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  • Postcards From Mommywood: What I've Learned From the Great Recession

    We don't need much stuff. Even my daughter knows that!
    - Diane Clehane,

    There's no question that for most of us, until the Great Recession came along, life had been one of plenty for many years. Long summer vacations and a backyard that looked like a theme park somehow morphed from being luxuries into must-haves, along with a list of "essentials" that includes everything from iPhones to Xbox games.

    Not any more. At least not at my house.

    The now constant barrage of bad economic news and the wildly unpredictable stock market have curtailed the rampant consumerism I'd unthinkingly fallen into. Before I became a parent, I was a hardcore recreational shopper and indulged in more than my share of retail therapy. During my first few years of motherhood, I bought enough baby clothes to open my own store. When the first waves of the recession hit, I scaled back considerably out of necessity. Now that it's been a couple of years and my priorities have

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  • Q&A With a Dominatrix

    The inside scoop from a professional Madame.
    - Sarah Polonsky,

    Hard as it may be for some to believe, the world of bondage is prevalent. The next time you go to your doctor it may interest you to know he may spend his off hours being tied up by a leather-clad lady in stiletto boots. And there are some women roaming amongst us who cater to the desires of the ... shall we say ... non-vanilla set. These women are not hookers or strippers. They are in fact, psychologically tuned-in, Mother-types that will spank you if you're naughty… for a price.

    In part one of this series, KC Neill, a professional dominatrix gave BettyConfidential readers some insight into how she got into the bondage biz and what it's about. Now we've followed up with some questions for her that were plaguing us.

    Read I'm a Dominatrix

    Is being a dominatrix your fulltime job?
    No. I'm a freelance event planner and a model as well.

    Would you ever want to do it fulltime or

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  • Q&A With a "Curvy" Model

    Jessica Hart talks her new collection, Sarah Palin's boobs and dating a rocker!
    - Jess Zaino,

    Model Jessica Hart has been stealing the hearts of international fans since starting her modeling career at the age of 14 with drop dead gorgeous campaigns for Guess, multiple Vogue Magazine cover shots and features in the illustrious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Traveling the globe on modeling assignments, it was perfectly natural for this natural beauty to step into the role of designer. Her collection, NEON HART, designed for brand General Pants is like a peek into Jess' personal closet. It just became available online and in stores making her shredded tees a must have for hot times in the city. We spoke to the Aussie supermodel to get the scoop on her NEON HART style for summer.

    Read Exclusive! Q&A With a Couture Cutie

    How is your summer going so far?
    I love summer. I've been waiting for it for so long now. I've been traveling at the moment

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  • On-Screen Costars Turned Real Life Couples

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt aren't the only Hollywood lovers that met onset.
    - Shari Goldhagen,

    In her latest interview with Vanity Fair, Angelina Jolie talks about how she and partner/babydaddy Brad Pitt, who met on the set of 2005's Mr. & Mrs. Smith, would love to work together on another flick. And while it would probably be pretty hot to see Brad and Angie heat up the screen together, Brangie beware, not all couples who met on set have Hollywood endings if they keep working together.

    Read Five Break Ups That Broke Our Hearts

    Here are some couples who took their on-screen love off the set. Although some didn't last it's still hot to think about them naked. Just saying!

    Courteney and David

    One of the running jokes in 1996's Scream was that sexy reporter Gale Winters played by Courtney Cox would fall for the dopey police officer Dewey played by dopey David Arquette. But the two had a definite chemistry on-screen that worked just as well

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  • Advice for Misfit Mothers

    How to handle snotty moms' groups.
    - Jennifer Lubell,

    Esther Crawford, mother to a 13-month-old son, recently decided to cut back on dates with on her playgroup--mainly because she got tired of trying to fit in with the other moms.

    "I had imagined the playgroup would be a place for moms to get together and connect as adults," says the Milwaukee mother. "But it's really a place to talk--even more--about your child. And the truth is I don't care to hear about [other] children." The women in her group, Crawford says, "are obsessed with every tiny milestone. I love my son with all my heart, but I don't need to read a dozen books before giving him solid foods.

    Besides, she says, the women in her group also abuse the email list. "It's like they all signed up to sell something from home--Barefoot Books, Lia Sophia jewelry, Mary Kay make-up. The requests to attend these horrible parties go on and on."

    Crawford's experience may sound extreme, but it's

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  • A Night With Barbie, Lady Liberty and the Ghost of My Grandmother

    BettyConfidential parties with Barbie on Ellis Island.
    - April Daniels Hussar,

    Several lifetimes ago, when the world was bigger, and different, my great-grandmother Margaret Quigley traveled alone, at the age of 16, on a ship that sailed from famine-ravaged Ireland to the promised land of the United States. She passed by the same gorgeous Statue of Liberty that stands today, arrived at Ellis Island, and somehow managed to forge a new life in a new world.

    And last week, a century after Margaret arrived, my 7-year-old daughter Isabella (Margaret's great, great-granddaughter) and I were invited to the launch party celebrating the 30-year anniversary and special exhibit of the Barbie Dolls of the World collection right there on the very same Ellis Island. Representing 40 nations across seven continents, the collection is truly a sight to see, and it was so much fun to watch the giant pink ribbon being cut with - you guessed it - a giant pink pair of

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  • Sandra Bullock's Red Carpet Fashion Evolution

    10 looks show how the star's style has improved over the years.
    - Erin Donnelly,

    From Speed sidekick to Oscar-winning comeback queen, Sandra Bullock's career (and personal life) has had its fair share of twists and turns. So has her fashion sense, which has slowly evolved from low-key tomboy to runway-savvy, leading lady glam. She really rocked it at the MTV Movie Awards.

    Read Sandra Bullock Is Back!

    Now that the actress and new mom is back on the scene to reclaim her title as America's Sweetheart, BettyConfidential has decided to trace her red carpet style journey. Take some notes, kids!

    Hope Floats Premiere, 1998

    Hope Floats? More like Hopeless. Sandra Bullock looked decidedly underdressed in her blah black suit and shaggy bangs. It's a surprise co-star Harry Connick Jr. and his wife Jill Goodacre didn't mistake her for an usher.

    Read 10 Fun Facts About Sandra Bullock

    Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, 2001


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  • I'm a Dominatrix

    The true tale of one woman's journey into the world of bondage.
    - KC Neill,

    Pencil skirt. Check.

    Corset, tied tight. Check.

    Black patent leather pumps. Check.

    Red lips. Check.

    Crop, flogger, wrist & ankle cuffs, clamps, collar with leash, cigarettes with lighter, latex gloves, antibacterial wipes, paddle, flat hair brush. Check.

    iPod with my session music ready to go. Check.

    The room in the dungeon I work at has been wiped down. My toys are on display, ready to be used at any time. I take one last read-through of my client's desires, which he emailed me last night, and I am ready to begin.

    Read I Was a Call Girl For a Day: Part 1

    I inhale deeply and close my eyes, then I hearing the knock on the door. He's on time. I open the door, "Hello Jon," I say in my sexy, raspy, yet powerful Domme voice. "You're early. You know you will be punished for not following my simple directions. Come in and let's get started."


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  • Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper Are Getting Married

    The "A-Team" sexpot is off the market.
    - JoAnna Zulli,

    Sources tell BettyConfidential exclusively that Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper are planning to wed this fall.

    Bradley has been filming back-to-back movies. He went from promoting The A-Team to filming The Dark Field. "After that film is complete, Cooper will have a month off before filming Hangover 2 (begins shooting October 15) giving them enough time to enjoy their wedding, a honeymoon and some more alone time," our insider tells us.

    Meanwhile, Renee has been very busy planning everything. Says our source: "Bradley is leaving it all up to her. She fills him in on all the details but he's happy if she is happy."

    Read Daily Dish: Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper Reunite

    The couple also met with Bradley's parents, Gloria and Charlie, to keep them in the loop. "Even though the bride makes most of the decisions, Renee wants to keep Brad's family in the know, says our source.

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  • Mean Betty: Does Elin Really Deserve 3/4 of Tiger's Fortune?

    The billionaire golfer will soon be a mere millionaire. He may be a cheater, but can we officially consider Elin a gold digger?
    - Mean Betty,

    Well, well, well. It's appears as if the Tiger Woods "marathon" divorce proceedings are coming to a close. is reporting that Elin stands to walk away from her six-year marriage to the "sex addict" with a cool $750 million … or to put it another way, three-quarters of Tiger's estimated $1 billion fortune.

    Now, Mean Betty is not fan of cheaters, especially when they betray not only their wives but their children … but, honestly pets, does that seem fair?

    Tiger Woods, reprehensible though we may find his private life to be, worked his entire life to become the sports success he is today. It was a life full of an amount of dedication and sacrifice most of us can only imagine (personally, Mean Betty finds keeping perfectly manicured and highlighted taxing enough!) - and Tiger earned that money,

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