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  • 5 Scary Truths About Bleaching Your Hair

    5 Things Your Stylist Doesn't Tell You Before Bleaching YourHair

    By Charlotte Palermino

    Having been a hair virgin until recently, here are the five things I learned from sticking my head into a vat of chemicals.

    1. Your texture doesn't just slightly change-it becomes a strange beast.
    Hair responds differently to bleach, but anytime you are open up the pores of your strands to let chemicals oxidize the color that's in there, you can be sure whatever texture you once had will be no more. Most commonly, fine hair becomes rough, dry, and thicker.

    What they don't tell you? Bleached hair can also become straight, curly, frizzy, or insanely brittle and the texture can continue to change the more you wash it. Since bleaching rips your pores open, those holes can continue to leak out whatever is left every time you wash. So even if your natural curls are there the day of your bleach, they might be gone tomorrow, no matter how much Argan Oil you're using.

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    2. Purple shampoo is not optional (and taking a

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  • 7 Surprising Signs He'll Never Marry You

    Seven subtle clues a guy has a case of commitment phobia.

    By Niki Evans

    The tricky thing about womanizers is that they usually have their game down pat, which mean it's easy to get sucked in. They seem totally sweet and charming on the surface - who'd ever guess they were secretly scoundrels? So to help you sharpen your radar, we narrowed down the more subtle clues a guy has a case of commitment phobia. If he exhibits three or more of these, watch out.

    1. All of His Exes Are "Crazy"

    Be wary of a man who refers to his former girlfriends as crazy, psycho, or clingy - because what's the common denominator here? Him. The dude's either looney-bin glue, or he never really wanted the relationship to work in the first place.

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    2. He Plans Ultra-Romantic Dates

    A cozy candlelit dinner is nice and all, but if he only takes you to secluded places, it could be a tip-off that he doesn't want other women to spot him on a date. Next time he asks you out, suggest hitting up a busy

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  • 11 Explanations for Why He Never Texted You Back

    The million dollar dating question, answered.

    By Carly Cardellino

    The million dollar dating question, answered.

    You've been there-slash-know exactly how this goes down: Girl meets guy, guy asks girl on first date, they have a great time. Guy asks girl on second date, makeout sessions ensue. Guy asks girl on third date, which also goes swimmingly, and then girl never hears from him again. He might have died for all she knows. This leaves girl bummed/hurt/confused/and repeatedly asking her friends "Why would he do that? It's so unlike him!"

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    Now's the time to remind yourself that you didn't invest that much time into this relationship, and that this scenario unfortunately comes with the territory of dating. But that doesn't make it feel any less crappy after someone disappears after the first few dates.

    To understand the male brain a bit more, Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert and author of He's Just Not Your Type (And That's A Good Thing), explains just why he

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  • 7 Common Misconceptions About Shopping for Jeans

    How to get great jeans for as little as $20.

    By Charles Manning

    How to get great jeans for as little as $20.

    A lot of people often have the wrong idea about what makes a good pair of jeans, so shopping for them feels like a chore, instead of something fun. It's not about spending a bunch of money on a designer label or getting bogged down by a bunch of stupid rules about dressing for your body. If you want to find the perfect pair of jeans for you, here are seven myths to keep in mind on your next denim shopping trip.

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    1. Skinny jeans are only for skinny people.

    Skinny jeans are flattering on almost everybody, especially curvy girls. They accentuate the natural shape of a woman's body and make her look taller. There is a common misconception that if you are curvy, you need flared or boot-cut jeans to balance out your hips, but those cuts can actually make you look shorter and heavier. Really, you want to focus on tapering silhouettes. If skinny just

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  • How to Get Flawless Makeup in Less Than 10 Minutes

    Mike Piscitelli/GalleryStock

    By Jessica Matlin


    These products go on fast, require zero precision, and work their magic during your commute.

    Quench skin. You know how you crave water in the a.m.? Your skin's desperate for a drink too - especially if you skimped on sleep, which leaves skin parched.

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    Look alive. Rehydrate dry, bloodshot eyes with drops before bringing potentially irritating eye makeup anywhere near them.

    Wake up your face. "Liquid foundation reverses the look of tired skin almost instantly," says makeup artist Troy Jensen. Dot it in the center of your face, and blend outward.

    Perk up with peach. Coral blush masks dullness, says Jensen. Cream formulas melt into foundation and can be dabbed on as you brush your teeth.

    Work with bedhead. "Mist hair with texturizing spray, and throw it into a side braid," says NYC hairstylist Greg Cassese. It looks good in public and sets the scene for a more stylish, work-appropriate

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  • The 11 Best Things About Being Married

    The 11 Best Things About Being Married.The 11 Best Things About Being Married.

    By Jennifer Chen

    To quote Ben Affleck at last year's Oscars when he talked about his marriage to Jennifer Garner, "It's good. It is work but the best kind of work." But like anything that takes hard work (exercising, binge TV watching, owning a cat), it's totally worth it. Why do you think lesbian and gay people are fighting so hard to get married? Because marriage is awesome. If you're knee deep into wedding planning and can't take it any more, take a deep breath, keep calm, and read on.

    1. Some days being married feels like a pile of puppies.
    I could say something flowery about love, but really, some times you feel giddy like there's a pile of puppies waiting to trample you because this amazing person loves you AND you get to sleep with them.

    2. You have mental telepathy to convey how you really feel.
    Through just one look, I can tell my husband, "I am so hungry. Please get me food before I murder someone." You have a special kinship that defies words. This is

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  • Crazed Pregnant Kate Middleton Painted Her Palace Purple

    Pregnant Kate Middleton painted her palace purple.

    By Alex Rees

    This is a fun story. British newspaper The Daily Mail reports that the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge's cravings were less to do with weird food and more to do with weird decor. During her pregnancy, Kate helped oversee a renovation of Kensington Palace - and hired a "flamboyant designer" to spruce up the interiors. It became a total Trading Spacesdisaster - cheap paints (gasp!) were purchased for the palace walls and they were justhorrid, leaving one room in particular "with a horrible, unexpected purple tinge." Lavender is the worst, after all.

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    Kate is reportedly blaming the disastrous makeover "on her [pregnancy] hormones" and the whole design project will have to be done over again. That said, she's retaining the same designer for work that's planned for her and Prince William's country estate. Just with nicer paint, presumably.

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  • Fashion Police Mocks Pregnant Actress' Oscars Look, Compares Baby Bump to Beer Gut

    Fashion Police took their celebrity commentary too far during Monday's Oscars special.

    By Eliza Thompson

    Fashion Police has never been a great source of measured, polite commentary on celebrity style, but Monday's Oscars special took it way too far when it came to Elsa Pataky, the gorgeous and visibly pregnant wife of Chris Hemsworth.

    Joan Rivers started off the chat by screaming, "I'm sorry, look at her tummy!" You can already tell this is headed in a lovely direction. She continued, "She is HUGE. I know why she's huge. I saw her sonogram." And then they flashed Ellen's epic selfie up on the screen, because there's nothing more clever than a joke about a really pregnant woman having more than one baby inside her because she's just SO fat.

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    George Kotsiopoulos chimed in too, because you can't discuss a woman's body properly without having at least one man present. "The last thing I wanna do is rip on a pregnant woman," George said. But instead of just shutting up and not ripping on a pregnant woman, he continued,

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  • 5 Awesome and Unexpected Benefits of Coffee

    5 unexpected benefits of coffee.

    By Elizabeth Stark

    Everyone is more or less familiar with the primary benefits of coffee - it tastes good and helps you stay awake, but there's a fair amount of confusion about whether or not coffee is actually good for you. For example, you may have heard that coffee will stunt your growth, when in fact, your mom just didn't want to give you any of her coffee. Similarly you may have heard that coffee will dehydrate you, give you cancer, or stain your teeth. Only the last one is true; the other two aren't.

    But just because something's not bad for you, that doesn't mean it's good for you either. So is that the case with coffee? Well, you're probably not going to be chastised by your doctor for not drinking enough coffee any time soon. But there's plenty of evidence that, when consumed in moderation (seriously, MODERATION), coffee can have a number of benefits you may not have known about.

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    1. Coffee can help keep you

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  • 20 Signs He's in Love with You

    20 signs he's in love with you.

    By Frank Kobola

    1. He looks up the movie you've been waiting to see and surprises you with a date night. He might not want to see it, but he knows all the show times in a five mile radius.

    2. He brings you flowers for no reason. Some women think this is tacky. It isn't.

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    3. Even if he's not very emo, he has a sentimental streak when it comes to you. Dude has never cried, but he keeps a sweet love note from you in his wallet.

    4. He doesn't look at his phone when you're around. Flappy Bird and status updates can't win out over you. Suppressing the compulsion to check his phone, that's love.

    5. He texts you pictures of inside jokes and things that remind him of you. Somehow, he makes grumpy cat memes romantic.

    6. He wants you to hang out with his friends. This might be hell for you, but he really wants you around.

    7. He tries to hold you while you're sleeping. You might wake up annoyed and sweating, but he just

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