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  • Why You Should Ditch Your Underwear

    Yup, Anja's not wearing any panties.Yup, Anja's not wearing any panties.You don't have to go as extreme as Anja Rubik at the Met Gala, but going commando has its perks. It's comfy, practical, and undeniably sexy. Here's everything you need to know about going bare.

    By Sara Bodnar

    Model Anja Rubik got more than a few stares when she hit the red carpet at the Met Gala with a slit up to her hip. It was pretty obvious to, well, everyone that she wasn't wearing underwear. Stepping out sans panties is a frisky fashion move more and more chicks like Anja are daring to try. But it's not exactly a new trend; some of history's hottest sex goddesses, such as Cleopatra and Jean Harlow, reportedly went au naturel beneath their clothes. If you want in on the no-panties movement, read on.

    Commando Perks
    Skipping your undies has practical advantages. First, you eliminate that dreaded wardrobe woe, visible panty lines. Second, you'll never do an emergency load of laundry because you've run out of clean underwear. Plus, briefs and thongs can be icky sweat magnets.


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  • Can You Be “Just Friends" with a Guy?

    Oh, you thought you were just friends?Oh, you thought you were just friends?Can you really be "just friends" with a guy? According to a new study, the answer is yes…kind of.

    By Korin Miller

    Researchers at the University of Wisconsin studied guy-girl friendships of more than 400 adults and found that, even though men and women can be buddies, guy friends are more likely to be attracted to us than we are to them.

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    Scientists also discovered that men are more likely than women to overestimate how attracted their female friends are to them. So your best guy friend might secretly think you have a thing for him-even when you don't. Annoying, we know.

    Not only that, guys who were in relationships weren't any less likely than single dudes to say that they find their female friends attractive or that they'd actually like to date them. Women, on the flip side, were also equally likely to be attracted to their guy friends, but those who were in relationships were way less likely to say they'd actually date them.

    So, yes, we can be

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  • 15 Hot Hairstyles You Can Wear at Work

    Wear one of these hairstyles to the office tomorrow.Wear one of these hairstyles to the office tomorrow.Your job might be a snooze-fest-but your hair doesn't have to be.

    By Elisa Benson

    Swept-Back Center Part
    A center part makes a basic pony feel cool-and a tinge studious. For meetings when you need to look super-professional, this is your go-to.

    Classic Sleek Strands
    Stick-straight hair, is a fail-safe style, since it always looks 100 percent polished.

    The Half-Pin
    Get mileage out of yesterday's blowout by parting your hair on the opposite side (hello, instant volume!) and securing it with a bobby pin.

    High-Volume 'Do
    Give yourself a raise-literally. Here's a way to cheat it: Pull the top half of your hair straight up over your head-as if you were creating a super-high half-pony-and secure the elastic halfway between your roots and your tips, so it's very loose. Then stuff the ends of your strands, along with the elastic, underneath the hair at the crown. Secure with a few bobby pins to create a modern-looking bouffant.

    Deep Side Part
    The mega-part gives you a sexy swoop that's

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  • The body language of liars

    When a guy is trying to get away with something, his gestures will betray him. Watch closely and you'll be able to catch him in the act.

    Decipher the meaning of more of his body language - whether you're just meeting or are in a long-term relationship - with this body language decoder.

    Liar Move #1

    Liar Move:
    He wraps his ankle around the leg of a chair.

    "Pulling off a lie is stressful, so when a guy is masking the truth, his body will tense up," says body-language expert Janine Driver. "As a result, he'll take a more rigid stance. This is also a subconscious sign of restraint. It's like he's physically fighting to hold back from telling the whole story."

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    Liar Move #2

    Liar Move:
    He suddenly puts his hands in his pockets.

    "Showing his palms indicates comfort and openness, so when he's lying, he'll instinctively feel the need to conceal them," says Patti Wood, author of Success Signals: A Guide to Reading Body Language. "He may

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  • 10 Ways to Get Gorgeous Skin This Summer

    Follow these rules and your skin will glow this summer.Follow these rules and your skin will glow this summer.Memorial Day is right around the corner and since it kicks off the summer season, we want you to be prepared and protected. We asked celebrity dermatologist Debra Jaliman, author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist, to dish out her skin-saving tips.

    By Carly Cardellino

    Rule #1: Wear Sunscreen Daily
    Choose one that is broad-spectrum and also has anti-aging ingredients to keep your skin looking youthful.

    Rule #2: Sport Your Sunnies
    Try to always wear sunglasses with a UV 400 rating, since they offer up 100 percent UV protection. There's new research that shows even eyes can be sunburned, causing damage that could possibly lead to skin cancer.

    Rule #3: Outdoors? Re-Apply SPF Every 2 Hours
    This is especially true when you're engaging in sports, since sunscreen can sweat off, leaving you unprotected. Also, be sure to slather up after swimming in the pool or ocean, since formulas tend to wash off in the water.

    To help you remember when it's time to slather on

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  • Sex Positions for Every Mood

    Sex positions for whatever mood you're in...Sex positions for whatever mood you're in...You already tailor your sex positions to hit your pleasure spots, but you can crank up the heat even more by matching your moves to your mood. Use these emotion-driven pairings to go from "oh" to "ooooh"-no matter how you're feeling.

    By Korin Miller


    Try: The Supernova
    Here's Why: You call all the shots-and ride your man while he kicks back.
    Erotic Instructions: Begin in the woman-on-top position. Instead of riding him with his body lengthwise on the mattress, mount your man as he lies perpendicular to the pillows. Once you're climbing toward climax, stop moving, and gently grab the sides of his torso with your hands. Leaning on your knees, inch him toward the edge of the bed until his head, shoulders, and arms hang backward over the side. Then start riding him again.

    Try: The Soft Rock
    Here's Why: You and your man are face-to-face for the whole experience.
    Erotic Instructions: For this twist on the typical missionary position, instead of having your man rest on his

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  • 11 Easy Ways to Sex Up Your Beauty Routine

    Try these sexy, yet easy beauty tricks.Try these sexy, yet easy beauty tricks.Spice up your beauty regimen by putting one (or more!) of these new spring looks into your rotation. We promise they'll leave you feeling sexier than usual...

    By Carly Cardellino

    Sport a Smoky Navy Eye
    Celebs like Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart have been seen wearing this sultry shade and we're not surprised. This midnight blue hue is a fresh twist on a traditional gray smoky shade-plus, the dark-as-night color makes the whites of your eyes stand out even more so they demand his attention that much quicker.

    Reach for a Rose Gold Highlighter
    The blend of warm, gold tones with cool, pink ones create a one-shade-fits-all hue, says cosmetic chemist James Hammer.

    To bring attention to your best assets, lightly apply it along your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.

    Swipe on a Classic Red Lipstick
    Studies show that men fixate on red more than any other hue women wear. (That might explain why Marilyn Monroe always wore this crimson shade.)

    Flaunt a Flirty Braid
    Take a cue

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  • Makeup to Wear on a Date

    Try these makeup tricks for your next date.Try these makeup tricks for your next date.Try one of these makeup moves and we promise he won't be able to take his eyes off of you-whether he's the guy you met out dancing or your man of five years.

    By Carly Cardellino

    The Trend: Orchid Eyeshadow
    Date It's Best For: An outdoor concert
    Get the Look: Swipe a sheer wash of this color over your eyelid, then softly shade it toward the crease. (Just don't go past the crease to avoid looking straight out of the 80s.)

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    The Trend: A Rich, Red Lip
    Date It's Best For: Off to the theatre
    Get the Look: Go for an opaque red hue with a patent, shiny finish. This alluring color and sheen will direct all of the attention to your mouth...where he'll be kissing you later.

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    The Trend: A Coral-Colored Blush
    Date It's Best For: Dinner and a movie
    Get the Look: This hue, with its peach and pink tones, emulates the look of a faux flush that he won't be able to resist. Apply it onto the apples of

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  • 8 Girly Habits Guys Don't Understand

    Boys just don't understand...Boys just don't understand...After being forced to wear a thong for an upcoming role as a stripper, Joe Manganiello says he can't believe women wear them. That made us LOL and wonder what other things we do that dudes just don't get. So we consulted the guys at, who revealed their top head-scratchers...

    By Cosmopolitan

    Carrying Flats Around
    Wearing heels out for the night is sexy, but what's up with needing a spare pair that you can actually walk in? Shouldn't you just wear comfortable shoes in the first place?

    That Massive Purse
    Okay, you really only need your wallet and maybe some lip balm. Unless that thing is secretly full of money, guys don't get it. Also, if it is, we want you to treat.

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    The Thong Thing
    You wear a rope between your cheeks so we won't notice the barely-noticeable lines that reveal you're wearing underwear. But we like thinking about you in your underwear.

    When you complain about a friend one day and then hang out

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  • 3 Ways to Get Unfriended on Facebook

    Do this and you'll get unfriended.Do this and you'll get unfriended.You already know that posting loads of duckface photos and humble-bragging 24/7 are good ways to get unfriended on Facebook. But new research from Arizona State University found that sometimes it's the little things you don't think of that make people want to ditch you online.

    By Korin Miller

    Through a series of studies, researchers found that these ticked off Facebook friends:

    Ignoring Postsbr> Study participants said the most important ingredient to maintaining a Facebook friendship is reciprocity. So, if someone writes something on your wall, they expect a response. Otherwise, they feel ignored or disrespected.

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    Forgetting To Say "Happy Birthday"
    According to researchers, people were "adamant" that you should pass on b-day wishes on the big day-even if it's just the guy you kinda knew in middle school.

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    Posting Unflattering Pics
    You know how annoying it is to see less-than-awesome photos of

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