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  • How to Finally Master Your Taxes

    Some tips for first time tax filers.Some tips for first time tax filers.Don't have an accountant boyfriend or mom and dad helping you file your tax return this year? Whatever, you got this! Cosmopolitan columnist and LearnVest CEO Alexa von Tobel dishes on all the need-to-know financial info for tax season.

    By Dara Adeeyo

    Where do I even start?
    First, decide if you need to call an accountant or not. If you have simple taxes, you won't need to contact one.

    How do I figure out if I have simple taxes?
    That's easy. This will be super straight-forward if you are a standard, salaried employee without fancy stock options or partnerships who doesn't freelance on the side. You don't own a home and aren't planning any big life changes.

    What's the best way to file my taxes?
    Well, a lot of people prefer e-filing. It's faster, more convenient and more secure than paper filing. You'll get confirmation within 48 hours that your tax return was received. And, you can get your refund (if you have one) deposited directly to your account within as few as 10 days.

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  • 13 Brilliant Money-Making Ideas

    Get paid to shop? Heck yeah.Get paid to shop? Heck yeah.Want to score a little extra cash on the side…without taking your clothes off or getting arrested? Find out how to by checking out these money-making ideas, all of which can be easily launched right from your laptop, from Amanda Steinberg, CEO and founder of

    By Molly Triffin

    1. Babysitters Club
    Watching tots isn't just for Kristy, Stacey, and Claudia. Taking care of munchkins pays well these days (around $20 an hour), and now Websites like and connect you with families in your 'hood.

    2. Cash Out Your Closet
    Earn extra dough by selling clothes you no longer wear to an online consignment store. and let you post pics of your jeans and bracelets and set the price you want for them. The Website takes 20 percent of the profits, but on the flip, gives you free prepaid postage to mail it out.

    3. Sell Your Skills
    If you have a marketable talent-like writing, editing, Web design, or graphic design-try freelance work in your

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  • 15 Awesome Love Lessons from the Movies

    The Notebook is a great movie with an awesome love lesson.The Notebook is a great movie with an awesome love lesson.Revisit some of your fave romantic movies to get schooled on dating and relationships. Dating expert Marni Battista says there is a lesson from each of these films that can be applied to your love life.

    By Dara Adeeyo

    1. The Notebook
    Lesson: Try giving someone new at least three dates to find out if there is great chemistry.

    Allie (Rachel McAdams) originally blew the love-of-her-life Noah (Ryan Gosling) off when they first met, but by actually giving him a chance, she discovered a love she didn't know was possible. Just because you don't have an instant spark with someone, it doesn't mean you should completely write them off.

    2. Sex and The City
    Lesson: Learn to love yourself.

    After Carrie was left at the aisle by Big (we knew he would do this), she was able to re-evaluate who she truly was. Having that time alone from Big gave her a chance to make over her apartment, get a new hairdo, and even build new friendships. Don't underestimate the time you have to yourself, because once

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  • 6 Weird Things that Affect Your Relationship

    These can affect your relationship in good or bad ways...These can affect your relationship in good or bad ways...Recently, research revealed that how much sleep you get (or don't) majorly affects your bond with your guy. But a lack of shut-eye isn't the only thing that can sabotage your love life. Here are six more weird factors-all backed up by scientific studies-that can totally eff with your relationship.

    By Natasha Burton

    1. Your Weight
    Looking at nearly 200 newlywed couples, the University of Tennessee found that both men and women are more satisfied in their relationships when the woman's BMI was lower than the man's. While the study ruled out other factors like depression and income, which could have skewed the results, these findings are certainly not a reason to drop pounds. After all, the happiest relationships are those when both partners love and accept each other at any size, right?

    2. Your Guy's Parents
    According to a study at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research, couples have a 20 percent higher chance of breaking up when a woman is BFF with her

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  • Fewer Women Than Ever Are Dieting, but There's a Catch

    Less women are dieting.Less women are dieting.Looks like all those "real body" campaigns might be majorly paying off in the self-esteem-boosting department: A new poll shows that fewer women than ever say they're on a diet nowadays. (Cue the applause!)

    By Natasha Burton

    Roughly 23 percent of American women report that they're currently dieting, compared with 34 percent in 1992. Which sounds pretty damn awesome to us. Though, before you try to get a crew of "real bodied" pals together to skinny dip in celebration, you should know that the same poll also found that 60 percent of Americans say they want to lose 20 pounds.

    Maybe we're all just so busy trying to balance work and life that sticking to a diet is kinda impossible? Though, we'd like to think that maybe fewer women are dieting because, while they may want to lose weight, they're ultimately happy with how they look. Or, even better: Perhaps instead of going on an official (or potentially gimmicky) diet, more women are just trying live healthier lifestyles.

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  • One in Four People Find Love Through Their Dogs

    Behold: puppy power!Behold: puppy power!Dogs are known as man's best friend, but they may also be your best matchmaker, too.

    By Natasha Burton

    According to a study by Pets At Home, one in four dog owners have found love while taking their pooches for a walk. (After all, who can resist a hot guy with an adorable puppy?) So, if you're single and looking, get your butt to a dog park.

    But not only can dogs help our love lives, the study also showed that owning a pet helps our social lives in general. One in three people say that they've made new friends just by walking their pets. So, if you don't score a date while taking your pooch out on the town, you may at the very least meet your future BFF.

    All the more reason to get a furry friend, we say.

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  • Oscar-Winning Wines

    Wines just as good as the movies.It's all about your viewing party on Oscar night, and I love how some people go crazy making all this food that matches the nominated movies. Well you should definitely do the same with your wine! For more fun wine tips, check out

    By Alyssa Vitrano

    Les Misérables
    Ah, who wouldn't raise a flag for a simple French wine even a villager can afford? Beaujolais is a really light, fruity option made from the Gamay grape. Villages-level Beaujolais is completely affordable (and not as pricey as the Grand Cru ones, which are amazing). Try the strawberry, satiny Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages 2011 ($11) or the more mineral, drier Potel-Aviron Beaujolais Villages 2010 ($14).

    Django Unchained
    Django's a modern spaghetti western, so go for an Italian grape that goes great with spaghetti. The high-acid Barbera will be able to match the equally acidic tomatoes in pasta sauces and pizza. Most Barbera's grown in Piedmont, Italy and I really like Marziano Abbona Barbera d'Alba 2011

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  • Decode His Date Drink

    Find out what him loving a Bud Light means.Find out what him loving a Bud Light means.Decode His Date Drink His beverage of choice tells you more than you'd think about his dating MO. Here's what you need to know.

    By Cosmopolitan

    1. Craft Beer
    First Impression:
    Men who drink specialized beers, like IPAs, dig that they're a cut above plain-old brewskies.

    Translation: He nerds out over whatever he fancies, including you. He'll appreciate your quirks.

    Mascot: Danny on The Mindy Project

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    2. Classic Bud
    First Impression:
    Budweiser may be the king of beers, but it's the least showy drink ever.

    Translation: This guy's not interested in impressing anyone. He'll make you feel at ease, but if you want someone complex, he's not your man.

    Mascot: Richie in Magic Mike

    3. Scotch
    First Impression:
    Scotch is smoky, masculine, and...expensive!

    Translation: He's half woodsman, half businessman--but all manly man. He will treat you to nice stuff, but be careful: He may be too overbearing.

    Mascot: Don Draper on Mad Men

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  • Best New Temporary Hair Color Products

    Forget natural-looking honeyed blondes and chestnut brunettes - the new way to make a beyond-sexy statement is with bright pops of rainbow bright hair color. From extreme looks like Nicki Minaj's Crayola-colored wigs to subtle styles like Lauren Conrad's dip-dyed pink ends, this smoking hot trend shows no signs of abating. Get into to the look at home with the best DIY sprays, chalks, and mascaras!

    By Tia Williams

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    8 Celebs Who Look Great in Any Hair Color

    The Sexiest Movie Hairstyles

    8 Ways to Score More Hair Volume

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  • Makeup Looks Men Love

    Do the cat eye, he totally digs it.Do the cat eye, he totally digs it.Ever wonder what makeup look your guy likes but are too timid to ask? We tracked down some hotties who gave us their opinions on what turns them on when it comes to the makeup you wear. Get ready, girls, here are the answers to your burning cosmetics take notes!

    By Carly Cardellino

    1. Au Naturel
    "I like it when a girl doesn't wear any makeup at all. I know it sounds cliché, but it lets me know that she takes care of her skin and is confident in herself because she doesn't need to cover her complexion up with foundation or anything like that." - Dawson S.

    2. Smoky Eye
    "I love it when my wife wears a smoky eye. It's very sexy and mysterious." - Nick R.

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    3. Light Eyes, Light Lips
    "When a woman wears light sparkly shadow around her eyes that makes them glow and minimal lip color, I think that's the perfect makeup look. If her lipstick is too bright, I'm afraid to get in there and really kiss her if the

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