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  • Famous Cheaters— And The Women They Wronged

    It seems like they have it all- fame, tons of cash, and killer looks- but even totally hot famous chicks get screwed by their guys, in a bad way.

    Sandra Bullock

    When news broke that her hubby Jesse James got it on with a stripper who has the words "Pray for us sinners" on her forehead, we wondered if he should have, "I'm a complete idiot!" tattooed on his. Do you think there's an Oscar curse?

    Elin Nordegren

    A late-night car crash and an infamous golf swing created a major scandal revealing that Tiger Woods had an affair. As more women confess they've hooked up with the golfer, we wouldn't blame Elin for taking another swing.

    Jennifer Aniston

    While Brangelina were filming steamy scenes in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Pitt became the tabloid poster child for a woman whose husband cheated on her with a beautiful younger woman.

    Reese Witherspoon

    Being America's Sweetheart isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Seven years of marriage and two

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  • 10 Tricks to Traveling on the Cheap

    Our savvy strategies will help you find everything from ridiculously cheap hotel and flight deals to perks like nicer rooms and primo plane seats. While you're planning the trip make sure to include a few things that are on your guy's vacation wish list.

    1. When it comes to finding deals on plane tickets to your dream destination, (formerly is your best bet. It predicts whether fares are rising or dropping on popular flights, and also lets you track airfares. Just enter in your destination and the dates you'd like to travel, and they'll send you an e-mail whenever prices fall.

    2. Then book the tickets using, which offers a more complete selection of tickets than pretty much any other travel search engine. When you click on a flight, it redirects you to the airline's own Website to purchase the tickets so you get the lowest possible price (airlines will often keep the best pricing on their own Website to encourage people to come to them).

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  • Why You Should Stop Worrying About Your Paycheck

    When college loans, credit-card debt, living costs, and mini-incomes mean you can't even spring for dinner out, the prospect of someday owning a house and having a lifestyle like your parents do seems impossible." You can still get tons of stuff your mom couldn't. But seriously, your parents didn't suddenly have good-paying jobs and lots of money," explains Brent Kessel, author of It's Not About the Money.

    "It takes time to amass wealth." The worst thing you can do is bury your head in the sand. "Many women avoid taking control of money matters because they feel they don't have enough to save for the future," says Kessel. This can lead to living off credit, which makes things worse. With these tips you can play it smart even during in tough times.

    "No matter what your income is, you can start building on it. Plus, it's empowering to know our financial situation," he says. Start saving with these sneaky tricks and you'll have an extra $250 left over in 30 days. Suck it up

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  • The Best Self-Tanners for Your Sex Life

    Of course you know the sun's nasty rays can wreak havoc on your skin...but sometimes a girl's got a hot date - and no time (or no cash) to sprint to the nearest spray-tanning booth. Here's how to snag a to-die-for sunless summer glow that meets your, um, needs, no matter what romantic scenario you're planning. Plus: Read about the sunblocks that have bonus features to firm your body, fend off zits, and even sex up your hair.

    Scenario #1: He'll Be Over in 10
    Best bet: Bronzing powder
    Here's why: A few swipes with a fluffy brush and you're sporting a Gisele-like glow - no muss, no fuss. See which bronzers Cosmo editors love. New York City makeup artist Melissa Silver recommends mixing the pigment with translucent powder to keep things subtle and applying golden shades to your makeup for an overall summery look. Just be sure to give your skin a swipe with a damp cloth if you plan to end up at his place so his sheets don't get an insta-tan, too. These products will fix any beauty

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  • The States with the Biggest Penises

    Every year researchers release lists of the best places to live in the U.S. They look at things like cost of housing, job market, and crime rates. One factor not taken into consideration: penis size. Cosmo finds the hottest single guys in every state. See who made the list.

    But now it can be. The condom seller Condomania just released the results of their huge penis survey. (That's the survey that was huge, not necessarily the penises.) Apparently, the company claims to have this information because they sell condoms in 76 sizes and have been keeping track of sales across all 50 states and cities.

    We're a little skeptical. C'mon, just because a guy decides to buy the largest of the 76 sizes, how does Condomania know that he actually isthat size and isn't just trying to impress a girl who might snoop in his medicine cabinet? We know guys are a little insecure about their size, but we can't lie-we were curious to see the breakdown. Here's the top ten.

    1. New Hampshire

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  • How to Look Great— Even on Fat Days

    Most of the time, you know you look smokin'. But even the most confident chicks can be sidelined by the occasional fat day. Charla Krupp, style expert and author of the new book, How to Never Look Fat Again, shares her secret weapons for days when you want to break up with your mirror. Want more? Find out how you can look amazing in just 48 hours.

    Cosmo: A great pair of jeans is a staple every girl should have in her closet, but with so many options out there it's hard to figure out what to go for. What are the details women should consider when trying on denim?
    Charla: A few denim rules that I think apply to every body: no huge logos on the back pockets, no super light washed denim, and keep the details (like rips and embellishment) to the bare minimum. Find jeans that flatter your figure. While I'm a big proponent of trying everything on before you buy, in general dark denim with a little bit of stretch and a medium rise are the most flattering color, fabric, and fit for any

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  • 5 Things Not to Tell Him About Your Ex

    Cosmo and teamed up to discuss what we hate to hear about our new flames' past relationships. Here, the male editors of AM tell Cosmo girls how to bend the truth so you don't bruise his ego.

    1. Don't say: "He broke my heart."
    Relationships end. More often than not, they don't end smoothly. While this admission of past heartbreak at the hands of the ex might sound like a reassurance for the current relationship, it actually means something completely different in the mind of the average male. Even if the ex was a jerk, and you never want to be with him again, the fact that you are still dwelling on the past or carrying baggage makes it seem that in some odd way you still think about the ex.
    He doesn't want to know you think about the ex for any reason.

    What to say instead: "We've all been hurt."
    Even if the ex ripped your heart out, don't make it seem like you are hung up on it. You are with a great guy now, and that's all that matters. He might have experienced the

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  • 5 Ways to Get Your Mom to Chill

    The key to getting an intrusive mom to ease off? Subtly reminding her that she's still an important player in your life. Our tactics are so simple, you won't feel put out at all. And she won't make these annoying comments.

    1. Beg for her secret roast chicken recipe. Cook it at the next dinner party you throw, and tell her how everyone raved. Get more easy recipes here!

    2. Give her props ("Mom is the best tennis player I know") in front of your friends…or hers. But don't say these 9 things out loud.

    3. When you're sick, ask her for help. It's a win-win: She gets to play Doctor Mommy, and her remedy (sipping chamomile tea in bed) is probably better for you than yours is (being zonked on cold meds).

    4. Seek her advice on topics she's savvy about, like 401(k) investing or the perfect paint colors for your bathroom. (Hint: If she tends to talk on and on, do it via e-mail.) Check out these hilarious e-mails from moms.

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  • Are Your Boobs Normal?

    Ever feel like your breasts have a mind of their own? Hold on to your bra straps-we uncover what's normal and what's not.

    "It's obvious through my clothes that my breasts are two different sizes."
    No one has a perfectly matching pair, but a small number of women develop visibly unbalanced breasts, says ob-gyn Christiane Northrup, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. Correct it by buying bras that fit the larger boob, then insert a foam or silicone-gel pad into the smaller cup. A more permanent solution (and one that comes with a $4,000 to $5,000 price tag and possible scarring) is plastic surgery. "You can get the larger breast reduced, put an implant in the smaller one, or do a combo of the two," says surgeon Andrew Da Lio, associate professor of plastic surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Find out how to get sexy cleavage without going under the knife.

    "Sometimes my chest gets incredibly itchy, and I have to scratch - even in public."
    First, slather

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  • Surprising Things You Never Knew About Divorce

    In her memoir Falling Apart in One Piece, Redbook magazine Editor-in-Chief Stacy Morrison wrote about her worst breakup ever. Find out how her M.O. changed when she slipped off the ring. Stacy Morrison had it all - Editor-in-Chief of a major magazine, adorable baby boy, great new house in a swanky part of Brooklyn, and a loving husband Chris- or so she thought. One day he said it was over, out of the blue, and Stacy began the hard work of picking up her shattered life. She tells us the shocking things she learned from divorce and why you shouldn't be scared to get married. Plus, read the shocking ways you're Sabotaging you may be relationship.

    1. Just Because You're Married Doesn't Mean You Can Read His Mind

    "I didn't realize that you don't always know what your guy is thinking no matter how close you are. I had the idea that once you were married you knew everything about each other. I learned that even though you are sharing your life, there's a part of you and a part of your

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