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  • The Diet Everyone (Including Kate Middleton) is Obsessing Over

    Wanna know how French women - and one very famous Brit - stay looking so slim and smoking hot without becoming slaves to the gym or tasteless meals? By following these four steps...

    By Zoe Ruderman

    When rumors started swirling that the princess-to-be and her mother were trying a new weight loss plan called the Dukan Diet, everyone and, well, their mother wanted to get the scoop.

    Well, here's the skinny. The Dukan Diet was created by a doctor from France, Pierre Dukan, and he credits his Lb-shedding tricks with the real reason French women manage to stay thin without avoiding delicious foods or hitting the gym every day. Uh, sign us up.

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    So, we got all the info you need to know if you're looking to slim down, whether it's for an upcoming wedding (royal or otherwise) or just because you're kinda dreading getting into a bikini for the first time this year.

    Check out the four steps to follow below then pick up The Dukan Diet,

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  • 7 Things Women Do On Facebook That Guys Hate

    We asked dudes if there were any social network moves women make that drive them bonkers. Their answer: Uh, yeah. Here, real men share. How many of these crimes are you guilty of committing?

    By Carolyn Kylstra

    "I hate it when chicks turn into 'spies' and go digging into your older posts/pictures trying to find dirt, and then ask you about the women they don't know. It's as if they're trying to catch you in some secret affair! Look, if it's out there for you/all too see, I'm obviously not hiding anything!" -Mike, 32

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    "I cannot stand when women post thousands of goofy faced pictures - especially that fake puckered lips pose. It's sooooo fake. Whatever happened to smiling?" -Cameron, 30

    "No one wants to know how closely your life resembles the Jerry Springer show. Keep all those ugly details to yourself, please!" -Daniel, 34

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  • Is It Better to Say I Love You Before or After Sex?

    That's the question MIT psychologists set out to answer in a recent study, just published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

    By Zoë Ruderman

    (Uh, we know they're wicked smart and all, but did the researchers really not think to include "during sex" as one of the options? Because, let's be honest-it's not uncommon for the L-word to be said for the first time during a hookup.)

    Anyway, here's what the study found: Women prefer to hear those three words for the first time after sex, but guys are happier when women say it to them for the first time before sex.

    The psychologists theorized that a dude hears I love you and takes it as a sign that sex could be in the near future. Whereas women may hear it and assume it means the guy didn't view the sex as just a one-night stand or F-buddy thing.

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    There is one exception, though. When a guy is only looking to hook up, they prefer to hear I love you after sex,

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  • Why Wednesdays Are So Hard…and How to Stop Hating Them

    New research has pinpointed the unhappiest 24 hours (no, it's not when you think!). But if you tweak your routine in some key ways, you might actually start to look forward to it.

    By Mina Azodi

    There's no doubt about it: Mondays are tough. But according to new research, Wednesdays can really suck the life out of you…literally. A recent study found that most suicides occur midweek. "It's the tipping point," says Augustine Kposowa, PhD, the study author and professor at the University of California at Riverside. "Stress from Monday and Tuesday weighs people down, and the weekend can still feel very far away."

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    Okay, the study looked at the worst-case scenario, but it gets at a truth that has intensified since the recession: People are working harder and spending less on breaks like happy hour, which makes for less, well, happiness. But it doesn't take a lot of time or money to get your week (and mood) back on track. Try these tactics for

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  • Will You Be a Good Mother?

    Stellar moms possess five key traits. Learn to cultivate them before you have a bun in the oven.

    By Molly Triffin

    You no doubt take precautions to ensure you don't become a mother right now, but you may wonder if you have what it takes to be a fab mom later on. Well, there are ways to tell.

    "Certain characteristics make a person more likely to be a good parent," explains child psychologist Virginia Shiller, PhD, author of Rewards for Kids! Many women naturally develop these qualities over time, she says. But you can actively awaken them now so they're present should you opt for future mommyhood. We show you how.

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    A Strong Intuition
    Can you tell if your guy is upset via his body lingo? Do you know when a coworker is stressed by a slight change in her expression? Since infants can't verbalize their feelings, "you'll have to use indirect cues like these to interpret your baby's needs," says Shiller.

    Tap in to your

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  • The Scary Birth Control News Your Gyno Isn't Telling You

    You already know that taking an oral contraceptive can slightly increase your risk of developing a blood clot. But what medical experts just discovered (and in fact, the info is so brand new that your own doc may not know about it yet) is that certain types of the Pill up the chances you suffer from a life-threatening clot more than others.

    By Zoë Ruderman

    Women who take a pill with drospirenone, a hormone found in newer forms of contraceptives like Yasmin and Yaz, are two or even three times more likely to get a blood clot than those who are on a pill with the hormone levonorgestrel (used in most of the types of birth control that have long been on the market).

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    Researchers, who published their work in the British Medical Journal, stressed that while yes, there's an increased danger of developing clots (also called venous thromboembolism) the likelihood of it happening is still low.

    And as one MD told, "I definitely,

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  • Are You Risking Getting Knocked Up?

    When she got pregnant Kourtney Kardashian told the press, "There have been so many times I'll forget to take my pill and I don't think it's that big of a deal." But she's learned her lesson: Even teeny slips with your birth control can have serious consequences - ones that could require diapers and bottles. To make sure you don't become Mom until you're good and ready, read this now.

    By Rachel Grumman

    A shocking stat recently caught Cosmo's eye: Nearly half of all unplanned pregnancies among young, sexually active women are due to birth-control lapses and screwups, according to a report by the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive-health organization. Even worse, many more women are conceiving because they are not using any birth control at all.

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    Granted, contraception can be annoying and even clumsy, but this info leaves us dumbfounded. If you don't want to get pregnant at this point in your life, you need to do everything you can to

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  • What It Means When Your Man Cries

    You can tell a lot about a dude - from his relationship MO to his sex skills - by his tear-shedding style. By Zoe Ruderman

    He Cries, But Not in Front of You

    Closet sobbers have been taught that boys shouldn't cry. "This often leads to the suppression of other emotions - even happy ones, such as love - in your presence too," says William July, PhD, author of Understanding the Tin Man. "The feelings he might think are most acceptable to show are anger and sexual arousal."

    Though sensitive at his core, he needs your support and compassion to begin thawing on the outside. If you notice he's quieter than usual, ask him if something's wrong at work. Even if that's not the problem, he'll be more inclined to reveal what's upsetting him if you open the door. It won't happen overnight, but as trust increases, so should his expressions of emotion. Deep down, this guy has a need to impress, which is why he doesn't like to reveal any chinks in his armor. Your job is to make it clear that

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  • 5 Hurtful Comments Moms Make…and What They Really Mean

    Sometimes a mother's statements are totally perplexing, biting, or flat-out irritating. So we decided to clear up a few things for you.

    By Sara Bodnar

    There tends to be a communication breakdown between mothers and daughters, says Deborah Tannen, PhD, author of the buzzed-about book You're Wearing That? Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation. So we had Tannen translate common (and confounding) "momspeak."

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    "Where did you buy that shirt?"

    This most likely means: "That top isn't flattering - I wish you'd wear something else." "She's softening a negative point with vague phrasing," explains Tannen. But there's something deeper she probably won't own up to: When she homes in on your looks, your mom is also thinking about herself. "She assumes your appearance is a reflection on her," says Tannen, "so she wants to help you become someone she's happy with." Tell her you know she has great advice, but you have to express

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  • 7 Foolproof Ways To Get Hit On All the Time

    It takes more than a killer outfit to prompt a guy to approach. Send these signals and hotties will be crossing a crowded room to meet you.

    Everyone has that friend who gets hit on constantly - even though she may not be the prettiest girl in the group. Whether that b---- (kidding…kind of) realizes it or not, she's using silent cues that men inherently have a hard time resisting.

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    "More than 50 percent of all communication is done via body language and gestures," explains body-language expert Janine Driver. And it doesn't take long to size someone up subconsciously. "A guy will decide within 7 seconds of looking at you if he wants to talk to you." (You make the same snap judgment about him.)

    The pressure may be on, but projecting an alluring image in that tiny window of time is actually pretty easy. Just use these wordless pickup tricks and any guy who is lucky enough to look your way will feel the sudden urge to come say hi.

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