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  • 4 Summer Hairstyles Men Love

    Given their laid-back vibe, it's no wonder guys are most turned on by low-maintenance styles that feel natural. Try one of these warm weather styles and we bet your hair isn't the only thing he touches. Plus: Find out what men really think about your hair and makeup.

    1) Bad Girl Bump

    Why Guys Love It: The small pouf (and we're not talking The Snookie here) adds a subtle dose of glamour to any look. That's why it's such a hot red-carpet go-to. "Wearing your hair up bares your most seductive features, like your neck and shoulders," explains celeb stylist Ken Paves. Hilary Duff looks pretty yet punk with this 'do. Try these fresh new hairstyles for long hair.

    How to Get It: Part dry, straight hair from above the arches of each brow back to the crown to create a mini ponytail. Twist the top of the tail, and push hair forward to create volume, then secure with a large barrette or bobby pins. Gather the rest into a bun and mist with a holding spray (try Vavoom Shapemaker

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  • 10 Mistakes Even Smart Women Make in Job Interviews

    Did you know the decision to hire is made in 15 minutes or less? Scary, huh? With that in mind, Cosmo surveyed human-resource pros to find out which job-hunting sins you may be making.

    1. You Say, "This Is My Dream Job"
    Even if you mean it, 69% of recruiters will brush that off as an insincere cliché they've heard way too many times before. Ban the bogus phrases "I think outside the box" and "I'm a team player" from your vocab as well, and come up with your own way of describing how much you rock.

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    2. You Trash Your Old Boss
    Even if your old supervisor makes The Office's Michael Scott seem like the smartest person alive, you'll be the one who looks bad if you dis him or your former company. It's kind of like the whole "I'm rubber and you're glue" concept you heard about in grade school. Ninety-five percent of recruiters agree that when you talk smack in an interview, it sticks with you.

    3. You Ask About Vacation Days

    You may

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  • Dogs Gone Gaga

    We've often said that only Lady Gaga can pull off some of the outfits she wears. Well, we were wrong. These canine models rock red lace, wigs, and telephone hats just as well as the singer. One difference: the Lady doesn't cover the paparazzi in drool like these pups did to photographer Jesse Freidin. Plus: Check out these Lady Gaga pics you won't see anywhere else.

    And P.S. No dogs were harmed during this shoot. In fact, they got extra love and treats.


    We love the attention to detail (slightly see-through lace, tuft of blond hair), but we understand why the face-covering fabric was nixed. After all, a pup wearing a headpiece and dress has gotta be placated with treats. Which celeb had the most wacky fashion makeover?


    Know the phrase, "Why does a dog wear balls? Because he can."
    Find out what Cosmo got Lady Gaga to confess!


    Wonder if it's hard for this little monster to tweet as much as Gaga does without opposable thumbs... Wanna

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  • What Hot NFL Players Want You to Know About Dating

    Cosmo got the hottest guys of Monday Night Football to reveal what turns them on, their dating pet peeves, and how to land a second date. Plus, check out the sex tips guys say will drive them wild.

    Wes Welker of the New England Patriots, #83
    Cosmo: What's a piece of dating advice you wish women knew?
    Wes: "Call me so you know where I am, follow me to see if I'm doing what I say I'm doing, hire a private investigator...but whatever you do, do not snoop through my e-mail or cell phone!" Wanta know the five times don't want you to text them? Read this.

    Tony Gonzalez of the Atlanta Falcons, #88Cosmo: What is something that women don't know about men?
    Tony: "When we act like we aren't listening, we really are. We hear everything you have said, but most likely just don't want to address it or answer your questions. But ladies, we do hear you. We hear everything." So don't say this about your ex-boyfriend, k?

    David Anderson of the Houston Texans, #89

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  • Love Lessons from Chick Flicks

    Inspired by Eat Pray Love, we cozied up to the DVD player and ID'd the take-home advice from six memorable romcoms. Plus:
    10 Movie Quotes That Make the Worst Pickup Lines

    Eat Pray Love

    If you can quit your job and travel around the world for a year to get over a bad relationship, as Julia Roberts' character does, go for it. But since you probably can't swing the time off and inevitable credit card debt, try to devote the post-breakup grief period to exploring who you are and what you love-so your next relationship is a better fit. You don't have to travel to India to move on. Just try try one of these genius forget-the-creep tactics instead.

    When Harry Met Sally

    Thanks to this Meg Ryan-Billy Crystal classic, many a girl has wondered if her totally platonic guy friend was worth a second look. And though the real-life answer is typically, um, no, there's something to be said for adding great sex to an already amazing friendship. Oh, and "When you realize you want to

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  • A New Reason to Sleep In This Weekend

    For years sleep experts have been saying that people should try to get out of bed at the same time during the weekend that they do during the week. But now researchers are starting to think that if you've had an exhausting week, sleeping in Saturday or Sunday morning could be a smart move.

    According to the study from the Division of Sleep and Chronobiology at the University of Pennsylvania, you can actually recover from a sleep-deprived week by turning off your alarm clock on one weekend morning. Apparently it can help make you a better employee the following week, boosting your energy, alertness, and attention span.

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    This new research also challenges the widely accepted theory that you can't make up for a lack of sleep in just one night. The scientists found that subjects who slept just four hours for five nights were able to restore their normal cognitive function after getting 10 hours of shut-eye.

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  • 7 Genius Beauty Shortcuts

    When it comes to looking your best, you don't always have time to go that extra mile. Lucky for you, these sneaky beauty tricks will allow you to skip steps without compromising your hotness.

    Check out extra beauty and fashion shortcuts here.

    1. Give Yourself a Facial
    There's nothing better than a professional facial. But if you have a big night and no time, you can still get luminous skin without the royal treatment. Try this 10-minute routine, suggested by Elena Arboleda, head aesthetician at Mario Badescu Skin Care, in New York City. First, wash your face with a cleanser for your skin type. Next, massage on a gentle scrub for 30 seconds with your fingertips. Rinse and apply a thin layer of a mask containing fruit enzymes, such as papaya, which will help give your face a glow. After five minutes, rinse off, and blot your skin dry. Finish with moisturizer, eye cream, and lip balm.
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    2. Send Wrinkles into Hiding
    After moisturizing, dab a

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  • Scary Celebrity Beards

    Ah, facial hair. While a bit of laid-back scruff - or even a full-blown beard - can be ultra-sexy on the right man, there are some who just shouldn't rock the beard. Like these guys...

    PLUS: Check out these hotties, with and without their whiskers.

    Conan O'Brien: "The Unemployment Beard"

    On the one hand, we adore Coco's "I-don't-care" scruff. On the other, we're pumped for the fall debut of his new late-night show-which he's hinted at buzzing the beard for. Just so his pompadour remains intact!

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    Spencer Pratt: "The Creepy Flesh-Colored Beard"

    Sure, it's as platinum-blond and tragic as Hulk Hogan's handlebar mustache. But the CF-CB is the least of this fame w----'s worries, what with his inflatable estranged wife and that whole magic crystals thing.

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    Zach Galifiniakis: "The Chewbacca"

    We got a glimpse of him beardless when he hosted Saturday Night Live…and

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  • Summer Foods That Keep You Slim

    Burgers, potato salad, ice cream...yum, but talk about porking out. These skinnier swaps go there with taste and are sooo satisfying.

    DITCH: Vanilla ice-cream cone (644 calories; 32 grams fat in a medium serving)
    DEVOUR: Ice-cream sandwich (190 calories; 8 grams fat)

    The sandwich has cold, creamy, and cakey covered. There's no feeling of "poor me" here.

    DITCH: Movie-theater popcorn (1,200 calories; 75 grams fat in a medium tub)
    DEVOUR Licorice (500 calories; 3 grams fat in a 5-ounce serving, a typical concession box size)

    Theater popcorn is made with very unhealthy oil. Buy a box of licorice to split with your guy. Surprised? Find out which habits that are giving you belly pudge.

    DITCH: Beef cheeseburger (600 calories; 20 grams fat)
    DEVOUR: Turkey cheeseburger (350 calories; 8 grams fat)

    Ground beef has lots of fat, but lean ground turkey, not much. And using a low-fat American or cheddar slice cuts even more calories. Plus: Find out which healthy foods

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  • 4 Outfits That Make Your Thighs Thinner

    The right outfit can make upper-leg weight disappear into thin air. Check out how these celebs did it.

    Embrace A-Line
    The purple dress blouses over midthigh, visually adding inches. The jumper's A-line hem makes Sophia Bush's legs look narrow in comparison.
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    Keep Pants Long
    Boxy capris and flats give the illusion of short, thick legs. Long, dark jeans with heels elongate Elisha Cuthbert's frame and hide curvy thighs.
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    Choose Shorter Tops

    The tank hits at the widest part of Fergie's thigh - eek! A shorter tee and looser, straight-leg jeans streamline her figure.
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    Sport a Flowy Fabric

    The gray dress clings to every curve; the red one downplays Alicia Keys' thighs, creating a slim hourglass silhouette.
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