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  • 6 Things Your Body's Trying to Tell You

    These little hints are your body's way of nudging you toward good healthThese little hints are your body's way of nudging you toward good healthNot long ago, my husband and three of our kids went charging up Mount Katahdin--think of it as New England's mini Mount Everest. I'd spent months hiking with friends to make sure I was in shape and, at the start, hustled to keep pace with our teenagers as we hauled ourselves up the steep boulders. But within a couple of hours I was straggling; they leapt past me like giddy mountain goats while I carefully picked my way up the rocks.

    Was I disappointed? Actually, no. I felt smart. My 40-something body was telling me how to protect it from injury--and my hips and feet thanked me later. It turns out that our bodies routinely transmit this evolving wisdom, gently steering us away from activities or indulgences we can no longer tolerate to ones that will ensure continued good health.

    Here are six other things your body's trying to tell you.

    1. When you're dehydrated
    Over the course of a lifetime, our kidneys, which transport water to our tissues, gradually lose a bit of their efficiency.

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  • Your Body's 10 Weirdest Health Clues

    Do this quick self-exam for subtle signs of future health problemsDo this quick self-exam for subtle signs of future health problemsWhat size bra do you wear? How's your sense of smell? Can you still fit into your college jeans?

    The answers to these questions--plus other weird body clues--may be a surprising predictor of potential future health problems. According to an array of psychic-worthy research, scientists are discovering more and more physical quirks and clues that may be early signs of conditions like Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and cancer. Whip out a mirror and a tape measure, and use these 10 DIY tests to forecast your health; plus, the best strategies to change your destiny.

    These seven so-called "healthy" habits might actually be causing more problems than they solve.

    1. Finger length
    Women whose index fingers are shorter than their ring fingers may be twice as prone to osteoarthritis in the knees, found a 2008 study in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism. Those with this predominately male characteristic tend to have lower levels of estrogen, which may also play a role in the development

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  • What’s Your Metabolism Type?

    Deciding on a personality can help you lose weight. Read on to find out how.

    1. If you...Struggle with your weight, whether you're losing it or maintaining a weight loss.
    You're an...Easy gainer.
    What's going on: "The reasons you battle more with your weight are physiological, metabolic, and genetic," Dr. Wyatt says.

    The key to success: "For the best shot at weight loss, you need to increase how much you move," says Dr. Wyatt. "Essentially, you have to be all in: decreasing calories to lose weight while ramping up the activity to make your metabolism behave."

    PLUS: You can help your body burn more calories by incorporating these 4 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism into your daily meals.

    2. If you...Eat good foods and exercise but aren't seeing the pounds peel off.
    You're a...Healthy overfueler.
    What's going on: You're at energy balance, not working off what you're taking in. "Eating smart definitely helps maintain weight, but not enough for weight loss. Losing and maintaining are two

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  • Crazy Trend: Women Are Selling Their Positive Pregnancy Tests

    The craziest thing you'll read all day.The craziest thing you'll read all day.We're not sure whether to be shocked, disturbed or both; you can decide. At-home pregnancy tests are at the heart of a budding black market trade. Craigslist ads offering and requesting positive pregnancy tests are popping up all over the country, from Las Vegas to Chicago, Dallas, and New York City, for approximately $20 a pop.

    More: The Latest Trend in Home Pregnancy Tests

    The demand, according to ads, is fueled by women willing to go to any length to get revenge on an ex, trigger a proposal, or "prank" friends and family. Pregnant women are cashing in, offering positive pregnancy tests and even bottles of their urine to facilitate a more realistic effect. Take this ad for example:

    "I am pregnant and am willing to take a pregnancy test for you that will be positive. Use it however you like no questions no judgments. I will take test right before you pick up. I will also be willing to bottle my urine if you need to seal the deal that way."

    Whether or not foul play is

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  • Why the Air Force Banned Greek Yogurt

    The controversial, off-limits ingredient The controversial, off-limits ingredient Sure, you're probably cool with the government placing bans on truly troubling ingredients like trans fats. But here's something that shocked us: Last weekend, the Air Force told its members to steer clear of--wait for it--Chobani Blueberry Power Greek yogurt.

    PLUS: 7 Foods That Should Never Cross Your Lips

    So what could possibly be wrong with this protein-packed superfood? Well, it's not the yogurt per se, but one tiny ingredient: Hemp seeds, which contain trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient also found in marijuana. In 1999, the Air Force added hemp seed oil and hemp seed products to a list of forbidden substances over concern that they may interfere with drug tests given to service members.
    There's a key difference, however, between the hemp seeds you'd find in a health food store and marijuana leaves you'd find in, say, a batch of special brownies: Hemp seeds (which are totally legal, by the way) come from a variant of the Cannabis sativa plant that produces

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  • Best 90-Second Health Boosts

    16 amazingly easy ways to dramatically improve your well-being 16 amazingly easy ways to dramatically improve your well-being What if you could cut your risk of heart disease, get fitter, slow aging, and protect your smile in less time than it takes to watch a couple of commercials? Better health does take time, but not as much as you may think.

    Yes, you should exercise 30 minutes a day and sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. But top experts in nutrition, cardiovascular health, and cancer prevention say you can also make some very important health upgrades in almost no time flat.

    1. Eat the peel
    Why: Fight cancer

    The bulk of an apple's benefit lies in its skin. In one lab experiment, more than a dozen chemicals in the peels of Red Delicious apples inhibited the growth of breast, liver, and colon cancer cells. Investigator Rui Hai Liu, MD, PhD, an associate professor of food science at Cornell University, suspects that the peels of other apple varieties are also extra potent.

    But experts recommend only eating the skin of organic apples; the conventionally grown kind are among the most pesticide-doused produce.

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  • 10 Happiest, Healthiest Cities in America

    Discover America's best hometowns—and what you can learn from themDiscover America's best hometowns—and what you can learn from themPeople who live on the Greek island of Ikaria are three times more likely to reach age 90 than the rest of us--they work hard, eat well, nap, have plenty of sex, and "just forget to die," as one resident told a researcher. They're living proof that where you call home can predict how healthy and happy you'll be. There are pockets of good health and contentment on our shores, too. We know: We painstakingly evaluated 100 of the nation's largest cities on 48 measures of health, happiness, and well-being to find the healthiest, happiest cities in America.

    We explored the glorious: from access to green space and concert halls to number of farmers' markets (not to mention the inclination to eat five fruits and veggies a day). We looked at the grim: disease incidence, depression measures, unemployment rates, even FBI crime statistics. After some high-level number-crunching, we came up with the top 10 hometowns (and 15 other great contenders) you may want to call your own. But don't

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  • 4 Ways to Prevent a Weight Loss Plateau

    You're losing, you're still losing, you can't believe how well this is working! Then, the scale comes to a screeching halt. We've all been there: the dreaded weight loss plateau. While plateaus are normal--according to a report in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, weight loss typically halts after six months--they're also completely bustable. Power through that plateau and get back on track today with these simple tips.

    PLUS: Check out these 25 Best Weight-Loss Tips Of All Time for painless ideas that really work.

    Change it up
    If your weight loss is in a rut, chances are so are you. "If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting," says Prevention fitness advisor Chris Freytag. Try that kickboxing class you've always wanted, enlist a friend (and her new route) on your nightly walk, or make meatless Monday a three-day phase this week. Trick your body into working a little harder, and you'll burn more calories.

    Check your portions

    You were

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Food Trends

    Spoiler alert: You're not going to be hungry after you read this Spoiler alert: You're not going to be hungry after you read this When it comes to trends, some fads are over in the blink of an eye, while others withstand the test of time. Here's hoping that these culinary crazes meet the same fate as sky-high shoulder pads and teased bangs--forever in the past. Our health depends on it.

    1. Gross-ery store staples
    As far as pizza toppings go, there's one ingredient that no one likes to see on their pie-and no, we're not talking about anchovies. We're referring to phthalates. Researchers from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston recently examined 72 supermarket staples and discovered traces of the chemical in several groceries, including prepackaged pizza, meats, and beverages. While the levels of the toxins still fall under what the Environmental Protection Agency considers safe, scientists are alarmed that this toxic compound is making its way into our diet at all. How did these chemicals leech into our dinner in the first place? Lead investigator, Arnold Schecter, MD, believes plastic

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  • 4 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Your Fish

     The latest lessons about your fish, from a new report The latest lessons about your fish, from a new reportHow much do you know about that glassy-eyed swimmer staring back at you from its grocery store bed of ice? Well, it's white, it's dead, and it's about to be dinner. But would you even know what type it is without looking at its "Hi, my name is Alaska pollock" nametag?

    The truth is, most of us know nothing about the fish we buy. And that's not all our fault: Even if we did know a thing or two about Alaska pollock, it might just be a fraudster fish, according to a new report by Oceana.

    PLUS: Not all fish are healthy. Here are 12 Fish You Should Never, Ever Eat

    Oceana, an ocean conservancy group, has been studying seafood fraud for years. One of their recent studies found that 55% of fish from sushi restaurants in California were mislabeled as the wrong species, substituted with a cheaper type. (Every "snapper" claim tested was found to be fraudulent.) And across the nation, they found that one-third of seafood is mislabeled. Why? For starters, there's real economic incentive for

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