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  • At Home Beauty Vs. Salon Services: Can You Get the Same Results for Less?

    If you're spending less on beauty treatments at home, will they look like a beauty pro did it? Beauty expert Mickey Williams weighs in on this debate and gives us the deets on how to do it right.
    -Mickey WIlliams

    Whether we struggle with blemishes, dark spots, stained teeth or unruly nails, we all have those pesky little "flaws" that we fixate on and would like to change. With all the latest professional treatments out there, a quick fix may seem only an appointment away. But those results come at a premium price, and who has time for regular in-office or salon visits for maintenance? Luckily, DIY options are getting more sophisticated, meaning you can get the results you want with the conveniences and price tag you need. Wonder what really works? Before you shell out big bucks for a professional service try these economical, effective at-home solutions that have been tried, tested and loved by me and my clients.

    Blast blemishes

    Blue light treatments and cortisone

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  • The 'Blush' Book Tour Has Started!

    First stop on the 'Blush: The Unbelievable Absurd Diary of a Gay Beauty Junkie' tour-Las Vegas!
    -Harvey Helms

    What is up with this economy, ladies? I don't know about you, but my recent budget has been tighter than any Man Spanx I put on to look thinner (by the way, thank you, Spanx for coming out with the boy version)! I've been receiving SOS emails, tweets, Facebook messages and frantic texts from women across the country about how to spend less yet remain fabulous! Where do all of our beauty pennies go?

    Over the next months, I will be focusing my column on tips to help you find the best deals on all things fabulous, as well as easy ways to make extra cash on the side. As you know, my new book is about my life in the cosmetic industry. I love beauty. As the title says, I am a Beauty Junkie. It has always put bread on the table and paid my bills. The "Harvey Blush Tour" has several different sponsors who will make it possible for me to meet you girls across the country.


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  • Want to Dress like Kate Middleton? There's an App for That

    The Kate's Style List app for the iPhone allows users to keep track of the Duchess of Cambridge's hit outfits, find out where to buy them, and more!
    -Lucia Peters,

    Kate Middleton's sense of style has bewitched the world since she first came on the scene-and now it's easier than ever to snag her best looks for your very own. Why? There's an app for that, of course!

    Using the brand-new Kate's Style List app for the iPhone ($0.99, iTunes Store), fans of the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe can click through her many outfits, get details on her favorite pieces (including, naturally, where to get them), and create lists of their own favorites. The app will even update users whenever Kate appears at official engagements. Check out some screenshots here:

    Read Get Kate Middleton's Sexy Thigh-Baring Gown for Less!

    The app was created by Helen Barclay, a 28-year-old former actress turned tech-savvy fashionista.

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  • Mean Betty: Prince Harry was Offered HOW Much to Star in an Adult Film?!

    Mean Betty hears that Vivid Entertainment has offered Prince Harry an enormous sum to appear in an adult film. Is the offer in bad taste? Meanie thinks so!
    -Mean Betty,

    Oh, kittens. There is apparently no low to which adult film production company Vivid Entertainment will not stoop, no scandal which they will not exploit: In the wake of Prince Harry's recent little adventure in Vegas, AKA the City of Sin- you remember, the one during which he wound up on camera, naked as a jaybird- Vivid head honcho Steve Hirsch has offered the prince a whopping $10 million to star in an XXX movie.

    According to a letter (obtained, of course, by those most venerable of gossip mongers, TMZ) addressed to Prince Harry at Clarence House, his residence in London, Vivid was "amused and pleased" by the images from his Vegas romp; and as such, they would like to shoot a "fun, sexy, big-budget adult film" featuring Harry called The Trouble With Harry. "It can be shot in the

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  • Geek Out: 12 Book-Themed Accessories for Fall

    Create your fall accessories story with these 12 fabulous comic book and book themed finds.
    -Diana Denza,

    Calling all literature fanatics and comic book collectors: We've found the geek chic accessories you'll nerd out over this season. From Shakespeare-inspired clutches to hair clips taken straight out of the pages of comic books, these 12 accessories will thicken your fall fashion plot.

    For Literature Lovers:

    1. Romeo & Juliet book clutch ($325, Forget Romeo! This irresistible clutch will take your little black dresses to the next level, no ill-fated romance required.

    2. Wrap Up With A Good Book scarf: Persuasion ($39.99, Complete with quotes straight from the famed Jane Austen tome, cozying up with a good book has gotten even easier.

    Read Fashion Week's Top Hairstylists Dish About How They Create Those Fab 'Dos!

    3. Just My Typewriter necklace ($29.99, With this vintage

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  • 5 Unexpected and Tech-Savvy Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

    Stuck in a dating rut? Throw a little technology into the mix and watch how creative your dates can get!
    -Lucia Peters,

    This series is brought to you in partnership with smartwater. smartwater, simplicity is delicious. To learn more, click here.

    Longing for the days of hand-written love letters and old-fashioned courting behavior? We hear you; technology is everywhere you turn these days, especially when it comes to dating. But it doesn't have to be all bad! In fact, with the help of some clever tech, you can spice up your relationship with some super creative date ideas that wouldn't be possible without it. Don't believe us? Grab your best guy or girl and try one of these five tech-savvy date ideas on for size!

    1. The Long-Distance Dinner Date

    In a long-distance relationship? Go on dates together anyway-with the help of Skype! As long as you both have a webcam, you can still do dinner and a movie. Here's how: Start up a

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  • The Best Way to End a Relationship

    When it's time to break up, there are tips on how to make it easier (but not less painful) for the both of you.
    Michelle Mazzarella,

    No one likes to get blindsided by a breakup. At the same time, though, initiating one comes with its own set of worries and decisions no one wants to make: How am I going to do this? What am I supposed to say? Male and female dating experts alike share their tips to make the hardest, saddest stage of your relationship a little bit easier.

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    Never take the easy way out and do it via technology (email, voicemail, text, or Facebook). You're dealing with another human that you once had feelings for and that you need to respect and honor. It's all about sitting somebody down and giving them the reasons why the relationship is not working out, so they can heal, move forward and maybe develop a friendship with you in the future.

    -David Wygant is a relationship

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  • Kim Kierkegaardashian + More: 12 Hilarious Celebrity Parody Twitter Accounts

    From a philosophical version of Kim Kardashian to a fictional Mark Zuckerberg, we've rounded up some of the funniest celebrity parody Twitter accounts out there. Get ready to laugh!
    -Lucia Peters,

    Twitter can be useful for all sorts of reasons-keeping in touch with friends, promoting yourself or your work, learning fun new facts… and laughing your head off. There are boatloads of parody Twitter accounts out there; from long-dead historical figures to fictional characters, there's a little something for everyone. Naturally, there are also quite a few Twitter accounts that parody celebrities, and since celebrities are our bread and butter here at BettyConfidential, we've rounded up 12 of our favorites here for you. Ever wondered what would happen if Kim Kardashian got unexpectedly philosophical? If Mark Zuckerberg used Twitter, what might he say? Speculations abound here!

    NOTE: THESE ARE ALL FAKE ACCOUNTS. They are in NO WAY connected to the real

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  • Fashion Week's Top Hairstylists Dish About How They Create Those Fab 'Dos!

    The top stylists at Prive Salon reveal what really goes on backstage before a fashion show!
    - PJ Gach,

    When you're looking at fashion show photos, or if you watch a fashion show on livestream or TV, you'll probably notice that the hair is flawless. It doesn't matter if there are 15 or 45 models; they each have the same stunning hairstyle.

    How does everything get done? How much time does a hairstylist have to create the looks? Is there an assembly line? Are hairstylists leaping over tables and chairs to create the looks? How much input does the designer have? We've always wanted to know what craziness happens backstage and with the help of Laurent Dufourg, the owner of Prive Salon (there's one in New York, LA and Miami) and his top stylists Jorge Luis and Aaron Grenier of New York City's Prive,Chase Kusero of LA's Prive and Frank Izquierdo from Miami's Prive, we got all the deets!

    Read The 8 Best Fashion Tumblrs You Haven't Heard Of (Yet!)

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  • Live Gorgeously with SHOPBetty, Launching on September 4th!

    On September 4th, we're launching our new online store, SHOPBetty! Find out more here-and start living gorgeously!
    - The Betty Editors,

    Here at BettyConfidential, we believe in "living gorgeously." From your shoes to your wardrobe to your skincare to your home, everything you surround yourself with should make you feel your absolute best. And that's why we're so excited to introduce our newest venture to you:SHOPBetty!

    Launching on September 4th, SHOPBetty is a carefully curated online store that's dedicated to bringing you the best of new emerging designers, cool brands, great products to pamperself with, and more. We'll be hosting fabulous flash sales and an online boutique filled with products to help you live gorgeously.

    Here's how it works: Each day, we'll introduce you to something amazing-clothing, jewelry, accessories, skincare, home goods, foodie gear, and more. For 72 hours, those pieces of amazingness will be available for you to

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