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  • The Surprising Trait Men Love in a Woman

    Show off your funny bone if you want to find a guy!Show off your funny bone if you want to find a guy!Ready for a new guy? Sure, looking great on date night doesn't hurt. But new research has found that specific traits are even more important to people searching for an S.O.

    By Korin Miller

    Scientists at Penn State University found that playfulness and a sense of humor are the most attractive traits someone can have. In the study, researchers asked 164 men and 89 women to rate the top personality traits that they think are most important in someone they're dating.

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    Of the list of traits, "sense of humor," "fun-loving," and "playful" ranked highest of the things women searched for in men. Men also liked playfulness, but ranked "physically attractive," "healthy," and "good heredity" ( they want us to take a genetic test before the second date?) high on the list as well.

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    Researchers theorized that women like playful men because it subconsciously signals that a guy isn't aggressive

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  • 7 Surprising Foods that Affect Your Sex Drive

    The more you sip, the lower your libido falls.The more you sip, the lower your libido falls.It's always a little jarring when your sex drive takes a vacay. Not in the mood lately? Brian Clement, PhD, and Maria Clement, PhD, co-authors of 7 Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality say these foods and drinks might be tripping you up. (BTW: Try these foods when you want an added boost.)

    By Korin Miller

    Soy Lattes
    Eating and drinking soy definitely has health perks. But the bean also contains plant estrogen, which can mess with your sex drive. If you're not allergic to dairy, and just love the taste of soy milk, mix it up with regular milk lattes to balance it all out.

    Fried Foods
    French fries, chips, and chicken fingers often contain trans fats, which screw with your blood sugar and make you feel lethargic. And when you don't have energy, it's harder to get in the mood for a horizontal workout.

    Ice Cream and Cheese
    Too much dairy can make you feel sluggish-and enhance the crappy side effects of your period (namely, cramps and bloating). Try to limit yourself to three servings a

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  • 8 Ways You Can Successfully Find Your G-Spot

    Don't worry. You'll find it.Don't worry. You'll find it.According to research all women have a G-spot. But if you haven't found yours yet, don't freak. Experts swear these little tricks will help you locate the pleasure zone.

    By Korin Miller

    Try the "Gyno" Position
    First, wash your hands. Then, prop yourself up on your bed with your legs spread like they would be if you were visiting the gyno. Put lube on your middle finger and insert it into your vagina with your palm facing up. Your G-spot is on the top wall of your vagina halfway between your vaginal opening and cervix. The spot should feel a little rough, almost like the surface of a walnut.

    Use a Helper
    Can't reach that far with your fingers? Use a vibrator or wand with a curved end. Once you think you've hit the spot, gently rub the toy back and forth over the area. It should feel amazing.

    Get Your Guy Involved
    Lay in the same position as you would if you were exploring on your own, and prop your back up with a lot of pillows. Have your guy insert his middle finger and curve it

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  • 6 Sex Positions Inspired by the Olympics

    Go for the gold with this sex moves.Go for the gold with this sex moves.If sex were an Olympic sport, we're pretty sure Cosmo readers would dominate. So we asked Eric Garrison, sex expert and author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex, to come up with athletic, kama sutra-eque sex moves inspired by the summer games. These will help you go for the, uh, gold.

    By Mina Azodi

    Have Sex Like a...Swimmer
    Lie on your stomach with your legs apart, and your arms up above your head like you're doing the butterfly stroke. Have your guy lay on top of you and enter you from behind. This position is great for g-spot and c-spot access (you can rub against the mattress), plus you can bring your feet closer together for a tighter fit.

    Have Sex Like a...Gymnast
    Get on your back and bend your knees up toward your head (or if you're feeling flexible, straighten your legs and bring them behind you so that your toes touch the floor, and use your hands to support your back). Your man should kneel so that he can enter you-this angle allows for super-intense deep penetration.

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  • Olympic Nail Art We Love

    If nail art were an Olympic sport, these stylish athletes would be serious medal contenders. Here are the top trends to try for yourself.

    By Elisa Benson

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  • 7 Important Tips for Handling a Work Setback

    So you effed up at work. Don't sweat it. Follow these tips.So you effed up at work. Don't sweat it. Follow these tips.We cringed when U.S. Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber burst into tears after her teammate edged her out of the all-around competition. Sure, career setbacks happen, but they're never easy to deal with. Whether you were passed over for a promotion or didn't get a project you were hoping for, experts say this is best way to deal.

    By Korin Miller

    Take a Moment to Process It
    If you're stuck at work for a while, head to the bathroom and take a moment to be upset (although if you feel like you're going to cry, hit up a bathroom on another floor so your coworkers don't catch you). Remind yourself that it's just a setback, and in a month, it'll be easier to deal with.

    Dole Out Congrats
    Yeah, it's hard to be amped for someone else when you feel like you got sucker-punched, but people will be looking to see how you react to the news. So if a coworker got a promotion that you felt like you deserved, swing by her desk to say congrats. Feel like you can't be sincere face-to-face? Write her an

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  • 8 Times You Should Be Having Sex

    Park the car and just do it.Park the car and just do it.We know you're always looking to max out your time between the sheets. But when you have sex can be just as important as how you do it. With that in mind, we polled hundreds of you online to find out the best time to get busy. We'll definitely be trying these...

    By Korin Miller

    On a Lazy Saturday Morning
    Hands down, this was voted the sexiest time to get busy.
    Make It Hotter: When you notice that he's starting to stir, go down on your man to make sure he's wide awake. Then have him return the favor.

    Before Bed
    A close second behind Saturday a.m., 23 percent of you prefer to have sex right before bed.
    Make It Hotter: Come to bed wearing one of your man's oversized button-downs…and nothing else.

    During a Storm
    The drumming of the rain, the occasional rumble of thunder…oh yeah, storm sex is hot.
    Make It Hotter: Even if the power hasn't gone out, hit the lights and get busy in pitch darkness. By dulling one of your senses (sight), you enhance others, like touch.

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  • How You Can Instantly De-Stress

    Smile, even though you're aching...Smile, even though you're aching...Completely stressed out? Take a sec to smile. No, seriously.

    According to new research from the University of Kansas, grinning helps you relax when you're stressed.

    By Korin Miller

    In the study, researchers split participants into three groups. Each group was trained to recreate a different facial expression by holding chopsticks in their mouths. One group held their sticks in a way that created a neutral expression, another used them to create a standard smile, and the last group used them to create a genuine smile.

    The groups were then put through tests that were designed to be stressful, like tracing an outline of a star with their non-dominant hand in a mirror and submerging their hands in ice water-all while using the chopsticks to do their assigned expressions.

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    Scientists discovered that the people who smiled during the tasks had lower heart rates than those who had the neutral expression. They also reported feeling less

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  • 8 Little Ways You Can Burn Calories

    It's the little things that count...It's the little things that count...You already hit the gym regularly and eat well to score a banging beach bod. But nutritionist Heather Heather Bauer, RD and founder of, swears these little daily tweaks will help you burn even more calories.

    By Korin Miller

    Get Jacked
    Jumping jacks are a quick and easy calorie burner. Do them after you roll out of bed to wake up, while you're waiting for the shower to warm up, when your coffee is get the point.

    Calories Burned: 10 per minute

    Squat When You Blow Dry
    Drying your hair can be such a pain. Maximize your time by doing squats while you dry.

    Calories Burned: 70 every five minutes

    Tap Your Toes
    When you're sitting at your desk, tap your toes 25 times. Then do it with the other foot.

    Calories Burned: 24-30

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    Use The Commercial Breaks
    Ads are boring anyway. Hop up when they're on and do standing lunges. Every hour of TV contains 20-30 minutes of commercials, so they add up!

    Calories Burned: 120 per hour

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  • 9 Surprising Things You Shouldn't Do on Social Media

    Tread the social media tenches with these tips.Tread the social media tenches with these tips.We know you guys are smart when it comes to social media-you'd never trash your boss on Facebook or tweet a controversial joke like the Greek Olympic athlete who just got booted from the team did. But experts say they keep seeing these less-obvious mistakes. Take a pass next time you're tempted.

    By Korin Miller

    Posting About Your Competitors
    Even if you swear you'd never work for a rival company and think it's the worst place ever, you really never know. Your office could combine with them in a merger or you might change your mind down the road. Plus, you represent your company. If your rival co. sees a tweet or post that bashes them, they'll think it's coming from your organization. And you do not want to deal with the fallout from that.

    Teasing a Friend
    Sure, it's hilarious when your BFF busts out of her too-tiny bikini top, but she doesn't want to hear about it online. Not only that, other people who see your comment or pic will just think you're kinda bitchy.

    Talking Yourself Up

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