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  • Crazed Pregnant Kate Middleton Painted Her Palace Purple

    Pregnant Kate Middleton painted her palace purple.

    By Alex Rees

    This is a fun story. British newspaper The Daily Mail reports that the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge's cravings were less to do with weird food and more to do with weird decor. During her pregnancy, Kate helped oversee a renovation of Kensington Palace - and hired a "flamboyant designer" to spruce up the interiors. It became a total Trading Spacesdisaster - cheap paints (gasp!) were purchased for the palace walls and they were justhorrid, leaving one room in particular "with a horrible, unexpected purple tinge." Lavender is the worst, after all.

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    Kate is reportedly blaming the disastrous makeover "on her [pregnancy] hormones" and the whole design project will have to be done over again. That said, she's retaining the same designer for work that's planned for her and Prince William's country estate. Just with nicer paint, presumably.

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  • Fashion Police Mocks Pregnant Actress' Oscars Look, Compares Baby Bump to Beer Gut

    Fashion Police took their celebrity commentary too far during Monday's Oscars special.

    By Eliza Thompson

    Fashion Police has never been a great source of measured, polite commentary on celebrity style, but Monday's Oscars special took it way too far when it came to Elsa Pataky, the gorgeous and visibly pregnant wife of Chris Hemsworth.

    Joan Rivers started off the chat by screaming, "I'm sorry, look at her tummy!" You can already tell this is headed in a lovely direction. She continued, "She is HUGE. I know why she's huge. I saw her sonogram." And then they flashed Ellen's epic selfie up on the screen, because there's nothing more clever than a joke about a really pregnant woman having more than one baby inside her because she's just SO fat.

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    George Kotsiopoulos chimed in too, because you can't discuss a woman's body properly without having at least one man present. "The last thing I wanna do is rip on a pregnant woman," George said. But instead of just shutting up and not ripping on a pregnant woman, he continued,

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  • 5 Awesome and Unexpected Benefits of Coffee

    5 unexpected benefits of coffee.

    By Elizabeth Stark

    Everyone is more or less familiar with the primary benefits of coffee - it tastes good and helps you stay awake, but there's a fair amount of confusion about whether or not coffee is actually good for you. For example, you may have heard that coffee will stunt your growth, when in fact, your mom just didn't want to give you any of her coffee. Similarly you may have heard that coffee will dehydrate you, give you cancer, or stain your teeth. Only the last one is true; the other two aren't.

    But just because something's not bad for you, that doesn't mean it's good for you either. So is that the case with coffee? Well, you're probably not going to be chastised by your doctor for not drinking enough coffee any time soon. But there's plenty of evidence that, when consumed in moderation (seriously, MODERATION), coffee can have a number of benefits you may not have known about.

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    1. Coffee can help keep you

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  • 20 Signs He's in Love with You

    20 signs he's in love with you.

    By Frank Kobola

    1. He looks up the movie you've been waiting to see and surprises you with a date night. He might not want to see it, but he knows all the show times in a five mile radius.

    2. He brings you flowers for no reason. Some women think this is tacky. It isn't.

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    3. Even if he's not very emo, he has a sentimental streak when it comes to you. Dude has never cried, but he keeps a sweet love note from you in his wallet.

    4. He doesn't look at his phone when you're around. Flappy Bird and status updates can't win out over you. Suppressing the compulsion to check his phone, that's love.

    5. He texts you pictures of inside jokes and things that remind him of you. Somehow, he makes grumpy cat memes romantic.

    6. He wants you to hang out with his friends. This might be hell for you, but he really wants you around.

    7. He tries to hold you while you're sleeping. You might wake up annoyed and sweating, but he just

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  • 5 Ways to Be an Incredible Leader

    Getty Images, Joanna Williams.Getty Images, Joanna Williams.
    By Meredith Haberfeld

    1. Look to lead.
    Seek opportunities to lead people. Head a team on a small project or lead a volunteer group - anything that will give you some practice.

    2. Get your BOD in shape. Create a personal board of directors - people you respect, with whom you can be authentic, and who can help you further your career. Cultivate these relationships, so your mentors become invested in seeing you thrive.

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    3. Impress yourself first. Think about what will knock your socks off before you think about giving other people what you think they want from you. When we are working to make ourselves proud of our own effort and for the joy of it, we break the mold and produce extraordinary results.

    4. Make a top-three list. Write down the three leaders you find most influential, then list the attributes that make each of them so powerful. Tack that list up in a place you see every day as a reminder to bring those attributes into

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  • The 18 Best Things About Being in Your Late Twenties

    The best things about being in your late twenties.

    By Amy Odell

    You haven't listened to any new music within the past three years and you are fine with this because too many pop songs have sirens in them now.

    1. You know not to stay out past 2 a.m. Or really 1 a.m. OK fine just midnight. Because you've done enough partying to realize that only creepy things that make you feel gross when you're sober the next day happen after 2 a.m. aka millennial witching hour.

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    2. You don't feel like a loser for staying home on a Friday night. In fact, you find staying home on a Friday preferable - you can rest and jam on Saturday. (And by jam I literally mean make jam.) And that's better than being out with gross bar people then getting home at 2 a.m. and being too lazy to take your makeup off and growing barnacles on your face that you'll have to wear to brunch the next morning.

    3. Going out takes on a new meaning. Like dinner. Or a movie. Not just raging until 4 a.m. with strangers

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  • 5 Cover Letter Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

    The most common -- but avoidable! -- cover letter goofs.

    By Marina Khidekel

    We all learn from our mistakes - but do you really want your cover letter for your dream job to be the place you make them? Even the tiniest errors on the crucial first-impression-making document could get you overlooked for the job you really, really want. Unfair? Maybe. True? Definitely. As deputy editor for Cosmo, I've read through hundreds of cover letters in the course of hiring junior and senior editors and tons of interns. And when I talk to friends who hire for other types of industries, it becomes pretty clear that these are the most common - but avoidable! - cover letter goofs. The more you know, right?

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    1. Messing up the basics. I've gotten more than a few cover letters from applicants who make basic spelling and grammar errors - including spelling my name wrong. I've also gotten an alarming number of letters addressed to the wrong person, or even the wrong magazine. To a hiring manager, those

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  • 15 Things Men Never Notice About Women

    How are we supposed to tell the difference between

    By Frank Kobola

    How are we supposed to tell the difference between "Relentless Red" and "Russian Red" lipstick?

    Men are notoriously bad at picking up on small details. It's not because we don't care, it's because we're not paying attention to what's going on. Don't hold it against us, but it's a miracle we retain information like what your face looks like, let alone that the blue shirt you're wearing is different than the blue shirt we've seen you wear before. Here are 15 things you shouldn't get mad at us for not noticing:

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    1. A new purse. It's like the old thing you put a bunch of stuff in, except a different color. As far as we're concerned, all purses look the same.

    2. Shaved/unshaved legs. Unless you're coming at us like Sasquatch we probably can't tell you have a little bit of stubble on your legs.

    3. New candles. The part of our brain that let's us process candles in general is just missing. If you

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  • 5 Secrets to Totally Transform Your Skin

    Here are the habits putting your skin at risk, plus the antioxidants that'll reverse the damage.

    By Marta Topran

    When you're out in the sun, smog, cold weather - even just a Saturday night with the girls - your body is exposed to and can create harmful compounds called free radicals. These bad boys latch onto healthy atoms in your skin, damaging them, which sets the scene for skin issues (dullness, breakouts, and wrinkles). Enter antioxidants: the first line of defense in neutralizing free radicals. Here are the habits putting your skin at risk, plus the antioxidants that'll prevent and reverse the damage.

    If You Live In a Big City ...

    What's more annoying than rush-hour traffic? The nitric oxide fumes all those cars produce. Along with fellow free-radical ozone, nitric oxide damages skin's DNA, causing roughness and sensitivity.

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    Antioxidant RX: Green or White Tea

    When applied to skin, teas neutralize free radicals before they're able to penetrate and do damage. "They have been shown to be some of the

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  • The 25 Best Things About Being in Your Early Twenties

    Jennifer Lawrence.Jennifer Lawrence.
    By Anna Breslaw

    1. Your face is a fresh, dewy wonder. Had a crazy night out? Later in life, you'll spend 45 minutes in the bathroom trying to look slightly less like Charlize Theron in Monster. But for now, you could spend all night doing crank in a radiation lab and still wake up looking 17.

    2. You're still that person who "just doesn't get hangovers!"
    Hahaha, oh boy, JUST YOU WAIT.

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    3. You're free of any high school and early college labels you may have accrued. When you go to happy hour with your coworkers, or out with a new guy, they don't know that you were considered the "responsible one" in high school, or that you once drunkenly puked in the broom closet of a frat house, or had bad hair, or that your nickname used to be Jenna Teeth Blowjob. You're free to reinvent yourself. (Jenna Awesome Blowjob?)

    4. You have an excuse to upgrade your wardrobe for both work and play. This ain't no sweatpants-to-your-11

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