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  • 9 Sexy Summer Hairstyles

    Braid your mane like Jenna Dewan.Braid your mane like Jenna Dewan.When it's hot as hell out, it's a good idea (okay, survival technique) to pull your hair up to keep cool. These summer hairstyles will keep you looking sexy when it's sweltering.

    By Carly Cardellino

    A deep side part and low bun can be worn as a daytime look, and then quickly transformed into a cocktail-hour coif. All you need is a gorgeous hair pin placed to the right of your knot.

    Go for Some Garland
    Head wreaths kick any casual updo up a notch. To create your own, click here.

    Create a Chignon
    A messy chignon is a classic style that can be done on the fly. To make yours messy, tease your hair and then loosely gather it at the nape of your neck. Secure the ends with pins, and you're good to go.

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    Pin Back Your Bangs
    Short crops are the go-to cut for summer, but bangs make any style a little harder to deal with, since they tend to stick to your forehead in the heat.

    Pull It All Back
    Pulling your hair away from your face allows you to

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  • 13 of the Wackiest Celebrity Baby Names Ever

    Joel Madden with Sparrow James Midnight MaddenJoel Madden with Sparrow James Midnight MaddenWhen Kourtney Kardashian named her baby daughter Penelope Scotland, we were impressed that she opted for something so…normal. Okay, her middle name is a little out there, but she could have done so much worse. Case in point...

    By Korin Miller

    Sparrow James Midnight Madden
    Daddy Joel Madden said in an interview that he wanted to give his son with Nicole Richie a name that he's "going to have to stand up for." Um, okay.

    Haven Garner Warren
    Mom Jessica Alba said her daughter got her name because she was born inside the amniotic sac, which is rare. Her hubby Cash Warren called it her "safe haven," and the name stuck.

    Moroccan Cannon
    Mariah Carey said she named her son with Nick Cannon after the Moroccan Room in her apartment.

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    Blue Ivy Carter
    Baby Blue reportedly got her first name because of dad Jay-Z's hit albums-The Blueprint 1, 2, and 3. The number four (IV) is also special to her mom Beyonce.

    Beyonce with Blue Ivy Carter.Beyonce with Blue Ivy Carter.Bronx

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  • 6 Questions to Ask on a First Date

    Let's face it: First dates aren't just for flirting. It's your chance to playfully grill your potential new guy. We talked to dating and relationship coach Donna Barnes and got all the questions you need to ask before your kiss goodnight.

    By Korin Miller

    Do you have any siblings?
    It's a simple question that opens the door to talk about family. Those are the relationships he's been grooming his whole life, so they're a pretty good indicator of how he'll be with you. It's why we love us a mama's boy.

    What's something you're dying to try?
    See if his answer is something you could get behind, and get a feel for the kind of thing he's interested in. If he'd love to live on a mountain and your idea of roughing it is going a week without a manicure... well, you see where this is going.

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    Have you ever had your heart broken?
    Chances are, if he's never been hurt, it's because he doesn't get too close. And when a guy doesn't know what it feels

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  • Why Some Meat-Eaters Won't Date Vegetarians

    Is food choice really a dealbreaker?Is food choice really a dealbreaker?Okay, we get that couples are more compatible when they share the same views on politics, religion, and what makes for a killer Saturday night. But, according to new research, eating habits are right up there, too. Yup, eating habits.

    By Korin Miller

    A new survey of 4,000 people found that 30 percent of meat-eaters wouldn't date a vegetarian or vegan. Interestingly enough, only four percent of vegetarians wouldn't date a meat-eater.

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    We'd understand it more if a good portion of vegetarians wouldn't date carnivores since they're clearly opposed to meat, but what's up with the reversal? Experts say it could be because eating meat was a luxury to our caveman ancestors, so when someone rejects that, it touches a primal nerve that almost feels like they're refusing to kick back and enjoy themselves with you.

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    The survey also found that 66 percent of people think picky eating is

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  • 10 Beauty Tricks to Try when You're Traveling

    Don't forget your wide-brim hat!Don't forget your wide-brim hat!Traveling can get a little tricky since you can't take every single beauty product you own with you-and there's no way of knowing what you'll need on the fly. These 11 tips and tricks of the trade just might come in handy this fourth of July weekend...or anytime you're on the go.

    By Carly Cardellino

    Use Butter as Lip Balm
    If your lips get parched on a plane and you realize you totally forgot to pack some lip balm, ask the flight attendant for a packet of butter (the ones that usually come with your meal). In a pinch it makes for an amazing (and yummy) substitute for a salve, since it will keep your lips soft and moist.

    Swipe Deodorant on...Your Face
    If you're spending time in a super-hot location, try this celebrity makeup artist trick: Swipe your deodorant clean, and then swipe it over spots you're likely to sweat on your face (like your forehead and upper lip). The ingredients that keep your underarms from sweating will work the same way on your face. (Just don't do this step

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  • 6 Sexy Massages Your Man Will Love

    Protect his skin from the sun, while turning him on.Protect his skin from the sun, while turning him on.We know you wouldn't hit the beach without slathering on the SPF. But your guy? Not so gung ho when it comes to the goopy stuff. That'll change if you apply it for him using these body-tingling strokes. Take off his shirt, squeeze out a shotglass-size amount of sunscreen into your hands, and launch a heat wave through his body.

    By Annie Daly

    Back Stroke Bliss
    After coating his entire back in sunscreen, place your palms on either side of his lower spine, your fingers facing out, not up. Push your palms out to the sides, slowly working your way up his toward his shoulders without removing your hands from his body, then back down again.

    The Nipple Effect
    Slowly and lightly graze your fingers in circles around the outer edges of his nipples. His headlights are huge erogenous zones, and they also get sunburned easily-so giving them some lotion love is a total win-win.

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    Spine Tingler
    Use your index finger to sensually trace Xs into three spots

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  • Cool Vacation Ideas Based on Your Horoscope

    A Virgo? Then a yoga retreat is what you need.A Virgo? Then a yoga retreat is what you need.Stumped on where to take a vacation? If you're obsessed with reading your horoscope, have a little fun with your plans, and pick your vacay according to your astrological sign. Astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk, author of The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need swears by these options.

    By Korin Miller

    Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    Aries like adventure and doing unusual things, so sky-diving, rock-climbing, or going on a cool river cruise through a remote location are all good picks for you.

    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    Tauruses are laid-back, and love homey destinations that are a little exotic. Try heading to a place that's known for good food and beautiful scenery, like Tuscany or California's Napa Valley.

    Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
    Geminis like to be busy, so plan something with a variety of activities. Opt for a place that has cool day trip options. Love beach vacays? Choose a place where you can go parasailing, kayaking, surfing, etc., so you don't get bored.

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  • 9 Ways Have an Orgasm Every Single Time

    You'll reach the big O every. Single. Time.You'll reach the big O every. Single. Time.Orgasms are a tricky thing: Sometimes you can have great sex without having one, and other times you have the best one ever and it totally rocks your world. These expert tips will practically guarantee the latter-let's just say we hope you're on VERY good terms with your neighbors...

    By Annie Daly

    1. During doggie-style, have your guy suddenly go really deep, so he strokes your G-spot with each thrust. It's an extra push that'll help you reach blast off.

    2. When you feel your climax coming on, squeeze your PC muscles for five seconds, then release them and do it again. The moves creates an intense friction against his penis, which will help speed you to that point of no return.

    3. Have him give you oral, his tongue on your clitoris gently, while he swivels his finger inside you at the same time. This combo works like a charm, and he'll feel like the man, since he's totally in control.

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    4. When you're on top, lean forward and then grind back and

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  • 6 Ways to Beat the 5-Year Itch

    Hold up! Just because your relationship hit a bumpy road, it doesn't you should throw in the towel.Hold up! Just because your relationship hit a bumpy road, it doesn't you should throw in the towel.Experts say important milestones in your relationship, like a five-year anniversary, are when you typically evaluate things. Luckily, the eval doesn't always end like Katie and Tom-sometimes being honest about your love life's shortcomings (and fixing them) can make you and your man even stronger. Here are the signs you have the five-year itch-and what to do about them.

    By Korin Miller

    The Blinders Are Off
    Whether you're dating or married, at the five-year mark, you're more aware of the things that are tripping up your relationship, says Bethany Marshall, PhD, author of Deal Breakers. Of course, no relationship is perfect, but if things are dysfunctional, you might realize that you're working harder than he is to fix things. A good sign: When you're both trying hard to make things better.

    You Suddenly Want to Do Your Own Thing
    Everyone does it, says Marshall-you kind of lose yourself in the relationship for the first few years because a) it's exciting and b) you want to work hard to

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  • 9 Little Moves to Score Sexy, Toned Thighs

    The Plyometric LungeThe Plyometric LungeWhen you guys talk, we listen. And we've been hearing a lot of requests lately for exercises that firm up your thighs. Amber Edwards, group fitness manager at Equinox Soho in New York City, offered up these little moves. Try one or all of them, and you'll get killer legs in no time.

    By Korin Miller

    The Plyometric Lunge
    Start in a lunge position with your right leg in front. Your front knee should be bent so that it is directly over the heel, forming a 90 degree angle. Jump straight up as you switch legs, landing in a lunge position with your left leg in front. Repeat this, alternating legs, eight times.

    The Plie Squat
    Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, with your toes pointed out on a diagonal. Squat down with your knees opening wide until they are almost in line with your hips. Hold this position for three seconds and start again, repeating eight times.

    The Ball Squeeze
    Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Place a ball or similar object

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