances towards to the groom-to-be (Bryan Callen) and her unwillingness to put down the vodka bottle, things are bound to get hilarious.

    What was the most fun scene to shoot in I Do & I Don't?

    The scene with Brian Callen, when I come on to him while he's exercising. We end up spanking each other and then I slap him. That was fun. There's also a scene with the four of us (Callen, Lynch, Matt Servitto and Alexie Gilmore) are sitting on a couch singing the song "Halleluiah," eat his body drink his blood. It

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  • Celebrity Men That Must Rock in Bed!

    Here's how we imagine Johnny Depp, Tom Brady and other famous fellas measure up in the sex department.

    -J. Travis

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    What is it about certain men that set hearts aflutter? Is it strong arms? A killer smile? A six pack tummy? A tender heart? Or maybe a rock hard tush that you just want to slather in butter, chomp on and cuddle up to whilst sleeping?

    Whatever it is, fantasizing about men and what they are like in bed is a favorite past time of my girlfriends and me. Sometimes I'm a romantic, dreaming about a passionate night with a classic leading man like Clark Gable. Other times I'm a cougar with a Zac Efronfetish. Or, just for kicks, I imagine what it would be like to take money from Charlie Sheen and send him off with a smile. (We've all had moments thinking we should get paid for it.)

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    So here is Betty's Top 5 Men We Want to Pay With…er…Play with…

    Joe Manganiello - Muscled and in the Mood.

    Joe Manganiello Joe Manganiello

    Meet my newest crush, Joe

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  • How Could You?!

    Sofia Wisher is the 23rd child to die this year due to parental neglect, and I'm beside myself.

    -Carolyn French,

    baby sleeping in a car seatbaby sleeping in a car seat

    On one particularly sweltering evening I gave my neighbors a reason to relocate after I read a news story and began screaming at the top of my lungs - "HOW COULD YOU??!"

    I normally reserve that tone for instances such as Jennifer Anistonjumping into Player Mayer's bed for the umpteenth time, but this was bad. Really freaking bad.

    A couple based in Antioch, California (roughly 49 miles from my home) left their 7-month-old daughter in their car … overnight … and she died.

    I had tears streaming down my face and a lump in my throat the size of Italy while picturing little Sofia Wisher, alone in that car, forfourteen hours.

    This wasn't a case of a mother dashing back into the house for 30 seconds to retrieve a teething ring. This was unforgiveable.

    But you want to know what prompted me to tell each and every one of my

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  • The Curvy Girl's Guide to Accessories

    Draw attention to your best assets.

    -Angela Gaimari,

    Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks

    While trying on jeans may not be one of our favorite activities, shopping for accessories is fashion fun at its finest. A sparkly, shiny or otherwise eye-catching piece draws the eye just where you want it, and away from where you might not. Best of all, accessories make just about any outfit more fun and they're one-size-fits-all-so long as you choose pieces that are best suited to your body type. Christina Hendricks uses minimal accessories, like the giant emerald ring to make sure all eyes are on her.

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    Read on for your ultimate summer picks.

    The Pear

    America FerreraAmerica Ferrera

    Got gorgeous curves like America Ferrera? Balance out a sensuous pear-shape with bold colors and glistening accessories that draw the eye to your upper half.

    Your Carefree Summer Handbag:

    The interchangeable Bermuda bag that will match your mood and your outfit. Jesse B Collection

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  • The University of Hugh Hefner: A Unique Approach To Education

    The Playboy Mansion is turning former party girls into success stories.

    -Libby Keatinge,

    Hugh Hefner with Bridget, Holly, and KendraHugh Hefner with Bridget, Holly, and Kendra

    A wealthy old man in his eighties has several girlfriends at one time, all blonde, curvaceous, and beautiful - and all about fifty years younger than he is. It initially sounds a little creepy, but actually living at the Playboy Mansion appears to be not such a bad place for a young girl in Hollywood. In her new book, Sliding Into Home, former girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson details a home life during her time living at the Playboy Mansion that surprisingly is extremely ordered, structured, and tame. This stable domestic arrangement might explain why the majority of the ladies that have loved Hugh Hefnerand lived in the Playboy Mansion as his girlfriends have turned out pretty well, especially considering they were immersed in a Hollywood environment.

    Kendra Wilkinson was a troubled San Diego girl with a drug and stripper past who showed up at the Playboy

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  • Tim Gunn: "I Don’t Want to Be Seen As Predictable"

    The breakout star gives some insight into season eight of "Project Runway."

    -Sarah Polonsky,

    Tim GunnTim Gunn

    If there is one man that knows how to put designers under rapid fashion fire it's Tim Gunn. But how does the mentor to aspiring stylistas really feel about the slew of young hopefuls he advises onProject Runway? "There are so many designers," Tim reveals to BettyConfidential. "Making rounds of the workroom takes forever. I end up feeling spent and exhausted physically and mentally."

    This is not to say that Tim does not love his job. He does. This is why Tim has always made it his chief duty to assist each and every designer with his or her creations-until now. "I can divulge that this season has been the only time I haven't been able to make it around to all of the contestants the first round." Looks like season eight (airing on Lifetime July 29 th ) will be jam-packed!

    How does a master teacher of clothing artistry get through to so many aspiring

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  • Win It: Cosmetic Gift Bag Worth over $100!

    The Sally Hansen Natural Beauty cosmetics was inspired by Carmindy.

    -PJ Gach,


    Carmindy - celebrity makeup artist, resident makeup artist for TV'sWhat Not To Wear and book author (Crazy Busy Beautiful: Beauty Secrets for Getting Beautiful Fast - is her third book), knows makeup inside and out.

    She recently partnered with Sally Hansen to create a line of paraben-free cosmetics: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy. The products contain minerals, natural extracts, and active botanicals like soy, bamboo, papaya and mango. While you're wearing the makeup, it actually improves the texture of your skin. They actually adapt to your skin's needs, and the formulas are fool-proof!

    beauty productsbeauty products

    We're giving three very lucky winners one gift bag per person of this hot new line of smart cosmetics. Each Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy gift bag contains:

    Your Skin Makeup - $12.95

    Truly Translucent Loose Powder in Neutralizer

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  • The Maternity-Leave Conflict

    How women can get the time they need-without alienating their boss.
    - Jane Farrell,

    BettyConfidential's CEO, Deborah Perry Piscione, talked to The New York Times this week about a very hot topic-maternity leave for working women-and how a flexible approach has helped her tackle the issue.

    Among all the countries in the world, the U.S. and Australia are the only ones that do not provide any paid maternity leave whatsoever. The federal Family and Medical Leave Act, which mandates 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, covers only companies with more than 50 employees. But more than half of all U.S. companies have fewer than 50 employees, which means that women who work for them aren't eligible for any maternity leave at all.

    And since, according to the National Women's Law Center, an estimated 71 percent of women with children 18 or under are in the workforce, that means the lack of maternity leave has affected millions of female workers.


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