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  • 5 Totally Doable Ways to Style Wet Hair

    by Jené Luciani

    5 no-fuss 'dos you can use on wet hair5 no-fuss 'dos you can use on wet hairWhen you don't have time to dry your hair after the gym, try these easy, yet polished looks!

    1. No-fuss curls: Kendall Ong of Mane Attraction Salon in Phoenix shares the secrets to keep natural curls frizz-free as they go from wet to dry.
    Step 1: After shampooing, work a lightweight moisturizing conditioner (regular or leave-in formulas both work) into your hair, then use a large tooth comb to remove any tangles.
    Step 2: Scrunch with your hands to enhance your natural curl.
    Step 3: Clip a bobby pin or barrette behind your ear for a fun, trendy side-swept style.

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    2. Wet fishtail braid: This look is easier to create than you may think. Use the steps below from Kevin Gatto, stylist and owner of Verde Salon in Collingswood, NJ, who says that if you take the braid out once your hair is dry, you'll have a wavy ponytail.
    Step 1: Work a leave-in conditioner or styling cream into hair and gather into a low ponytail on the side or

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  • "Reverse" Resolutions to Make This Year

    by Greg Presto

    4 4 Weight loss and fitness resolutions are popular because they don't work-so people have to resolve to do them again every year. It's time to stop the no-success cycle and try something new in 2013: If you really want to succeed, take what you think you should do, and do the exact opposite. These "reverse resolutions" do just that-turning traditional New Year's pledges topsy-turvy, with expert- and science-backed reasons for choosing the road less traveled. Read on for five surprising promises that sound non-committal but will actually help you slim down and shape up for the long haul. (Related: If you're planning on making a major change in 2013, follow this advice from Jillian Michaels to stay on track and reach your goals in the New Year.)

    1. "I will not start going to the gym every day."
    Everyone (well, almost everyone) who resolves to start hitting the gym falls off the wagon in a matter of months-according to one survey, up to 60 percent of new memberships go

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  • Your Non-Juice Detox Plan

    by Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD

    Your 7-day clean eating planYour 7-day clean eating planDo you feel like your diet needs a fresh start? You're not alone. After the holiday season or just any time life happens and you abandon healthy food in favor of whatever is nearby or comes out of a packet or pouch, it's time for a "clean" break. That's why we're bringing you SHAPE's 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge. It's easy and the payoffs include skyrocketing energy, weight loss, better control over your appetite, and even better looking skin.

    You don't have to stick to a strict meal plan-we know that's not realistic for everyone. Instead, we've outlined five simple rules to follow, as well as a sample daily menu of meals. You're free to pick and choose your favorite recipes or create your own (as long as you stick to the rules). Check it out and get ready to reboot your body and kick off the New Year right!

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    1. Eat only whole foods: That means eating oats and blueberries rather than a blueberry muffin. When you eat

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  • Tips from Hollywood's Most Iconic Beauties

    By Jene Luciani
    Audrey HepburnAudrey HepburnNo matter what year it may be, the classic, chic looks of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and other simply stunning women will never go out of style. They were blessed with amazing genes for sure-and the aplomb to stand out from the crowd. "These women knew how to play up their best features and had the confidence to emphasize what made them unique," says celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Peter Lamas, who's worked with several icons. "Far from the cookie-cutter definition of beauty today, the women of the Golden Age of Hollywood were sophisticated and dared to show off what made them different."

    Highlight your assets and achieve the timeless, enviable looks these ladies are known for-and turn heads wherever you go-with Lamas' easy step-by-steps.

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    1. Diana Ross: Even though she's as famous for her curled coif as she is for her music, Diana Ross' hair wasn't always as big as

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  • 5 Counterintuitive Health and Beauty Tips

    by Charlotte Andersen

    Want whiter teeth? Brush less!Want whiter teeth? Brush less!Trying to zap zits? Hoping for whiter teeth? Find out when the best strategy to conquer these and more pesky problems is to ignore your instincts.

    1. If you want to banish bloat...
    Drink more! When you're retaining enough water to make Shamu jealous, drinking even more H2O seems like the last thing you should do. Do it anyway! Bloating happens when your kidneys sense dropping fluid levels and order your body to hang on to all the water its got. This can happen from over-indulging in salty snacks or from skipping water after your super-sweaty spin class.

    To calm your kidneys and slip into your skinny jeans, drink water throughout the day. Every little bit helps, so don't worry if you can't swallow the recommended 64 ounces (eight 8-ounce glasses) of water per day. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, "the eight-by-eight rule isn't supported by hard evidence, but it remains popular because it's easy to remember." The rule should state: "Drink at least eight

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  • Groupons for Botox: Legit or Lethal?

    by Jené Luciani

    Groupons for Botox: legit or lethal?Groupons for Botox: legit or lethal?Botox and other anti-wrinkle injectables ain't cheap, so when you see a deal from daily coupon sites such as Groupon and Living Social for 75 percent off, you may be tempted to click. But hold that finger for a sec.

    There's good reason to be skeptical of these coupons, says Matthew Schulman, M.D., a New York City-based plastic surgeon who used to offer such discounts but has since stopped because of concerns for consumers' health and ethical issues.

    Since the physician is offering an extremely low price yet has to give a percentage of sales to the coupon site, they don't profit as much. Some doctors may therefore overdilute the toxin to shave costs, which results in poor results for the consumer, he says.

    "Doctors may also acquire the product from a cheaper source such as overseas or off the so-called 'grey market,' which sets up the potential for inferior, harmful products," Dr. Schulman adds. (The list of possible side effects of Restylane, for example, include

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  • Sexy Gifts You'll Both Love

    by Heidi Pashman

    Sexy gifts you'll both love.Sexy gifts you'll both love.The holidays are the perfect chance to surprise your man with something to spice up your sex life. After all, men and women of all ages love ripping off wrapping paper to find a new toy.

    But finding the right present for your boyfriend or husband can be tricky, and you certainly don't want to scare him off from having sex! Patty Brisben, founder and chairwoman of Pure Romance, LLC, the nation's leading woman-to-woman direct seller of relationship-enhancement products, outlines some simple dos and don'ts to help you give the gift of joy-and then some-to your partner this holiday season.

    Don't assume your fantasy is the same as his. He may have limitations you didn't expect or things he wants to explore that you never thought of, which can lead to awkward situations, if not horrified reactions when he opens a gift. "Your gift for your partner should be for both of you to enjoy together, not an excuse for you to indulge in your own fantasies," Brisben says.

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  • The One-Move, Total-Body Workout

    by Neghar Fonooni

    Why take the time to do at least six different exercises when you can hit your glutes, hamstrings, core, shoulders, quads, and more and knock off some heart-pumping cardio at the same time with one move?

    This promise may sound like something you hear on an infomercial or see in huge print on a weight-loss supplement bottle, but the kettlebell swing really does work virtually every muscle in your body while boosting your metabolism. And with its focus on your posterior chain, you can sculpt a butt that even Kim Kardashian will envy.

    But just like any other exercise, it's only effective if it is done properly. Although it is quite simple when broken down, the kettlebell swing isn't easy, and performing it without the essential foundation could render it not only ineffective but harmful as well.

    The swing is made up of two key movements:

    The hip hingeThe hip hinge
    Hip hinge: Sitting back into your hips with a flat back while pulling the kettlebell between your legs (A great way to be sure you

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  • Is the DNA Diet Bogus?

    Can DNA testing determine the perfect diet plan for you?Can DNA testing determine the perfect diet plan for you?by Mike Roussell, phD

    Your genes can reveal your risk factors for certain health conditions, but can they determine the best weight-loss plan for you? It's debatable. Although the DNA diet has been making waves recently, SHAPE Diet Doctor Mike Roussell, phD, maintains that while we've come a long way in DNA testing, we still don't know enough about it to be sure of its merits when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss. Here's what he has to say about it:

    At this time, DNA testing cannot help you find the "perfect" diet or eating plan. It's fascinating, but we are really not to the point where you will get enough information to create the "perfect" diet for you based off your genes.

    Currently one of the more popular and affordable genetic testing services is 23andMe. All you need to do is spit in a tube, pop it in the mail in the provided prepaid box, and log onto their site a few weeks later to see your genetic profile.

    The 23andMe report gives you information about your DNA,

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  • Is that Really Tuna You're Eating?

    by Alanna Nuñez

    Is that really tuna you're eating?Is that really tuna you're eating?Being a SHAPE reader, you're seafood savvy and know to order fish that's high in healthy fats and low in mercury. But that doesn't guarantee that what you're served in the restaurant or handed at the fish counter is actually what you requested, a new study suggests.

    New York City conservation group Oceana tested 150 samples of fresh seafood collected in the city this year and discovered that 39 percent were mislabeled. In most cases, cheaper types of fish were substituted for more expensive varieties.

    Not only is it disturbing to think that you may be eating some unknown fish when you ordered salmon, there are also many health risks with eating mislabeled fish, says Kimberly Warner, senior scientist at Oceana and leader of the study.

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    A whopping 94 percent of fish identified as white tuna wasn't tuna at all, but rather escolar, which is also known as snake mackerel. While not poisonous, this fish does contain a toxin

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