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  • The top 5 rudest things people do

    Is it just us, or is rudeness in the air lately? Serena, Federer, Joe Wilson, Kanye West...people sure have been nasty, lately.

    Cosmo got to thinking about the rudest things that people do and compiled a list of 25 different behaviors that completely irk you. From asking someone why she's still single to talking too loudly on a cell phone, more than 2,500 Cosmo girls responded to the list of rude actions and rated each behavior on a scale of 1 through 10 (with 10 being the rudest).

    Here, we reveal the top five rudest things that people do. Are you guilty of any of these? And what are your pet peeves?

    5. Letting your hyper kids run all over the place at a restaurant, grocery store, etc

    4. Cutting in line

    3. Pointing out an imperfection on somebody's body (birthmarks, scars)
    Do you have an embarrassing beauty question? Cosmo has answers.

    2. Letting a cell phone ring during a movie and not answering it
    Speaking of annoying cell phone behavior, check out our 10 Most Annoying Text Habits

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  • The 5 Most Popular Places to Have Sex Outside the Bedroom

    Cosmo polled more than 1,500 women to find out the lustiest locales where they've gotten it on. Here, the top 5 places outside the bedroom where people have sex.

    5. In the woods
    49 percent of women have had sex here!
    Wanna try? Your two biggest risks are bugs and poison ivy. To fend off bugs, spray yourself with insect repellent beforehand…just not on your neck, breasts, or anywhere else your man may kiss or lick. As for poison ivy, remember: If there are leaves of three, let it be.

    4. In the pool or a body of water
    54 percent of women have had sex here! Wanna try? Ironically, water sex can actually dry up your natural lubrication. Use a silicone-based lube (which is waterproof) and then try out Cosmo's Aqua Kama Sutra positions, like Tawdry Tube.

    3. In your childhood bedroom
    65 percent of women have had sex here! Wanna try? If your parents are in the next room, keep quiet with a sex position that is still ultra-pleasurable but won't shake the headboards. Try Soft Rock or Wow-Him

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  • How Big of a Jerk Do You Think Kanye Is?

    There were a lot of good things about Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards: Madonna's speech, the tribute to Michael Jackson, and Pink's amazing trapeze/acrobatic performance, just to name a few. But the sour moment of the mega-show was definitely when Kanye West ran up on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video.

    "Yo Taylor," Kanye said, "I'm happy for you...but I'm sorry, Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all-time!"

    Taylor just stood there shocked, Beyoncé shook her head in confusion, and the crowd booed. They continued to boo throughout the show every time Kanye's "Love Lockdown" was announced as a nominee. An MTV insider told Cosmo that Kanye's interruption was not staged and that Taylor was a wreck backstage for the rest of the show. Pink was reportedly ready to defend Taylor's honor, but was talked out of bad-mouthing Kanye on-air during her performance. Instead, Beyoncé helped fix the mess when she received her award for Best Video

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  • 3 Work Challenges Every Chick Will Face

    As bad ass as Serena Williams is, she's kind of the poster child for how not to handle stress on the job. Yesterday she mouthed off to a judge at the U.S. Open when a call didn't go her way, and it cost her the match.

    We've all been known to drop the F-bomb every once in awhile, but luckily for us these slip-ups aren't usually filmed on national television- and we don't have to pay $10,000 for having a potty mouth. Here's how to deal when you screw up royally at work.

    Situation #1:
    In a high-speed super-connected work world, it's easier than ever to mess up.

    People have been blowing it on the job forever. But what makes today's mistakes so terrifying is how quickly they can morph into a major snafu. Think: the careless employee who in a mere second accidentally cc's a personal e-mail about her latest hookup to hundreds of coworkers. Or consider the assistant who forgets to let her boss know that a crucial video conference was rescheduled, causing her department to lose out on a

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  • 5 New Fashion Rules to Follow

    1) Wear Skinny Head to Toe: Ditch the billowy tops and instead streamline your silhouette. Try tapered pants and a narrow structured jacket that falls at the hip. Then finish the long, lean look with sky-high heels-an oxford style is a sophisticated pick-and long strands of necklaces.

    2) Dress Up Casual: Glamorize a cotton dress or a tank-and-jeans combo by throwing on a jeweled necklace and patent-leather heels. There are tons of other ways to fancy up a laid-back ensemble: Wear blinged-out shades, carry a cocktail-party clutch, or add a sparkly brooch up top.

    3) Combine Multiple Textures: Basic black can have a blah rep sometimes. To make the monochrome look a bit more interesting this season, blend fabrics. Mis and match sequins, leather, and lace (even on shoes!). Velvet paired with chiffon is also a romantic-feeling, fun twist.

    4) Edgy Accessories Modernize: Hardware belts update a classic floral (or vintage!) dress. Try a black belt with studs to cinch

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  • Fashion That Makes Us Say WTF?!

    This red carpet look-worn by actress Stacy Haiduk at the Daytime Emmy Awards-made our jaws drop.

    Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez,

    What's the biggest fashion mistake you're guilty of committing?

    Check out these celebs who must have given their stylists the day off!

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    Get Haircut Makeover Ideas!

    Hot New Clothes That Won't Break the Bank

    30 Things to Do With a Naked Man

    Wacky Products That Make Us Say WTF?!

    The Hottest Hair for Fall

    Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.

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  • How to Save Your Ass With Self-Defense

    Did you know that only 10 percent of self-defense is actually physical? The rest of your defense is just being aware of your surroundings and taking preventive measures. Here, how to fight an attacker before he strikes...and then some sharp ideas for how to react if things really do get physical.


    Be a hard target.
    Attackers tend to look for women who appear insecure or unsuspecting. Hunching over, chatting on your cell, or being distracted by your iPod or text messages make you an easy target for a bad guy. Instead, walk confidently with your shoulders back and chin up. Make eye contact. You want to send the signal that you're a secure chick who could kick anyone's ass.

    Don't get sloppy during after-hours.
    Don't go to the ATM by yourself at 2 a.m., leave the windows to your house open at night, or walk home from the bar wasted. You can't control the predators but can control the opportunities you give them.
    Plus: Don't give out too much info about yourself

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  • How to Spot a Frenemy

    The model Liskula Cohen was pissed when her name popped up on a trashy blog called "Skanks in NYC." Imagine her surprise when she found out that the catty blogger was a "friend" of hers. Here's how to tell if a bad friend might one day pull a b---- -move on you.

    1. She only tags you in her Facebook pictures if your eyes are closed or your back is turned away from the camera.

    2. When you tell her that you caught your boyfriend in bed with another woman her first question is, "Was she pretty?"

    3. Her new cocktail ring looks mysteriously like the one you just misplaced.

    4. She invites your crush to a dinner party at her apartment, but "forgets" to tell you.

    5. You dread reading her Twitter feed. No one should be subjected to a play-by-play of all of her drama.

    6. Even though you're glammed up she tells you, "I wish I could pull off that whole no makeup, bed-head look as well as you." Read more of her favorite sayings.

    7. Her personal blog is called "The s--- List."

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  • 7 ways to savor the last weeks of summer

    You blinked, and suddenly it's almost the end of summer! Before the warm weather slips away, steal these ideas from other chicks on how to squeeze out the last bit of fun.

    1. "I'm dying to go to a country music concert,
    hopefully outdoors. I've been researching when and where to go, and I can't wait to kick up my cowboy boots!" -Emily P., 26

    2. "I can't recommend it enough: Get a really pretty pedicure and show it off in flip flops while you still can. I do a classic summer shade like bright pink or coral." -Kari M., 30

    3. "I'm planning a day-trip of visiting local vineyards and wine-tasting. I'm outdoorsy like that!" -Chrissy, 27

    4. "I just want to spend the end of summer poolside with a few good friends and a few more good drinks. We want to make the most of our time with each other because it will probably be the last summer all together since some of us are moving away." -Jennifer R., 22

    5. "I'm going to help my niece set up a lemonade stand. It's so old school, but I know it will

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  • What Men Still Don't Get About Women

    We scoured our the posts from guys on Cosmo Confidential and found the top 5 things guys wish they understood.

    1. Guys want to know: Do women ever fantasize about the one that got away? After you've broken up with a guy, do you ever think about getting back together with him?
    Cosmo says: Ladies...even if you do, don't tell your new guy that!

    2. Guys want to know: Do you consider online chatting cheating? Is it wrong to flirt online?
    Cosmo says: Whether you're a guy or a girl, we think innocent flirting can be okay. But as soon as it turns sexual or deeply emotional, you're in dangerous territory. Get more advice on spotting a cheater...

    3. Guys want to know: Can you live without sex? How badly do women need to get it on?
    Cosmo says: Obviously women are robots and we don't really need to have sex, ever. Crazy guys.

    4. Guys want to know: Why do you nag us?
    Cosmo says: Because it would be really great if men did what they said they'd do, right? But ladies, tell us below: What do you nag

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