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  • 10 Things My Kids Would Be Surprised to Learn About Their Mom

    Me and the kids at the beach. Little do they know I hate wearing bathing suits.

    1. My real name isn't Mama, Mom, Ma, Mommy or any version of it.

    2. My super-human mom powers don't include being able to see or hear what they're doing when they're not in front of me. I don't have eyes behind my back. I just get lucky at guessing and it keeps them in check.

    3. Sometimes I don't really want to eat my vegetables and want to go straight to dessert. More cupcakes, please!

    4. I sometimes watch iCarly when they're not home. That Gibby kid is funny, and I don't know about you, but Sam is a much better actress than Carly.

    5. My feet grew an entire size bigger after having kids. Yeah, mama's a freak like that.

    6. I sometimes go to the bathroom just to read a magazine or play Sudoku and have "quiet Mommy time".

    7. My hair used to be naturally super-shiny and stick straight before having them. Now I have a ball of frizz that can only be tamed with a flat iron.


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  • The 5 Worst Halloween Costumes for Kids

    You know the scariest thing about Halloween? Forget the crazy Halloween décor that some folks display in front of their homes. What really gives me the heebie-jeebies are these terrible, totally inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids. Sorry, but my daughter is never going to dress up as a Pretty Woman hooker (you hear that Toddlers and Tiaras mama?), and my son as a mass murderer is never going to be okay with me. Yeah, I'm square like that.

    Have anything to add to the list? Share in the comments below.

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  • Don't ask me what I was doing, but somehow I missed the premiere of the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project last week. I know, how could I miss Rachel Zoe's baby boy?? Thank goodness for the Internet because I was able to get all caught up over at the Daily Mail. After reading the headline, 'I cried for a week': Rachel Zoe reveals she was in tears after finding out she was having a boy," I obviously had to see the entire story.

    Rach is quoted as saying:

    "I always had this plan in my mind that I was gonna have this little baby girl... I found out I was having a boy, and I did cry for a week. Or two. Maybe even three."

    You have to appreciate her honesty, right? Maybe not. Some of the commenters are ripping Rachel Zoe apart saying things like, "Is boy not good enough? what a sexist woman" and "And to think that there are people in the world who wouldn't care WHAT they had if they could only have a child!" Ouch.

    While I do sort of agree that maybe Rach did go a

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  • 10 Things Your Kid Should Never Hear You Say

    How many of you have said something so awful to your kids that you immediately wished you could take it back? You know, like when you're at your wit's end and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind without thinking how it could make your child feel? What sorts of things am I talking about? How about starting with these 10 things you should never say to your kid.

    1. I wish I never had you. Yes, there are times when you might wish for those easy, pre-kid days, but there's no need to say it out loud. Imagine how you would feel if your kid told you he wished for another mom. Ouch, right?

    2. Why can't you be more like [enter name here]? I'm guilty of this one, and it's so easy to do. I have to remind myself every day that my kids are completely different and that they're going to do things their own way.

    3. Shut up. This one makes me cringe. There are gentler, more polite ways to tell your kid to be quiet.

    4. You're so stupid. This one needs no explanation. If

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  • What Would You Do If Someone Accidentally Served Your Child Alcohol?

    Last week I read an article about a restaurant where a toddler was accidentally served alcohol. And given my paranoid tendencies, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

    Now I know you're probably saying, "How can someone 'accidentally' serve a child alcohol?" But it's not that outrageous. Apparently the mom ordered a virgin pina colada or strawberry daquiri for her little one, but somehow the bartender missed the memo and put alcohol in the drink. The waitress didn't check the drink, mom didn't take a precautionary sip and no one realized the drink had alcohol until it was too late. Scary, right?

    I'm trying to put myself in the mother's shoes. How do you react in a situation like this? On the one hand, you have to realize it was an honest mistake. I'm almost positive neither the bartender nor the waitress intended to serve the child alcohol. But at the same time, serving a toddler alcohol is no small offense. If the waitress knew the drink was for a child,

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  • You may remember her as the Doritos girl, but over the last few months we've come to know model/actress Ali Landry as one of the most stylish celebrity mom-to-be. Ali Landry is pregnant and we love following her maternity style. We've also secretly been wondering her secret to staying so gorgeous during her pregnancy.

    Turns out it's Palmer's. Ali is the new face--make that, belly--of the brand's pregnancy and stretch mark line. We chatted with her exclusively about her beauty regimen and what pregnancy has been like the second time around.

    Why did you decide to team up with Palmer's?
    I was always a huge fan of Palmer's. I would always notice the ads with the gorgeous celebs baring their bellies in the magazines for the Palmer's no stretch mark cocoa butter line, so I was like I really need to get on these products when I get pregnant again. So when I did happen to get pregnant this time, I started using the products and I started talking to Palmer's. And this is a

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  • Should You Pierce Baby's Ears? Yay or Nay?

    My daughter is almost two and a half, and her ears are still not pierced. I haven't really given it much thought, actually, but then I saw Salma Hayek talk about it on Regis and Kelly yesterday. The actress dished that her three-year old daughter, Valentina, doesn't have her ears pierced yet and it's partly because Hayek's mother is paranoid about the needles and how they might be harmful to Valentina's health. Um, yeah, a needle is a needle. But what's ironic is that she had Salma's ears pierced when she was a baby.

    I'm in the same boat. My ears were pierced before I was walking, and although I don't remember ever having any problems with my ears or earrings--I even remember wearing gold dangling earrings when I was really little--I can't imagine doing the same with my daughter. Don't get me wrong. Eventually, I'd like her to get her ears pierced, but what's the rush? I can't imagine having to worry about keeping the earrings and piercings clean when there are so many

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  • Am I Supposed to Be Afraid Of My Daughter's Doctor?

    Because I am. Well, not her pediatrician. I love my daughter's pediatrician. She can be stern--and a little paranoid--but for the most part she is the nicest doctor I've ever encountered. She ends every appointment by telling me, "You're doing such a beautiful job." So nice, right?

    Now my daughter's dentist on the other hand--totally different story. She isn't exactly mean, but she is icy. She doesn't smile or even smirk. She talks in short sentences and stares me directly in the eyes when she speaks. Actually, she's probably looks right through me. And I don't even have time to ask her questions like this.

    My daughter is already freaked out when we go to the dentist, so I don't think she picks up on the doc's vibe. But I definitely do. I would never, ever, question what she says like I do with our pediatrician. Heck, I show up to the appointments half an hour early just to stay on her good side. Point blank--I'm kind of scared of her.

    So you're probably thinking,

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  • 10 Places You Should Never Bring Your Kid...

    Earlier this summer there was tons of commotion over the rise in "brat bans." From grocery stores to airlines, it seemed like no one loved the kids.

    Like most moms, I was a little annoyed by kids being banned from a grocery store, but it did make me think. Are there places we just shouldn't bring our kids? The answer, of course, is heck yes.

    I am as guilty of this as anyone else. I bring my daughter everywhere. Everywhere. To the hair salon, doctor's appointments... heck, I even make her do this while I shower. But the truth is there are certain places children just shouldn't be. Take these, for example...

    1. Facebook. I know, I know. Your kid is so cute. Mine is too. But that doesn't mean your infant or toddler needs his/her own Facebook page. That goes for Twitter, Flickr, Instragam and any of the other social media platforms du jour. Just post the darn pictures on your profile and call it a day.

    2. Hair salons. You may think your kid is cute and funny, but

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  • Since When Did "You Don't Look Pregnant" Become Offensive?

    Over the weekend I got the chance to catch up with lots of my family that I hadn't seen in a while, including my cousin who is expecting a baby early next year. Of course, all we could talk about was babies when we saw each other. She did the requisite baby bump debut and at 4 months she's still pretty teeny. She's not even wearing maternity clothes yet. So I say to her, "You look great! You don't even look pregnant."

    Big mistake. Or so I was told after the fact. I don't think my cousin said anything, but when we left my mother said "You never tell a pregnant woman she doesn't look pregnant. It hurts." Huh?

    Obviously I know there's a baby cooking in there--I saw the sonogram pictures. But my cousin has always been naturally thin and she's still pretty svelte considering she's with child. When I said you don't look pregnant, I wasn't questioning whether she was, I was simply commenting on how good she looked.

    Same with Hilary Duff in the pic above. I know she's

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