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  • 7 Reasons Why Men Cheat

    Experts explain why men cheat. (photo: Thinkstock) Experts explain why men cheat.Experts explain why men cheat.Could it be intimacy, control, or…just being a sex addict? Sex and relationship experts spill on the top reasons why men cheat. (Besides, you know, being total jerks.)

    By Pat Sandora

    1. They're Avoiding Intimacy
    "Some men cheat to avoid any real intimacy. Intimacy scares them, so they distance themselves from their wife or girlfriend by cheating on her," says psychiatrist Gail Saltz, MD. This way they never have to fully rely on someone else, so they can't get hurt. Yeah, it makes sense in their minds…

    2. They Crave Intimacy
    On the flip side, some men are searching for intimacy outside of their relationship. According sex expert Emily Morse, some couples drift apart over time and don't communicate about their lack of intimacy. When that happens, some men think it's easier to just cheat instead of talking about it.

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    3. They're Hooked on the Honeymoon
    You know how it goes-you can't get enough of each other at the

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  • 6 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

    Sleeping in the nude is good for you!Sleeping in the nude is good for you!A recent study showed that less than 10 percent of Americans sleep in the buff. Whaa? Not only is it dead sexy, experts swear naked sleep is actually good for you. We asked them to spill on the top reasons you should ditch those pajamas for good.

    By Natasha Burton

    1. You'll Air Out Your Hoo-Ha
    Jennifer Landa, MD, author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women, says that sleeping naked can be healthier for your private parts. While it's totally normal to have yeast and bacteria down there, the warm environment can sometimes cause an overgrowth. One way to prevent infections is to "air it out" and go commando.

    2. You'll Sleep Better
    While you might like being cozy and warm at night, it's actually important to have a cooler environment when you sleep, says Lisa Shives, MD, who sits on the National Sleep Foundation's board of directors. "Your body temp progressively declines as you sleep, which is a natural tendency of the body, so being too warm with heavy PJs and blankets

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  • 7 Benefits of Being Intimate

    Intimacy can help you fight off a cold.Intimacy can help you fight off a cold.Okay, we know sex is all about maxing out your pleasure. But it turns out it's good for your health, too. We asked Jennifer Landa, MD, chief medical officer of BodyLogicMD and author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women to give us the low-down on the health benefits of sex.

    By Meagan Morris

    1. It Boosts Your Brain
    Sex increases your bod's dopamine levels-the hormone that improves your memory and motivation. So basically climaxing is the gift that keeps on giving.

    2. It Burns Calories
    Don't feel like hitting the gym? Grab your guy and head to the bedroom. A 30-minute romp in the sheets can burn upwards of 150 calories. That's like running a mile on the treadmill!

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    3. It Destresses You
    We're all stressed to the max-and all that worry releases the stress hormone cortisol. The problem with cortisol? Having too much of it in your blood stream can lead to everything from high blood sugar to weight gain.

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  • The Hot New Sex Position: The Te'o

    Say hello to The Te'o.Say hello to The Te'o.In the wake of the whole Manti Te'o scandal, we'd like to introduce our hot new sex position…The Te'o.

    Enjoy! (Or at least your guy will.)

    Source: Cosmopolitan

  • 7 Signs He's Not Ready to Commit

    Listen to him, he's prob not ready to commit.Listen to him, he's prob not ready to commit.A recent study shows that your man's parents have a lot to do with whether or not he'll commit to your relationship. Don't let that be an excuse: He's still a big boy and makes his own decisions. The problem? He doesn't always know-or tell you-about his intentions. That's why we asked Vondie Lozano, PhD, a California-based relationship therapist, to give us the low-down on the signs he can't commit.

    By Meagan Morris

    1. He Can't Commit to the Small Stuff
    Everyone has to reschedule a date or is late from time to time, but it's a problem if he makes a habit of it. If he can't commit to something little like that on a regular basis, it's not a good sign.

    2. He Moves Too Fast
    He brought up marriage on the third date, so you figured he was ready for a long-term thing. Now, he's avoiding you. What gives? He's not mature enough to actually make a commitment if he comes on really strong at first, but then loses interest. That's a sign he's just in it for the thrill of the chase.

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  • Diet Foods You Should Skip

    Try sushi with brown rice next time.Try sushi with brown rice next time.Just because food looks healthy, doesn't mean it is. Registered dietician Rachel Beller, MS, who served as a nutritional expert on NBC's The Biggest Loser, performs her patented "food autopsies" in her new book Eat To Lose, Eat To Win-and offers up healthy alternatives. From sushi to salad, Rachel debunks five major diet food myths.

    By Michelle Ruiz

    Skip: Wraps
    Wraps are touted as a better bread alternative-but some tortillas are just colored white bread, hiding three times the carbs and calories of a slice of bread!

    Instead Try: An Open-Faced Sandwich
    Beat the wrap with an open-faced "value-full" sandwich of real greens and grilled chicken on whole grain toast.

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    Skip: Green Tea
    A green tea energy drink sounds good for you, right? Wrong: One sweet 20-ounce bottle packs the same calories of 37 lollipops!

    Instead Try: Water With Lemon
    H20 is always the way to go. Punch it up with lemon or other fruit to please

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  • 6 Dating Habits You Should Ditch

    Date tip: Don't ignore the bill when it comes.Date tip: Don't ignore the bill when it comes.Sure, we're all guilty of having bad habits. But there are some that can seriously mess with your dating life-without you even realizing it. Experts swear these little moves give off the signal that you're just not that into a guy…even when you totally are.

    By Dara Adeeyo

    1. Checking Your Phone
    It's become sort of the norm to hand-hug your phone when out. Ah, gotta Instagram that meal. But when you're on a date, don't do it. It lets him think that he doesn't have your attention and that you're just not into him.

    2. Scanning the Room
    You might be nervous-or you might have a short attention span. If your date notices that you're constantly scanning the room, he'll think you're bored.

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    3. Talking Too Much
    Pauses in a conversation can be, well, awkward. By trying to avoid the silence, you might end up chatting non-stop about yourself. Do this and he'll think you're way too self-absorbed and have no plans on getting to

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  • 3 Beauty Myths that Are Surprisingly Untrue

    Eat all the chocolate you want! You won't get a pimple.Eat all the chocolate you want! You won't get a pimple.Does eating chocolate really make you break out? Get the answer and find out other fascinating truths.

    By Cosmopolitan

    1. Eating chocolate and greasy foods makes you break out.
    Go ahead and chow down. There's nothing in a candy bar or pepperoni pizza that's going to make zits suddenly sprout-"unless maybe you rub the pizza across your face a few times," says New York City dermatologist Diane Berson. (So please, try to hold yourself back.) The only foods that may exacerbate acne are sushi, shellfish, and soy sauce, explains Dr. Berson; they all contain high amounts of iodine, which has been linked to inflammation and breakouts.

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    2. Dry skin causes wrinkles.
    Wouldn't it be great if a little moisturizer could keep lines at bay? Unfortunately, wrinkles form when collagen breaks down far below the surface of the skin (which is right where dry skin occurs). Moisturizers can improve the appearance of lines, though, by temporarily plumping the parched skin

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  • The Hottest New Trends in Engagement Rings

    A ring like this is so hot right now!A ring like this is so hot right now!If celeb engagement rings are any indication, a simple diamond and platinum setting isn't the norm anymore. We asked McQueenJewelry CEO Yosi Elison what's huge right now. The theme? Bigger-and different-is definitely better. Hey, it's good to know…just in case.

    By Meagan Morris

    1. Screw Traditional
    We're all different, so why shouldn't our engagement rings show off our individuality?

    "Women want unique now. There was a huge surge in halo, cushion-cut diamond settings the last few years and bride after bride had a similar looking ring," Elison said. "The newest crop of brides-to-be want a ring that showcases their individual personality; they're shying away from 'traditional.'"

    2. Vintage Is Back
    Edwardian, vintage-inspired ring sales have increased bigtime, thanks to shows like Downton Abbey. The designs are delicate, incredibly feminine while still being sophisticated-like lace dripping in diamonds. The show's U.S. return in 2013 should mean even more

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  • 8 Ways to Fight Fair with Your Guy

    Don't do this during your next fight.Don't do this during your next fight.A recent study from Penn State University found that while arguing helps women de-stress, it makes your guy's anxiety skyrocket. Unfortunately, fights are inevitable. We got experts to spill on how to avoid World War III and emerge from a spat more in love.

    By Brittany Talarico

    1. Take Five
    Fighting can trigger the sympathetic nervous system, which shifts your body into fight or flight mode. Adrenaline courses through you at this time, making you less able to think logically. If you want to have an actual discussion (not a hell-raising blowout), your bod needs to be relaxed. Sometimes the only way to do this is to take a time out. Remember, if he needs to leave the situation, he's trying to calm down too. It's not about you.

    2. Use "And" Instead of "But"
    Once your bod is relaxed, start by acknowledging that you heard your guy and validate what he said. For example, "I understand that it may frustrate you when I spend too much money on clothes. I know we're saving up to move in

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