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  • 15 Things Men Never Notice About Women

    How are we supposed to tell the difference between

    By Frank Kobola

    How are we supposed to tell the difference between "Relentless Red" and "Russian Red" lipstick?

    Men are notoriously bad at picking up on small details. It's not because we don't care, it's because we're not paying attention to what's going on. Don't hold it against us, but it's a miracle we retain information like what your face looks like, let alone that the blue shirt you're wearing is different than the blue shirt we've seen you wear before. Here are 15 things you shouldn't get mad at us for not noticing:

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    1. A new purse. It's like the old thing you put a bunch of stuff in, except a different color. As far as we're concerned, all purses look the same.

    2. Shaved/unshaved legs. Unless you're coming at us like Sasquatch we probably can't tell you have a little bit of stubble on your legs.

    3. New candles. The part of our brain that let's us process candles in general is just missing. If you

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  • 5 Secrets to Totally Transform Your Skin

    Here are the habits putting your skin at risk, plus the antioxidants that'll reverse the damage.

    By Marta Topran

    When you're out in the sun, smog, cold weather - even just a Saturday night with the girls - your body is exposed to and can create harmful compounds called free radicals. These bad boys latch onto healthy atoms in your skin, damaging them, which sets the scene for skin issues (dullness, breakouts, and wrinkles). Enter antioxidants: the first line of defense in neutralizing free radicals. Here are the habits putting your skin at risk, plus the antioxidants that'll prevent and reverse the damage.

    If You Live In a Big City ...

    What's more annoying than rush-hour traffic? The nitric oxide fumes all those cars produce. Along with fellow free-radical ozone, nitric oxide damages skin's DNA, causing roughness and sensitivity.

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    Antioxidant RX: Green or White Tea

    When applied to skin, teas neutralize free radicals before they're able to penetrate and do damage. "They have been shown to be some of the

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  • The 25 Best Things About Being in Your Early Twenties

    Jennifer Lawrence.Jennifer Lawrence.
    By Anna Breslaw

    1. Your face is a fresh, dewy wonder. Had a crazy night out? Later in life, you'll spend 45 minutes in the bathroom trying to look slightly less like Charlize Theron in Monster. But for now, you could spend all night doing crank in a radiation lab and still wake up looking 17.

    2. You're still that person who "just doesn't get hangovers!"
    Hahaha, oh boy, JUST YOU WAIT.

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    3. You're free of any high school and early college labels you may have accrued. When you go to happy hour with your coworkers, or out with a new guy, they don't know that you were considered the "responsible one" in high school, or that you once drunkenly puked in the broom closet of a frat house, or had bad hair, or that your nickname used to be Jenna Teeth Blowjob. You're free to reinvent yourself. (Jenna Awesome Blowjob?)

    4. You have an excuse to upgrade your wardrobe for both work and play. This ain't no sweatpants-to-your-11

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  • Is Rowing the New Spinning?

    Is rowing the new spinning?By Carly Cardellino

    With rowing studios like CityRow, RowZone, Brooklyn Crew, and GoRow quickly cropping up in NYC, New Jersey, LA , and Chicago , is rowing kicking spinning to the curb and becoming the new workout craze? According to celebrity trainer Hannah Davis , that's exactly what's happening on the fitness front.

    "A lot of people are looking for a different form of cardio that won't hurt your crotch, like spinning does," Davis says. "And rowing is safe, efficient, and effective."

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    So why is rowing better in Davis's opinion? "What happens is you're bent over at your computer all day and in the spinning class you're in the same position, so you're not strengthening the muscles in your back that weaken and aren't activated as you sit typing at your computer all day. With rowing, yes, you're starting in that bent over position, but you're only there for one second before you're opening up your body as you pull

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  • 11 Fashion Trends that Need to Go Away

    11 fashion trends that need to go away now.

    Put a little spring in your wardrobe by ditching the runway trends designers have been trying to foist on us for years. The fact of the matter is, you simply don't need a pair of fur-lined sandals.

    1. Dresses Over Pants
    That's right! I said it! This is one of those trends fashion people love to say they are into, but rarely, if ever, actually wear themselves because it's a lot of look to pull off.

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    If you're really, legitimately into this look and actually wearing it out, then fine, rock on with your bad self, but a dress neither needs nor wants a pair of pants underneath it.

    Try this instead: If you want your legs covered under a dress, don't overthink it; just go for tights or leggings

    2. Mullet Dresses
    It has "mullet" in the name; that should have been a red flag for everyone from the very beginning.

    Try this instead: If you're still hankering for a little high-low action, try front-tucking a longer top into a pencil skirt or jeans. It's

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  • 15 Things that Really Happen when Guys Hang Out

    15 things that REALLY happen on a man date.

    By Frank Kobola

    A man date is that rare instance where two guys actually hang out alone (we rarely hang out in groups of any less than three). Typically, what happens on a man date stays on a man date, but I'm willing to break the code of silence because it isn't really enforceable anyway:

    1. We make a joke about this being a "date." Then we both laugh awkwardly.

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    2. We accidentally watch a romantic comedy. Whoever is flipping through channels just happens to land on Bride Wars. It stays on, and no one actively acknowledges the decision.

    3. Beer. If two guys are hanging out, there is beer. If one guy shows up and there is no beer, it is socially acceptable for him to leave.

    4. We talk about ordering takeout. But there's a 75 percent chance nothing actually gets ordered.

    5. The sentence "She's hot." is uttered. You can place a bet on this.

    6. One guy comes up with a weird business venture. "We should open up our

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  • 10 Things Books Taught Me About Relationships

    10 Things Books Taught Me About Relationships.10 Things Books Taught Me About Relationships.By Julie Buntin

    Some relationship problems are too big to be solved by the holy trifecta of girlfriend powwows, unlimited ice cream, and calling Mom. When I have a truly apocalyptic relationship meltdown, I remember that there's much wisdom to be found in books.

    1. If he's kissing you in private but he won't kiss you in public, dump his butt.

    Have you ever had the experience of a guy describing - over the phone, online, in his bedroom after hustling you past his roommates and before taking off all your clothes - something uber-personal, like how he felt growing up without a mom/dad/siblings? Then two days later, you bump into him at a party and he barely looks at you? He's not just shy. He's a jerk, or he has a girlfriend. Your literary proof? Prep, Curtis Sittenfeld's highly relatable novel about a teenage girl's inner life. Lee Fiora continues to hook up with sexy, popular Cross (a lacrosse player, of course), who refuses to acknowledge her existence outside of their Read More »from 10 Things Books Taught Me About Relationships
  • 5 Important Lessons to Learn from Rejection

    How successful women turn their fails into wins.

    By Helin Jung

    Before these women found major success, they were all negged over and over again. And guess what? They sometimes still hear the word no. Here's how they turn their fails into wins.

    "Rejection is a form of guidance."-Whitney Cummings, comedian

    After college, Cummings auditioned to be a newscaster and was told she wasn't cut out for it (too funny). She tried hosting variety shows for TV, but "always came in second" (too kooky). She went on 200 commercial auditions and couldn't book a single one (too pretty/not pretty enough). She auditioned for acting roles, but that didn't work out either (too quirky). "That's why stand-up worked for me," Cummings says. "You have to be as unapologetically original as possible, so it was the only place I could fit."

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    Her lesson: Let it hurt. By the time she found success, Cummings found herself deeply resenting the people who had rejected her years before. "Everything broke my

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  • 23 Problems Only Gluten-Free People Understand

    23 Problems Only Gluten-Free People Understand23 Problems Only Gluten-Free People UnderstandBy Alexandra Martell

    Don't mind me, I'm just drinking wine at this tailgate.

    1. You have to read the ingredients label on every single thing before you put it in your mouth. (Peppermint Altoids whyyy do you have wheat?!)

    2. The bread.

    3. Going out to dinner involves a lot of eating salad. With oil and vinegar, because no one seems to know if there's gluten in the honey mustard.

    4. Explaining to your waiter three times that you can't have bread/wheat/gluten , and your salad still comes with croutons in it.

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    5. If you go out for sushi , you have to bring your own soy sauce in your purse. And you better wrap that thing in at least three plastic bags.

    6. When there are free cupcakes in the office :(

    7. You have to drink wine at baseball games.

    8. If you are going anywhere outside the realm of your regular life , you need to research your meals and plan ahead.

    9. And if you don't, see #3.

    10. You

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  • 14 Lies that Rom-Coms Tell You

    14 Lies that Rom-Coms Tell You14 Lies that Rom-Coms Tell You
    By Eliza Thompson

    You are never going to date an architect.

    1. It is easy and fun to have full conversations during yoga class. If you do this in real life you will either die of asphyxiation or the embarrassment caused by the instructor yelling at you in front of everyone else.

    2. You and your boyfriend will have simultaneous orgasms 100 percent of the time. This is such a rare and mythical occurrence that it may as well be a unicorn wearing a mermaid as a top hat.

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    3. You will live in a giant, light-filled apartment with ample closet space and a doorman before your 25th birthday. Maybe this happens in the Midwest? But if you live in a major metropolitan area, you can safely assume that this will not happen to you until you are pushing death.

    4. All human women have jobs at lady magazines, and they are all poorly disguised versions of Cosmo. Probably less than 0.0001 percent of American adults are employed by magazines,

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