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  • Women With This Name Get Busy More Often

    French women with first names that end in "a" have more sexual partners than women whose names end in other letters, according to a recent survey from Smartdate.

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    The findings state that in France, femmes have 4.4 sexual partners on average, but women named Laura have 9.7, those named Tania have 9.6, and Lolas have 9.5. And ladies with names ending in "e" have between just one and two bedmates. If the same holds true in the U.S., that means the Jessicas, Lauras, and Saras are all getting more ass than the Caitlins, Danielles, and Janes. Think it's true?

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    We have a hard time believing that there's a correlation between someone's name and their sex life. But we're curious what you think: Is someone's name indicative of how much sex she's having? Are there certain names you associate with being sexier and more sexual?

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    And are you

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  • The 5 Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers

    Great things come in small packages and it's never been more true with these amazing beauty must-haves. From brand-new nailpolish colors to can't-be-beat lip balms, this guide is crammed with products that any Cosmo girl would love.

    Lorac Limited Edition Sparkle Pencil in Blue Topaz

    This glittery, easy-to-apply pencil is a brilliant way to kick things up a tiny notch. Try using the liner to define the upper and lower lash lines for a hint of color, or for some drama, substitute it for the traditional black to create a glitzy smoky eye., $18

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    Bebe Sheer Perfume

    Inspired by the light, breezy quality of fabrics like organza, tulle, and silk, the latest Bebe fragrance is ultra femme with a combination of fruity and floral notes. The rhinestone charm adds a touch of pizzazz to the original heart shaped bottle., $49.50

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    Burberry Effortless Mascara Volumising Enhancer in Midnight Black

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  • 10 Tricks To Beat Holiday Stress

    If you've recently fantasized about slapping a too-slow cashier or stabbing a rude party guest, you'd better read these nerve-soothing tips, pronto.

    This time of year can try even the sweetest chick's patience - what with crowded stores, too many parties (and hangovers), and annoying family demands - and experts are saying this month will be a "perfect storm" of stress because of financial worries on top of everything else.

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    "Stressful situations increase cortisol levels and cause a dip in feel-good hormones," explains Claire Wheeler, MD, PhD, author of 10 Simple Solutions to Stress. "And since women are conditioned not to express their anger in an aggressive and direct way, they deal with those hormonal changes in what seems like a more subtle manner: by getting in a bad mood." Meaning, we get bitchy. In the interest of not totally losing your s---, we suggest you read our 10 strategies for keeping cool.

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  • 4 Weird Yet Easy Ways To Lose Weight This Holiday Season

    The trick: Make a mental list of all the small things you do daily that could count as exercise-like going up stairs, carrying bags of groceries, and walking your dog.

    How it works
    : How's this for mind power? In a Harvard study, hotel employees were divided into two groups; one was told that cleaning rooms is good exercise, and the other was not given this info. After four weeks, although none of the staffers had changed their routine, the informed group showed decreases in weight, blood pressure, body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, and body mass index...simply because they now thought they were getting exercise.

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    The trick: Jog or walk backward.

    How it works: Research from Harvard found that you exert more energy when moving in reverse than you do going forward-which means you're burning extra calories. Head to a track or park far from oncoming traffic, and begin slowly, gradually building speed. It's trickier on a treadmill, so be prepared to hop off

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  • His Surprising First-Date Fears

    As cool as most guys try to play it your first time out together, chances are he's probably just as nervous as you are. We got experts to spill on the little things that secretly stress him out.

    1. That you'll be different from what he's expecting.

    We've all been there - you thought the date went perfectly, he acts fine the whole time, and afterwards, you wait for him to call and...zilch. The sudden blow-off could be because you ended up being different than you were when he first asked you out. Even if it's as small as sucking down a few too many cocktails when you may have told him you 'don't drink much,' he'll wonder if he sized you up all wrong in the first place. Doubting his own judgment isn't a comfortable feeling-it's something every guy dreads.

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    What You Can Do: Dating is kind of like shopping, says Steve Nakamoto, relationship expert and author of Men Are Like Fish - you don't want to be different from how you're advertised.

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  • Will the FDA Put Its Foot Down? Freaky Facts About Four Loko

    When we recently posted a piece on Four Loko and the dangers of mixing caffeine with booze, it received nearly 50 comments. You guys had a lot to say on the topic, including some very terrifying stories of chugging one Loko and blacking out or waking up with a killer hangover. And Cosmo readers aren't the only ones; a site called, a forum with the tagline "What the F happened last night?" where users can recount their scary experiences with the drink, recently popped up too.

    Well, the FDA may have been reading these comments and anecdotes too, because they're now threatening to ban alcoholic energy drinks nationwide. (Plus, check out these drinking smarts that could save your rep and your health!)

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    They believe Four Loko and other caffeinated alcoholic drinks are "unsafe" and "the combinations pose a public health concern" that "may lead to hazardous and life-threatening situations".

    The letters

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  • Eva Longoria and 11 Other Famous Women Who Have Been Cheated On

    It seems like they have it all - fame, tons of cash, and killer looks - but even totally hot famous chicks get screwed by their guys, in a bad way. Check out the photos below of other sexy celebs who've been wronged! Read more at! 8 Things Men Notice About You Instantly

  • Why Guys Cheat On Hot Women

    Some men can't stay faithful, even when they're already with gorgeous girls.

    When we read news reports that Tony Parker may have cheated on former Cosmo cover girl Eva Longoria with a mutual female friend, it was hard not to be shocked. What reason could there be for him to risk losing his wife, the smoking-hot Desperate Housewives actress on every guy's fantasy list?

    Although we don't know the behind-the-scenes details of their marriage or how the story will unfold, infidelity experts say it's not surprising that guys like Tony may be tempted to indulge in sideline action. As it turns out, the reasons guys are unfaithful are rarely about the sex itself, but because cheating fuels a deep psychological need. "Several factors make some men more likely to stray, even if they are dating or married to a beautiful woman," says Don-David Lusterman, PhD, author of Infidelity: A Survival Guide.

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    The first factor at work is the man's level

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  • Healthy Foods That Make You Fat

    Some so­-called smart eats are just junk food in disguise. Cut back on them and your thighs will thank you. Chips, gooey desserts, anything that starts with fried - you know to fight off these calorie cows with a stick. What's tricky is that some foods with famously healthy reputations are actually worse for your weight.

    Sushi Rolls

    The veggies and seaweed wrap are low-cal, but a lot of the most popular rolls are slathered with cream cheese or mayo (e.g., in that spicy sauce that comes on many options), and the seafood inside may be tempura-battered. Thanks to those ingredients, a standard roll can clock in at 500 to 600 calories.

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    Dried Fruit
    Cup for cup, dried fruit has five to eight times more calories than the fresh kind because it has been dehydrated and is much denser. Fresh grapes, for example, have 60 calories per cup, while raisins have 460. And many brands add sugar, amping up the calorie count even more.
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  • 6 Things Your Dry Cleaner Won't Tell You

    Gen Nishino/Taxi/Getty ImagesGen Nishino/Taxi/Getty ImagesWe got the best cleaning experts to air all their dirty laundry. Find out secret ways to save, which clothes you can really just wash yourself, and why organic is the most misleading word in the business.

    By Yelena Shuster

    1) Women Are Charged Substantially More
    The automated machinery that most dry cleaners use is made to fit men's clothing only. "Putting in a smaller woman's blouse with all of its ornamentation would make it look like it was run over by a steamroller," says Wayne Edelman, President of Meurice Garment Care in New York City. Also, women's clothing often requires additional work - such as removing all the buttons and embellishments by hand before the cleaning process, according to John Mahdessian, President of Madame Paulette, another renowned dry cleaner in New York City. So that's why having your stuff cleaned tends to cost you more. But if you're bringing in a standard wool suit without pleats or fancy buttons, you shouldn't be charged more than your

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