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  • 17 Backhanded Compliments Guys Give Women

    Did he really just say that?It's not just "Mean Girls" behavior. Below, the most common instances of guy-on-girl insults wrapped in compliments.

    By Anna Breslaw

    1. "You got a promotion! That's adorable."

    Unless you work at a baby kitten factory, and it therefore is literally adorable, this is not acceptable behavior.

    2. "You're so cool, how are you still single?"

    Because my Coolness is an ever-expanding supernova, enveloping and destroying every potential mate in its path, that's why.

    3. "You're not like the hot but totally crazy girls I date."

    Translation: "You're not one of those passionate, smoldering, exciting 'Have an argument about politics that segues into awesome Mr. And Mrs. Smith angry sex up against a wall' girls I will remember for my entire life. You're more the "Hey sweetie, can you pick up my Preparation H on the way home from work?" type.

    4. "You have such a pretty face!"

    But I want to throw holy water on the rest of your hideous body, you disgusting beautiful-headed demon-woman.

    5. "You

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  • 20 Fights Had by Absolutely Every Couple on Earth

    We've all been there before.Everyone's relationship is just as messed up as everyone else's.

    By Natasha Burton

    1. The "I Did Something Wrong but Instead of Admitting It I'm Going to Be Mad at You" Fight.

    "I can't believe you washed the pink sock with my white jeans! What the hell! Oh wait, I did the laundry? I AM BLAMING THIS ALL ON YOU." Who hasn't been there.

    2. The "You're Not 22 Anymore and Therefore Do Not Need 12 Shots of Tequila on a Tuesday" Fight.

    After a certain age this just becomes embarrassing. Related: The "Why Do You Waste Money on Bars?" Fight.)

    3. The "Your Friend is So Inappropriate" Fight.

    Usually it's the friend who's making your significant other take, like, 80 shots of Jaegermeister on a Thursday, causing him to vomit in your deskside trash can.

    4. The "Why Are You Reading a Book/Checking Facebook/Working in Bed Instead of Having Sex with Me?" Fight.

    Me me me me. ME ME ME ME. It's everyone's inner monologue sometimes, just roll with it.

    5. The "I Can't Read Your Mind" Fight.


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  • 10 Super Frustrating Types of Guys Everyone Dates

    Some guys will just make you nuts. And you'll date them anyway.In just three dates, you will become Fairuza Balk in the final scene of The Craft. Guaranteed!

    By Anna Breslaw

    1.The "flirts with everybody" guy.
    When we go to some Da Club or another, there is absolutely no reason I should be trying to fend off some leering dude with a ZZ Top beard because you are preoccupied with hitting on the bottle service girl. Vaya con dios.

    2. The "won't go down on you" guy.
    There is literally no good excuse not to do this if we just gave you oral sex. And if you're one of those dudes who insists that cunnilingus is "more intimate" than giving head, you've obviously never had an erect shlong knocking against your tonsils.

    3. The "nobody knows she's pretty except me because she wears glasses!" guy.

    This dude prides himself on finding "understated" hotties in the wild. By "understated," of course, we mean the She's All That principle of "an obviously smokin' hot woman who happens to wear glasses/Converse sneakers/doesn't 'know' that she is

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  • The 20 Women Every Twentysomething Needs in Her Life

    Sometimes it takes a village to get through a decade. By Anna Breslaw

    1. The college friend who has seen you puke in your purse.
    Now that you've got it together (sort of), it's good to keep those friends from the days when you were were wobbling on platform heels at Senor Frog's.

    2. The childhood best friend you kind of lost touch with, but are still close to.
    Some very old friendships don't require those constant catch-ups, which is a refreshing change from the current friends you are in constant text communication with ("just washed my hair!" "so weirdddd I just bought some KALE!").

    3. The cool older woman.
    Perhaps it is the youngish aunt who first bought you beer, or your awesomely wise former professor who currently has your dream career and once slept with Keith Richards. Someone who treats you to nice dinners, shares their wisdom, and would totally drive you to get an abortion if you asked them.

    4. The co-worker/ally.
    Someone to Gchat with when your boss is being insane is essential. Without her, you will develop a rage-tumor

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  • 17 Harsh Truths About Your Older Boyfriend

    Having an older man might not be as cool as it seems. Are you a high school freshman dating a college freshman? A 23-year-old dating her 50-year-old boss? Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend? Continue reading.

    By Anna Breslaw

    1. However cool it makes you is exactly how lame it makes him. You might feel like Joan Jett when he picks you up in his Seville outside the high school in front of all your friends, but he is being mercilessly mocked by all of the women in his life for dating a 14-year-old.

    2. It's not super-sweet and romantic of him when he buys you beer and/or gets you a fake. If you're an inexperienced drinker who feels it after 2 bottles of Mike's Hard, that benefits him, not you.

    3. Among the biggest reasons that he likes you is because you're young.
    Yes, he might be into you because you like the same bands and you act "mature for your age." (Has he ever told you that you have "an old soul?" Puke.) But mostly, it's the fact that he's your first. Not necessarily just sexually, but myriad other ways, too: The first guy you watch The

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  • 9 Facebook Stalking Fails Everyone Makes

    We've all made these mistakes on Facebook.Facebook is good for two things: staying in touch with people - and stalking them.

    By Dara Adeeyo

    You've Facebook stalked and you know it. Maybe you're Facebook stalking right now in another tab right next to this one. I'm here to tell you it's nothing to be ashamed of - everyone's lurked on someone's Facebook page because they've hooked up with the person, or want to hook up with the person, or want to see the last person the stalkee has hooked up with. Of course, no one wants to be identified as Facebook creeping, so when you make your stalking obvious - which is awfully easy to do when you're rolling two glasses of wine deep - it's pretty embarrassing. But these Facebook stalking fails should be something we can bond over, rather than just feel horribly ashamed of.

    1. The Search Bar Fail
    Placing the name of the stalkee in your status instead of the search bar. Now as friends scroll through their news feeds looking at cat videos and engagement pics, they'll see your status is

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  • Booze Doesn't Give You a Case of the Sads After All

    A new study says that booze won't get you down. You might physically feel like complete crap the day after downing six too many mojitos, but drinking won't get you down mentally, according to new research out of Australia.

    By Natasha Burton

    Looking at over 3,000 old dudes, and focusing on how certain genetic mutations might play a role in how people metabolize alcohol, clinical neuroscientists from The University of Western Australia debunked the long-held myth that alcohol causes depression.

    "Because of the observational nature of the association between alcohol and depression, and the risk of confounding and bias that comes with observational studies, it is difficult to be entirely certain that the relationship is causal," lead researcher Professor Osvaldo Almeida said. "For example, people who drink too much may also smoke, have poor diets and other diseases that could explain the excess number of people with depression among heavy drinkers."

    Related: Benefits of Alcohol

    But while booze may not give you a permanent sad face,

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  • 20 Mistakes that Everyone Makes in Their Twenties

    Everyone makes these mistakes in their twenties.Everyone makes these mistakes in their twenties. For instance, dropping $115 on unicorn horn powder at Sephora won't make your life perfect.

    By Anna Breslaw

    1. Not getting enough sleep.
    "But Anna," you ask, "How can I sleep when there are so many mistakes to make?!" Don't worry, you have an entire decade's worth of days and evenings to irrevocably mess up your life. (1.5. Not washing the pillowcases often enough. Once a week, or else your skin will suffer.)

    2. Being addicted to social media.
    He liked that picture of your cat on Facebook, and then you retweeted his tweet, and then you trolled all of his friends' Instagrams to try to find out if he was dating someone else, and then he posted a news article to your wall that related to this inside joke you guys have, and by the way, it is a beautiful day outside.

    3. Washing your hair too much.
    Yes, too much, especially if it's not stick-straight! By the time I was 24 my hair had the consistency of tree bark. Skip a few shampoos and just condition, or use dry shampoo! I

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  • Most Women First Cheat with Someone at Work

    Most women first cheat at work. The misguided work crush: It's happened to all of us at some point or another. You're staying at the office later than usual to finish a major project, ordering takeout, and bonding over the fact that you now have no life when suddenly your super nerdy male coworker, who up until this point reminded you of Zack Galifianakis, starts looking more and more Bradley Cooper-esque. Hey, lack of sleep plus lack of social time with non-work people will do that to you.

    By Natasha Burton

    However, even a random, weird crush can turn into something more, according to a new study commissioned by cheating-dating site Victoria Milan: After surveying over 3,000 women, the results show that of the women out there who cheat on their partner or spouse, it's a coworker who causes them to succumb to temptation that very first time. What's more, nearly 30 percent report that they were unexpectedly inspired to cheat by a colleague or their boss in the first place (i.e. they developed some kind of work

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  • The Sexiest Thing You Can Do on a Date

    Anthony Bourdain explains the sexiest thing women can do on a date.Anthony Bourdain, TV's most adventurous chef, explains why it's hot to lose your inhibitions and go all in on a meal. Relax, experiment, get messy.

    As told to Liz Plosser.

    You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together. If your date makes the experience uptight and restrictive, well, the sex is going to be horrible too. Eating is best when there is spontaneity and variety. I'm very type-A, and many things in my life are about control and domination, but eating should be a submissive experience, where you let down your guard and enjoy the ride.

    I don't have much patience for people who are self-conscious about the act of eating, and it irritates me when someone denies themselves the pleasure of a bloody hunk of steak or a pungent French cheese because of some outdated nonsense about what's appropriate or attractive. Stop worrying about how your breath's going to smell, whether there's beurre blanc on your face, or whether ordering the braised pork belly will make

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