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  • Hugh Grants Likes His Daughter Very Much

    hugh grant

    Like the rest of the world, we were totally shocked a few months back when Hugh Grant revealed he was a dad. The baby, he said, was the result of a "fleeting affair." Huh? Not normally an admission one makes about having a child, but okay I guess. At least he was honest.

    Hugh recently spoke out about his daughter again, who he revealed is named Tabitha, and his comments were just as bizarre. The weirdest?

    "I like my daughter very much. Fantastic. Has she changed my life? I'm not sure. Not yet. Not massively, no."

    First off, isn't it weird that he doesn't say he loves his daughter? Maybe it's something that's lost in translation. When Brits say "like very much," does it actually mean love?

    Also, a child hasn't changed his life? Must be nice. Because I'm sure Tabitha's mom's life has changed quite drastically.

    I guess maybe he's still finding his way through this whole fatherhood thing, but I hope for Tabitha's sake Hugh works his way up to loving her instead of

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  • Beyonce & Blue Ivy Rock Coordinating Footwear--Would You?

    beyonce blue ivy

    Another day, another adorable shot of Beyonce and her baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter.

    This time we can't help but give Bey props for coordinating a cute mommy and me look. Beyonce's rocking a trendy pair of Charlotte Olympia kitten flats, while little Blue Ivy is wearing a pair of Little Marc Jacobs mouse flats. Too cute, right?

    little marc jacobs mouse flats blue ivy

    charlotte olympia kitty flats beyonce

    Not surprising that both Beyonce's and Blue Ivy's shoes are already sold out. But if you like the look, here's another pair of Charlotte Olympia kitty flats for you and Little Marc Jacobs mouse flats for your baby girl.

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  • PJs in Public? Kourtney Kardashian Doesn't Mind..

    Now normally, Mason Dash Disick is one of the best dressed celebrity babies. From his leather loafers to his cool shades, Mason always looks sharp. Which is why when I saw this picture of him sporting PJs and infant UGG boots, I thought "Hmm."

    For some reason, when I see kids--especially walking toddlers!--hanging out in their pajamas, it's just seems odd to me. In my mind, PJs are for the house. I'm also a bit of a germaphobe, so all my icky sensors go off at the thought of a kid--or anyone, for that matter--climbing into bed in the same clothes they wore outside.

    I will admit, however, that Mason looks adorable as always. I just think if Kourtney pulled herself together so nicely, why let Mason step out in his pajamas?

    What about you? Do you let your tot walk around outside in his/her pajamas? I think it's because I live in a big city, but I never let my daughter out the house in PJs. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Thought the Single Parent Bill was Bad? the Wrongful Birth Bill is Worse


    If you thought it was bad that Wisconsin Senator Glenn Grothman was trying to push through a bill that accused single parents of child abuse and neglect, it gets worse. This time, in Arizona, though.

    Unlike the bill in Wisconsin, which hasn't yet been passed, this new crazy bill (dubbed the "wrongful birth" bill) in Arizona--which basically allows doctors to withhold information about potential birth defects to prevent abortions--has already passed. Yeah, if you're pregnant in Arizona and your doctor is worried about you having an abortion, he/she could just not tell you about your baby might have Down syndrome. Awesome, right?

    I've never considered myself one of those super liberal women who constantly rants about politicians sticking their nose in my uterus, but this is going too far. What if withholding this information threatens both the mother and child when delivery day arrives? Better two lives lost?

    Someone's got to look up the Patient's Bill of Right because there has to

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  • C'mon Ben, We Thought You Knew Better

    ben affleck smoking ciagrette
    I know, I know. Smoking cigarettes isn't illegal. But I'm totally one of those uptight parents who thinks it should be and I have no problem admitting it. I think smoking is gross.

    And because I gave some celebs moms grief over smoking a few months back, it's only fair I do the same for new dad Ben Affleck. And yes, I think it's important to emphasize the fact that Ben's newborn son is just weeks old. He may not be smoking right over the baby or even in the same room as the baby, but babies have noses. And the stench of cigarette smoke gets into your clothes, your hair and even on your hands. What parent wants their newborn baby breathing that crap in every time he/she holds junior?

    Now I'm not saying Ben is a bad dad because I don't know the guy. But what I do know is that cigarettes are deadly and that there are tons of options out there to help people quit. Why parents like Ben Affleck continue to smoke and send a dangerous message that smoking is okay to their kids still boggles

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  • Pregnant Jessica Simpson Bares it All

    jessica-simpson-300 (1)
    The latest issue of Elle magazine just hits stands and in it mom-to-be Jessica Simpson confirms she's expecting a baby girl.

    Oh yeah, and Jess poses nude on the cover, as well.

    You have to give her--and let's admit it, Photoshop--credit because she looks good. But is anyone else kind of over this same old pose? I mean from Demi Moore on Vanity Fair to even Kim Zolciak in Life & Style, how many times can we see this same pose done?

    Even still, Jessica is beautiful and we can't wait to meet her baby girl.

    What do you think of the cover? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Stella McCartney Hates the Word Nanny--What Words Make You Cringe as a Mom?

    stella mccartney
    Can you believe fashion designer Stella McCartney has 4 kids under the age of 7? Stella recently opened up that she has help--a "good husband," a housekeeper and a nanny. Actually, scratch the nanny and replace her with friend because Stella isn't too fond of the whole nanny term. She says, "I have a nanny, though I find that word jarring. I tell her, 'I just want to call you a friend.'"

    Nice, right? Except most of us don't keep our friends on payroll. But I digress. The real question here is why Stella has issue with the term nanny. Is it a s class thing? Does she feel guilty about needing help? Whatever the reason, don't we all have words that make us cringe as moms? I sure do. Here are a few:

    1. Baby daddy. I hate, no, I despise this term. Not only do I think it trivializes fatherhood, but I just think it has such trashy and class-less connotations. Of course, it's not unlikely that I'm particularly sensitive to this term because I am a single mom.

    2. Preggo. This might be the

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  • child-abuse-2

    I don't know mean any personal offense to the folks of Wisconsin, but WTH is going there? I just finished reading an article about some senator from your great state named Glenn Grothman who is apparently trying to push a bill that "emphasize(s) nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect."

    Umm, excuse me? As a single mother, I take personal offense that you think my marital status has anything to do with how I'm raising my daughter. I'm also appalled that you think the fact that I am not married implies I either (a) abuse or (b) neglect my child. Is this serious? Like seriously, Wisconsin-ers? Why the heck hasn't someone slapped this guy silly?

    Okay, violence is never the answer and I know that. But this is absolutely ridiculous. As if single parents don't have it hard enough trying to raise a child on our own, we now have to worry about being further stigmatized as unloving, neglectful parents. This is unreal. If it's single and unmarried

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  • thandie newton

    Thandie Newton is easily one of my favorite actresses. Yes, she is incredibly beautiful, but I loved her in Crash and she was so good in The Pursuit of Happyness. And now, I have even more reason to love her.

    Thandie recently revealed that she's going "natural" to set a good example for her daughter. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, going "natural" means wearing your hair in its natural texture and refraning from the use of chemical straighteners. It's sort of a thing in the African-American community now-actress Viola Davis also recently stopped wearing wigs and embraced her hair's natural texture at the Oscars.

    In Hollywood, where looks are so important, I think it's especially awesome that Thandie spoke up about it and made a change… for her daughters. When making the switch, the actress said "The stigma with some black women seems to be that "nappy hair" (natural afro hair) is almost as bad as loo roll trailing from your shoe." She also said, "I

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  • First Look! Check Out the New DVF ♥ Gap Kids Collection

    DVF ♥ Babygap T Shirt Dress
    Have you marked your calendar for March 15 yet? If not, do it ASAP because that's when the amazing new DVF ♥ Gap Kids collection arrives in stores and online.

    Gap recently released some highlights from the collection and Miss DVF herself says she wanted to go the core of what her brand was and make fun prints that little girls would like. She goes on to say the collection is really all about celebrating life and color.

    Previews of the collection have been coming out over the last few weeks, but here's a peek at what you can expect:

    DVF ♥ Babygap T Shirt Dress
    DVF ♥ Babygap T Shirt Dress
    DVF ♥ Babygap T Shirt Dress
    DVF ♥ Babygap T Shirt Dress
    DVF ♥ Babygap T Shirt Dress
    Gorgeous, right? See more pieces from the DVF ♥ Gap Kids collection at

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