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  • Is Your Relationship Eco-Friendly?

    You've banished bottled water from your fridge and vowed to hit the lights whenever you leave the room. Now that you're in the green groove, it's time to add a little eco-spice to your love life. Here, the hottest ideas for getting it on - for the good of the planet. While you're feeling green check out these 10 easy (and cheap) ways to save the planet.

    Invite a Shower Buddy
    Bathing with your guy is a lot more fun than doing it alone, and it's also a steamy way to save water and money. To slash the bill even more, install an eco-friendly showerhead. Most standard designs waste up to 5 gallons of water per minute, but Niagara Conservation's Earth Massage showerheads come in models that use only 1 1/2 gallons in that amount of time yet dispense a flow that we swear feels just as strong.

    Slip Between Eco-Sheets
    Bamboo is one of the earth's most renewable resources, and despite its rough texture in the wild, when it's used in bed linens, it has a silky, slinky feel that's really

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  • The Surprising Key to Getting What You Want

    It's a commonly held belief that whenever you set a new goal for yourself - whether it's scoring your ideal job, becoming famous, or dropping five pounds - you should broadcast it to everyone you know. After all, the more people you tell, the more likely you'll do it because you don't want to be thought of as a failure, right? Wrong. New research shows the opposite is true. A study conducted at New York University found that blabbing about your goal can give you a false sense of accomplishment, making you less likely to actually go after it.

    Freaked out about your future? This will calm you down.

    Why Is Keeping Your Dream a Secret So Powerful?
    "By not telling anyone, you're making sure your goal is something you're really doing for yourself," says K.C. McCulloch, PhD, an assistant professor at Idaho State University who worked on the study. That's opposed to, say, just wanting to have something impressive to talk about at parties.

    Plus, you won't run the risk of letting anyone else's

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  • What to Know Before You Spray-Tan

    Want a bronze look this summer without the harmful effects of tanning beds and outdoor UV rays? Then a spray-tan is the way to go. But before you head to a salon, it's important to know what to expect (and avoid!)

    We got all the facts - pros, cons, tips, and embarrassing confessions - from one spray-tan artist who's seen it all. Here's what she's learned.

    Spray-Tan vs. Tanning Booth
    Unlike tanning booths, which offer some degree of anonymity, there's no room for modesty here. Everything's done by hand, so I have to be all up in people's business.
    Embarrassment Is Better Than Risking Your Life: Read A Death by Suntan at Age 26

    Grin and Bare It

    Since I see clients when they're most vulnerable (in a paper thong and under bright lights with all their wobbly bits showing), I'm as much a shrink as a spray tanner.

    Women love to know how they stack up: "Do I have more cellulite than every one else? Am I hairier than the average chick?" Sometimes, the degree of self-loathing saddens me. I

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  • 5 Surprisingly Healthier Snacks

    Think you're making the healthy choice when satisfying your afternoon craving? You might be surprised to learn which snacks pack more nutrients or less fat than other popular munchies. We pitted two similar options against each other, evaluated their nutritional content, and crowned one the superstar. Check out all 7 snacks here.

    Half-cup of granola vs. one granola bar

    Granola: 230 calories/10 grams fat
    Granola bar: 120 calories/4 grams fat

    Winner: Granola bar

    Granola is in the cereal aisle, sure, so you'd never imagine just how loaded with sugar most brands are. Granola bars pack the same sugar, but at least the portion size is smaller so you consume fewer calories and fat.

    Fruit-flavored low-fat yogurt vs. Greek-style low-fat yogurt
    Fruit-flavored low-fat yogurt: 170 calories/1.5 grams fat
    Greek-style low-fat yogurt: 130 calories/4 grams fat

    Winner: Greek-style low-fat yogurt

    Fruit yogurt has protein and healthy calcium, but it's secretly packed with sugar - sometimes as much

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  • The 4 Things You Must Know About Your Man's Money Habits

    We already endure enough stress when it comes to our jobs and bank accounts, but when finances start to pull our relationships under too, we truly spite this economy. So when we heard about new book The Secret Currency of Love, a collection of essays about how money affects relationships, we knew we had to chat with the book's editor, Hilary Black. Here are a few things she's learned.

    Q: How is the troubled economy affecting relationships?
    A: When people are in fear of losing their jobs or money, it can cause an enormous amount of tension and fighting. Spending habits - like something as simple as going to a restaurant - can turn in to an argument and even tear people apart.

    Q: So how can couples "recession-proof" their bond?
    A: Use this as a time to find out how he deals with money. There are four questions you should ask him: How much does [he tend to keep] in the bank? Does he save for rainy days or does he splurge? Is he responsible with money? What about paying bills? And be

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  • The Truth Behind "Beauty & The Briefcase"

    In the ABC Family flick Beauty and the Briefcase (airing April 18 at 8 p.m.), Hilary Duff plays a freelance writer who lands her dream assignment with-yep, you guessed it-Cosmo. We reveal what you see onscreen...and what working at Cosmo is really like. Watch our exclusive video from on-set of filming Beauty & the Briefcase.

    The Cosmo Lobby

    Onscreen: Rich colors and perfect movie-lighting characterize the editor's office in Beauty & The Briefcase.

    The Real Deal: The real Kate's office shows off her love of funky animal prints and boasts a stunning floor-to-ceiling view of New York's Central Park.

    Sneak a peek at hot pics and get insider info about Beauty & the Briefcase!

    Kate White

    Onscreen: Blond, single, and take-charge, Jaime Pressly did an amazing job impersonating Cosmo's Editor-in-Chief.

    The Real Deal: Also a great-looking blond who's definitely take-charge, Cosmo's awesome real-life editor in chief Kate White is happily

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  • Answers to Your Most Embarrassing Gyno Questions

    Wish your had your gyno on speed-dial? Well, Cosmo has you covered. Whether you're concerned about a little bump on your breast or need to know what's up with your flow, our trusted docs answer your most frequently asked questions. Read on to get answers to your health dilemmas!

    1) Do I have to tell my guy that I have a yeast infection?

    Yeast infections are rarely sexually transmitted and healthy guys almost never develop them, so you shouldn't feel obligated to let him know. But you'll probably want to stay out of the sack until the infection clears up, since symptoms such as burning, itching, and lack of lubrication make having sex uncomfortable.

    2) I get diarrhea during my period. What's up?

    Blame it on natural chemicals called prostaglandins, which are primarily responsible for the uterine contractions that help expel blood from your bod. They can also trigger contractions in your bowels, resulting in diarrhea -- particularly during the first few days

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  • How to Make Nice With His Mom

    No matter how fabulous you are, there's a decent chance that your man's mom might be a total beast to you. According to Terri Apter, PhD, author of What Do You Want from Me? Learning to Get Along with In-Laws, 60 percent of women report having a negative relationship with their guy's mother (compared to just 15 percent of men who say they have tension with their significant other's mom). It may not be that she doesn't like you so much as that she's worried he'll need her less with you in his life. And sometimes she "adapts" by being critical, controlling, nosy, name it. Save yourself the fury and headaches and be strategic right from the start.

    Problems with your own mother? Here's how to talk to her

    Be Strong
    Some women make the mistake of bending over backward to win a difficult mother's approval. This approach risks her taking advantage of your niceties and becoming a bully. You have to walk the line between acting like an alpha female while also being respectful to

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  • 5 Quick Fixes for Dating Dramas

    Whether you've been stood up or are trying to get a creepy guy to lay off, commit the tips to memory and you'll be able to tackle any situation.

    IF YOUR DATE DOESN'T SHOW UP: Resist the urge to call or text him to b---- him out. Instead, go ahead and finish your drink or enjoy that solo meal you've always said you'd have. If you tell your waiter or bartender your date didn't show, you may even get a free drink or app for being such a good sport and not bolting. If it turns out that he doesn't even have a good excuse for bailing, feel free to call him out on his inconsiderate behavior.

    IF THAT CREEPY DUDE WON'T LEAVE YOU ALONE: Take a deep breath, straighten your spine, and be brutally honest. Women tend to feel guilty about being harsh, so they try to gently shoo a guy away- but it's tone that men respond to, not words. So wipe the polite smile off your face and bluntly say, "I'm not interested." Don't slip it in an apology or keep babbling. Just those three words - with a

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  • 5 Beauty Trends Men Can't Stand

    Some beauty looks are strictly for ladies night out. When you want to get your guy's attention, steer clear of these over-the-top trends and focus on what turns him on.

    1) Fake Eyelashes

    Hot date? If you're not skilled with faux lashes and glue, you may want to rethink falsies. "Men don't like anything that looks fake," says Fisher. "It's distracting, and they want to see the real you." Try one of these guy-approved beauty products.

    2) Putrid Polish

    The smell that turns off approximately 52 percent of guys? Nail polish! You know it's not his favorite thing, but you might not know how much those fumes bother him. "I can't stand the smell. It gives me an instant headache," says Scott, 28. Plus, it's a beauty ritual that doesn't resonate with most males. Not that you gotta bag your bright nails on his account-just try not to whip out the polish when you're watching TV together (or at least crack a window!). Plus: Find out what guys think about funky polish.

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