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  • 7 Things You Do that Are Ruining Your Hair

    Are you making these hair mistakes?Are you making these hair mistakes?Here's a complete guide to common hair moves you should avoid.

    By Carly Cardellino

    "There are a lot of things you do on a daily basis that can wreak havoc on your hair," says celebrity stylist Harry Josh, who tends to the hair of Gisele, Rose Byrne, and a ton of other A-listers.

    According to Josh, here's what you might be doing that is totally trashing your hair:

    1. Trying to bleach your hair yourself.
    "If you're trying to do ombré look or give yourself highlights at home, and your hair comes out looking more yellow than what you were going for, call your stylist," he says. "If you go out and buy another box, thinking you're going to give it another go, think again. You could end up frying off your hair and making it fall out in the end, which would be terrbile and unfixable."

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    2. Using a hair tie that rips your hair out.
    "You might still be using an elastic with the metal fasteners that hold the hair tie

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  • 18 Movies Every Woman Must See

    Every twentysomething needs to see these classics. Like, yesterday. And if you finish this list early, an optional #19 is the seminal Love and Basketball.

    By Anna Breslaw

    1. Now and Then
    Four best girlfriends who came of age in the 1970s reunite in the 1990s when one of them is about to have a baby. Features the incomprehensible morph of Christina Ricci (young Roberta) into Rosie O'Donnell (old Roberta) and a chain-smoking, black-clad Demi Moore. Pre-Ashton, obviously. Important because Friendship, and also because Brendan Fraser has a cameo as an almost-too-sexy Vietnam War vet.

    2. The Way We Were
    Robert Redford/Barbra Streisand classic that enjoyed a resurgence in popularity after Sex and The City famously referenced it at the end of Season 2. But it stands on its own because it tells a story we've all heard (or lived): High-strung, conscientious, a-little-too-intense not-quite-pretty girl falls for somewhat lazy, entitled, extremely handsome boy. She straightens her hair. He falls for her back. Then it inevitably falls

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  • 9 Signs He's Terrible and You Should Dump Him

    Some guys are just not worth sticking with. By David Ingber

    1. He answers your text questions in a way that intentionally does not lead to more conversation.
    If "hey, wanna get some ice cream on Saturday?" is met with "ok," you're not off to a great start. Who doesn't want to talk more about ice cream?

    2. His body language is very withdrawn right after sex.
    He can, and damn well should, snuggle with you while giving you a tour of the refractory factory.

    3. He looks annoyed that he "has to" pay for food and drinks.
    Look, it's 2013. I don't care if the man or the woman picks up the tab, or if you go halfsies, or your thruple goes thirdsies. But paying for a woman you like or love is a privilege, not a burden, no matter how broke you are/I was.

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    4. He doesn't care if you catch him looking at other women.
    Every straight man checks out the attractive women in a bar. Whatever. If, however, he's trying to be super sneaky about it, he respects your

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  • 7 Simple Dressing Tips Guaranteed to Make You Look Better in Photos

    These simple tips will make you picture-perfect instantly!The wrong outfit can ruin even the best photo and it's something that no amount of retouching can fix. The problem is that dressing for a photo is not the same as dressing for real life, so what works in one situation doesn't always work in the other. Here are a few easy-to-follow rules that make it a lot easier to take a fabulous photo, no shopping required:

    By Charles Manning

    1. Wear a bright color close to your face.
    Dark colors can wash you out. Even if you like to wear all-black, a small pop of color - even white! - worn close to your face can do wonders for brightening up your look and making you appear more rested.

    2. Throw on a pair of sunglasses.
    First and foremost, sunglasses are cool. Second, covering your eyes can be a great way to hide tired eyes you didn't have time to make up or, well, any lingering hangovers from the night before.

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    3. Go for an open neckline.
    An open neckline makes your neck look longer,

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  • 10 Essential Fashion Lessons from 90s Movies

    90s movies have so much wisdom. There's more to take away from killer fashion moments in 90s movies than just the amazing outfits. Amidst all the makeover montages and slow motion walks down staircases are lessons to be learned like how to express one's self through crop tops, the importance of good accessories, and what true love really is.

    By Charles Manning

    1. Clueless: Know When to Name Check (1995)
    The Scene: Cher Horowitz gets held up at gunpoint and her mugger orders her to get down on the ground. "Oh no." she says. "You don't understand. This is an Alaïa.[...] It's like a totally Important designer." Of course, her mugger doesn't give a shit and robs her all the same, but overnight Azzedine Alaïa becomes a household name.
    The Takeaway: Know your audience before you start name-checking your outfit.

    How the Scrunchie is Making a Comeback

    2. Silence of the Lambs: Splurge vs. Steal (1991)

    The Scene: Young FBI student Clarice Starling wears her most professional-looking skirt suit to

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  • 10 Pieces of Clothing that Just Don't Work

    Stop trying to make peplum happen.Stop trying to make peplum happen.Trendy or not, some clothes are just impossible - they don't flatter and they don't wear well and yet designers keep making them and people keep buying them hoping each time will be different. It won't be. Ever. It's time to move on. Break the cycle. Stop trying to make peplum happen.

    By Charles Manning

    1. Flared Jeans: Flares are supposed to make you look skinnier by balancing out the roundness in your hips, but it's a lie! They oftem make one look short and knock-kneed.

    20 Life-Changing Ways To Get Ready Faster Every Morning

    2. Mid-Calf Boots:
    They look so nice just sitting there - such nice proportions. Then you put them on and they cut across your calf at the widest point, making your legs look short and stocky. Tricked again!

    3. Elastic Self-Waist Dresses:
    Whenever an elastic waistband is a visible design feature of your dress, it's going to look cheap. Even if you try to cover that crinkly little line with a belt, eventually that fucker is going to

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  • 20 Foolproof Beauty Tricks that Will Make You Look Instantly Better in Photos

    These tips will make you more photogenic instantly.You know that moment when you annoyingly ask whoever is taking a picture to retake it because you don't like how you look in it? That will no longer be you, thanks to these tips from a top makeup artist and photographer that'll help make you more photogenic in a flash.

    By Carly Cardellino

    1. Apply your eye makeup first so stray eyeshadow doesn't mess up your foundation.
    "Doing your eye makeup before you apply your foundation allows your skin to look it's freshest, since you can wipe away any eye shadow or mascara residue that falls onto your cheeks without a trace," says Georgie Eisdell, who makes up the faces of Dianna Agron, Carey Mulligan, Amanda Seyfried, just to name a few. "Just remember that less is best, so start with a softly-shaded shadow and then build on that to be sure you don't apply too much. Overdoing your makeup can instantly make you look older in real life and especially in photos."

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    2. Line the upper

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  • The 10 Most Annoying Things Married People Do on Facebook

    Not everyone wants to hear about every detail of your blissful married life!We get it, you're married.

    By Natasha Burton

    In less than nine months, I'll be a newlywed. And because major milestones, like marriage, can cause people (okay, me) to get a little cray-cray with the social media, I asked my friends and fellow writers for their input on some of the most egregious acts married people commit on Facebook. As you'll see below, they had plenty to vent about - so, here's to hoping I can contain myself.

    1. Re-posting their wedding photos on every anniversary
    When you're newly-married, sharing wedding photos is unavoidable. You can't resist, all of your friends are still excited for you. Fine. But you don't need to change your profile photo to you as a bride... Every. Single. Year. As one of my colleagues put it: "If it's your 10th or 20th anniversary, fine. But doing this for some random middle year just means you want everyone to see how good you looked in your dress."

    2. Using their status updates to track major milestones

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  • 10 Outstanding Questions Men Have About Women’s Make-up

    Men have always been confused about makeup.Human beings are animals.

    By David Ingber

    Our animalistic behaviors include, but are not limited to:

    *Being highly territorial (Don't you dare sit next to me on the subway if there's another seat open. This rule applies double to peeing in a urinal in a large public bathroom.)

    *Fiercely defending our packs from outsiders (Have you ever tried wearing a Patriots jersey to a Jets home game? It's not fun.)

    *Going to great lengths to attract a mate (Look, I've been to the gym. It's horrible. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.)

    We human animals engage in activities like wearing shoe lifts and make-up in order to appear like a more attractive version of ourselves.

    Evolutionary scientists have even theorized that make-up helps its wearers accentuate and exaggerate physical traits that promote DNA a mate would be eager to pass on. (Here is an excellent primer on the subject, from the always awesome people at How Stuff Works.)

    For example, big eyes are attractive,

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  • 7 Absolutely Essential Tips for Pulling Off Dark Lipstick

    These tips will help you nail the dark lipstick trend.Dark lipstick can make it seem like you're trying to be Rihanna or just got confused about when Halloween is. Don't be That Girl! Here's a dark lip guide to keep you from falling into those traps.

    By Carly Cardellino

    1. Save your burgundy-colored lipstick for the fall months or evening events.
    "A substantial color like this calls for substantial clothing," says makeup artist Sandy Linter. Textured, heavier fabrics in navy, deep greens, and even some reds are a perfect fit with burgundy, plum, or bordeaux shades. Summer colors tend to clash with these colors though, so avoid wearing it in the winter.

    2. Know what shade will suit you best.
    "There are four undertones when talking about burgundy: pink, brown, blue, and red," she explains. Here's how to figure out which one will look best on you:

    "If you're light-eyed, pink-based burgundy colors will look amazing on you this hue makes your eyes pop," Linter says. For a lip color like Jessica Chastain's swipe on YSL Rouge

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