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  • 19 Sexy Ways You Can Strip for Your Man

    Dance for him, girl.Dance for him, girl.Usually, you're both so psyched to get to the good stuff that just you rip off each other's things and hit the sheets. But stretching out the process makes sex hotter. Work some of these tips whether you want to give him a full-on striptease, or just make getting naked a little more fun.

    By Molly Triffin

    1. Slip Into Something Sexier
    When selecting your outfit, dress in layers so you'll have more to peel off. And make sure you're comfortable in whatever you have on. Of course stilettos and knee-high boots are wicked foxy, and if you feel confident in them, great. But being in bare feet and one of his button-downs (you can slowly undo those buttons...) is just as alluring.

    Sources: Catherine Smith, instructor at Diva School, which offers striptease and pole dancing tutorials in New York City; Natasha Zee, co-owner, instructor, and dancer at Hells Bells Burlesque in Los Angeles

    2. Set Your Stage
    Dim the lights or toss a sheer scarf over your lamps. Arrange a

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  • 25 Ways to Be Romantic with Your Man

    Show him you care.Show him you care.Your guy may not want to admit it, but the truth is, he wants to be wined and dined just as much as you do-but in his own way. Our guy-approved tips let you send a clear romantic message no warm-blooded man can resist.

    By Kelly Thore

    1. If you catch him playing Wii, pop down beside him and challenge him to a two-player duel. Even if you're not so into gaming, he'll dig that you're making an effort to try something he likes.

    2. If he's having a crazy week, tackle the dirty dishes in his sink or return that Netflix DVD he's had for days. You'll show you're in tune with his needs and are willing to go out of your way to help.

    3. Suggest a fancy-ish place for dinner and drinks...and grab the check when it comes. He was probably expecting to pay, so you'll catch him by surprise-and he'll find it sweet you're treating him this time. 4. Surprise him during the week by showing up at his place with his favorite treat-brownies, pizza, whatever. It sounds old school, but it's no secret that

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  • What His First Date Choice Says About Him

    Action packed date? He's trying to see if you can be friends.Action packed date? He's trying to see if you can be friends.When you go on a first date with a dude, he usually picks the place. And good thing, because Bill Nichols, co-founder of, says you can tell a lot from a man by what kind of date he takes you on. Here's how to suss out his intentions.

    By Korin Miller

    The Neighborhood Bar
    He's a laid-back guy, and while it might not seem like he's trying, he is. Chances are, he's conscious of where he took you since he's looking for a girl who is equally laid-back.

    His Deal: He's open to having a relationship, but his life isn't dependent on it.

    The Indie Coffee Shop
    He's making an attempt to be different. There's a certain level of maturity and confidence needed to choose a date that involves a lot of (sober) conversation. He places value in getting to know someone and isn't aiming for a one-night stand, which is more than you can say for a lot of guys.

    His Deal: He knows what he wants and doesn't want to waste time finding it. If a connection is there, he'll explore it.


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  • Survey: Women Think It's Okay to Spy on a Man

    What are you searching for?What are you searching for?Like to, uh, peruse your guy's texts every now and then? You're in good company.

    By Korin Miller

    Thirty-seven percent of women said it's perfectly okay to spy on a S.O. if they suspect he's engaging in "bad behavior," according to a new survey of 2,000 people from the online dating site

    Here's something that might made you feel bad (just a teensy bit): Only 29 percent of guys said it was acceptable to snoop on their girlfriends and wives.

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    The survey also delved into other pressing dating questions and the answers are pretty surprising. People over the age of 55 think dating more than one person at a time is totally fine, while just 41 percent of people 18 to 34 years old think it's okay. So basically, Mom and Dad are cool with you dating a few guys at once...but you might not be.

    Another tidbit: Only half of women 18 to 34 years old are willing to date someone with health issues.

    Do you read your guy's texts sometimes?


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  • 8 Words that Most Liars Use

    Liar, liar. Pants on fire.Liar, liar. Pants on fire.Odds are, you and your guy have a great relationship, and the only lies he tells are little fibs. But it's good to know how to spot the signs he could be telling a whopper. Lie detection expert Janine Driver, author of the new book, You Can't Lie to Me, fills us in on the words that give away a liar.

    By Korin Miller

    Sure, sometimes 'left' is the only word you can use in a situation, but there's some kind of drama involved when he uses it in place of another word that will do (think: "I left the bar at six" vs. "I went home at six"). It could be due to his desire to "leave" the lie behind.

    The big thing to look out for is when he says "never" when "no" will do. It's a sign he's overcompensating. For example, if you ask, "Did you just look at that girl's butt?" and he says, "Never!"

    Like never, it depends on how he uses it. If he puts "that" in front of a noun, like "that woman" or "that money," it's a subconscious attempt for him to

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  • How Music Can Help You Cut Calories

    Listen to a certain type of music next time you eat.Listen to a certain type of music next time you eat.Eating out is awesome, but the extra calories we tend to consume when we do it are…not so awesome.

    By Korin Miller

    According to new research, there's an easy way to eat less without tapping into your willpower reserves.

    A Cornell study found that people tend to eat less at a restaurant when the lighting and music is softer (think: ambient lamps and chill jazz music). Even better, they enjoy the meal more in that setting.

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    For the study, researchers made over a restaurant and found that diners ate 175 fewer calories with the lighting and music tweaks. That's not bad for a one-time visit, but if you eat out a lot, it can really add up.

    What's up with that? Scientists say that soft lighting and relaxed music help you chill out and take your time eating. And when you eat slowly, you feel full faster, leading you to consume less overall.

    Sure, the research was done at a restaurant, but odds are the same thing applies at home. So next time you're eating

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  • 8 Unexpected Celebrity Beauty Secrets

    Finally, a sneak peek at how these celebrities get so beautiful. Their get-gorgous tricks are a little more surprising that you might have guessed.

    By Carly Cardellino

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    Easy Ways to Fix Self-Tanner Screw-ups

    What Jennifer Aniston's Hair Says About Her Love Life

    8 Ways to Get Rid of Acne

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  • To Get Fit, Exercise…Less?

    Exercise less? Yes, please!Exercise less? Yes, please!We're all for eating right and exercising to stay healthy. But when science tells us we can exercise less, well, we won't say no to that.

    By Korin Miller

    According to new research, working out for 30 minutes is just as effective for losing weight and keeping fit as working out for 60 minutes. Um…yes, please!

    In the study, scientists from the University of Copenhagen followed people who were heavy but healthy for 13 weeks. Half of the participants exercised for an hour a day while wearing a heart-rate monitor and calorie counter, while the other half did the same for just 30 minutes.

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    On average, the people who worked out for 30 minutes lost more weight than those who worked out for an hour. Both groups reduced their body mass by the same amount.

    How did that happen? Scientists think that the 30-minute group felt more motivated and had more energy for other types of exercise during the day. They also said

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  • The Position that Makes You Dream About Sex

    Bedtime can't come fast enough.Bedtime can't come fast enough.Want to spice up your dreams? According to a new study, sleeping in a certain position will help you dream about sex.

    By Korin Miller

    Yup, you read that right. Researchers from Hong Kong Shue Yan University surveyed 670 people and found that those who sleep facedown on their stomach with their arms above their head have more sex dreams than those who don't.

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    What kind of sex dreams are we talking about? Ones that include bondage and getting busy with a celeb.

    Scientists aren't sure why this happens, but figured it could be due to how the position affects your bod-your breathing is restricted and your hoo-ha is pressed up against the bed, simulating sex.

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    Of course, you won't have a crazy-sexy dream every time you sleep this way, but it will increase your odds.

    So if you want to have that dream where you and Ryan Gosling get it on, you know what to do.


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  • Should You Wait to Get Engaged?

    Avril LavigneAvril LavigneMeeting, getting engaged, and tying the knot faster than a season of Gossip Girl sounds so passionate and romantic. But rushing to the altar isn't such a smart move. In fact, experts agree that you should wait at least a year to make sure you and your guy are really a match-for a few simple, common-sense reasons:

    By Casey Gueren

    You need more than a few months to see your worst sides.
    It can takes a good six months or so to remove the love-colored glasses and begin to really see the other person, flaws and all. That's because the longer you steadily date, the more you get out of your comfort zones and settle into a routine-and that's when your true personalities emerge. Is he lazy about doing household chores? Is he disrespectful to your family and friends? Experiencing different scenarios together can help size up whether you two are right for each other, says Linda Miles, PhD, author of The New Marriage.

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    You need time for the

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