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  • Joy and Hope!

    "The trees in the woods will shout for joy..."

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    "The trees in the woods will shout for joy when the Lord comes to rule the earth. He will rule the peoples of the world with justice and fairness." (Psalm 96:12)

    Today as Patti and I were hiking up a mountain in Maine we saw the trees shouting for joy! How else can you describe this photo except trees shouting for joy! I know the Lord is at work in the world and I know that God is seeking justice and fairness for all the peoples of the world. It is my prayer that God gives me wisdom and courage so I can be part of that divine way of justice and fairness instead of being in the way. I hope it can be your prayer as well. I want to sing with the trees! How about you?

    Blessings and Peace,

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  • Hope and Blessings

    "...I am putting my bow in the clouds."
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    ""As a sign of this everlasting covenant which I am making with you and with all living beings, I am putting my bow in the clouds. It will be the sign of my covenant with the world." (Genesis 9:12-13)

    What a blessing - God's promise of everlasting covenant with us. The Apostle Paul echoed this when he said, "...there is nothing in all creation that will ever be able to separate us from the love of God which is ours through Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 8:39) God promises to be with us through thick and thin...
    Sometimes, especially in the difficult times, we get a little too narrowly focused and miss the blessings and support that God might be waiting to offer. Sometimes our fear, our anger, our confusion, our doubt, our ________ keeps us narrowly focused, almost demanding that God bless us in the way we want blessed. God promised to put his "bow in the sky," and I rejoice every time I see the rainbow and remember God's promise. However, if

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  • Misunderstanding...

    "Some people brought children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples scolded the people. When Jesus noticed this, he was angry and said to his disciples, 'Let the children come to me, and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.'" (Mark 10:13-14)

    The disciples frequently misunderstood Jesus and had to be lovingly corrected by their master. In this case, they were about to hurt children by keeping them away from Jesus. The truth of the matter is that it's easy to misunderstand and hurt each other as we act out of our misunderstanding...

    "Rye mice"...

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    As I stood at the counter to purchase our tickets for the tour that would take us to the summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, the lady helping me said, "Oh you're going to love it up there. The view is breath-taking and the "rye Read More »from Misunderstanding...
  • Teen Depression Video Reaches Many

    About a year ago the youth of Sand Hill United Methodist Church helped me make a video about teen depression. The video was posted on You Tube and God Tube (now Tangle) and has been viewed over 11,000 times. I've also shown the video in many of my seminars and presentations on teen depression. The response to the video from teens and adults has been tremendous. Several have told us that the video helped them better understand their dilemma and get the needed help. Here's the link for the video. Send it along to others!

  • Depression and the Passion of Christ: Like being beaten from the inside...

    A local physician recently gave a lecture on the passion of Christ. With graphic details and slides to illustrate he described the severe beating (scourging) that Christ received before his crucifixion. The details of the beating were almost too much to hear. I could feel the silence of the audience punctuated by only a few sniffles as individuals choked back tears. "How could anyone endure so much," we collectively wondered.

    Then I was taken back to a note I found in my son's room during the worst of his suffering through deep and dark depression. My wife and I discovered the note on the floor of his room one day and read it, hoping it might contain some clue that could help us get him through the smothering darkness of depression that was stealing his life. The note turned out to be part of a paper he had written for a health class in school. In the paper he described depression as, "feeling like you're being beaten from the inside."

    As I listened to the physician I was

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  • Is It Depression Or Depression?

    Tremendous confusion arises from the fact that we use the same word, "depression," to describe two sometimes similar but more often radically different conditions. Everyone feels depressed from time to time. It's a natural human emotion that often accompanies the loss of a loved one or relationship, a serious medical crisis, or even a very stressful situation. Everyone has felt a little down or "blue" from time to time. We feel depressed for a few days but then "snap out of it." We've probably learned things to help ourselves get through the down days. There is another kind of "depression" that's sometimes called "clinical depression." This is a medical illness that can last for weeks, months, even years. Although some of the feelings are similar to those most of us feel when we're "blue" for a few days, the feelings are much more intense and long lasting for those who suffer from "clinical depression." This medical illness we call "clinical depression" can bring intense emotional,

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  • Teen Depression Breaks Through All Stereotypes

    Teen Depression Breaks Through All Stereotypes

    I remember the day I was in a store helping my junior high son pick out a hockey jersey worn by his favorite team. I picked up one with the right number and player name but he responded, "No dad. If I wear that brand it will mean I belong to such and such group." Once more I was reminded that clothes, haircuts, music, friends, school activities and more help define the various "groups" that teens join. Unfortunately along with the various "groups" come a plethora of stereotypes denoting which group outsiders think is "good" and which is "bad." The "monster" we call teen depression has no bias for one group or another. This "monster" feeds on teenagers regardless of age, socio-economic status, or social group, killing some teens and stealing huge chunks of life from others.

    There is hope for those suffering from teenage depression. Check out my website for more info. My You Tube video, "Teens

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  • Low Self-Esteem?

    Depression hides under a lot of rocks, including "low self-esteem." It is truly amazing how many different ways depression can hide and fail to be recognized for what it is - a potentially very dangerous illness that can wreck and even take the lives of teens and adults. Many times I've listened as a pastoral counselor and pastor as teens have told me that they believed for a long time that they had suffered from "low self-esteem." In most cases that meant they had been suffering from depression but never knew it. They and others around them simply thought they had "low self-esteem." That also means the teen went all that time suffering instead of getting the necessary help. Learn to look under the rocks. When you hear a teen say they just suffer from "low self-esteem," take a closer look. You might just lead them toward the help they need. For more information on teen depression check my website: My new book, "A Relentless Hope: Surviving the Storm of

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  • Depressed Teens and New Year's Resolutions

    Teens suffering from depression and related illnesses like anxiety and bipolar disorder find it very difficult to even make New Year's resolutions, let alone keep them. Depression and its relatives very quickly tend to overwhelm teens. When faced with the idea of change depressed teens often see a mountain so huge that it seemingly can never be climbed or chiseled slowly into a molehill. They quickly feel overwhelmed and often respond with some thought or statement like, "It's too big. I'll never be able to do it... so why bother to even try." The teen then falls deeper into their pit of despair. One of the first things that the depression "steals" from the depressed teen is their ability to take large, seemingly impossible tasks and break them into smaller, manageable pieces. Most of us take this ability for granted and practice this making of mountains into manageable molehills everyday. Depressed teens want to change. They want healing. They just don't see a way over the mountain.

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  • Suicide Prevention Week

    Here's the link for a television interview I did this morning on WTAP in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The interview is in support of National Suicide Prevention Week.


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