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  • 13 Naughty Sex Games You Need to Try

    Try these naughty sex games tonight!Try these naughty sex games tonight!Sometimes, playing games with your guy is a good thing. The ideas here will set a fun, flirty tone to create a night you both won't forget.

    By Molly Triffin

    Set up your dining room table like a beer-pong table, but skip the brew: Arrange six 16-ounce plastic cups in a triangle shape at either end of the table, and grab some ping-pong balls. You'll stand at one end of the table, with your guy at the other. Then take turns trying to throw a ping-poll ball into the cups at the opposite end of the table from you. When one of you scores, the other has to remove that cup…and a piece of clothing. The first person to land a ball in all six cups gets to request a sexual favor of their choice.

    Kinky Cards
    Start with a deck of cards, and assign each suit a different sexy meaning: hearts represent kissing, diamonds equal a massage, clubs are manual stimulation, and spades mean oral. Take turns picking cards from the stack and treating each other to the sexy move you draw. The numbers

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  • 9 Ways to Impress Your Man

    Let your man know he's appreciated.Let your man know he's appreciated.It's not easy to think of ways to make your guy feel special. Flowers? Too girly. Random compliments? He might be too modest to buy 'em. Instead, go with these little love gestures-they'll let him know just how lucky you feel to be his girl and how deeply you care for him. According to experts, expressing this kind of appreciation is key to fusing your connection.

    By Brittany Talarico

    Fix Him Dinner in Your Sexiest Bottoms
    Not only will he dig the meal you've put together for him, he won't be able to take his eyes off your butt as you bend down to open the oven and reach for ingredients in the back of the fridge.

    Draw Him a Steamy Bath
    The next time he's super stressed, fill the tub with hot water and offer to hop in and massage his tense muscles. Skip the candles and bubbles-they're not dude-friendly-but set up some of his favorite slow jams to help him chill.

    Say "Thanks"
    A recent study found that acknowledging small acts of generosity strengthens your relationship. Reason enough

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  • 15 Status Updates You Can't Stand

    Sometimes people just say TOO MUCH on Facebook.Sometimes people just say TOO MUCH on Facebook.Whether it's posting status updates about how "ugly" they are or humble-bragging on a daily basis, we all have Facebook friends who seem like they'll pass out if they don't get constant attention. Sure, writing "I don't care!!!" would be super-satisfying, but somehow we don't think that would go over well. That's why we asked you to vent about the attention-seeking status updates that drove you crazy. Our favorites…

    By Korin Miller "'Like this status if you think I'm hot.'" -Kelsey P.

    "'I'm deleting people, so if you see this you made the cut.' Oh please." -@yazyJazy

    "Easter has hit my hips hard so I need to crash diet now. Wouldn't you agree?" -Laura C.

    "'So and so checked in here and here and here and now they're going here.' Yeah, I'm good with not knowing someone's every move." -Laura N.

    "'Why don't guys like me? I'm going to be alone forever, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong!' Obviously, it's posting statuses like that." -Emily S.

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  • 13 Bad Roommate Horror Stories

    These roommates put the bad in BAD ROOMMATE.These roommates put the bad in BAD ROOMMATE.Sure, living with a roommate is cost-efficient and it can even be fun. But at times, it can really suck-especially if you have a roommie that doesn't respect your space. Inspired by the new show, Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23, we asked Cosmo readers to share their worst roommate tales. And, um, wow-they're not pretty.

    By Dara Adeeyo

    "My roommate used to come out wearing my clothes. And um, we weren't the same size." -Justine R.

    "She threw away every copy of my Cosmopolitan magazine that came in the mail before I could read it." -@epratt54

    "My roommate farts all night. In the morning, the room smells like a stink bomb exploded here." -Priyanka V.

    "I let my roommate borrow my dishes and when she washed them, she dries them off with the towel she uses on her body after she showers!" -Ariana L.

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    "She asked to borrow my underwear because mine were "cuter." Um no. But thanks for the compliment." -@PaiigeAnn

    "I went out for the

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Beat Your Allergies

    Here's what to do if you've got allergies.Here's what to do if you've got allergies.Allergies are a bitch to deal with. Here's how to treat them-and their unsightly symptoms-stat.

    By Carly Cardellino

    First, the 411
    "When you inhale pollen and other allergens, it causes your body to release histamine, a chemical that naturally fights allergies," says Zoe Draelos, M.D., a dermatologist in Durham, North Carolina. "But sometimes the body releases too much of it and actually triggers inflammation, causing red, itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, runny nose, difficulty breathing, and, in severe cases, hives."

    Try a Preventive Safeguard
    Draelos recommends taking an over-the-counter anti-histamine before heading outdoors.

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    Prevent & Protect
    Pollen can stick to your face causing external irritation. So Draelos says to apply an anti-inflammatory lotion containing bisabolol or licorice extract before leaving the house. This way your complexion gets the treatment it needs, and the pollen sticks to the lotion rather than to your skin.

    Get the Red Out

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  • 11 Surprising Scents that Turn Him On

    Lavender and Pumpkin Pie? What the?Lavender and Pumpkin Pie? What the?You won't believe which smells drive your man wild. Hint: they're all edible! Clearly the saying is true: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago clues us in on what dudes like to get a whiff of.

    By Carly Cardellino

    Lavender & Pumpkin Pie
    In a recent study conducted by The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago, these two scents combined produced the greatest increase (40 percent) in penile blood flow in male volunteers.

    Get your man's motor running as soon as he steps foot in the door by lighting lavender and pumpkin pie candles before he comes over.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is an advocate of this spice, er, fragrance. She recently said she carries McCormick's Pure Vanilla in her purse-the baking kind-and dabs it on her neck. Why? Men are attracted to the scent! She went on to say, "One time, I put it on and four different guys were like, 'You smell

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  • Why He Does that Annoying Thing You Hate

    Grr, guys can be so annoying.Grr, guys can be so annoying.Sure, your man is great. But even the best guy in the world has habits that are scream-inducing. Here, experts decipher four common dude moves and explain how to make him stop.

    By Casey Gueren

    He Texts While You're On a Date
    As far as we're concerned, texting on a date is like leaving the seat up: So. Freaking. Annoying. But according to experts, he doesn't mean to be rude. Shooting off a few texts while you're out generally means he's at ease with you, rather than disinterested, says relationship expert Tiger Devore, PhD. Since he sees it as no big deal, he won't stop unless you ask. Tell him it makes you feel like you're not important and ask if he'll pocket the phone unless it's an emergency.

    He Says "I Don't Care" Every Time You Ask His Opinion

    According to experts, when guys have no clue what you want, they'd rather go mute then say the wrong thing. So if you ask their opinion on something they don't know much about, they're going to give you a non-answer. The more he knows

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  • Should You Go Gluten Free?

    Miley Cyrus went gluten free. Should you?Miley Cyrus went gluten free. Should you?Miley Cyrus came out swinging on Twitter yesterday against critics who said she has become too skinny. "For everyone calling me anorexic, I have a gluten and lactose allergy," Miley tweeted. "It's not about weight, it's about health."

    By Korin Miller

    Obviously, people who have a gluten allergy like Miley want to avoid the protein commonly found in wheat, but we've heard of people avoiding gluten to lose weight, too. Miley also tweeted that gluten is "crap," and she isn't the first person we've heard say that gluten is bad. Curious to know whether the rest of us should be avoiding it, too, we asked Cosmo Radio women's health expert Jennifer Wider, MD, for her take.

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    But first, a little background: Recent studies have found that gluten allergies are on the rise in the U.S.-it now affects one in every 133 Americans. If someone who has a gluten allergy eats the stuff, she can have symptoms that include bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue. Luckily,

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  • 10 Tricks to Help You Get Ahead at Work

    Try these tips and you'll be ahead of the game.Try these tips and you'll be ahead of the game.Let's face it: Work is never going to be as fun as…pretty much anything you do in your free time. But while you're there, you might as well make the most of it. Incorporate these surprising (and sometimes random) expert tips into your routine to max out your potential and move up the ladder.

    By Korin Miller

    Schedule a Vacay
    It sounds counterintuitive, but studies have shown people get a big happiness boost before they go on vacation. And when you're happy, you're going to be a better worker. Schedule a bunch of mini-trips to draw out those feel-good vibes.

    Get Bangs
    Eighty percent of the time when you look at someone, you look in their eyes. And experts say hair that flops in your peepers can signal to your boss that you have something to hide-or that you're trying to be flirtatious, which isn't exactly professional. Opt for bangs that draw attention to your face-without covering your gorgeous eyes.

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    Wear Sunscreen
    Experts say consistently

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  • 6 Signs He is About to Propose

    He might propose if...He might propose if...You know your man wants to put a ring on it-you just don't know when he's popping the Q. These recently engaged men reveal the sneaky indicators that your boyfriend is just days (or minutes!) away from getting on one knee. Girl, it's time for a manicure.

    By Elisa Benson

    He guards his phone.
    "When I was texting with my mom about the ring, I was insane about keeping my phone by my side. One night when I was washing dishes, I accidentally left it on the dinner table. I heard it buzz and dove across the room, dish gloves and all, to swipe it before my girlfriend could see. I don't think it set off any alarm bells, but I basically freaked." -Mike P.

    He's weird about packages.
    "I ordered my girlfriend a ring from, and the package-a small shipping box discreetly labeled TSC-arrived when we were both home. When she asked, 'What is that?' I mumbled something about a phone charger and tossed it aside as if it was something random and not a multi-thousand dollar piece of jewelry.

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