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  • 20 Foolproof Beauty Tricks that Will Make You Look Instantly Better in Photos

    These tips will make you more photogenic instantly.You know that moment when you annoyingly ask whoever is taking a picture to retake it because you don't like how you look in it? That will no longer be you, thanks to these tips from a top makeup artist and photographer that'll help make you more photogenic in a flash.

    By Carly Cardellino

    1. Apply your eye makeup first so stray eyeshadow doesn't mess up your foundation.
    "Doing your eye makeup before you apply your foundation allows your skin to look it's freshest, since you can wipe away any eye shadow or mascara residue that falls onto your cheeks without a trace," says Georgie Eisdell, who makes up the faces of Dianna Agron, Carey Mulligan, Amanda Seyfried, just to name a few. "Just remember that less is best, so start with a softly-shaded shadow and then build on that to be sure you don't apply too much. Overdoing your makeup can instantly make you look older in real life and especially in photos."

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    2. Line the upper

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  • The 10 Most Annoying Things Married People Do on Facebook

    Not everyone wants to hear about every detail of your blissful married life!We get it, you're married.

    By Natasha Burton

    In less than nine months, I'll be a newlywed. And because major milestones, like marriage, can cause people (okay, me) to get a little cray-cray with the social media, I asked my friends and fellow writers for their input on some of the most egregious acts married people commit on Facebook. As you'll see below, they had plenty to vent about - so, here's to hoping I can contain myself.

    1. Re-posting their wedding photos on every anniversary
    When you're newly-married, sharing wedding photos is unavoidable. You can't resist, all of your friends are still excited for you. Fine. But you don't need to change your profile photo to you as a bride... Every. Single. Year. As one of my colleagues put it: "If it's your 10th or 20th anniversary, fine. But doing this for some random middle year just means you want everyone to see how good you looked in your dress."

    2. Using their status updates to track major milestones

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  • 10 Outstanding Questions Men Have About Women’s Make-up

    Men have always been confused about makeup.Human beings are animals.

    By David Ingber

    Our animalistic behaviors include, but are not limited to:

    *Being highly territorial (Don't you dare sit next to me on the subway if there's another seat open. This rule applies double to peeing in a urinal in a large public bathroom.)

    *Fiercely defending our packs from outsiders (Have you ever tried wearing a Patriots jersey to a Jets home game? It's not fun.)

    *Going to great lengths to attract a mate (Look, I've been to the gym. It's horrible. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.)

    We human animals engage in activities like wearing shoe lifts and make-up in order to appear like a more attractive version of ourselves.

    Evolutionary scientists have even theorized that make-up helps its wearers accentuate and exaggerate physical traits that promote DNA a mate would be eager to pass on. (Here is an excellent primer on the subject, from the always awesome people at How Stuff Works.)

    For example, big eyes are attractive,

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  • 7 Absolutely Essential Tips for Pulling Off Dark Lipstick

    These tips will help you nail the dark lipstick trend.Dark lipstick can make it seem like you're trying to be Rihanna or just got confused about when Halloween is. Don't be That Girl! Here's a dark lip guide to keep you from falling into those traps.

    By Carly Cardellino

    1. Save your burgundy-colored lipstick for the fall months or evening events.
    "A substantial color like this calls for substantial clothing," says makeup artist Sandy Linter. Textured, heavier fabrics in navy, deep greens, and even some reds are a perfect fit with burgundy, plum, or bordeaux shades. Summer colors tend to clash with these colors though, so avoid wearing it in the winter.

    2. Know what shade will suit you best.
    "There are four undertones when talking about burgundy: pink, brown, blue, and red," she explains. Here's how to figure out which one will look best on you:

    "If you're light-eyed, pink-based burgundy colors will look amazing on you this hue makes your eyes pop," Linter says. For a lip color like Jessica Chastain's swipe on YSL Rouge

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  • 20 Life-Changing Ways to Get Ready Faster

    These tips will change your life. Looking to cut your morning beauty routine in half? Try these get-ready-quick tips.

    By Carly Cardellino

    1. Use an in-shower moisturizer.
    If you hate taking a shower, toweling off, lotioning up, and then waiting a while for your moisturizer to sink in, throw an in-shower moisturizer into your mix. After lathering up with your usual body cleanser, apply a hydrating formula like Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion from your neck down. The warmth and humidity of the shower opens up your pores, allowing the moisturizing ingredients (hi, shea butter) to be asorbed into your skin, so that after you rinse and towel off, your skin remains super-soft. Genius, right?

    2. Wash your hair with a cleansing conditioner.
    How great would it be to cleanse and condition your hair at the same time? Boom, it's now possible thanks to the latest haircare concoction: aka cleansing conditioners. These sulfate-free, hair color-friendly formulas are one-fourth shampoo and three-fourths

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  • The Best and Worst Colleges for Meeting Men

    You might find your man in college, like Elle. The good news: Women now outnumber men when it comes to earning college degrees. The bad news: This makes every cute guy on campus a hotter commodity than a ball-player at a Kardashian family reunion. Finding a guy to occupy our free time - and beds - shouldn't be too much for college-aged women to ask for.

    By Lauren Panariello

    Unfortunately, at New York University, where I went to undergrad, it totally was. Straight, dateable guys felt like such an endangered species that watching one get approached at a bar or party was like turning on Animal Planet the moment before the lion pounces on the zebra. The upshot of going to a school where the women far outnumbered the datable dudes is that I figured out some stealth tactics for meeting men, like finding out where the sports teams celebrated their big wins and showing up there (What? I like jocks.) or mixing up my routine and taking different routes to my classes (well hello, sharp-suited subway rider…). So even if you're at one of

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  • 10 Best Online Exercise Classes that Will Save You Money

    You don't have to leave your house to get in shape!Eff the gym. You have your laptop.

    By Dara Adeeyo

    1. Crunch Live
    Crunch Gym's official online counterpart. The site offers many of their most popular classes, like Yoga Body Sculpt, Barre Assets, Fat Burning Pilates, and Gospel House Aerobics (UM, need to try that ASAP!). $10/month,

    2. Physique 57
    You - a regular person - can workout like a star in the privacy of your own room with these loved by celebs muscle sculpting exercises. Rent a video or buy a monthly subscription. $5-$7/rent or $57/month,

    3. Daily Burn
    Work up a serious sweat with one of the many sessions Daily Burn offers. Classes are led by pro-athletes like snowboarder Cody Storey and in-line skater Eitan Kramer. Free 30-day trial, $10/month subscription,

    4. GaiamTV
    Get your Om on with your favorite Yogi like Rodney Yee and Shiva Rea. $10/month,

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    5. Lionsgate BeFit
    Sculpt your body with this 90-day free workout system

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  • Confession: What It's Really like Working at Abercrombie & Fitch's Corporate Headquarters

    Abercrombie & Fitch Headquarters is far from perfect.Abercrombie & Fitch is famously controversial for its provocative ad campaigns, its CEO's commitment to not making plus-size clothing, and its very strict dress codes. Here, a former employee at Abercrombie's corporate headquarters explains what working in the thick of the brand was really like.

    As told to Elisa Benson

    "Did I not tell you it was supposed to be casual?" was the first thing my interviewer said to me when I showed up at Abercrombie's corporate headquarters in 2007. I was dressed for my first "big kid" job - tie, jacket, suit. She was wearing a fleece and jeans. I immediately rolled up my sleeves and ditched the tie (I probably looked like the end of a wedding), and surprisingly, the rest of the interview went well. A week later, the job was mine.

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    Orientation was relatively typical, focused on the story of A&F starting as an outfitter in New York City. We were strongly encouraged to wear A&F clothes

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  • 20 Iconic Children's Characters Turned into "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

  • 10 Halloween Costume Ideas that Are Both Sexy and Respectable

    You can totally pull off an accurate and awesome KStew this Halloween.The problem with many sexy Halloween costumes isn't that they involve very little clothing, it's that they often just don't involve very much thought. This Halloween, you don't have to simply wear lingerie and then throw on some devil horns or cat ears as an afterthought. There's no reason your sexy outfit can't be clever, humorous, inventive, or interesting.

    By David Ingber

    1. "Kristen Stewart"
    Who's it for? Anti-Hollywood counter-culturists; Snow White and Huntsman superfans.
    What to wear: Choose any beautiful gown you already own (preferably with some sheer element) and splash on some incongruously gothic-looking make-up. Starting October 21, do not wash your hair. Make sure to spend the entire night looking bored, like there are a thousand places you'd rather be. If you are heading to a Halloween potluck, bring a thick, hearty alphabet soup, but remove A through J and L through Z. K Stew!
    Added Benefits: It's a great costume if you genuinely are going to a party that you

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