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  • 12 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Person

    When dealing with the utmost in hormonal women, choose your words very carefully… By Michelle Ruiz

    1. "Oooh, you're getting BIG." (In a terrible singsongy voice.)
    You're probably just referring to my belly, which really is getting big. There's a baby in there, and she might become the president or marry Prince George or be a ballerina, or all three, and it's wonderful! But pregnant people already feel large, because they're actually two people. So as a golden rule, just avoid the word "big" and let the words "tiny" and "Gisele" flow freely.

    2. "So… how much have you gained?"
    Some people actually think a fun conversation topic would be disclosing how much weight you've gained. In what world?! I fully understand that a healthy pregnancy means gaining weight. But that doesn't mean I am excited about disclosing the precise numerical value of my all-time high number on the scale like some sort of reverse Biggest Loser finale.

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    3. [Leaving an emoji whale as a comment on one of my Instagrams.]

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  • What Guys Say Vs. What They Really Mean

    Guys aren't really complex or nuanced in terms of how we communicate.

    By Frank Kobola

    Guys aren't really complex or nuanced in terms of how we communicate. For the most part, what we say is what we mean. I realize women assume there's subtext to our statements, or that we play mind games, but our mind game is not playing mind games. It's like Inception if there were no dreams at all and everything going on in the movie was happening at face value. With that in mind, here are some things we say, and what we really mean when we say them:

    1. When you present us with a choice and we say, "I don't care, you pick." We literally and absolutely mean it. There's no pressure on your end. Whether the question is, "What should we get for lunch?" or, "What bouquet will look better at our wedding?" we know it's a decision better made by you. Maybe we're avoiding a potential fight, or maybe we know we're just out of our element. Your best response at this point is just to make your choice and never look back. Oftentimes, these situations can result in weird

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  • 26 Signs He's Cheating on You

    If you think your guy is acting shady, chances are he is.

    The Editors

    If you think your guy is acting shady, chances are he is. Trust your gut - but when in doubt, see if he's indulging in any of these shenanigans.

    1. He tells you he isn't really ready for a relationship early on.Yet he continues to talk to you and lead you on in a way that seems serious. You just go with it because he is cute, seems genuine, gives you attention, and you might just think he'll change and realize you're "the one."

    2. He puts his phone on airplane mode. That way you can't see incoming texts when you ask to see pictures on his phone that you guys just took of each other.

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    3. He wears a man ponytail. AKA ponymale.

    4. He takes his phone with him every time he goes to the bathroom.

    5. He has more friends that are girls than you do, and he only has a few guy friends.

    6. You haven't met a lot of his friends even though you hang out with him a lot. They're always busy.

    7. His phone battery seems to

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  • 9 Bra-Fit Secrets You Absolutely Need to Know Now

    You know your bra doesn't fit right. You look at yourself in the mirror and you can see that something is off. Maybe the straps are digging in or the back is riding up. Maybe your cups are gaping or your back is bulging. Recognizing that there is a problem is easy. It's figuring out how to fix it that's the hard part.

    By Charles Manning

    "A lot of women just hold onto their bras for way too long," says Michelle Lam, founder and CEO of online bra boutique, True & Co., and overall bra-fit badass. "If you're the kind of woman who wears the same bra every day, you need to be prepared to replace it every 3 to 4 months." The reason, Michelle says, is that bras stretch out over time, especially if you have a larger bust, since your bra has to work that much harder to support you. "Think about it: if you're wearing your bra for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 4 months, that's over 10,000 hours of wear time. Of course it's going to get stretched out!" You can prolong the life of

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  • A Complete Translated List of 16 Backhanded Compliments

    "I love that outfit, you're so brave." I'm wearing a bodycon dress, not saving twenty-seven handicapped orphans from a burning schoolhouse.

    By Anna Breslaw

    1. You look so skinny!
    As opposed to before, when you had Velveeta running through your veins instead of blood.

    2. You look so healthy!
    You look fatter than you did last time I saw you.

    3. [if your hair is not straight naturally, but you straightened it for a day] Your hair looks so good today!
    When you tone down your unique physical attributes to align with conventional beauty standards, you actually look kinda pretty!

    4. You're pretty for an [ethnic group.]
    Thanks? You're about as ugly as most racists are.

    5. Your shoes look so comfortable.
    Ew, those are such sad "I-don't-even-try-to-be-a-woman-anymore baby boomer hag with three wolf moon t-shirts who lurk in the self-help section of Barnes & Noble" clogs.

    6. You're such a strong person.
    If I had experienced the series of misfortunes that comprise your miserable, lonely

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  • 6 Ways to Look Hotter Than Everyone Else on New Year's Eve

    You'll be sexy no matter what on New Years Eve!It doesn't matter if you're going out or staying in - everyone needs a fun New Year's Eve outfit! Whether you're hitting a friend's house party, taking the cheap flight home after the holidays, or braving the crowds to watch your local ball drop equivalent in person. Here are six great outfits that will help you kick off 2014 in style. Here's to a freaking awesome 2014!

    By Charles Manning

    1. House Party
    You never want to be too dressed up when you're heading to a house party, whether it's a low-key hangout with friends or an up-all-night rager. A tuxedo jean is festive, but not too dressy. A fun, colorful sweater offers a laid back, approachable vibe (wear a cute top underneath in case you get too hot). Flats will ensure you're comfortable enough to last the whole night, even if you can't find a place to sit down.

    2. Home Hangout With Your Boo
    Sometimes staying in on New Year's Eve can be even more fun than going out, especially if you're with your lover. Heighten the

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  • 22 Signs You've Been Doing Too Much Partying

    How many of these signs do you recognize? By Amy Odell

    1. You find cash money in your pockets that you forgot you put there four days ago when you last wore those jeans.
    You feel excited when this happens, like it's money you just earned instead of money you almost lost.

    2. You have "befriended" door people so that you can cut the line at da club.
    If you are a man, this means you have determined just how much cash you have to slip your door comrade in order to cut the line. If you are a woman, this means you rush up to the velvet rope as soon as you arrive with your girlfriends and flutter your hands in a waving-like fashion while shouting "Derek! Derek! Hey babe! Missed you!" all fake-like. Air kissing happens.

    3. You are still drunk and outside when the crazy fitness people start jogging in the morning. And this will either make you giggle wildly as you and your friend bond over how you're the biggest badasses of all time (LiLo circa 2009 got nothin' on us! etc.), or - if you are in the cursed state of being

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  • The 13 Best Pieces of Career Advice for Young Women

    Follow these tips to snag your dream job. The staff at Cosmopolitan shared the No. 1 piece of advice they'd give to young women starting their careers.

    By the Editors

    1. "Don't be too sensitive or precious about your work. Learn to see criticism, comments and notes from your bosses as ways to grow and understand your field better. Even if something stings, move on from it tomorrow and come to work with a smile on your face.Having a thicker skin is for the best: No one has time to hold your hand and give you a cookie over every assignment that comes your way." - Michelle Ruiz, Senior Editor

    2. "Don't be a dick. But be assertive and make the connections you feel you need to make, and don't be afraid to reach out to people who have careers you idolize - I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now if I had not sent one panicked email when I was 22 to three thirtysomething women who were killing it in the NYC journalism/blogging industry. But don't push so hard that you forget to have fun with your job - when it's something like

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  • 10 Terrifying Truths About Blow-Dry Bars

    There's a lot you need to know.Yes, you can get a $40 blowout wrong, unless you consider walking out day-drunk and looking like Lisa Vanderpump right.

    By Anna Breslaw

    1. The inside of blow-dry bars look like a saloon in Candyland, and this plus the high volume of people and running blow-dryers can be overwhelming.
    Unless you are one of those super girly-girls who loves spending a good hour and a half inside Malibu Barbie's Dream House (more power to you!), the all-white, splashes-of-pink, consistent-Carly-Rae-Jepsen-blaring ambiance of the blow-dry bar might make your right eyelid start to twitch a little. Just keep breathing, and it helps if you listened to the Doors on the way there. Just to keep it balanced.

    2. Even with an appointment, you'll wait longer than you'd like to.
    You walk in, give them your name, which they've inevitably spelled wrong ("Beardslaw at 2:00?"), and sit on a couch by the window with four other women with messy Day 4 unwashed topknots who are all on their iPhones. Engage them

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  • 10 Breakup Myths, Debunked

    Sometimes, eating that pint of ice cream isn't actually going to make you feel better.Before you fall into a pop-culture-inspired spiral of booze, ice cream and gross spiky-haired rebound men you'd otherwise never have sex with, read this.

    By Anna Breslaw

    Myth #1: "It takes half as long as you went out with someone to get over them."
    Did you know that the "sell-by" dates on food actually have nothing to do with safety at all, and we toss out perfectly decent cans of sustenance just because a number tells us to? That's because our weird human brains need concrete deadlines on everything-especially when we've just been dumped and we feel terrible. But there's no deadline for crawling out of the depths of heartbreak. It could be quicker than you imagined, or it could be years, or (sorry) it could be never.

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    Myth #2: "If you were never officially going out, you shouldn't be as sad as you'd be if you were official."
    Woman A has a boyfriend for two months and then he dumps her. Woman B hooks up with someone she

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