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  • Are Leggings Too Distracting for Middle School?

    Are leggings too distracting for middle school?

    By Lauren Rankin

    Haven Middle School in Evanston, Ill., is experiencing a burgeoning student protest and an onslaught of media attention in response to reports that it has banned leggings or yoga pants for female students. The new rule about leggings has actually been in place since the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, but only recently has it been garnering so much criticism and attention.

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    "Rumors that the school banned leggings and skinny jeans are not the truth," Melissa Burda, spokesperson for Haven's School District 65, told Cosmopolitan. "Students at the school are allowed to wear leggings, yoga pants, and skinny jeans. However, if leggings are worn, we ask that the shirt, short skirt, or whatever they have on top must be fingertip length."

    But some Haven students and parents feel that this policy unfairly targets female students and holds them accountable for the behavior of their male classmates.

    "I see

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  • 20 Things Every Woman Thinks After Sex

    Photo Credit: Relativity MediaPhoto Credit: Relativity Media
    By Anna Breslaw

    1. That was good.

    2. Is it tacky to check my phone right now? Like 20 seconds after we just finished having sex? Yes.

    3. I better go pee so I don't get a UTI. And explain that to him for the fortieth time.

    4. God, I'm wheezing like a 70-year-old chain smoker. I need to go to running more. I got that cute J.Crew puffy vest for it and everything.

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    5. Was my cat watching us the whole time?
    Probably. At least she didn't try to swat at his balls.

    6. How does the condom wrapper always end up on the floor?

    7. He listened to me about the finger thing from last time!Good to know he takes suggestions.

    8. I can't wait to tell my best friend at brunch tomorrow. Still too soon to look at my phone, right? Yeahhh.

    9. Do we cuddle now? I don't want to instigate it because then I'm The Girl Who Cuddles.

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    10. Oh OK good he instigated it.

    11. Awww,

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  • First Dates: Expectations Vs. Reality

    Photo Credit: SonyPhoto Credit: Sony
    By Anna Breslaw

    1. Expectation: At a dinner party, you catch the eye of a cute guy. You chat all night over delicious brie en croute and he asks you if you want to go to drinks the following week.
    Reality: You finally find someone on OK Cupid who looks like his interests might not include "skinning women."

    2. Expectation: You spend the next week text-bantering.
    Reality: You exchange two messages about what neighborhoods you live in. He uses the wrong "your."

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    3. Expectation: He tells you to meet him at an upscale bar closer to your house than his.
    Reality: He asks you what the plan is for tonight and tells you he is hungover from the night before.

    4. Expectation: He says he's 6-foot and he's 6-foot.
    Reality: He says he's 6-foot and he's 6 inches and could dance on the palm of your hand.

    5. Expectation: The place is a cute, slightly upscale bar clearly meant for dates.
    Reality: The place is a damp-floored bar full of

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  • 10 Things Every Man Should Know About Dating Before 25

    Things every man should know

    By Frank Kobola

    Dating in your early 20s is weird. It stops being acceptable to watch a movie in your parents basement, or meet someone who is equally as drunk, loud, and just as "really pumped up about this Third Eye Blind song" as you at a frat party. You actually have to put forth effort if you want to meet new people, and putting forth effort into something that uncomfortable sucks. Here's how to date like a MAN.

    1. Open doors. It never hurts to be a gentleman.

    2. Flowers don't suck. They can be pretty cheesy, but no woman is going to stab you in the face for bringing her flowers. If you want to start a first date of romantically, it's never an awful idea.

    3. A fun date is always better than a fancy date. White tablecloth restaurants are awkwardly formal. The kind of divey place with incredible comfort food and skeeball in the back is almost always going to make a better date. But really just put some kind of thought into planning something according to what you think

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  • 11 Empowering Quotes from Plus-Size Models

    Empowering quotes from plus-size models.

    By Laura Beck

    Hayley Hasselhoff

    1. "Growing up, I never accepted my curves, but when I got the opportunity to become a plus size model, I was able to appreciate my voluptuous body and love myself, not only on the outside, but on the inside."

    2. "At the end of the day, we are all trying to feel comfortable in any type of size - plus size or not."

    Tess Munster

    3. "Fat is a trigger word. But if you use it often enough, it simply describes another one of your qualities. I think what helps me is taking the hurt out of the word. In the beginning I called myself curvy and all bodies have curves. So I would always myself curvy and get upset when people called me fat. Owning it gives me strength: yeah, I'm fat-but I'm also all the good things that I am."

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    Crystal Renn

    4. "[Someone] told me that the entire time I was in makeup, the stylist had been clomping up and down the hall, sputtering into her cell phone, 'I can't believe I have

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  • 15 Things to Remember During Your Early Years of Marriage

    Marriage advice

    By Devon Corneal

    I have been married for seven years and a half, which makes me an expert on absolutely nothing about marriage except what makes my own marriage work, and my knowledge about that is sometimes sketchy. I don't know what makes a perfect marriage, or even a very good marriage for everyone, but I take pride in the fact that I've found someone willing to tolerate me through long-distance dating, living together, planning a wedding, becoming a stepfamily, buying a new house, getting pregnant, having a baby, a year of sleep deprivation, juggling a career and parenthood, changing jobs, and the occasional root canal. I like to think I've been as patient with my husband through all of these situations too, minus the pregnancy and root canals, lucky bastard.

    Over the years, I've asked for and usually ignored a fair amount of advice from other marrieds. Every once in a while, someone asks me for advice, which I hesitate to give because if the person asking is like me, she

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  • 16 Things Men Don't Understand About Women

    Things men never notice

    By Frank Kobola

    The whole "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" thing is total bullshit, but there are still some things that men just cannot wrap their heads around.

    1. Bra sizes. We understand the basic concepts of A and DD and that there's also number but we have absolutely no point of reference. We don't know what chest size a 36 actually is. Also, the whole idea of chest underwear. We don't have to deal with it.

    2. Tampons. So you women just like, stick them up there right? We're pretty sure we know how they work, but it's not like we've ever seen them in action. How do you get so good at concealing them? We've never seen an unwrapped one in the wild.

    3. Periods in general. Do you bleed the whole time? How do you know when you're done? Can you feel it all day? Yeah, health class taught us the logistics, but we still have so many unanswered questions.

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    4. Girls night. There is no male equivalent. What do

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  • How to Banish Under Eye Bags

    How to deal with under eye bags.

    By Carly Cardellino

    Q: My under eye bags are out of control. What can I do to deflate them or at least minimize their appearance?

    A: First you have to figure out why you have them. Are they genetic (aka do your mom and dad have them)? Or are they cropping up because you haven't been drinking enough water, you've been eating salty foods, you have allergies, or you've been pulling all-nighters?

    If your under eye bags are genetic, there are few over-the-counter options you can try to deflate them. However, by doing things like drinking eight glasses of water a day, getting enough sleep at night (seven hours or more), and watching your salt intake you can help reduce the look of them, but they won't disappear entirely.

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    If you're already getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and steering clear of salty foods, other ways you can battle under eye bags is with an eye cream that contains caffeine, like Olay

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  • The Pressure to Take Good Selfies is Making Girls Get Cosmetic Surgery

    The Pressure To Take Good Selfies Is Making Young Girls Get Cosmetic Surgery

    By Alex Rees

    Is selfie culture helping bankroll the cosmetic surgery business? A new survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says yes, it sure is. The poll, conducted annually to analyze trends in facial plastic surgery, found that "one in three facial plastic surgeons surveyed saw an increase in requests for procedures due to patients being more self aware of looks in social media." And approximately one in eight surgeons identified "increased photo sharing and patients' dissatisfaction with their own image on social media sites" as a factor specifically. After all, you take one bad selfie and tell yourself you blinked at the wrong moment, or smelled something weird, but four bad photos in a row is a knock to your self-confidence, right? And detagging is even worse.

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    The Academy's president, Edward Farrior, MD, said that "social platforms like Instagram,

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