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  • Snooki Wants Another Baby

    JWoww and SnookiJWoww and SnookiFour months after giving birth to her son, Lorenzo, Snooki is ready for another meatball!

    By Michelle Ruiz

    "I already want another baby," a lace-and-leather clad Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, 25, told Cosmopolitan on a recent visit to our New York office. "Jionni and I are building our house right now, but once it's built, then we're going to pop them out."

    With fiancé Jionni LaValle by her side, the former Jersey Shore starlet gives birth (in a leopard-print top, obviously) on season two of MTV's Snooki and JWoww, premiering Jan 8.

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    Seeing her best friend and former party animal become a mom has inspired Jenni "JWoww" Farley to consider skipping her wedding to fiancé, Roger Mathews, and going straight to babymaking.

    "I was like, 'Screw the marriage. I just want to have kids," JWoww told us. "I just really love Lorenzo and I think I need to give him a friend. He's just so cute and she makes it look so easy, too."

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  • The Best Long Hairstyles of All Time

    Long hair is, was, and will always be ridiculously hot. From Veronica Lake's flirty wartime curls to Gisele's piece-y, beachy waves, here are our 15 favorite long hairstyles of all time.

    By Tia Williams

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  • 8 Surprising Job Interview Mistakes

    You probably shouldn't do this.You probably shouldn't do this.Among the hundreds of candidates you're probably competing with for a job, many are going to commit one of these interview mistakes. Good thing you won't.

    By Anna Davies

    1. Your Twitter Feed Is Lame
    "I always look at potential employees' Twitter feeds," says Alison Brod, president of Alison Brod PR. "I know it's informal, but a stream littered with u's and luv's makes you look 12 years old- definitely not hiring material." Other stuff to avoid: tweeting during work hours, always talking about social plans, and swearing. What's good? Smart retweets and mentions of industry players. "A recent candidate's feed mentioned a few clients we rep," says Brod. "It was clear she cared about the industry. She got the gig."

    2. You Overused Your "In"
    Employers expect candidates to use connections to get their foot in the door. But a recent survey by Michigan State University found that 32 percent of large companies have received résumés from parents on behalf of their kids-a

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  • 7 Things Guys Never Notice During Sex

    Don't worry. He won't notice these things during your next bedroom romp.Don't worry. He won't notice these things during your next bedroom romp.Sure, we all have little things we get insecure about in bed. But apparently guys are so happy that they're getting laid, they never notice our so-called problem areas. Experts swear these don't even register with them.

    By Natasha Burton

    1. Your Extra Lbs
    According to sex expert Ian Kerner, PhD, author of She Comes First most guys aren't seeing-or thinking-straight during sex because they're too busy being overtaken by a neurochemical cocktail-a mix of the love hormone oxytocin, testosterone, and the pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine-and your inherent sexiness. So, if you're worried about your fupa or the fact that your thighs touch-don't.

    2. Your Breast Shape
    Trust us: Only you notice that your left tata is slightly larger than your right. Most men are just excited to be in close proximity to your girls, Kerner says-they could care less what size they are, or even if they are two different sizes.

    3. Your Bacne
    Sure, we all want perfect, smooth skin, but

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  • 10 New Year's Resolutions that Don't Suck

    If you're going to make new year resolutions, choose one of these!If you're going to make new year resolutions, choose one of these!New Year's resolutions are the height of negative self-talk. Lose weight! Work harder! Quit smoking! (Well, that's a pretty good one, actually.) You spend the last week of the year reflecting on what you want to fix about yourself, then the first week of January feeling bad about it all over again. That's no way to live, so we came up with some positive resolutions to set for 2013.

    By Emma Barker

    1. Eat More Fruits and Veggies
    You'll probably fail if you command yourself to go on a strict diet, but if the goal is to grab a banana at breakfast or a salad for lunch, no problem.

    2. Choose to Be Happy
    We've all fallen into a grumpy rut. Sometimes it's easier to be a real B, but this year make the choice to be happy daily.

    3. Volunteer Once a Month
    This one's in every "Chicken Soup for the [fill in the blank] Soul" book for a reason.

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    4. Express More Gratitude
    Saying "Thanks" goes a long way with strangers and an even longer way

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  • 9 Genius Beauty Rules All Girls Should Live By

    The best short and sweet beauty tips ever.The best short and sweet beauty tips ever.Sometimes the best beauty advice is short and tweet. Cosmo Beauty Director Leah Wyar shares the easy-breezy hair and makeup tricks that will keep you gorgeous in 140-characters or less.

    By Leah Wyar

    1. Put On a Mask
    Quench dry strands by substituting conditioner with a hair mask once a week.

    2. Liquify Your Lashes
    Dot liquid liner between lower lashes for the most natural look.

    3. Pucker Up
    Cure dry lips by buffing them with sugar a few times a week, then wearing a Vaseline mask before bed.

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    4. Pimple Prevention
    To prevent period breakouts, start using an acne wash for a week beforehand.

    5. Static Strands
    Use a dryer sheet as a fast fix for flyaways.

    6. Prep 'n Glow
    Keep glittery makeup in place by applying a primer lotion beforehand. It works like a glue!

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    7. Under Your Condition
    Make your own DIY conditioner: Mash up a banana, then add some olive oil and an egg.

    8. Forever Scent
    For fragrance that lasts

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  • 6 Reasons You Should Drink More

    Take an extra sip of your bubbly. It's good for you.Take an extra sip of your bubbly. It's good for you.The holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry... but mostly drink. And good news-new studies have found that there are serious health benefits to doing it in moderation. Um, yes please!

    By Pat Sandora

    1. It Keeps You Thin
    Seriously. New research found that wine can help keep your weight in check. Um, how? Over a 13-year study, scientists found that women who drank a glass or two of red wine a day were 30 percent less likely to be overweight than non-drinkers. One reason: Drinking booze encourages your body to burn calories.

    2. It Makes You Smarter
    Scientists from the University of Illinois found that people who drank two pints of beer during a series of bar games solved 40 percent more problems correctly and came up with their answers 3.5 seconds faster than study participants who were sober. Heck. Yes.

    3. It Prevents Pneumonia
    According to a new study from Japan's Sapporo Medical University, the hops in beer contain a chemical called humulone which helps protect your bod

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  • 9 Money-Saving Tips for the New Year

    Try these money-saving tricks in 2013.Try these money-saving tricks in 2013.We know: Your New Year's resolution is to get so toned, you're recruited for the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But getting financially fit is almost as popular a resolution as hitting the gym, according to a new study. Cosmopolitan columnist and LearnVest CEO Alexa von Tobel gives us her money-saving tips.

    By Michelle Ruiz

    1. Make a Three-Year Plan
    "Think three years out: Where do you want to be financially? It might be to pay off student loans, or credit card debt, or buy an apartment. Figure out how much you will need to achieve it, and then compute how much you will need to save each year, month, and week."

    2. Get Organized
    "Run your finances like you run you social life! Set up calendar alerts for your bills. Make a separate email address for your bills so they never get lost in the shuffle. Plan for the year ahead-I do my taxes every January and buy all of my holiday gifts in September."

    3. Follow the 50/20/30 Rule
    "Allocate 50 percent of your

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  • 7 Signs He's a Total Player

    Yeah, don't fall for his games.Yeah, don't fall for his games.We kind of hate ourselves for getting so into The Bachelor every year, but another season premieres on Jan. 7 and we already have our tickets for the Sean Lowe gun show. So in honor of the show that idolizes dating 20+ women at once, we asked Chiara Atik, dating expert at and author of Modern Dating: a Field Guide for the signs your man is a total player.

    By Emma Barker

    1. He's Out of Sight; Out of Mind
    If a guy's really into you he makes concrete plans and follows up. A player is only interested in you when you're physically in front of him.

    2. You Haven't Met His Friends
    Mah-jor warning sign: If he has a lot of other girls that he's hanging out with, he's not going to introduce all of you to his group of guys. That opens up the chances that one of them will spill that you're not the only girl in his life. And that would mess with his game.

    3. He Guilts You About Unannounced Calls
    If you just call once out of the blue and he's mad about it, that's cagey. It could be

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  • 11 Proven Ways to Cure a Hangover

    This will cure that hangover of yours.This will cure that hangover of yours.The best way to avoid a hangover, of course, is to avoid drinking so much you end up sick. (It's really not a good look, gals.) But, we get it: With all the holiday parties going on, you might feel a little, uh, under the weather at some point. Read on for 11 hangover cures, including the slimy prairie oyster.

    By Michelle Ruiz

    1. Drink Water
    An evil hangover is all about dehydration. So gulp plenty of water post-party and the morning-after to rehydrate. Better yet, prevent a hangover altogether by drinking a water for every cocktail you sip!

    2. Chow Down
    Pizza, egg sandwiches-hangovers often lead to fast food feasts. But docs at the Mayo Clinic say bland snacks like toast, and crackers are best for boosting blood sugar and settling an upset stomach

    3. Globe Artichoke
    Holistic health says that these delicious, yet tough-to-crack, veggies contain substances that can reduce bloating and nausea, two common symptoms of hangovers. According to Sarah Brewer, MD,

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