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  • The Dos and Don'ts of Pinterest Boards

    By Lindsey Kupfer,

    Lindsey Kupfer

    The new Pinterest craze is awesome for women to get creative and pin things that they are interested in. However, there are some boards that are plain creepy for people to have. Check out the do's and don'ts of pinning and tell us what you love about the new social media!

    DON'T have a board for "My Future Baby." Unless you're pregnant, this is just so wrong.

    DON'T have a board for "My Future Wedding" if you are single. You won't have a future wedding so long as this board exists.

    DO have a board for your favorite recipes. Pinterest is a great tool for beginning to advanced cooks.

    DO make a board for outfits that you like. It can really help fashion-challenged people create a great wardrobe.

    DON'T make a board for "Our Future Life." Let's hope your boyfriend even wants a future life with you after seeing it. Talk about creeper status!

    DO have a DIY board. You never know when you will get into the crafty mode and

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  • Never (Ever!) Be a Victim

    stephg74 via Flickr

    As smart twenty-something women, we know the basics when it comes to safety 101. For instance, we always have our cellphones with us, don't walk down dark alleys (enter scary movie music), and even sometimes carry mace with us (clutch allowing). But what happens when danger or an attack happens when you least expect it? Here, we have little-known tips so that you never, ever find yourself a victim.

    1. Look out for "traps."

    When getting into your car after a day of shopping, do you ever notice those white flyers annoyingly hanging off your windshield? You're probably used to opening your door, getting out of your car and removing the flyer, but WAIT. Attackers have been known to put fake flyers or any pieces of paper on their victim's windshields to distract them for a few seconds - and when their victim gets out to remove it, they'll jump in the car or worse, attack them when they know right where they are. Instead, leave any flyer or paper on your windshield until

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  • 10 Best Foods for Your Heart

    CarbonNYC via Flickr
    By Alana Brager,

    Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States? Scary! Luckily, we have tasty ways you can keep that heart of yours pumping longer!

    1. Oatmeal contains a certain element of fiber called beta-glucan, which has been shown to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol. It also contains a special antioxidant called avenanthramides, which prevents free radicals from attacking good cholesterol and helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Oatmeal also helps keep your arteries clear and contains calcium, omega-3's and fiber, which have been proven to stabilize blood sugar. Just skip the instant oats, since they're loaded with hidden sugars and sodium!

    2. Salmon is the premiere source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats that the human body cannot produce on its own. Omega-3's are known to minimize symptoms of inflammatory diseases and reduce blood pressure. Salmon is very high in protein, low in cholesterol and

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  • 10 Ways to Have the Best Sex Ever!

    LaserGuided via Flickr
    Step away from your bed. We're not joking. This month, the horizontal tango shouldn't be danced between the sheets. Instead, sneak in one or two new moves using these dares from The Naughty Bucket List, written by Life2PointOh's Kourtney Jason. From doing it in the rain and on St. Patty's Day to a lunchtime quickie and being really loud, March is sure to be one wet-n-wild month!


    Rain. The raindrops falling onto your body will exaggerate your sensations during sex and especially when you orgasm.

    Make-out session. Remember the steamy make-out sessions you had as a teenager? Relive those hot-and-bothered days by enjoying first, second, and third base one base at a time.

    St. Patrick's Day sex. Rock some lime-green lingerie or risk getting pinched. Either way, it'll be kinky!


    Grassy field. Doing it in the grass is an exciting combination of romance and exhibitionism.

    Lunch break. The mission: meet your partner for a midday helping

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  • Do You Reveal Too Much About Your Relationship?

    tommerton2010 via Flickr
    When you're smitten with a special someone, it's hard not to gush. But saying too much to your besties about your dates, hook-up sessions and intimate pillow talk could actually be harmful to your budding relationship. To find out where to draw the line on the sexy scoop you dish to your pals, we chatted with Janice Christopher, a relationship expert, coach, consultant and founder of What's Ideal for You. Keep reading to find out if you are guilty of committing relationship TMI and, if so, how to change your spilling habits.

    Life2PointOh: Is it possible for a woman to reveal too much about her relationship to her friends and family?
    Janice Christopher: It's really important to be choosy and careful when revealing information to family and friends. Sometimes we just need to vent in that moment, but the moment passes. Then we leave our friends and family with a bad impression of our guy. Let's say you have a concern or suspicion he's been texting other women. The first thing you

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  • How I Moved on from My Divorce

    fractured-fairytales via Flickr
    Linda Dejeu from Sacramento, CA is 25 and divorced. It wasn't always easy for her to say those words, but in her experience with ending her marriage, she has grown stronger, braver and learned a lot about herself. Her openness in handling this emotional experience was inspiring to us and we were happy to have her share what she's been through with you. In our interview, she discusses trying to fix the issues in her marriage, what it's been like to be on her own again and how yoga was her therapy to finding peace and happiness once again.

    Life2PointOh: How long were you married?
    Linda: One and a half years.

    Life2PointOh: Did you feel like the relationship was headed toward divorce or were you blindsided by it?
    Linda: I felt it was headed toward a divorce. We were constantly arguing. We were both very unhappy with each other. We were on two very different pages in our lives. We had nothing in common. The list goes on and on.

    Life2PointOh: Did you both discuss the

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  • Surviving a Divorce in Your 20s: What You Should Know

    Photo Credit: katerha via Flickr

    Heidi and Seal. Katy and Russell. Zooey and Ben. Yup, it's definitely breakup season. And here at Life2PointOh, we're mourning the ends of some of our favorite celebrity couples. But it's not just something in the water causing all these splits. January is the most popular month to file for divorce (buh-bye, Jan!). According to Divorce Statistics, the divorce rate for first-time marriages still lingers between 45 and 50 percent, with the majority of these marriages ending before the couple's eighth anniversary. At this point in our 20-something life, most of us are picturing growing old with someone. But the truth is that some of us might end up walking down the aisle more than once. So what does it mean to be a 20-something divorcee? We talked to Andra Brosh, Ph.D. and Allison Pescosolido, M.A., co-founders of Divorce Detox™, to find out.

    Age is a common reason for divorce
    When a relationship ends, hindsight is always 20/20 when analyzing what went wrong. "One of

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  • Top 10 Relationship Killers You Don't Realize You're Doing

    julie@organikal via Flickr

    It's a scenario we all know too well. You meet the most amazing guy. After some intense flirting, he asks for your number. You give it to him. He calls soon after, asking to take you out. One date, two dates, three dates…things are progressing well! You think, "This is going to go somewhere!" But how do you keep it that way? Avoid any hazardous speed bumps with our list of the top 10 relationship killers!

    10. Your quirky habits turn annoying. Without proper communication of how these habits (i.e. channel surfing extremely fast or needing five blankets even in the summer) are becoming frustrating, these simple little idiosyncrasies-that we think make us endearing-will eventually turn into ticking time-bombs. Deactivate the blowout with a small discussion.

    9. Not making an effort to hang out with each other's friends. And for that matter, not even getting along with your S.O.'s friends/family is a major deal-breaker for many people. There must be a balance between

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  • 5 Facebook Annoyances that Should Be Banned

    Are you that annoying person on Facebook?
    By Lindsey Kupfer,

    Facebook is obviously the best tool for creeping these days, but sometimes people post things that should just be kept to private conversations between friends, family and sometimes you should just keep it to yourself! Check out the top ten things that annoy your 500 Facebook friends.

    1. Politics
      Just because you swing one way doesn't mean your friends do, too. Keep the rants to yourself, please.
    2. Religion
      Why are you surprised when people are offended by your religious rants? Facebook isn't the place to preach. Amen.
    3. Relationship Problems
      For those of you who breakup and get back together every 10 minutes, please stop changing your relationship status. We stopped caring after the first two times.
    4. Sonograms
      We love looking at your big stomach, especially so we can talk about where you gained the most weight during your pregnancy. However, we don't want to see your uterus.
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  • 5 Ways to Save Money -- Every Week!

    Who doesn't want more of these in their wallet?
    By Michelle Regalado,
    How many times have you looked at your wallet at the end of the week only to find it unnervingly light, if not completely empty? When we're rushing from work to grad school and responsibility to responsibility, we inevitably end up dropping some unnecessary change in our haste.

    Whether it's impulse shopping or dropping a few dollars on some 3 p.m. pick me-up-snacks (vending machines anyone?), it's difficult to manage our hectic schedules and keep track of our money. Here are some simple changes you can make to cut down on your weekly spending. (Your wallet will thank you!)

    1. Make your own coffee.
    Giving up your daily Starbucks run might seem impossible, but put it into financial perspective: If you're spending around $4.50 a drink per day, that means you're spending a minimum of $31.50 per week or $126 per month. That's a lot of cash that you could be spending on a weekend getaway or a new outfit! Instead, try getting up a few

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